Sticky please: September 2009 Spaces

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Sticky please: September 2009 Spaces

Just thought I would start an September Spaces post since we are getting our BFP's in now Take your place ladies!

Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.

*This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

* Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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SnowWhite9028's Space!!!

Chemical Pregnancy.

Best of luck to all you ladies! I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!

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~ Steph's Space ~

BFP 12/19 - 12/21 Smile

~ Ultrasound Pics ~
2/3/09........................................................ 2/27/09

4/3/09 -- The "Big" Scan

~ Belly Pics ~

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Glitter Words

12/22/08 9dpo

12/24/08 11dpo

12/29/2008 15dpo Confirmed at the doctors

1st Ultrasound 6w 1d

2nd Ultrasound 8w 1d

7wk Ob appt 1/21/09
11w Ob appt 2/17/09
15w Ob appt 3/17/09
Colposcopy appt 3/24/09
19w Ob appt 4/13/09


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My DH and I were married July 7, 2007. This past August, DH and I decided it was time to start TTC. We immediately got pregnant, but lost the baby late September.

On December 22nd, I got a faint line on a dollar tree test (honestly, I thought it was an evap line, but I saw it during the alloted time frame). The next day I tested again, and got a slightly darker line. The night of December 23rd, I took a digital test and got this:

Based on my LMP my EDD is September 2nd. FF has my EDD at September 5th. I will make a doctor's appointment at the end of the first week of January. I want to make sure that we will have a heartbeat by my first appointment!

The winning chart:

How I told DH:

We were out of town at my parents house.

Upcoming doctor appointments:

January 13 @ 1:45 with midwife: Saw baby!! Baby is measuring exact with my O date at 6w3d. We saw the little heartbeat flickering! Blood was drawn, will check progesterone level to make sure that didn't cause my m/c in September.

January 15- B/w came back. Progesterone level is a 13.9 (11-45 is healthy range). Was called in progesterone supplements to take every other day for the next four weeks.

February 10 @ 10 weeks with midwife: Went great!! I have gained 5 pounds :eek: but she was happy about that. I'm not. lol We got another ultrasound to see the heartbeat. They didn't think the doppler would pick it up. Baby measured 35mm and was bouncing around!! Smile Heart rate was 154. We saw the little arms and legs moving. Go back in two weeks, to make sure all is well with my progesterone supplements still.

First picture!! Heartbeat was seen!! YAYAYAY!! Baby measuring exact with O date: 6w3d.



10w3d- Ultrasound because doppler had bad speakers and mw was afraid wouldn't be able to hear baby.

Valentines Day (11 weeks even): We heard the heartbeat on our home doppler! It was the best sound ever!! I had the biggest smile on my face.

February 24, 2009 (12w3d)- Heard baby on doppler, though the speakers were not good. lol Kicked at doppler a couple of times and scared my mw. lol Surprise ultrasound to measure baby! Baby looked like it was using my uterus as a trampoline! Smile

March 10th (14w 3d)- Regular midwife appointment: I get to "officially" stop taking the progesterone! I "unofficially" stopped 4 days ago. The itching has stopped!! YAY! We heard the baby's heartbeat! Nice, strong, and LOUD! She was very excited about this. She said we can relax now and enjoy this pregnancy!! SmileSmileSmile Our next appointment is in 4 weeks!! The longest we have went without an appoinment!! She said we could come in after 2 weeks, but since we have a doppler at home, I'm feeling good about coming in after 4. They will do the BIG U/S then!!!

March 16th (15w 2d)- After two weeks of going "Was that the baby?", today was the day.... and there was no denying it. I felt the baby ALL DAY! For some reason, the baby doesn't like the way I sit in the car, because all car ride long I was getting a little something here and little something there. I am so excited!! I can't believe it!!

March 17th (15w 3d)- lol I felt the baby again today! Now I know I wasn't crazy yesterday! YAY!

March 23rd (16w 2d)- Tonight I was sitting at the computer, leaned over and I think the baby did a complete flip in my stomach. I think the way I was sitting helped me be able to feel it so well. This was the craziest feeling I've ever felt. lol It made my heart and stomach feel weird.

