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    Saving my spot!

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    I have a developed pic of the positive pregnancy test (with a huge thick line lol), but a friend borrowed my camera card before we told anyone about the pregnnacy so I had to delete the actual file...

    I do have an ultrasound pic now though! This was taken at 7 weeks exactly. Baby measured 9mm crown to rump and had a heartbeat of 154

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    Took 2 digital test on June 15th and was very surprised to find we were expecting!!
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    Cautiously reserving my spot.

    This is my 6th pregnancy, I have had 4 miscarriages. My DD Ella was born in May 2008. We desperarately want to give her a sibling.

    Got my BFP this time at 9DPO on June 15th.


    9DPO - HCG 27, Progesterone 33

    11DPO - HCG 83, Progesterone 93.6

    15DPO - HCG 316, Progesterone 74.5

    22DPO - HCG 5397, Progesterone 50.8

    29DPO - HCG 18,548, Progesterone 51.4 and 1st u/s - saw yolk sac and fetal pole

    Photo Spread - 9 to 15 DPO. I'm now stepping away from the stick.

    BFP Chart:

    I can't believe I'm putting this up, but I'd like to try to keep track of it, so I figured this would be the best way. So here's my weight, week by week:

    5 weeks: 137
    6 weeks: 138
    7 weeks: 137
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    Despite the fact that my tests are stil in my drawer, i have not taken a pic of them. 6 weeks old and everything... keep forgetting.

    first + test, june 12th at around 8 PM, i'd been feeling nauseus for 2 days, wondering if i was pregnant or allergic to all food or something. LMP 5/14.

    This is my 10 week Belly shot! lots of Ellie leftovers, bloat, and double breakfast!

    and a 9 week u/s photo

    I'm adding this- despite the fact that i cannot seem to remember to update otherwise!

    William Joseph S. Junior, 2-14-11, 8lb 11 oz, 20 inches 6:36 AM

    hopefully my laptop battery won't die and i'll get plenty of time before Bubba wants me. he's been sleeping all day, i wake him up to feed him!

    So .... after 5 days of false starts.... and then some.... i'm tired, i'm sore, and i'm miserable. my dedication to no intervention NCB was wavering and i was not happy with myself. so i did what i could, try every natural method of induction available. At a little after 9 the night of the 13th, after we spent all day getting the car fixed i got DH to DTD. that got some stuff started. tried to nurse DD to sleep but she was thrown off by a late catnap!

    So DD ran around terrorizing the house while i bounced on my ball and timed contractions. at 11:30 i finally got DD to lay down, nursed her, which totally kicked up the intensity even more, and woke DH up. or tried to. he woke up after half an hour and 3 tries on my part. but once he was up i called the hospital, and the awesome OB who i only got to see once 3 weeks ago was on call! the receptionist asked which Dr i usually saw... and i said i just wanted to talk to her, the on call one. first clue that this would go well.

    so it took us a whole 5 minutes to get to the hospital, got checked in and sent up, and i totally forgot to ask for a room with a good tub, but its ok, they all have jetted jacuzis anyway! so i got a great nurse, she checked me and thought i was at a good 7, but i'm telling you, my cervix was hard to reach! contractions spaced out slightly because of alll the changes, so we walked laps to kick it up again. wasn't working. so i bounced on the ball. that DID work, but after a few more shifts because my hips kinda got stuck in that position, labor started to slow down and stall.

    So the OB came in and asked what i wanted to do, and i asked her to break my water, i didn't want to go through it for any longer, and i didnt want to come back in 2 days and i was just so DONE. I had started thinking of the risks of going overdue- meconium, distress, baby growing even bigger...... so we went with it 4:40 AM. 10 minutes later i had a WICKED contraction finally, shuffled and whined through about an hour of laps in the hall, then i was like freaking out. the nurse offered to fill the tub and i begged her to- so she had me go through a couple on the toilet, which was VERY difficult for me, but she was afraid of my labor stalling, and so was i, so we waited until i was borderline gonna freak out before i got into the tub. Only made it through about 6 contractions, the first ones felt SOOO much better, but then they got really intense again and i was just trying to smash DH's hand and the nurse was GREAT, kept telling me to blow the contraction away, which i did, and i kept visiualizing myself blowing angrily at birthday candles- and it didnt even make me laugh.

