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Claiming my space. I'll add pictures when I figure out how . . .

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Claiming my space. . .I also need to figure out how to post pics.

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I am having another baby!!! Baby boy due Sept 11th 2009. What a wonderful day to bring some cheer into the world Smile

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

16 weeks

16 weeks 2 days 18 weeks Photobucket 19 weeks Photobucket

21 weeks - Photobucket

January 15th = Positive pregnancy test.

January 18th = First u/s (e.r visit for cramping/spotting)confirmed 6wks 2days HB 103pm

U/S at 11w5ds - Baby moving up a storm HB at 165bpm


April 4th - ER Sono after car accident. Its a GIRL!!!!! Anxiously Awaiting Alexis Noelle!! WHOOPS!!! My lil girl sprouted a penis!! (confirmed boy April 21st 2009) Anxiously Awaiting Alexander David (aka Xander).

April 8th - First official appt with OB. We heard a heartbeat!!!

April 21st - Fetal detail sono


May 4th appt. (YAY) and HPV screening (yuck!!) Screening went ok since when are paps fun? Heartbeat was good and I gained 4lbs!! OOH and APF screening was all negative!!!

Next appt- May 25th

DS - Ryan Christopher 03/30/06


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Heather's Space

My Baby Boy Ayden Gabriel
Ultrasound #1 1-9-09
Ultrasound #2 3-12-09
I asked my son what he thought the baby would be and he said spiderman. It looks like he might be right. lol!
Ultrasound#3 5-12-09
A new picture of the face!
Cute lil fingers!
Still A GIRL!
Cute Lil Toes!
Ultrasound # 4 June 23, 2009
Her cute lil face!
She was practicing swallowing!
June 23 ultrasound pic
Profile again, I think she might have my nose...
And maybe her Daddy's toes! Smile

December 31, 2008: Positive Pregnancy Test - Happy New Year to us!

January 9, 2009: Went in for check-up and PAP because of abdominal pain got surprise ultrasound to make sure everything was ok.
March 9, 2009: Heard Heartbeat 140 BPM - scheduled ultrasound for March 12
March 12, 2009: Ultrasound - It's a GIRL! - 140 BPM
April 6, 2009: Missed Appointment - have to reschedule - I totally forgot!
May 7, 2009: Finally Scheduled a check-up - Heard Heartbeat 140 BPM - scheduled ultrasound for May 12 - everything fine with me and the baby - stomach measured good - lost a pound though - scheduled glucose test for June 4 along with next check up.
May 12, 2009: Ultrasound - GIRL! - Brain is developing good as well as everything else, saw four chamber heart and my son told us that there was a bat in there with HIS baby. (that's what he thought the beating heart was.) - 140 BPM - Baby wieghs app. 1 pound 7 ounces. - She was very stubborn and didn't want to show us she was a girl, we finally got her to move though!
June 4, 2009: Doctor's Appt. and Glucose Test today, they had to take blood from the viens in my hand. Everything is fine. Heard Heartbeat - 136 BPM. My belly is measuring good even though I am losing weight. I have lost 9 pounds since I had my first appt. From now on I will be going every two weeks, and I am officially in my third trimester! MY Glucose Test results came back - my sugar is fine but still anemic.
June 23, 2009: My belly wasn't quite measuring where they would like it to be so I had an ultrasound to check growth. I have officially lost 10 pounds since my first appointment. The baby is measuring good all organs and the head are the right size but estimated weight is lower than expected. GIRL!
July 16, 2009: I didn't gain but I also didn't lose any more weight! Heard Heartbeat - 150 BPM. Another ultrasound because my belly still isn't growing enough. This time though she is growing more she has gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks according to ultrasound weight estimations. She isn't as far behind as she was, hopefully next appt. we will both be on target! GIRL!
July 30, 2009: I lost 2 pounds, but my belly is growing good so no ultrasound and the baby is fine. Heartrate 140 bpm. They checked my cervix, still closed, mucus plug intact, and the baby is still high even though she feels like she is about to fall out some days! My midwife thinks she is head down but she said we will do an ultrasound when I get closer to the due date to be sure she has turned the right way.
August 6, 2009: I gained 3 pounds, and that is after being sick all week! My belly is growing good and the baby is good. Her heartrate was 152 bpm today! No ultrasound and they didn't do a vaginal exam like they were going to because I had my son with me and had been having no problems!
August 13, 2009: I lost 4 pounds but my belly is growing good so they aren't worried. The baby is head down and hasn't dropped yet. My cervix is still completely closed. Only 2 weeks to go until my due date!
August 19, 2009:


17 weeks - March 12th, 2009

29 weeks 5 days - June 17th, 2009

38 weeks 2 days - August 16th, 2009




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New Here but wanted to reserve my space

I'm Kris, 27, married to Jay (almost 28) and we have two daughters, Caity who turns 5 this week, and Izzie who just turned 2. We will schedule a c-section around 39 weeks. This baby is our Surprise BCP failed baby! But we are excited! IT'S A GIRL!!!!