April 7th (18w 3d)- BIG U/S!! Had a really, really great appt today! They took some blood to check my thyroid and the tri-screen b/w (I'm thinking). She is very happy that I've only gained 11 lbs. :eek: Figures I would get the liberal midwife on weight. THEN it was time for the u/s!! I layed down and she went straight for the legs. Of course our LO was laying with her legs crossed, Indian style. She waited about a minute before she rubbed my belly to get the baby to move their legs. Then, the baby had their hand in front of the goods. I joked and said, "It has to be a boy, with their hand near their crotch." lol Then we got a good shot....

ITS A GIRL!!!!! Anabella Juliette!
lol Upside down baby:


Sweet little baby's profile

Back shot

April 18, 2009 (20 weeks even): DH and I were listening to the doppler today, and she kicked right at the probe thing. So, I had DH clean the gel off and put his hand there. About 2 minutes later, she kicked again. He got to feel her!!! I told him I'm a little jealous because I haven't even felt her on the outside yet. Wink

May 5, 2009 (22w 3d)- Had a great appointment. I am up *gulp* 18 pounds so far. I told DH I really should have taken the 5lb weight out of my pocket before going in. Wink Told them about my "leaking". Had an ultrasound to insure that it is not amniotic fluid that is leaking, but actually ....urine.... :rolleyes: Figures my little girl, likes to use my bladder for bouncing on or something.

Now for the cutest u/s pictures ever. lol Anabella sucking her thumb:

June 9th (27w 3d)- Had another great appointment today! Baby had a growth spurt! Last appointment, I measured 23 cm. This appointment I am measuring 29 cm. :eek: I have gained 25 pounds, which my m/w is cool with. They took blood since I had my GD test. Yuck. Will know the results July 1st at my next appointment. Had my last ultrasound today. She was very tired, yawning and drinking the whole time. We could see her stick out her little tongue. It was so cute. Smile She weighs approximently 2.4 lbs. Here she is at 27w.


Her little face with chubby cheeks:


The cutest foot in the world (lol, it looks just like mine!):

Anabella Juliette was born July 14 at 10:30 am, weighing 4 lbs 5.5 oz. Smile She was born at a little over 32 weeks. She was in the NICU for 19 days, but was absolutely perfect. She just had to get a little bigger.

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I'm Katey and DH is Jonathan. I truly feel blessed to be here. We had an early loss back in September and were saddened to lose our little angel. This time around it took us 3 cycles to conceive when I got the best Christmas present ever...a BFP!! I am optimistic about this little one! Stick baby, stick!!

DH and I--Married on September 29, 2007

The Winning Chart!

BFP on December 23rd Yahoo

EDD September 3, 2009 :cloud9:

January 14th: 1st appointment--blood drawn, weight, BP, tons of paperwork and a u/s--everything looks great!! Baby is measuring right on! HB 122 bpm!
January 20th: Had a spotting scare, went in for a u/s--everything measuring well and baby's HB was 158bpm!!
February 16th: 2nd appointment--lost 3 lbs, heard baby's HB on the doppler, doctor said all is good!
March 16th: 3rd appointment--weighed the same, heard baby on the doppler (moving around!), HB was in the 150s, doctor said this is a textbook pregnancy!
April 10th: BIG u/s--ultrasound was awesome. DH was there and baby is measuring well and right on schedule! At the end of the ultrasound we finally got the money shot and found out we're having a baby boy!!!!
May 14th: 5th appointment--had another u/s! Baby is great and looks so cute! He already weighs 1lb12oz!!!
June 5th: 6th appointment--another good appointment! Baby is measuring right on. HB in the 150's.
June 19th: 7th appointment--Passed the GTT!! Lost 1 lb, BP normal, HB was great!
July 2nd: 8th appointment--Gained 6lbs! BP normal, low iron though--doctor prescribed an iron supplement
July 17th: 9th appointment--No weight gained, BP was a bit high--will start weekly appointments now
July 24th: 10th appointment--measuring 40 weeks :eek: Had a u/s, baby is big! He weighs 6 pounds already!!
August 7th: 11th appointment--BP normal, weight good, had Strep B test done, baby is head down
August 14th: 12th appointment--pretty boring appointment, BP was up, measuring at 41 weeks now
August 20th: 13th appointment--internal exam showed I'm 1cm dilated. BP way up. I'll have an appointment on Monday to discuss possibly inducing me next week!
August 24th: 14th appointment--BP up again, going for a u/s tomorrow
August 25th: 15th appointment--u/s showed baby is about 8lbs 6oz. Baby looks great! BP up again...I'm thinking my body is done being pregnant. Back in two days to check my BP again.
August 26th: Went to the doctors for a BP check...being induced tonight!!!