    so i got out of the tub after maybe 20 minutes, thinking maybe it was time to push. and IT WAS! the OB came and checked me, i had made it to all 4's on the bed, and they asked if i wanted to be like that, and i said it was as far as i had made it! So i rolled onto one side, and i told the OB the pain was all in my back and hips, so she checked again to see which way the baby was and he was almost OP.... not straight, but kinda at an angle, so she asked me to push and she tried to turn the baby. not really a pleasant feeling, but i don't think her hand made a difference really, if anything the turning totaly helped. After a few minutes she said to try another position, we went to kneeling and leaning over the bed, then squatting which was great! as long as i was pushing i felt so much better.

    they kept telling me to curl into a c shape, focus on pushing the baby around the corner, and it was great visualization for me. (with DD i remember the OB telling me "you have to get the baby around your tailbone" and then he stepped back, left me on my back in the bed and walked away. DH liked this OB MUCH better) DH was telling me how great i was doing, i was thinking of asking for the mirror because i thought i'd like to see my slow progress, assuming that it would take a while, even if it wasnt 2 hrs. Well, after a total of about 20 minutes pushing... DH, who was tired, hungry, hot, and standing with his knees locked says "i need to get out of here" the nurses thought he was going to pass out and told him to sit down, but he walked out the door and got a cold drink. and right then the baby started to crown! i had no idea i had moved him that far that fast! so one nurse RUNS out the door to get DH, he came right back in, and i delivered baby's head, they kept encouraging me to keep pushing, which i did because i totally never felt like the contraction stopped, i'd pant, take a deep breath and then push again as much as i could.

    the OB tried to very gently to ease the shoulders out one at a time- i just kept pushing for all i was worth- and then out came BUBBA! DH didnt even bother announcing it, he just screamed YES! LOL! i saw the junk though, and i was like... WTF am i supposed to do with a boy? but i hugged him and it was great they totally let me keep him skin to skin, the OB waited until the cord stopped pulsing, then DH cut it, and she showed us the placenta and stuff.

    then she had to stitch up my 2nd degree tear which was right along my scar from DD, which i figured was damn lucky considering that his head was almost an inch bigger around and he's got huge shoulders! he looks so skinny, i would have bet he weighed less than DD, but he had 3 oz on her!

    I did have a little PPH issue, i sat up to go use the restroom about an hr after he was born and FLOODED the bed, the nurse weouldnt let me up, my uterus really seemed to be contracting well, but i massaged it myself to help while she cleaned up a little, then after a few minutes went and got some cytotec, which gave me wicked cramps for HOURS, but it helped. doing much better now, bleeding is totally under control.
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    saving my space

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    saving my space

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    m/c - 7/6/10
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    Lynn's Space

    EDD: February 26, 2011

    About Me:

    My name is Lynn and DH is Ken. He's 36 and I'm 33...will be 37 and 34 when this baby is born. We will be married 10 years this year, on August 12th. We have one DS named Colin and he turns 2 on July 31st. DH and I are both so excited to make Colin a big brother.

    This picture was taken at my cousin's wedding just days before I found out I was preggers with this little one.

    The BFP's:

    The Chart:

    Belly Pics

    Appointments, Ultrasounds and Other Info.:

    Initial Blood Tests:
    June 15th (10 DPO) Beta = 12 and Prog. = 27.3
    June 22nd (17 DPO) Beta = 989 and Prog. = 23

    July 6th (6 weeks 3 days), First Prenatal Visit and U/S: Saw the baby measuring 6 weeks 4 days and a h/b of 122 bpm...keep growing little one

    August 3rd (10 weeks 3 days), Prenatal Visit: U/S showed baby moving and kicking with a nice strong h/b.

    Week 13 - Noticed some change/decrease in nausea. Hope it's gone soon...ugh!

    August 31st (14 weeks 3 days),Prenatal Visit: Checked h/b and rate is in the 150's

    Week 15 - Still some nausea, no "for sure" movement yet. So excited to be getting closer to the good part...hoping this week brings another decrease in m/s too.

    Sept. 28th (18 weeks 3 days), Prenatal Visit: Had my "20 Week" U/S. Baby is measuring perfectly and all looks healthy. Still a surprise.

    Nov. 9th (24 weeks 3 days) Prenatal Visit: Cervical check measured 4.6 cm. Quick look at baby showed he/she is still in same position as last u/s...head down with back to my left side and feet over above my belly button.

    Nov. 23rd Prenatal Visit: Passed my 1 hr GD test. Yay!

    Jan. 13th (33 weeks 5 days) Prenatal Visit: Cervical check measured 3.6 cm.

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