September Sweetpeas Arrivals and Birth Stories

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September Sweetpeas Arrivals and Birth Stories

Please post your birth stories here, no comments please. I will update arrivals as they come.

September Sweetpea Arrivals!

August 6,2012
Kristina (kjames106) Evelyn, 4lbs 14oz & Jeremiah, 5lb 9oz

August 15, 2012
Kate (kat83) Levi Charles, 6lbs 4oz

August 21, 2012
Becca (rlcummings1223) Owen Henry, 6lbs 12oz

August 28, 2012
Erica (harlee629) Rayce Michael, 6lbs 4oz & Ryin Austin, 6lbs 11oz

August 30, 2012
Danielle (DannyT) Olivia Ann, 7lbs 1oz & Lucas Anthony, 6lbs 11oz

September 3, 2012
Alison (Azin_May) Nathan William, 8lbs 4oz

September 10, 2012
Tina (momof5sweeties) Ivy Jae, 5lbs 13oz
Stacy (harleygurl) Abigail Grace, 9lbs

September 14, 2012
Mandy (Aphart0) Molly Elizabeth, 8lbs 12oz

September 15, 2012
Meg (Sweet Nutmeg) Aiden, 8lbs

September 19, 2012
NYMommy04 Jay Baker, 2lbs 7oz

September 20, 2012
Abby (JJinx15) Emma Noemi, 7lbs 2oz

September 23, 2012
Joei (jojogun) Anton Carlito, 7lbs 2oz

September 25, 2012
Alison (Alikat30) Sydney Shae, 10lbs 1oz

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ok ill be the first to do a birth story (come on ladies)

I was pretty busy on 8/15. I had to run the dog to the vet as she hurt her back and was breaking out in hives in the morn during work, and the work, which Ive been trying to keep up on everything since I knew I may not make it to the end of this month. After taking the dog to the vet i remember going to the dog, this much stress is going to put me into labor...well soon after around 10 am i started to feel some contrax but didnt think anything of it, didnt think they were actual ones and they werent bothersome. Went about my day, lunch etc. Got caught up on everything around 2 pm then i started to feel a bit of discomfort that caught my attention. Hubby had a interview at 2 and I tex him around a quarter till 3 that I think i may be having some contrax. Around 330 my mgr came out since I kept talking to levi telling him he needs to wait and said i should call the dr since i looked to be in discomfort. My drs office is closed on wed so I called a diff ob. He told me to come in to be monitored since i told them i felt pressure when having one. So left work at 4, thinking that im prob nuts as i didnt know if they were really contrax-they felt like menstral cramping coming and going w pressure like i want to have a BM. With my first son, i had braxton hicks one week before he was born and they went away-and then the actual contrax didnt really hurt till they broke my water so i didnt for sure know, this was different. So got hooked up, told dh to take ds to supper w grandma like we usually do on wed, thinking nothing of these and thinking that if they were they'd stop. So they were contrax but they werent getting closer but further apart so she left it up to me, to go home or be admitted overnight. She also checked me, I was a 1 and thinning. I chose to go home since she said they were getting further apart, thinking theyd stop. Went home about 6. Ate a pb sandwich. And the contrax were getting further apart, just slight discomfort. Around 730 however, they started to pick up so i started to finally time them, they were 3-4 min apart and lasting 30 sec to a min and they got so intense...quickly. They got to the point around 9 where I couldnt talk through them, and was groaning during them. I had never experienced this type of pain before. Called the on call dr, told me to come in the answers pretty clear. Called MIL to come get my DS. He was not wanting to leave home. I felt bad for him. After that we ran around packing stuff as I hadnt packed a bag yet really. Then left. About 930 got to the hospital, now i know why women yell at their hubbys while in labor during the drive...ugh. Got up there and the nurse was already in scrubs. The nurse I had earlier checked me, i was a 3 and really thin. The contrax were coming very hard and quickly. Dr came in, did all we had to do, and got rolled down to a c-sec
I really liked the spinal more than the epideral w my first son. But during contrax it was painful. Got yelled at by the dr for squeezing his hand to hard. Laid down on the table-nothing was kicking in to me that levi was actually coming...threw up my pb sandwich-so not worth it, by the time hubby came in i was feeling pretty out of it from the spinal...and from throwing up. by the time levi came out, i heard his cries and was happy but couldnt enjoy it cuz the spinal made me barely able to hear, see or breathe...and they put me to sleep as soon as i saw him.
got out of recovery and up to the room around 2 a.m.
Loved his hair and still cant believe he came this early on his own...and he weighed the same weight as my ds1.