August 28th, 2009---Dylan Thomas arrived at 5:40am. He was 8lbs 12oz and 21 inches long. We're so happy to have our baby here!!!!

March 22nd (16w4d): Felt the baby for the first time!!!!! Yahoo
April 8th: Felt the first hard kick--made me jump because it scared me!
April 19th: Nana and Pappy bought baby boy his crib!!
April 27th: Started the nursery!--crib and changing table are built and ready for September!
April 30th (22w2d): Felt baby boy kick from the outside--best feeling in the world!
May 5th (22w6d): Laying in bed and felt baby move, had DH put his hands on my tummy and sure enough...he felt our baby kick!!!!
May 7th: Our baby boy finally has a name...Dylan Thomas will be here in about four months!!
June 2nd: Had our first baby shower. Dylan received so many great gifts! He is already so loved!
June 6th: Dylan kicked for someone other than my DH...Nana felt baby boy!!!
June 8th: Felt his first hiccups!
June 20th: Saw actual movement from the outside!
July 22nd: Feels like baby boy has dropped...his kicks are killing me!
Aug 1st: Had our second baby shower--we got everything we needed and more!!

Baby's First Picture (6w2d)

Our Baby Boy

Dylan at 24 weeks


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Claiming my space. I'll be back to update it....

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Got a BFP on Christmas morning on 10DPO !!!! The next day, I tested on the digi and then went in to get a beta and progesterone test which were at 131 on 11DPO and 59.1. Those are great numbers so I hope this bean is a sticky!!!! EDD is 9/7/9.

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My DH and i have been married since 05/27/06...we have been TTC since Jan 08...we finally got a BFP in august and unfortunately that ended in a miscarriage...we got our second BFP on christmas eve and we are very very excited....


1st appt: Dec. 31st
1st U/S: Jan 12th-we have a heartbeat-110
2nd appt: Jan 27th
2nd U/S: Jan 28th-heartbeat 170 Yahoo
f/u Appt: Feb 4th
3rd appt: March 3rd
u/s at15 weks: March 16th-heartbeat 160 It's a BOY!!! (or so we thought)
4th appt: March 31st
Big U/S: April 13th-heartbeat 140 It's official...IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!! :eek: Yahoo
5th Appt: April 27th
6th appt: May 26th
7th appt: June 9th
8th appt: June 23rd

pre-pregnancy 136
4 weeks: 142 lbs
6 weeks: 141 lbs
8 weeks: 138.5
12 weeks: 136
13 weeks: 135
14 weeks: 135
15 weeks: 134
16 weeks: 134
17 weeks: 136
18 weeks: 136
19 weeks: 138
20 weeks: 139
21 weeks: 141
22 weeks: 145
23 weeks: 144
24 weeks: 146
25 week: 149
26 weeks: 151
27 weeks: 152
28 weeks: 153
29 weeks: 156
30 weeks: 158
31 weeks: 159

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Kris' Space!!!

EDD: September 8, 2009

My BFPs:
11dpo on 12/29/08 -

First beta hcg test at 4w5d: 2,704
Second beta hcg test at 5w0d: 6,220 (doubling time = 39.94 hours!)
N/T scan and bloodwork at 11 weeks -- everything looks great! Risk level is low, no anemia, no RH factor

Starting weight = 136.5
2/3/09 (9w) = 140
2/17/09 (11w) = 139
3/2/09 (13w) = 138.5
17w = 144
21w = 144
6/3/09 (26w1d) = 149
6/19/09 (28w3d) = 150
7/2/09 (29w3d) =

First appointment - 2/3/09
Heartbeat of 171
Baby measuring 3 days ahead

NT ultrasound - 2/17/09
Heartbeat of 164
Baby waving and moving
Baby measuring ANOTHER 3 days ahead