Feb 23rd -- BFP (after 6 BFNs and no AF snce Dec.)


16 Weeks

20 weeks (taken 4/18)

March 17th 9:00 a.m. -- First appointment and dating u/s
4/14 9:15 -- Big U/S and OB appt.
5/12 -- 24 Week appt.
6/9 -- 28 week appt. GTT test


Pregnancy Tickers from

Countdown to Scheduled C-section
Estimated Scheduled C-section Date

Weight Gain

We'll go by the clinic scale:
@ 15 weeks -- 122
@ 19 weeks -- 122.5
@ 23 weeks -- 128
@27 weeks -- 134



19w3d -- It's a GIRL

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DH and I

~11 Week Ultrasound~ Feb 11, 2009



17 Weeks Ultrasound *IT'S A GIRL*

19 Week Ultrasound
19 week us hi
19 weekk us 3
19 week us feet
19 week us doc

22 Week Ultrasound


21 weeks 7

21 weeks 5

21 weeks 4
*Money Shot* Girl Smile
21 weeks 3

Appointments (I go to two docs, high risk & my regular):
2-11-09 - u/s -high risk
3-02-09 - heartbeat - reg
3-11-09 - heartbeat - high risk
3-26-09 - er visit with an u/s done (girl)
3-31-09 - heartbeat -reg (gained 1 pound)
4-08-09 - u/s & appt - high risk (still a girl)

4-28-09 - heartbeat - reg (gained 10 pounds!)
4-29-09 - u/s - reg (100% girl lol)
5-06-09 - heartbeat - high risk (gained 0 pounds)
5-26-09 - heartbeat & glucose test - reg (gained 6 pounds)
6-16-09 - Heartbeat & appt/ measurements -reg (gained 3.5 pounds)
7-14-09 - heartbeat & appt/ measurements -reg (gained 4 pounds)
7-28-09 - heartbeat & appt/ measurements / exam - reg (lost 1/2 pound)
8-11-09 - appt

Never made it to that last appt, Baby Eva was born 8-03-09

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Jade's September Space

Introducing our little Ellsabunny

I can't believe she's 1!


Baby Progression

Her Stats:

7lbs 1oz

2 weeks
7lbs 15oz

2 months
11lbs 13oz

4 months
14lbs 12oz

6 months
16lbs 0oz

9 months
18lbs 12oz

12 months
20lbs 4oz

The Pregnancy

Belly Progression:

3.18.09 - 16w, heard the heartbeat again (152bpm) and felt movement! Biggrin
4.16.09 - 20w, heard the heartbeat, ultrasound results perfectly normal.
5.15.09 - 24w, heard the heartbeat, measured right on, and passed the GTT.
6.11.09 - 28w, heard the heartbeat, measuring 29w, doing great!
7.02.09 - 31w, heart rate in the 160s, measured right on, probably head down!
7.28.09 - 35w, heard the heartbeat, measured ahead, pressure and swelling fine.
8.06.09 - 36w, heard the heartbeat, measuring right on, everything fine.

Pregnancy Weight Gain:
pre-pregnancy - 150 lbs :oops:
08 weeks - 146 lbs
12 weeks - 147 lbs
16 weeks - 146 lbs
20 weeks - 148 lbs
24 weeks - 155 lbs
28 weeks - 160 lbs
31 weeks - 163 lbs
35 weeks - 173 lbs
hospital (in labor) - 176 lbs

Postpartum Weight Loss:
hospital (going home) - 174 lbs (please tell me it's fluid!)
week 01 - 155 lbs (maybe it *was* fluid! :D)
week 02 - 145 lbs
week 03 - 140 lbs
month 1 - 140 lbs

pre-pregnancy - 40"-28"-40"
36 weeks - 43"-46"-40"
postpartum - 43"-32"-40"
(for reference, my height is 59" ;))

Ultrasound: 4.08.09 Anatomy Scan
Just for fun... the guesses Wink
Guessing boy... Yari, Sam, and Jen
Guessing girl... Becky, Jana, Mo, Eva, Trina, Chadae', Christy, and Rachel

Notes to self:

~First sign nipple change and sensitivity.
~Faint BFP 10dpo. Clear BFP 12dpo.
~Started showing around 7w.
~Felt movement early - around 15-16w.
~Lots of swelling in heat and humidity.
~Very tired throughout.
~Nesting. Remember the dresser.
~Normal for movement to decrease the last week or so.
~Water broke 36w2d. Be prepared next time!

