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some stories

My DH passed last year and a lot of people saw him, talked to him, dreamed about him, etc. My little girl still talks to her daddy. She tells me things about how he died and about when he was younger she would not know. She says that she was there when her daddy passed and he hit his head on the rocks and Jesus came and got him..she also says that she rubbed his head and he told her he had to go and then Jesus got him and those people brought her back to me and I woke her up crying...her daddy died in a car accident..the car flipped 8 to 12 times and he was ejected and killed when his head struck the road. My kids arent the only ones that talk to him..our good friends kids both talk to him. And ever since he passed, everyone that was close to him sees yellow butterflies everywhere..when the kids go out to play, one will fly over their head or the toy they are playing with. My friend, the girlfriend of one of the other people in the wreck with my husband (my DH is the only one that passed..there were 3 others) told me about a week after he passed, that this Nickleback song kept coming on the radio on her way to school..and her heater would come on full blast..every day. Well, one day, she kept turning off the heater and it kept coming back on and finally she said ok, Daniel, I'll tell Nyka to watch the video. (she had seen it that week on MTV..) and her heater never did that again and she hasnt heard that song. This same friend also had a dream that my DH came and got her boyfriend and they were leaving out the door and everyone knew my DH was gone. Ive also dreamed I was seperated from my friends in Wal Mart and Daniel (my DH) came around the corner and I said what are you doing here? youre not supposed to be here? and he said...what the hell are you talking about??? ive never left you, ive always been here!
A lot of wierd things have happened since he died, these are just a few.

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First of all: :bighug: Those aren't weird, and it's wonderful that you can acknowlege them.

Second: Love never dies. And when you love someone (and I tell my DS this) they will be in your heart forever, and in your memory forever.

My DH died 6 years ago, and my ds was 1 at the time.

In the first year, lots of paranormal events happen: Like I remember the other day, that we were playing in an apt we moved into after DH passed, and Ricky pointed to the closed front door and asked: who's that man mommy?

But no one was there!

And off I whisked him to his bed.... YIKES!

Children see what we often can't see (or don't want to see). It's just that their psychic vibrations are closer to the deceased than ours.

We experience the deceased loved ones often in dreams; it's a lot less threatening in dreams to come visit us with messages we will listen to. I actually saw my DH in repose in my dream; saw where he is waiting for me, in his little piece of heaven.

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I always feel comforted when I see butterflies..another thing about them is that my mom bought me some and him always had an attachment to them..even before our kids were born..and they turn out to be both the kids birth flower! Anyway, she took my daughter out to water it one day about a week after he died and she said 3 butterflies flew out of huge yellow one and 2 orange and black ones..after that, we all started seeing them!