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Hi! I hope I can join in. I just got my BFP yesterday which means I should have a September baby. I'm already a mom to an amazing little boy who was born in May 2007. I don't have any photos yet but I got this:
pregnancy calendar

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BFP December 25th, 2008 @ 10 DPO CHRISTMAS DAY!!
hCG Level: 1733 mIU/ml on January 5th, 2009 @ 5 weeks
hCG Level: 3608 mIU/ml on January 7th, 2009 @ 5 weeks 2 days

ER visit:
Had cramping and a gush of blood about 1pm at work. Waited for 3 hours in the ER.
hCG Level: 69,000 mIU/ml on January 20th, 2009 @ 7 weeks 1 days
1st U/S ~ heart rate 100+ bpm

Hospital visit:
2nd U/S ~ heart rate 158 bpm on January 21st, 2009
Baby measured 7 weeks 1 day

12 week U/S February 20th, 2009
19 week U/S April 9th, 2009



EDD September 7th, 2009

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:icecream:Beth's Space:icecream:
[COLOR=royalblue]:jumpingbeans: It's a boy!!![/COLOR]
Baby #2 ~ already loved and set to debut on September 10th, 2009 (updated due date of Sept 17th, based off of level 2 ultrasound on 30 April 2009)

Make a pregnancy ticker

(excuse the political nature of the photo! It is rare to have all three of us on the same side of the camera at once!)

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DBF & I have been together since Nov 2001.

Started TTC :lovebed: in July '04. Got BFP in Nov '05. Had an U/S at 13wks & unfortunately showed bean at only 7 wks. Had D&C 2 weeks later.

We went through numerous tests and procedures (HSG, SA, Lap, b/w, etc) The only thing that may have caused our unexplained infertility is a slightly lower than average sperm count... We tried Clomid for 6 months - nothing.

Finally we tried IUI w/Clomid (1st one in Nov 08 & 2nd in Dec 08 ) and got our BFP Jan 1st '09!

After almost 5 years of TTC - we're extremely happy & hoping this will be our miracle baby.

4wk 1 d - beta 64
4wk 4 d - beta 218
5wk 1 d - beta 857
5wk 5 d - beta 2950

1st U/S - Jan 23rd - (6w5d) SAW HEARTBEAT! Yahoo
2nd U/S - Feb 8th - (8w6d) SAW HEARTBEAT! 180 bpm
3rd U/S - Feb 27 - (11w4d) SAW HEARTBEAT! 167 bpm
4th U/S - Apr 14 - (18w1d) SAW HEARTBEAT!
5th U/S - July 15th - (31w 2d) SAW HEARTBEAT! 132bpm

8wks 6d /18wks 1d

Saw sub-chronic hematoma on 1st & 2nd u/s - some bleeding Feb 6th.

1st Dr appt - Feb 11th
2nd Dr appt -Mar 18th
3rd Dr appt - Apr 22nd
4th Dr appt - June 5th (136 bpm)
5th Dr appt - July 8th (140 bpm)
6th Dr appt - July 29 (152 bpm) - measuring @ 36 wks (2 wks ahead)

Yahoo Felt baby move Sat Mar 28th (around midnight) - felt like insides were being flipped inside out Smile

12 weeks/14 weeks/ 16 weeks/ 18 weeks

20 weeks/22 weeks / 24 weeks

Sorry - no 26 week pic :oops: / 28 weeks / 30 weeks / 32 weeks

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Squirrel27's Space

Reserving my space here.. will update later with pics.

I married my high school sweetheart July 26 2003. We have 2 furbabies (cats) Java and Kona and 5 fishbabies.

We decided in 2008 it was time to start a family and had my first BFP in Sept. It lasted a few glorious weeks until I found out it was a ectopic pregnancy.

After a few more months of trying, I had another BFP on Jan 4 2009. Hope this one sticks!

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Reserving my space here....

So a few people know. Waiting for the Jan 21 appt to see if there is a heartbeat to tell all else.

Still working the plan on that one.

So yeah Smile


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Reserving my space.

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Claiming myspace.

