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Thread: STICKY PLEASE -- December 2008 Spaces

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    7 weeks
    10 weeks

    BFP - April 10th
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    BFP: March 26th
    LMP: Feb. 28th
    EDD: Dec. 5th
    Confirmed due date from u/s: Dec. 4th!

    Baby no. 2!

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    Kaylin Mei 6-29-06

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    Kendra Saving her space!!!!!
    EDD: december 9 or 11
    Hoping for a boy!!
    Kendra & Marquel- January 2007
    EDD Dec 11 2008

    It's a Girl

    The day you deliver, outside will be windy. Your baby will arrive at night.

    After a labor lasting approximately 5 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and will be 21-1/2 inches long. This child will have light brown eyes and be completely bald.

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    Saving my space for our first little one -

    EDD - December 14, 2008

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    Missed AF April 25, 2008
    BFP April 26, 2008
    First OB appt May 13-everything is normal-saw a strong HB!
    EDD December 28, 2008
    My first 7 week belly shot

    13 week belly shot
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    Lovelovelove, Jules
    Mommy to...
    Reef 8/22/07
    Finnegan 12/28/08
    Kai Robert 10/14/11

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    EDD: 22nd November 2008

    Big u/s Monday 30th June - guessing girl but happy either way
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    EDD 12/31/08!! Please be on time!
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    DS Calvin 010309 and DS Hugo 080610

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    Here's the updated ultrasound pics. It's a boy!

    16 week U/S

    (He's poking me with his index finger or saying I'm #1!)

    12 week U/S:

    Belly pics:

    HCG on 4/22, 10 days DPO- 744 (yikes, that seems high!)
    HCG on 4/26, 14 days DPO- over 4000 (normal)
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    I hope there is still room. If so

    Here is my space for me and my little growing bean.
    I will post pictures as I get them

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    Save a space for me! Due 12/5

    Second IVF cycle:
    Egg Retrieval = 3/14
    Embryo Transfer = 3/17 (St Pattie's Day)
    Postitve BPT = 4/1 (April Fools Day)
    Heartbeat of 153 heard = 4/22 (Earth Day)

    So - I joke that this is my Minor Holiday Baby!

    u/s on May 13th (with at heartbeat of 163)

    OB appointment on 5/28 (12 weeks): blissfully uneventful. Heartbeat heard on doppler no problem!
    OB appointment 6/20 (16 weeks): Measuring right at 16 weeks, heartbeat at 148!
    18 week u/s 7/7: Everything looking good, but baby not cooperating. Need to go back to get more pictures of the heart. We did see working bladder and stomach, and the 4 chambers of the heart, heartrate at 137, the liver and kidneys, and head/brain - little hands and feet that were waving all around! Too sweet.

    Follow-up u/s 7/15 - Got all the picture we needed - baby waving at us!
    OB appointment 7/21 (20 Weeks) - Got confirmation that all looked great on the 2 ultrasounds. Doc tried to find a heartbeat on the doppler - took a little longer than other times because the baby was kicking at the doppler!
    OB appointment 8/18 (24 weeks) - Everything looking great. Up a total of 13 pounds since the beginning. BP good (130/80) and baby's hearbeat at 156! Measuring on track for a 'medium' sized baby.
    OB appointment 9//15 (28 weeks) - Had the one hour glucose tolarance test. Hope I passed - up another 2 pounds. Heartbeat sounds great - baby kicking around like crazy. Starting with every 2 week appointments.
    OB appointment 10/8 (31 weeks) - All still good. BP at 122/86, heartbeat good, weight down 1/2 pound. Also found that I not only passed the GD test, but passed with flying colors. Doc said baby still measuring well, and that it is head down! Hurrah! He also mentioned that in 6 weeks I'll be full term - and asked if I was ready. I answered... does a hole in the nursery wall indicate readiness?
    OB Appointment 10/20 (33 Weeks) - Again, boring appointment. Didn't notice my BP, but weight is now up a total of 16 pounds. Baby is still head down, baby's heartbeat between 140 - 145.
    Ultrasound to see baby's position and OB appointment 11/5 (35 Weeks) - The baby looked great on the u/s - head down! Hurrah! They are guessing the weight at 6 lbs 6 oz now - that seems huge to me! Like a real baby. My weight is up 20 pounds now, and my BP was 124/74.
    Next OB Appointment 11/19 (37 Weeks)
    Next OB Appointment 11/26 (38 Weeks)
    Next OB Appointment 12/3 (39 Weeks)
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