Sticky: Where We Are (PG, TTC, Done, etc)

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Sticky: Where We Are (PG, TTC, Done, etc)

We had these posts on other birth boards, but we don't have one here yet.. I know we have slowed down a ton, but it might be nice to have a post of where we are ttc, done, pg, new siblings, etc.

If you want your info included.. post and I will update it. Smile

:preggo:January Jumping Beans Momma's who are Pregnant :cloud9:
Marcia-due 15 Feb 2012
Kristin-due 17 may 2012
Jubileerose-due Jun 2012

:pinksperm:January Jumping Beans Mommas "TTC":bluesperm:

January Jumping Beans Mommas "TOC" :question:

January Jumping Beans Mommas "Undecided/Taking a Break" :dontknow:
Rachel (rachelrazzle)
Brandi (brandifawn)

January Jumping Beans Mommas who are "Done" :lovestory:
Kim (kimlambert)
Deanna (dlm677)
Mandi (mandi04)
Amanda (PAmom2boys)

:sleepyboy:New Arrivals:sleepygirl:
Amelia, little sister of Weston (Kalista)
Isaiah, little brother of Josiah, born 28 Aug 2011 (Mandi)
Kennedy, little sister of Kelly, born 1 Oct 2011 (Beth)
Zaylee, little sister of Zara (Chadae) (birthday?)
Andrew James little brother of Eli (Amanda)
Henry William "Nash" little brother of Rourke (Christina)

and I know there are so many more I am missing on each category, that is just what I could come up with off the top of my head. Smile

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Great idea Rachel!
We are undecided I guess you'd say. I say I want one more (maybe 2), but DH says we're done. I guess we'll see...

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Yes, sadly I am done... my tubes are tied and my right ovary is gone so no more babies for me. :bawl:

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He's Isaiah, at least for now Wink We're done, unless dh's vasectomy didn't work Lol Doubtful but until he goes and gets checked I'm left wondering.

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Thanks for starting this Rachel. I'm due May 17th and my name is spelled with an "in"

Also, there is Jubileerose who is due in June 2012. Also, there's PAMom2Boys (or something like that) I think she's due in December.

ETA: Kally_Ann Kalista had baby Amelia a while back, and I assume Beth has had her baby as she was due the end of September.

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Beth had a baby girl named Kennedy on October 1 Smile

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Oh and Isaiah was born August 28 Smile

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Crazy how many had and are having babies!

Yep, right on for me... We're scheduled for our repeat c/s on January 3, 2012 at 7:30!
I cannot believe how fast time is going.

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Extremely pregnant. 12/3

And SOOO done!

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Amanda, I can't wait to hear about your new baby! Any day now right?

We're pregnant again, due June 7, 2012 with our second! I've been so incredibly sick that I forget what it's like to feel normal.
Penelope is such a terror and such a joy, I'm told this is toddler-hood. She's precious and always checks under my shirt for the baby!

Congrats to everyone who is pregnant/had another baby. I can't believe our "babies" will be two years old shortly.

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Mandi, so sorry! I know Elijah was not right.. but nothing else was coming to me. So sorry!!

And thanks for all the info ladies. I knew there were more that were pregnant, but those were escaping me too... sorry!!

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Deanna, could you sticky this post??

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