I'm Jess. Married to DH Romie for almost 8 years. We have 2 beautiful children. Mia Angelique is 4. She is my Clomid baby. After having her I had a Lapband put in. The result was 80 pounds lost. I'm convinced this helped my pcos and fertility issues. We also have 1 son.. Jace Keenan. he's 18 months old. He was concieved on 1st try. Now we are expecting #3. Not exactly sure on my due date. According to LMP is would be 9/3. I'll add pics after I tell DH!

Dr confirmed 1/7/09
1st Dr's appt 1/21

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Claiming my space!

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*********angel baby m/c 1/8/09*********

EDD 9/1/09

LMP 11/14/08
BFP 12/12/08
1st U/S 12/23/08
2nd U/S 1/5/09 saw a HB!!! Measuring 5w6d
3rd U/S 1/7/09 saw a HB. Measuring 6w1d ***cramping and bleeding.

Belly Pics coming soon!

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10 weeks 3 days

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I got a BFP on 1-5-09!!! I am due on September 13,2009!! Reserving my space!!! I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how!

First Appt 1-26-09 U/S and a million test!
-Saw the little bean!!! Hb 156!!!!!

3-15-09- routine OB appointment

Big U/S 4-15-09--- ITS A BOY!!! hb 156.

5-13-09- routine OB appointment.

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Reserving my space.

I'm Jenni, got my BFP on Christmas morning. It was the best Christmas gift ever. I have been married to Ryan for nearly 10 years (July 30th). We have one daughter, Kelly, who is 20-months-old. We are excited to make her a big sister!

Pics to come when I have time...

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It's a GIRL

1st Appt. Jan. 7 Weight: 135.8
Bloodwork Jan. 7
Bloodwork Jan. 13
2nd Appt. Jan 20 Ultrasound scheduled
NT Scan March 5 2009 Heartbeat Heard at 148
Before bloodwork 1:236 After bloodwork 1:539
1:456 1:557
Reg. OB appt. March 16th
GENDER Scan April 13th It's A GIRL!
Reg OB appt: April 20th

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My name is Sarah I am 29 and live in England. I have been married to my DH Chris for just over 4 months, but we have been together for 11 years. We did not want to rush into marriage! Wink

We have a daughter - Scarlet who was born on 4th August 2006 who we love to bits.
Strike a pose

We are thrilled to bits to be expecting again on 22nd September 2008.
We will be having a surprise baby.

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Reserving my space....will be back to update

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Catlin's space. EDD 9/18/09. Already have a 15 month old who was born 9/22/07! Will update soon.

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Jessica's Space

Tests Smile

1/13 1/16 1/19




Appointments & Journal

2-10 First OB appointment and U/S: Everything looked GREAT, baby was measuring a week behind just like I thought it would.
3-20 Second OB appointment: Heard heartbeat for first time, such an awesome sound! Asked a lot of questions, and decided I may be more comfortable with a midwife.
[COLOR=DarkOrchid]4-2 Felt baby roll around in my tummy! So cool!

4-6 Walk-in OB appointment: Thought I had a UTI, turns out I was just having lots of ligament pain, a few random BH contractions, and feeling a little baby movement.
4-20 First Midwife appointment: LOVED my midwife, got to hear a great heartbeat, around 160, and confirmed that I'm feeling baby move while she was listening to the doppler! Also warned me that I may start lactating
4-21 Officially decided I have a very active baby, it has moved the last 5 days in a row with no sign of stopping for more than a few hours!
4-30 Realized I can feel the outline of where the baby is hanging out when I lay down! DH felt it too, so cool! Can't wait to feel those kicks on the outside. This little one doesn't seems to like kicking my belly, but prefers my bladder, cervix, and other random organs.

