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    BFP on 3rd April

    EDD 14th December

    I hope this bean sticks!!! my "pea" lost to a missed m/c at 10 weeks

    First belly pic 7wks 5 days I din't know I had changed so much 9wks 3My bump has gone all hard now, at 9 weeks it was squishy 12wks 3 days wow getting bigger 15wks 6days bit bigger again 20wks 24wks 4days 28wks 6days 33wks 5 days

    First scan pic 8wks 4 days Second scan pic 10wks 3 days

    3rd scan pic 21wks 1day! Has my nose!

    Alexander James-born 8th December 2008 4:53pm 6lb10
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    Ok I got my bfp.. I got a faint one on 4/4/08, I believe its 11 dpo (about)
    Today was a little darker, 4/5/08 bfp 6 am 12 dpo. pic coming
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    Melissa's Space

    Belly Pics:

    U/S Pics:


    19 Weeks 4 Days

    About Us:
    Jason (32) & Melissa (32)

    DD: Shanyn Nicole


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    Default Katie's Space

    Ryken Bo

    May 12- Had u/s, heard/saw hb- 170bpm.

    June 9- hb- 158
    July 8- hb- 150's
    July 24- Had big u/s! Everything looks great and we're having a boy!!

    August 4- hb 130's
    September 2-hb 150's
    September 17-went to L&D because of contractions and put on bedrest
    September 23-Had GD test (and passed!), baby looks fine, cervix still closed and high, but still having contractions so still on bedrest
    September 30- cervix still high, started hydroxyprogesterone shots, still having same amount of contractions and still on bedrest
    October 7-cervix still high, baby is low and head down, got shot, still having same amount of contractions, but dr is letting me do half days starting this Monday.
    October 15- cervix still high, baby still head down, got prog. shot and flu shot, still having sam amt of contrax.
    October 21-baby still head down, got shot, still having tons of ctx, dr thought cervix felt short-had an u/s which revealed it to be normal length
    October 29-baby still head down, got shot, still having tons of ctx, everything else is good
    November 4-nothing new to report!
    November 11-1 cm dilated Received last progesterone shot.
    November 18-still 1 cm dilated GBS negative
    November 25-2 cm dilated
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    Deleted space
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    My name is Tiffany (31) and dh is Mike (30). We have 4 children Emma (2/13/99), Isabella (7/20/02), Cole (6/10/04), and Alec (11/20/06). I have also had 2 losses one in 4/97 and one in 10/05. We have 2 boys and 2 girls so this little guy is the the tie breaker!! Luke Edward is due December 16th. That is also my birthday!

    Got my first two bfp's on April 5th at 10dpo! IC's at 10,11, and 12 dpo!

    Glorious digital confirmation at 12dpo!!

    These are my 4 kiddos taken this Christmas.

    Remember I have 4 kids already!

    Had my first u/s at 6w3d everything is good! Hb is 115 bpm! The baby is the blob on the left side of the sac! There is also a placenta and yolk sac it is hard to tell what is what!

    We went to a private clinic and had a 2d/3d u/s done at 17w4d. Everything looked great. Baby measured right on track. He weighed 7 oz. 10 fingers, 10 toes, no cleft palate, no holes in the spine, head and stomach measured right on track. Couldnt be better!

    It's a boy! Here is the u/s pic to prove it. What looks like a turtle is his penis and testicles!

    This is the whole front of his body basically in 3d from head to bottom. The thing hanging down in between his legs are his boy parts!

    His face in 3d!

    We heard the baby's hb on doppler at 9 wks in the 170's! Felt baby move for the first time at 14w4d!

    I had had a tiny bit of spotting and the baby had been moving less than normal so I got an u/s to check things out. I was also worried that my high bp could be affecting him or the placenta so we checked it all out. Everything was great! He weighed 2 lbs 1 0z (26w2d gest.). His brain, heart, kidneys, bladder, spine, stomach, and all measurements were great! I have a great fluid level and he did change position to head down so that could account for the change in movement. Also the good fluid level could mask some moves as well. Here he is at 26w1d!

    Had my 36 wk appt. I am dialated to 2 cm and 60% effaced! YAY! Head is down low pressing on the cervix and fixed but not engaged. Had another NST and he did great on it! I am measuring a bit small, 35 cm, so I have an u/s next week to check growth and fluid level. I will continue to get the NSTs due to my high bp every week from here on out. If I dont go before I get to be induced on Dec. 10th, 6 days early! WOOHOO!

    Luke Edward is on the way!!

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    Purple Fungi


    Baby Thor

    LMP 3/8/2008
    BFP on 4/7/2008
    Due mid-December

    Dirk, soon to be a big brother!

    Dirk born 1/29/2007 at 6lbs 3 ounces


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    Reserving my space!!!

    DUE DECEMBER 18, 2008
    BFP at 9dpiui on April 5, 2008
    Beta at 11dpiui - 39
    Beta at 13 dpiui - 112

    1st U/S April 24th

    I'll add more pics today!
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    Becky (32)
    Dh-Trevor (39)
    Proud mommy to Brennan (4) - November 5, 2003
    Baby #2 due December 18, 2008!

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    Christy's Space
    For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I ask of Him.
    1 Samuel 1:27

    Starting Weight: 154 lbs
    LMP: 3.11.08
    BFP: 4.7.08
    Heard h/b: 5.5.08 ~ 165bpm
    EDD: 12.16.08
    It's a girl!!
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    Reserving my spot

    Got a BFP on 4/3
    Due 12-3
    First dr appt 4/22

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