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alright here goes...
I posted on here that i woke up around 2am on Monday to go pee but walking down the hall lost control and started leaking fluids. It stopped after that initial gush and i didn't get much more. Around 830 i called my dr and made an appt to be checked. At the appt she checked my cervix and said it was still high and closed so it was def. not amniotic fluid. Went home and started leaking again every time i would lay down/stand up or do anything strenuous. I called the dr again around 330 and the nurse said to wait until 5 and call just before the office closed and she would call my dr if it was still happening. So at 5 it was still happening every 30 mins or so..little gush here and there. My dr is still very doubtful sounding on the phone but left it up to me so we go to L&D at the hospital. They check me in and do the 'paper test' for amniotic fluid and sure enough...while checking me it gushes and the test is definitely positive. They call my dr and believe it or not she still doesn't believe them and has the head nurse test me AGAIN!! So she does and again...positive. My cervix was like a 1 and still really high but they check me in and are instructed by the doc to hook me up to pitocin, which i needed since i wasn't contracting AT ALL. I was trying to go pain med free and everything was going fine for the first few hours. I was able to get up and move around on the birthing ball and stand/squat as needed. They kept losing the baby's heartrate on the monitor when i would be standing up so they kept asking me to lay in bed but with so much pitocin it made the contractions 10x worse and unbearable. The nurse called my dr to see if i cuold just stay out of bed because baby's heartrate was fine and they could pick him up every once in a while to check things anyways. This is where things went dr not only said no, stay in bed, but also told the nurse to up my pitocin level 50. I was already contracting every 2 mins and like i said...they were AWFUL. So i stand up anyways to get througha contraction and the dr calls my room on the phone to talk to me. She says, 'your water has already been broken for a really long time and at 24hrs you run a large risk of infection so we need to get this baby out and you're dialating so slowly...this is your third baby you should have had him by now!' I was only like 4 cm after 8 hrs or so of pitocin. At this point i started another contraction and told her to hang on. My husband picked up the phone and she gave him the same talk. He told her that i couldn't handle anymore pitocin being upped. She then tells him, 'well if you guys don't get this baby out in 2 hours i'm going to TAKE it out.' My husbands eyes got huge and he said ok well then we'll find another dr, and hangs up on her. Dr apparently called back to the nurses station and actually told them to disconnect everything and send me home. I was furious obviously but had enough things to worry about. The nurse stopped the pitocin for a few and they called the on-call OB who instructed them to cut my pitocin in half to 24, and let me continue but add some antibiotics since my water had been broken over 24hrs. Since i was still only at 4cm, hadn't eaten in over 12 hours and was so tired (2am ish) i opted for an epidural at that point. Everything kept progressing just fine, i got a little nap, baby was handling everything fine and around probably 530 i was 8cm and they called the dr to head in. Maybe 5 mins later i felt immense pressure and said to check me again...sure enough...10cm! I had to wait 437 hours for the dr to get there..or so it felt and i was BEGGING to push the whole time. Eventually the dr rushed in, walked into a gown and said ok PUSH! About 45 mins later @ 6:50am Owen Henry was born...6lbs 12 oz 19'' 37 weeks to the day Smile They laid him on my chest for a little while but he started to make grunting noises so they brought him to the warmer and nursery for monitoring of his oxygen levels. He ended up being in the nursery from birth until the next day at 5pm because he was breathing too fast and his oxy levels would fall. It was rough seeing him with all the monitors but it was for the best i know. I'm so glad that we ended up firing my dr and getting the on-call one because she was amazing, and handled everything SO well. So that's my story...i never plan to go back to my old OB. Threaten me with an un-neccessary c-section and then to send me home in full blown labor...nice try. We spoke to the president of the hospital and he already was made aware of the situation and plans to have a sit down with my dr to let her know that the decisions for my care are mine and mine alone....not hers.

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Ok, mine is just a normal c-section story!!!

