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    I was amazed whenever I would read about him going to the potty already! Such a big, smart boy! I love the recent pic of him going down the slide head first. I watched that video and just thought, "that boy has no fear". He was so adventurous, so full of light and life. Oh great, now I have myself tearing up again. He will be sadly missed.

    So much better than any toy mom could buy me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alishah323 View Post
    My favorite one was the picture of him eating scrambled eggs, and he had them all over, but he looked to be having so much fun! I also loved that he carried a spoon or fork around with him because my son likes to do that too.
    The scrambled eggs pic is the one that sticks in my mind too, as well as the rasberrie and the mechanic pic. He was such a vibrant little boy!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kvo View Post
    The memory that sticks out most in my mind is actually the day of Reed's birth. I remember Sarah coming here to post that she was in labor, but she was going to get a loaf of bread started in the bread maker before the midwife I think it exemplifies Sarah's ability to carry on with life at all times and reflects the warmth and stability that baby Reed received from his parents.
    I couldn't agree more! The very first thing that pops into my head when I think of Sarah and Reed is that day she gave birth! I've given birth 5 times naturally and don't think I ever had it in me to bake bread whil laboring! LOL If I could pick one person I know person/virtually to give "Mother of the Year" award to, hands down it would go to Sarah! Their way of thinking and parenting I envy so much. Reed was surely never for a moment with love, compassion and a great family!

    The guitar pic of him and grandpa is another of my favs.... oh how he looked like he was memorizing every move.

    gardenbug ~ I agree... resident grandma! I have only ever known on of my granparents (my dad's mom) and I surely envied little Reed for having the dedicated, loving grandma that I had growing up (and sadly can't have anymore as she's not well). gardenbug is the icon for what all grandparents should be!

    I could go on and on but those are the first memories that pop into my head. Oh the potty training.... that always got me to! So proud...both parents and Reed! This is a family I would love to be just like! I wish I had the patience they have... death can't end a bond like will only make it stronger.
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    Forever in my thoughts and prayers...Rest in peace sweet Reed.

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    Oh, and actually, I really really love hte avatar pic of him. He is just gorgeous.

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    I have bragged (for Sarah) so many times about Reed being "diaperless". What an amazing accomplishment! I giggle a little every time I think about Sarah telling the story about being a in a department store and running into the bathroom with Reed crying because he had to pee....of course all of the other shoppers were staring!

    What an amazing mom!

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    I love all the pics but I am now bawling I can't believe that sweet little boy that was so full of life is gone I loved all the pictures and always loved seeing them. The raspberry ones stick out the most though - he found the bush too! What a darling. Sarah -he lived a beautiful, loving short life!

    And gardenbug - you are the best - you welcomed me as the grandma of the board and you certainly are - thankyou for being the proudest grandma out there!
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    My favorite was him and his Daddy hanging out in the hot tub together in the freezing cold with little icicles hanging on stuff like mustaches! lol That is one of the main images I see when I think of Reed. That and him and Sarah walking holding hands at the folk festival. So much love radiating from all the pictures they shares here... I still can't believe he is gone...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sterre View Post
    I was remembering one Gardenbug posted recently, where he was in a swing at a park, it was a closeup of him and you can see the joy in his face.
    Oh my this link made me sad ! I remember looking at those and really enjoying those pics. Poor little Reed !! This is soooo heartbreaking !
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    I had completely forgotten about the pictures of Reed and Dad in the hot tub and in Dad's jacket, but they were some of my favorites, too.

    Anyone remember the pregnancy cast that Sarah & Wayne made when she was pregnant with Reed? She took pictures of the belly cast and had the plaster up around her neck, etc. It was so unique. I keep thinking about those pictures, too, of Reed even before he was born.
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    I loved looking at pictures of Reed, he really was so utterly adorable.

    I remember Sarah's birth story better than anyone else's. She did such a great job telling the story that I could actually picture the hot tub, & everything (well not EVERYTHING) just like a movie.

    I've always loved Gardenbugs posts, as she has a completely different perspective than any one of us... and she is never wrong! Just like my mom

    I remember Sarah & Wayne as the parents who took a different approach to a lot of things, and did such an incredible job, that I was truly awestruck. The diaperless baby, baby eating curry & all kinds of different foods.

    Little Reed will be missed by more people than anyone I have ever known.
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