5-7 Big ultrasound appointment, found out we are having a very healthy baby boy!! His name will be Hunter Lane S*****!
5-23 Realize that the weird belly pains I have been having since about week 14 are Braxton Hicks contractions, go to see the midwife who says I am fingertip dialated and 40% effaced. After having 6+ contractions in an hour, I head to the hospital, where they confirm contractions but do nothing and send me home because I am only 23 weeks. Going on bedrest, and not going back to that hospital.
6-4 Have an appointment with a Perinatologist, who does another ultrasound and says Hunter is indeed very healthy, and my cervix is long and thick, 3.5 cm, so I can go to partial bed rest instead of full bed rest.
6-10 Find out we can no longer afford the midwife, and decide to switch to an OB both because of cost and because of my contraction complications. We find a great natural birth friendly OB, and make an appointment for the next Wednesday!
6-17 We have our first appointment with the new OB, but do not get to meet her as she is out that day. Have an ultrasound where they tell us Hunter is frank breech, but he still has plenty of time to flip.
6-19 Back to Labor & Delivery after timeable contractions about 8 minutes apart lasting a few hours. I get put on a monitor which confirms, and get 3 shots of terbutaline over the 5 hour stay to stop the contractions. I am told to stay off my feet and keep my next appointment with my OB.
6-30 Appointment with OB, finally get to meet her and LOVE her, she answers all my questions and gets me another ultrasound since my contractions have started to get painful and I now feel them in my lower back and crampy sensations in my lower belly. Ultrasound shows that my cervix is down around 2.5, so we get to go back in 2 days.
7-2 Back at the OB, they check my cervix again, no change, and get a Fetal Fibronectin test, which I find out later was negative. So they'll see us back next week!
7-9 I get another FFN, which also comes back negative, and my cervix is actually a little longer. What they previously thought was funneling may just be my oddly shaped mucus plug, so I go back in 2 weeks. I get a prescription for oral Terbutaline just in case my contractions get regular again.
7-11 I have a bout of contractions 5 minutes apart for several hours, so I take a terbutaline and they calm down. This continues EVERY DAY for the next 5 days, with the terbutaline getting less effective each time. On 7-14 they recommend doubling my dose, so I do and it helps a little more, but they still come back.
7-16 I go in to the OB to check on these insane contractions. She recommends a trip to Labor & Delivery to get them stopped and run another FFN after they check my cervix again. Cervix length is now down to 1.75, so MUCH shorter and a little definite "beaking" now, so we head over to Labor & Delivery. FFN comes back negative, but with the crazy contractions they decide to keep me overnight. I get steroid shots to mature Hunter's lungs in case he comes early, 3 shots of terbutaline, a new drug given orally called procardia, an IV to keep up my fluids, and end up needing an oral dose of terbutaline in the morning. Even with all that the contractions only slow down, don't stop completely for long. I'll be on the procardia every 6 hours until 36 weeks or I deliver, whichever comes first, with terbutaline for contractions that break through. Had a great visit with a NICU nurse about what to expect if Hunter makes an early appearance! I go back for another ultrasound and OB visit Tuesday morning, until then I'm back on full bed rest.


Belly Pics

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Reserving a spot. Will come back later!

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My announcement to everyone:

And our first "peanut" pictures:

And at 10 weeks:

Belly Pics:


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Blighted Ovum 1*2009 GOOD LUCK LADIES

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Grabbing a space

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Kelly's Space

My name is Kelly (29), DH- John (32) and our daughter Skyla Helen was born Feb 2nd, 2008! We are very happy expecting another baby. I took a test because I didn't feel well and it came up positive right away. I am guessing this baby will be a boy because that is what the Chinesse gender chart says (it was the only thing right for my daughter) although I would love to have another girl!

BFP: Tues, Jan 13th, Weds 14th
Conception: Around Dec 15th around day 35 of my cycle!
First apt: Tues, Jan 20th- We saw the heartbeat and everything looks great! Measuring 7 weeks, 1 day along. Due Date Sep 9th!!
Next apt- Feb 9th ( 10 weeks)- Saw baby moving all around and saw the heartbeat, but haven't heard it yet! Everything is looking great!
March 3rd (13 weeks)- We heard the heartbeat and it was 155 bpms!
March 14th- (14 weeks)- surprise ultrasound and found out we are having a boy!
March 20th- (16 weeks)- met with my regular doctor, heard the heartbeat and got AFP testing done!
April 15th- 20 week ultrasound and we hopefully find out if we are getting a boy or a girl!
April 23rd- regular appointment
more to come...

My Dollar Tree Tests:

My Clear Blue digital test:

First ultrasound (1-20-09)- 7 weeks, 1 day

2nd ultrasound (2-9-09) 10 weeks

14 week ultrasound:

almost 16 week ultrasound:

Recent picture of our family:

Picture of my husband and I at Christmas:

Picture of our family at Thanksgiving:

Some of my favorite pictures of my daughter:

Wow- what a difference!

