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Thread: STICKY PLEASE -- December 2008 Spaces

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    Got my BFP today!!!! Dont know my EDD yet... Still too excited!!!!!!

    Okay.. I'm a tad calmer now. My EDD is Dec 28
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    LMP Tuesday March 11th
    BFP Monday April 7th
    EDD December 16th
    First U/S May 7th
    2nd appt. June 9th
    3rd appt. July 9th
    4th appt. and BIG u/s Aug 7th
    5th appt. and glucose test Sept 8th
    6th appt. Oct 7th
    7th appt. Oct 22nd
    8th appt. Nov 5th
    9th appt. Nov 19th 1cm dilated 50% effaced GBS
    10th appt. Nov 26th GBS +
    11th appt. Dec 3rd
    12th appt. Dec. 10th 1cm and thinning
    13th appt. Dec 17th

    Starting Weight 135
    Weeks 1-4 134
    Weeks 5-9 132.5
    Weeks 10-14 133
    Weeks 15-19 133
    Weeks 20-24 141
    Weeks 25-29 140
    Week 30 144.5
    Week 32 147
    Week 34 149
    Week 36 150
    Week 37 152
    Week 38 154
    Week 39 156
    Week 40
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    Default Beth's Space!

    Kate Noelle
    December 23, 2008
    2:02 PM
    7 lbs 15 oz

    BFP April 17

    Glitter Text @
    1st appt and u/s---May 6th @ 6w1d
    2nd appt-exam, labs and surprise u/s---June 3rd @ 10w1d
    3rd appt---June 30th @ 14w
    4th appt and BIG u/s---July 31st @ 18w3d
    5th appt and u/s---August 28th @ 22w3d
    6th appt and glucose test---September 25th @ 26w3d
    4D ultrasound---October 1st @ 27w2d
    Repeat 4D ultrasound---October 7th @ 28w1d
    7th appt---October 16th @ 29w3d
    8th appt---October 30th @ 31w3d
    9th appt and surprise u/s---November 14th @ 33w4d
    10th appt and GBS test---November 25th @ 35w1d (fingertip dilated/50% effaced)
    11th appt---December 4th @ 36w3d (2 cm dilated)
    12th appt---December 11th @ 37w3d (2-3 cm dilated)
    13th appt---December 18th @ 38w3d (still 2-3 cm dilated)
    Induction scheduled---December 23rd @ 39w1d

    Glitter Text @
    5w2d 7w2d 9w2d 11w2d
    13w2d 15w2d 17w2d 19w2d
    21w2d 23w2d 25w2d 27w2d
    29w2d 31w2d 33w2d 35w2d
    36w 37w 38w2d 39w
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    Dana's space!

    BFP ~ April 15th (12 dpo)
    EDD ~ Dec 25th

    Still can't believe it!

    DH,DS, & me!

    5 weeks 5 weeks baby #2 7 weeks 6 w 5 d 15weeksPhotobucket
    16 weeks19 weeks24 weeks

    Starting weight: 130 lbs
    9 weeks: 132lbs
    12 weeks: 133lbs
    18 weeks: 139lbs
    22 weeks: 141lbs
    25 weeks: 146lbs

    12weeks: IPS shows little to no chance of DS or other problems
    18 weeks: Aug 1st, Liam's got a little brother on the way! Finally feeling light movements
    22 weeks: Can see movements now!
    25 weeks: Dr. will do u/s @ 37 weeks to size baby-either c-sec or induction if babe's big
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    Jessica's Space

    I got a BFP this morning, I am sooo excitied!! I'll post pics as soon as I can

    BFP - April 20/08
    EDC- December 27/08

    April 25/08 - Went for blood work
    May 13/08 - First US for dating
    June 12/08 - First Dr's appt
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    Allyson May 15, 2012

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    Lori's Space

    BFP -- April 6
    EDD -- December 17

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    Samuel's space

    Mommy had a very light BFP on 4/20/08 on 13 dpo.
    Mommy retested on 4/21/08 at 14 dpo and Mommy had a darker BFP. Pic:

    Mom's Digital test on 4/22/08 at 15 dpo:

