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    1st BFP Oct 29th 2009

    I didn't believe it, so I had to run out and buy a digital (excuse my dirty counter)

    6 week ultrasound

    14 week ultrasound

    20 weeks IT'S A HEALTHY BABY GIRL!

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    Tamra's Space!

    This looks FUN! I got my first BFP on Sunday then one on Monday and one on Tuesday. AF is 5 days late so I think I'm safe posting.

    I'm Tamra, DH is David. We have been married for 15 years and have 6 children. I am turning 35 on November 30th. DH is a mechanic and I am a photographer.

    Our Family Blog
    My Photography Site

    I will update with more pics later but for now here's my Tuesday and Friday BFPs. I am due July 4th, 2010


    First Midwife appointment at 15 wks
    gained 2lbs
    bloodwork normal
    heartbeat 154

    2nd Midwife appointment at 19 wks
    lost 2lbs
    heartbeat 130s
    bloodpressure 130/70 eek! That's high for me

    16 weeks

    20 weeks


    20 weeks

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    Hi Im Joee! Member here at the ORG for like, evers. I am happily married with two beautful Boys... Ryan who is 6 and Everit who is 16 months. Love my liitle men to death!

    This will be baby #3 for us! We were pregnant in March of this year, and sadly lost our Little Girl on May 30th at 15 weeks. Here is HER STORY if you would like to read it.

    After waiting for what seemed like forever to be "ready" we gave it a try again. 2 cycles and here we are! Here is my TTC Journal if you would like to read about the journey to here!

    We are truly blessed to be given another chance! We pray every day that this is a healthy pregnancy. And although i would be thrilled just to have a healthy Little One... a GIRL would be even more fantasticer! (Just a hint! LOL!)

    May this Space be FULL of Life and happiness!

    My first BFP! 10 DPO, taken at 2 in the afternoon!

    More tests! Lots more tests!

    ehheee... taken at 6 weeks, or like 20 some DPO..

    My first Belly Pic, taken 11/6/2009 (No i dont have dreadlocks... I was fresh out the shower!)

    Belly Pic 11/11/2009 5 weeks... Hello BLOAT!!

    Belly pic 11/18/2009 6 weeks... um, yeah I am already in maternity clothes. Nice.


    Belly Pic 12/2/2009 8 weeks. Im getting larger and my mirror is getting dirtier...ehheheeeeeeeee

    Belly Pic 12/9/2009 9 weeks (or 9 weeks 2 days according to the US). I think the bloating is letting up a bit!

    Belly Pic 1/2/2010 12 weeks and 3 days (or 12 weeks 5 days). Bloat has subsided... this is all belly! I havent even eaten yet!

    14 weeks! Bare and Clothed! Cripes im chubby... lovin the stretch marks too...NOT!

    16 weeks! OMG...thats all I have to say. No wonder I am in so much pain.

    19 weeks! All baby and proud! Ok, maybe a LITTLE fat. OK ok aLOT of fat!

    All the blinkies I want in my Siggy but wont fit....

    Doctors Appointments!~

    November 2nd 2009...Confirmation of pregnancy!
    December 3rd...WE HEARD THE HEARTBEAT! At only 8 weeks 1 day we heard that sweet sweet sound!!! With the DOPPLER! Praise God its a miracle! While I was not measuring too terribly large...with the early early heartbeat and I am guessing my Docs curiosity? We are scheduled for our first Ultrasound Monday, December 7th! I am SO curious to see what we have in there, lol!!!!

    ULTRASOUND REVEALS: ONE healthy little baby with a heartrate of 182 BPM! WOOT! Baby was measuring at 9 weeks exactly... I wont change my DD unless the Doc says so! So we are over one hump! Woot!

    A few days after Christmas I felt what I believe to be a tiny little nudge/roll! Yep! the baby! And I have felt it once or twice a day thereafter! While these make feel SO GOOD.. i am still worried to death.

    Dec. 31st 2009.. appt. went well! All is good. Took nearly 2 minutes to find the heartbeat. In the meantime, I nearly lost my own!!! But we found it, and it is in the 140's now... yup thats right! BOY. I know it.

    [SIZE="4"]Jan 14th appt... after 10 horrificly long minutes we heard the HB!!! 166... everything else looks good! So maybe it is a girl???? hmmmm....... [SIZE]

    Feb. 11th BIG US!!!! ITS A BOY!!!! Healthy boy!!! BIG Smiling awesome boy! Im in total love already!!! THREE BOYS!!!! He measured around 19 weeks, Heart beating at a strong 152 BPM!!!

    Our smiling baby!

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    with us for 15 weeks 6 days
    born sleeping 1/28/10
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    Nichole's Space
    EDD: JULY 14, 2010

    Make a pregnancy ticker

    Appt 11/6: HCG level 87 (4 wks 2 days)
    Appt 11/18: Ultrasound: saw a tiny little heartbeat! (6 wks)
    Appt 12/11: Registration appt and labs
    Appt 12/28: Heard the heartbeat with a doppler @ 160 bmp!!! Girl??? (11 wks 5 days)
    NT Scan 1/7: All looks good. HR: 158 bpm (13 wks 1 day)
    Appt 1/25: HR 150, have to have glucose test this week (15 wks 5 days)
    Ultrasound 1/30: IT'S A GIRL!!!!
    Ultrasound 2/22: BIG ULTRASOUND; Still a GIRL!!!
    Appt 3/1: Not too exciting; listened to the hearbeat (20 weeks 5 days)

    Coming Up:
    Appt 3/26: (24 weeks 5 days)
    Appt 4/19: (27 weeks 5 days)
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    Amy's Space

    Well, I'm Amy, and DH Julio and I have one little boy named Matthew who was born on February 13, 2008. I also have a 9 year old stepson and we have a naughty dog named Nikki.

    Here is my last belly pic with Matthew which was taken when I had just checked in to the hospital to give birth as well as our first family picture.

    Here is Matthew in the hospital and then Matthew the hockey player now at 21 months.

    Here is my beautiful daughter.

    Now we're expecting number 2 on July 5, 2010!

    Here is baby at 10 weeks


    9 weeks

    11 weeks

    14 weeks

    15 weeks

    18 weeks

    20 weeks

    24 weeks

    25 weeks

    27 weeks

    29 weeks

    30 weeks

    32 weeks

    36 weeks

    37.5 weeks

    38.5 weeks

    40 weeks
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    Default July 2010

    Sara here just saving a spot for myself, a positive test every day for the last 10 days see the Dr. on the 25th edd 5th of July

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    Hi Im Nat...I live in NZ...I have two kiddies so far Zoe almost 10 and Liam 15mnth..Ive had 1 M/C right before conceiving Liam... So crossing fingers this little bean sticks....
    We made the choice to TTC #3...its only taken 2 cycles and heres what we have so far at about DPO 15....

    Faint but there...My expected due date is 19th July 2010...

    2 days later this is what I got....SOOOOO....YAY!!!!!!

    Hahahaha this is my paranoia pee stick I did over a week after AF was due.........







    U/S at 21wks....

    Its a BOY!!!!!!!!

    Will add more when theres more to add....
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    "If you want something different tomorrow, you have to do something different today"


    SEE This Site for journal/belly pics/etc.:

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