I was scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 8:00 - we got there at 7:45 (I'm always early!) I was taken back to the prep room and got into my gown and hooked up to the monitors. I answered all the questions, etc, etc. My MIL came and chatted while we waited. Then, my mom and step-dad arrived, soon followed by my sister and dad. We all chatted and about 9:00am, they came in and told me my section was moved up to 9:30, because my doctor finished his previous procedure early. Everyone left and I was prepped for the surgery. Everyone then came back into the room to give one more well wish - then my DH and I walked down the hall to the OR. He waited outside and I was taken in and given my spinal block - talk about instant warm and numb! They layed me down and I started to feel sick to my stomach - I was given Zofran, so it only lasted a few minutes. My DH came in and sat by my head and my doctor started the section. He told my DH went it was 30 seconds to pull Baby A (Rayce out) - DH was able to stand up and see him come out, along with Baby B (Ryin)'s foot drop out too! Alot of what happened is a blur, but I remember feeling pressure and an empty feeling after they were both born. I heard them both cry immediately, which of course made me cry! I remember asking if they were both boys (I still wasn't convinced!! LOL) They got them all cleaned up and brought them to DH one at a time so we could see them! It was a great feeling to finally meet them!!! All the doctors and nurses were oohing and aahing over them! Once they did their weights, etc, DH left with them to meet my family and get their first baths, etc (my sister took over 250 pictures of all this, since I was still in surgery!) I then had a tubal ligation - my doctor joked during the procedure that he found a third baby! (a running joke with us) I was then taken to recovery and monitored - DH was there with me. The worst part was the shaking, which lasted about an hour. I was then taken to my room (a double suite!) and visited with family and the boys t he rest of the day (although I was drugged up and tired - DD didn't like that at all!)

Overall, a normal story - so much different than DD's birth, but a good experience just the same!

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Sydney Shae's birth story

It began with a scheduled repeat c-section. I was hoping for a VBAC, but at 38 weeks she was an estimated 9lbs 14oz. OB basically said there were far more risks to a VBAC issue than a repeat C/S, and I agreed. We had set the date earlier for due date +1, and since I had had 0 contractions I was good to go with the C/S.
We left home at 5:15 for a half hour drive to the hospital. Of course DH had to stop for coffee. The barista asks, "So what are you up to today?" "Uh, having a baby!" She looked at me with a quizzical "are you in labor and he's stopping for coffee????" look. I quickly followed up with "oh, a c-section." The coffee smelled HORRIBLE, as it had throughout my 9months.
We got to the hospital and checked in on at L&D and were taken to the surgical prep area. They calmly put in my IV went over all the paperwork stuff, paraded through the lab techs, anesthesiologists, nurses, etc. It was SO much calmer than my first emergency c-section. DH went to get breakfast and I waited for the OB.
They walked me back to the OR at 7:15. Unfortunately I had a student doing my spinal, but after two missed pokes that fired in my hip instead, the real guy took over to teach her how to find the right space. I have to say the lady who was holding my shoulders did an awesome immitation of a yoga guru and kept me very relaxed. The spinal hit and I found myself being manhandled just as before. It did dawn on me as quite funny that I sat naked sprawled on an OR table with only my top privates covered as they discussed the latest in football. "Just another day at the office of naked surgical patients" for them. I guess modesty is not really a choice in the hospital!
It was all much slower than my first, but it was nice to feel so calm. They had to use a little vacuum to help little miss out of her comfy uterus spot. She popped into the world at 7:53am. They cleaned her up and weighed her in at 10lbs, 1oz. Her apgar was 9. They were joking with the OB that he didn't get his "10/10" (ten pounder with a 10 apgar). They wrapped her up and DH snuzzled her with me while I had a tubal and got finished up. With my first the baby and DH went to the nursery right away and I was left alone, so this was so much more intimate and I really felt like I got much more baby bonding time. It made it all so much more emotional.
We spent the next couple hours in recovery as I nursed my new little lady. Well, after being breast manhandled by the nurse who was going to show me "how the breastfeeding thing is done." Um...I BF my 1st until over a year, I think I've got it. hehe
We finally made it to the Mom-baby room around 11 and saw our family. Grammy brought Erin in and she was in awe of her new little sister. DH asked her where sister was and she said "in mommy's tummy." He said, "no, she's right here" and had her come over. She got these wide eyes and said "wow!" My DH went to get more coffee for the family, and I asked to taste his. It was the BEST smell in the world. DH just looked at me strangely-how in the world could it smell horrible this morning and 2 hours later smell like it had before I was pregnant? Hormones do WEIRD things to us! (I've been loving my coffee every morning since!)
I was released home Wed. night and after a little recovery pain am doing great. It's such a fabulous feeling to have completed our little family!