A few weeks old

10 months old

My tummy- 6 weeks (excuse the leftovers from my having my daughter, ha ha)

My tummy- almost 10 weeks

My tummy-amost 13 weeks

My tummy- 16/17 weeks:

Pictures of my furbabies:



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our daughter is 21months old, and i'm guessing going to be a big sister around 2.5 yr old. too soon for me but i guess god had other plans. its the water i swear.

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top is 9dpo and the last is 30dpo at the Dr. office


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OB Feb 2nd at 10:30am DONE
Midwife Feb. 24th at 2pm..
March 15th 2pm
April 15th 2pm
May 12th noon
June 12th 11am
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10 weeks
13 weeks
19 weeks
24 week
26 weeks
28 weeks
29 weeks
30 weeks
32 weeks
35 weeks
38 weeks

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Conception date: Dec. 29 2008
BFP Wed. Jan. 14 2009 17 DPO

EDD: Sept. 23 2009

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First Appt: Fri. Jan. 16 2009 HcG 686 weight 118.4
US: Wed. Feb. 4 2009
Second Appt: Fri. Feb. 6 2009
Geneticist: Feb. 17 2009
High risk OB: Feb. 23 2009 weight 121
IPS US and testing: March 16 2009 weight 125 HB 158
2nd OB Appt: Mar. 23 2009 HB 158
3rd OB Appt: April 21 2009
Level II scan & Genetics meeting: April 27 2009 (Is BOB a boy or a girl?)
Fetal echo: April 28 2009

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5/6/7/8/10/14/17 weeks

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7 weeks 5 days

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My parents: Feb. 13 2009 (Valentine's surprise)
My brother: Feb. 16 2009 (Family Day)
MIL: March 13 2009 (her birthday gift)
Pics to follow of DD's "big sister" t-shirt

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:bigarmhug:Steph's & New Bubba's Space :bigarmhug:
I am Steph...24 yrs old....Liverpool,England

I already have 2 daughters:
Charlotte: 30.01.04
Lexie: 24.01.07

Expecting our 3rd: 27 Sept 09 - Guessing Boy !!!:sleepyboy:

p.s : my digit camera has gone awol :rolleyes:. will search my house this week because i really wanna keen up with belly pics Biggrin

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I need to save a space...

BFP Jan 15
EDD Sept 22
First Dr visit: Feb 13th (with u/s hopefully)

15 weeks

Next visit with u/s April 28th

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Here's my space! No pictures yet!

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Our baby died. Missed mc at 10 weeks, 4 days.

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Claiming My Spot!

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1/13/09-First Visit/Bloodwork
2/9/09-Second Visit
3/9/09-Third Visit/Heard the Heartbeat!
4/6/09-Fourth Visit
4/29/09-U/S-IT'S A GIRL!!!

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4 Weeks 4 Days

10 Weeks 1 Day

18 Weeks 4 Days

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missed miscarriage 9 weeks 2 days

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Evie's Space

Evie's Space

BFP - December 31, 2008
EDD - September 5, 2009
Induction Date (if needed) - September 10, 2009

January 13th - Blood work weight 123 lbs.
February 13th - Heartbeat 180s weight 123 1/2 lbs.
March 11th - Heartbeat 159 weight 126 lbs.
April 6th - Heartbeat 150 in the Ultrasound and 155 with dr. using the doppler Weight 128 lbs.
ITS A GIRL!!!! And the ultrasound looks good. Baby is measuring 9 days behind so
would be due September 14th, but doctor isn't moving due date back.
May 4th (22 weeks) - Heartbeat 150's weight 133 lbs.
Belly was measuring right on
June 4th (26 weeks) - Heartbeat sounded good weight 136.2 lbs
Belly was measuring 27 weeks
June 19th (28 weeks) - Heartbeat in the 140's weight 138 lbs
Belly was measuring right on
Glucose test came out fine
July 1st (30 weeks) - Heartbeat was 137 to 140 weight 139.6 lbs
Belly was measuring right on
July 16 (32 weeks) - Hearbeat was right on weight 144.2 lbs
Belly was measuring right on
July 28 (34 weeks) - Heartbeat was right on weight 145.4 lbs
Belly was measuring right on
August 11(36 weeks) - Heartbeat was on weight 147.2 lbs
Belly was measuring right on and baby was down
Finger tip dialated
Strep B test
August 18 (37 weeks) - Hearbeat was on weight 146 lbs
Belly was measuring right on
Strep B test - negative
August 24 (38 weeks) - Heartbeat was 143 weight 146.6 lbs
Belly was measuring right on and head was down
100% effaced and dialated 1-2 cm
Dr. thinks I will go this week...
August 31 (39 weeks) - Heartbeat was 143 or 145 weight 145.4 lbs
Belly was measuring right on and head was down
100% effaced and dialated 2 cm
Contractions on Sunday 30th for couple of hours, but nothing came out of it.
September 8 (40 weeks) - Next appointment
September 11 (41 weeks) - Date of induction