    LMP: 3/25/08
    BFP: 4/20/08

    5/12/08 1st Ultrasound: Heartbeat 124
    5/19/08 8 wk appt: 179 lbs, bp fine
    6/17/08 12 wk appt: 180 lbs, bp 116/50
    7/15/08 16 wk appt: 187 lbs, bp fine, fundas 17 cm
    7/16/08 Gender ultrasound: It's a boy!
    7/28/08 18 wks - AFP test, results: negative, no birth defects
    8/12/08 20 wk appt: 194 lbs, bp 102/50, fundas 21 cm
    9/9/08 24 wk appt: 202 lbs, bp fine, fundas 25 cm
    9/30/08 Glucose Tolerance Test - Passed! but slightly anemic
    10/7/08 28 wk appt: 201 lbs, bp fine, fundas 29 cm
    11/4/08 32 wk appt: 204 lbs, bp slightly up, fundas 38 cm, Wow!
    11/10/08 Growth ultrasound, estimated fetal weight 5 lbs, 10 ozs
    11/18/08 34 wk appt: 206 lbs, bp slightly up, fundas 39 cm, GBS test
    11/25/08 35 wk appt: 207.5 lbs, bp ok, fundas 40 cm, GBS results are negative
    12/02/08 36 wk appt: 206 lbs, bp 122/70, fundas 40 cm
    12/09/08 37 wk appt: 204 lbs, bp fine, fundas 42 cm, 50% effaced, dialted 2 cms.

    6 wks, 2 days

    16 wks, 1 day

    Belly Pics:
    12 wks:

    14 weeks:

    16 wks:

    18 weeks:

    20 wks:

    22 wks:

    24 weeks:

    28 wks:

    32 weeks:

    34 wks:

    Big sisters:

    Mom's Happily Married to Dad Ernest since August 2000
    Proud Mama to:
    Jonathan Michael 4/26/93,
    Christiana Nicole 1/18/99,
    Ariana Storm 1/24/03, &
    Helaina Ember 4/11/07
    One Angel in Heaven in January 2008

    Samuel's pics:
    Samuel and siblings

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    BFP 4/14/08--12 dpo, a bit early, but I couldn't resist. I did a 2nd HPT that evening. Still a BFP!
    Bloodwork confirmed on 4/17/08
    EDD 12/24/08--changed to 12/23/08
    1st U/S 4/28/08 (5 weeks 6 days)--thought it was a bit early, but I'm glad I went. They found a small cyst on my right ovary. Got to see the flicker of the heart on the monitor. Had full blood workup that day.
    2nd dr. appt 5/15/08--asked to return for u/s and first full check up. Cyst stayed the same size, which is a good thing. Heard the heartbeat and a bigger bean!
    3rd U/S 5/30 to check the cyst. The bean is more of a kidney bean than a black bean!
    I keep going for ultrasounds to check the cyst. Thankfully it keeps shrinking. I still feel it from time to time--a sharp pain on my right side.

    6/26/08 Another ultrasound to check baby's development since I'm now high risk. Overall development factors look normal. Heart is good, brain looks good, bone development is good.....and I know it's early but we saw the dingle berries!!! That's right! It's a BOY!!!!

    8/5/08 Finally figured out how to post pictures. Here are a few of the bump and the latest u/s--3D YEAH!




    20 Weeks



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    Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

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    PG w/Hunter William or Sascha
    Due date (by u/s) CHRISTMAS EVE

    (BFP 04/19/08!!)
    Apr 22: w/Primary Doc, confirmed that day with blood test
    May 2: 1st appt w/OB, everything looks good! Blood screen says I don't have to take hormones this time like I did with DS. Early hormone levels are good!!
    May 7: 1st U/S!! Everything is perfect! Measured exactly 7 wks
    July 1: Heard HB for the first time. BP normal & everything's good!
    July 15: Got another blood screen. BP normal Talked with Dr abt poss. vbac. Doesn't look like thats going to happen. Probably a scheduled Csec a wk before xmas. Got the green light for my 3d U/S!!
    Aug 5: The BIG U/S!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! She looks great and is sitting breech for now.
    Aug 12: Everything's AOK, got Csec scheduled for Dec. 17th.
    Sept 8: Blood pressure is up, gotta keep it in check. She's now sitting sideways cradled in my pelvis, causing all kinds of stuff from hip pain to pinched blood vessels. When is that Csec scheduled for again? LOL

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