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    Jessica's Space


    1/13 1/16 1/19




    Appointments & Journal

    2-10 First OB appointment and U/S: Everything looked GREAT, baby was measuring a week behind just like I thought it would.
    3-20 Second OB appointment: Heard heartbeat for first time, such an awesome sound! Asked a lot of questions, and decided I may be more comfortable with a midwife.
    4-2 Felt baby roll around in my tummy! So cool!
    4-6 Walk-in OB appointment: Thought I had a UTI, turns out I was just having lots of ligament pain, a few random BH contractions, and feeling a little baby movement.
    4-20 First Midwife appointment: LOVED my midwife, got to hear a great heartbeat, around 160, and confirmed that I'm feeling baby move while she was listening to the doppler! Also warned me that I may start lactating
    4-21 Officially decided I have a very active baby, it has moved the last 5 days in a row with no sign of stopping for more than a few hours!
    4-30 Realized I can feel the outline of where the baby is hanging out when I lay down! DH felt it too, so cool! Can't wait to feel those kicks on the outside. This little one doesn't seems to like kicking my belly, but prefers my bladder, cervix, and other random organs.

    5-7 Big ultrasound appointment, found out we are having a very healthy baby boy!! His name will be Hunter Lane S*****!
    5-23 Realize that the weird belly pains I have been having since about week 14 are Braxton Hicks contractions, go to see the midwife who says I am fingertip dialated and 40% effaced. After having 6+ contractions in an hour, I head to the hospital, where they confirm contractions but do nothing and send me home because I am only 23 weeks. Going on bedrest, and not going back to that hospital.
    6-4 Have an appointment with a Perinatologist, who does another ultrasound and says Hunter is indeed very healthy, and my cervix is long and thick, 3.5 cm, so I can go to partial bed rest instead of full bed rest.
    6-10 Find out we can no longer afford the midwife, and decide to switch to an OB both because of cost and because of my contraction complications. We find a great natural birth friendly OB, and make an appointment for the next Wednesday!
    6-17 We have our first appointment with the new OB, but do not get to meet her as she is out that day. Have an ultrasound where they tell us Hunter is frank breech, but he still has plenty of time to flip.
    6-19 Back to Labor & Delivery after timeable contractions about 8 minutes apart lasting a few hours. I get put on a monitor which confirms, and get 3 shots of terbutaline over the 5 hour stay to stop the contractions. I am told to stay off my feet and keep my next appointment with my OB.
    6-30 Appointment with OB, finally get to meet her and LOVE her, she answers all my questions and gets me another ultrasound since my contractions have started to get painful and I now feel them in my lower back and crampy sensations in my lower belly. Ultrasound shows that my cervix is down around 2.5, so we get to go back in 2 days.
    7-2 Back at the OB, they check my cervix again, no change, and get a Fetal Fibronectin test, which I find out later was negative. So they'll see us back next week!
    7-9 I get another FFN, which also comes back negative, and my cervix is actually a little longer. What they previously thought was funneling may just be my oddly shaped mucus plug, so I go back in 2 weeks. I get a prescription for oral Terbutaline just in case my contractions get regular again.
    7-11 I have a bout of contractions 5 minutes apart for several hours, so I take a terbutaline and they calm down. This continues EVERY DAY for the next 5 days, with the terbutaline getting less effective each time. On 7-14 they recommend doubling my dose, so I do and it helps a little more, but they still come back.
    7-16 I go in to the OB to check on these insane contractions. She recommends a trip to Labor & Delivery to get them stopped and run another FFN after they check my cervix again. Cervix length is now down to 1.75, so MUCH shorter and a little definite "beaking" now, so we head over to Labor & Delivery. FFN comes back negative, but with the crazy contractions they decide to keep me overnight. I get steroid shots to mature Hunter's lungs in case he comes early, 3 shots of terbutaline, a new drug given orally called procardia, an IV to keep up my fluids, and end up needing an oral dose of terbutaline in the morning. Even with all that the contractions only slow down, don't stop completely for long. I'll be on the procardia every 6 hours until 36 weeks or I deliver, whichever comes first, with terbutaline for contractions that break through. Had a great visit with a NICU nurse about what to expect if Hunter makes an early appearance! I go back for another ultrasound and OB visit Tuesday morning, until then I'm back on full bed rest.

    Belly Pics

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    Reserving a spot. Will come back later!

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    My announcement to everyone:

    And our first "peanut" pictures:

    And at 10 weeks:

    Belly Pics:

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    Blighted Ovum 1*2009 GOOD LUCK LADIES
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    Grabbing a space

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    Kelly's Space

    My name is Kelly (29), DH- John (32) and our daughter Skyla Helen was born Feb 2nd, 2008! We are very happy expecting another baby. I took a test because I didn't feel well and it came up positive right away. I am guessing this baby will be a boy because that is what the Chinesse gender chart says (it was the only thing right for my daughter) although I would love to have another girl!

    BFP: Tues, Jan 13th, Weds 14th
    Conception: Around Dec 15th around day 35 of my cycle!
    First apt: Tues, Jan 20th- We saw the heartbeat and everything looks great! Measuring 7 weeks, 1 day along. Due Date Sep 9th!!
    Next apt- Feb 9th ( 10 weeks)- Saw baby moving all around and saw the heartbeat, but haven't heard it yet! Everything is looking great!
    March 3rd (13 weeks)- We heard the heartbeat and it was 155 bpms!
    March 14th- (14 weeks)- surprise ultrasound and found out we are having a boy!
    March 20th- (16 weeks)- met with my regular doctor, heard the heartbeat and got AFP testing done!
    April 15th- 20 week ultrasound and we hopefully find out if we are getting a boy or a girl!
    April 23rd- regular appointment
    more to come...

    My Dollar Tree Tests:

    My Clear Blue digital test:

    First ultrasound (1-20-09)- 7 weeks, 1 day

    2nd ultrasound (2-9-09) 10 weeks

    14 week ultrasound:

    almost 16 week ultrasound:

    Recent picture of our family:

    Picture of my husband and I at Christmas:

    Picture of our family at Thanksgiving:

    Some of my favorite pictures of my daughter:

    Wow- what a difference!

    A few weeks old

    10 months old

    My tummy- 6 weeks (excuse the leftovers from my having my daughter, ha ha)

    My tummy- almost 10 weeks

    My tummy-amost 13 weeks

    My tummy- 16/17 weeks:

    Pictures of my furbabies:


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