First felt baby moving Friday February 27th at 13 weeks.
Could feel either Bubba's head or bottom and kicking at the same time on June 3rd. Almost could feel her rolling over.
Starting to have serious problems bending over and reaching my desk at work on July 16th.

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EDD: September 12, 2009

About Us:
Rich and I have known each other a little more then 2 years now. We met online in a multiplayer game called Puzzle Pirates. We quickly became very good friends and over several months grew extremely close. I was going through some rough things at the time, including a separation from my now ex-husband. Rich was like my rock during that time and before that year was out I knew that I needed to meet him in person. Rich is American and I am Canadian, so there was a bit of distance between us, as well as a 19 year age difference. In February 2008, I made a trip to see him, and everything clicked. I was living with him between last November and this past April, and although we always talked about having kids together, I never thought it would really happen this quickly!

Currently we are having to live apart but are hoping to be back together as a family shortly after the baby is born here in Canada.

Our BFP, January 12, 2009:

Feb 25/09, 11 weeks, 4 days

April 15/09, 18 weeks, 4 days

June 18/09, 27 weeks, 5 days

Belly Pics:
12 weeks, 2 days ----- 14 weeks ----- 16 weeks

18 weeks ----- 20 weeks ----- 22 weeks

25 weeks ----- 27 weeks ----- 30 weeks

32 weeks ----- 34.5 weeks ----- 36 weeks

37 weeks ----- 39 weeks ----- 40 weeks

Bellybutton check - 18 weeks, 29 weeks & 32 weeks & 34.5 weeks & 36 weeks & 40 weeks

Feb 18 - weighed in at 218lbs
March 18 - weighed 218lbs again
April 15 - weighed 221lbs
June 4 - with new Doctor back in Canada - weighed 224
June 17 - tested positive for GD - weighed 225
June 24 - weighed 227lbs
July 8 - weighed 221lbs -baby's heartrate 139pbm
July 22 - weighed 221lbs again - baby's heartrate 136pbm
Aug 5 - weighed 220.5lbs
Aug 12 - weighed 221lbs - baby's heartrate kind of jumpy as Pony was being Roly Poly again
Aug 26 - weighed 221lbs - baby growing well, doctor said I'm fine to go to term with the GD, no early induction!
Next appointment - September 2nd

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Reserving my space!! Yahoo

BFP==Jan 15th

EDD==Sept 25th

Had my first doctor's appointment with all the fun poking and prodding two weeks ago.

First U/S scheduled for Feb 27th Blum 3

**Heard the baby's heartbeat today (2/20/09)!!! I work in an ER and snuck the doppler to the back room! Yay!!!

*Ultrasound went great! We saw a very active little bean, and just one! HB 160/min. Smile

Yahoo We are having a boy!!! So thrilled and excited to have little Kasen complete our family!!! Yahoo

5/30/09- Just a quick update on how we are doing...Kasen is starting to get more and more active. He loves to kick whenever I eat anything and lay down. I love to feel him move!!!! We have our 3D sono in two weeks and we can't wait to (hopefully) get a sneak peek at our beautiful boy!!!

6/17/09--We had our 3D sono today. Kasen was weighing in at 2lbs, 4 oz already!! The tech said she could tell he had a head full of hair !! (watch him be bald when he is born lol)... Every day he is moving more and more and loves to punch my bladder lol. Only a few short months and he will be here.

**We have an "official date" for our c-section....September 17th!!! I am thrilled but anxious to get things done.