~Pitocin contractions horrible. Avoid if at all possible.
~Laboring down *worked*! Next time try to wait while crowning. And ask for mirror.
~Felt very out of it. Speak up anyway.
~Room in with baby. Nurse often. Say 'no' to nipple shield.

~PP bleeding lasted a good 5 weeks. Beware pad 'diaper rash'.
~Perineum took a good 2-3 weeks to feel better.
~Swelling took a good 2-3 weeks to go down.
~Frequent nursing means less engorgement.

Beyond PP:
~Normal for baby to poo less at 1 month.
~Normal for milk to regulate at 2 months.
~Warm compresses and 'upside down' nursing clear plugged ducts.
~DTD still hurts 2 months later. Lots of lube helps.
~DTD finally getting less painful after 3.5 months!
~Keep the baby on the routine at all costs!

Under Construction: the Nursery
And so... The plan is foiled... SHE'S HERE! :eek:

New Plan:
get it done before she goes to college Wink
(or we have the next one! :eek:)


In progress...

Pics are now up on the new baby's March 2010 space - (here) :D.

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Korine's space

[FONT=Arial][COLOR=Black][SIZE=2]This is how I surprised my husband with the new baby!

[SIZE=5][COLOR=Magenta]About me
My name is Korine, I'm 31. We have 3 kids, DD Annika 8, DD Olivia 5.5, DS Gabriel 3 in may. I am a sahm and DH works from home as a systems administrator for a company in San Diego. We live in the canadian praries, cold in the winter but hot in the summer! We have 2 dogs and 1 cat. This baby will be my 4th csection and likely my last.

[FONT=Arial]Belly pics[/FONT]

12 weeks,14 weeks. I still have left over belly underneath, so now baby seems to be pushing everything above it out?

this is 16 weeks, 18weeks

20 weeks, starting to pop! I Decided to add a shot with my face too! 21 weeks.

22 weeks..................................... 24weeks............................................26 weeks


32 weeks side and front!

here is a couple angles at 34 weeks!

36 weeks and 36 weeks angle

38 weeks only one more to go!!


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Lara's Space

BFP: December 29th, 2008

First OB: Feb 2, 2009
Second OB: March 11, 2009
Third OB: April 8, 2009

First Movement Felt: April 2, 2009

Super exciting eh?

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reserving my space

Reserving my space--

Custom Glitter Text

My name is Linnea and I am 21. This is my first baby--it's twins!!!
Dec 17th, 2008: Date of Conception
Dec 25th, 2008: Pos. pg test #1 & 2

Jan 20th, 2009: fetal heartbeats were seen & u/s found out it was twins!!!
Feb 25th, 2009: End of my first trimester
April 4th, 2009: Amniocentesis
April 17th, 2009: U/S gender--It's a girl & a boy!!!
April 22nd, 2009: Date we booked our birthing class

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Hi! My name is Tracey, and I am a twenty-something mommy of a 7 year old daughter named Ariana, and Chloe is due on Sept.15 2009. Today ( May 6 ) marks Wedding anniversary number 9 for me and my Hubby, and we also have 4 dogs, 2 pugs, a Pom. and a Chi.
I cant wait for September! I'll have pics to follow...for this my "Space";)

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HCG Betas:
11 DPO - 35
15 DPO - 158
17 DPO - 544
24 DPO - 10,736

Risk for Trisomy 21 (Down's Syndrome) = 1/10,000 ("normal" risk for someone my age is 1/666)
Risk of Trisomy 18 or 13 = 1/10,000 ("normal" risk for someone my age is 1/1,200)


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I totally forgot to sign up for this!! Since I'm nearing 22 weeks, sounds like as good a time as any...

I'll come back and fill it out a bit later....

Thanks for looking!!

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Custom Glitter Text

Alright, here I am at 24 weeks finally claiming my space.

BFP: 1/12/09; first ultrasound 1/13/09 - 5 weeks 3 days

Big U/S - 4/21/09 - IT'S A BOY!!

Happy is due September 12, 2009

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Its about time ya'll did this! Wink lol