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ok so I need kinda a pick me up right now.... do any of you have any stories about loved ones "visiting" you? For some reason I need to know that there is life after death and that we do live on.... I'm having doubts....

when I feel like this I think back to this one story....

My best friend from high school lost her mom when we were in the 10th grade. It hit us all very hard b/c she was like a mom to all of us. Anyway, it's been ten years, my friend has a little boy who is 2. A while back (he was just about to turn 2) he was playing in his room and my friend heard him say "what?"..... He then goes in to my friends room and looks around, like someone was calling him or something. He goes right up to their front door and starts talking. He says HI Maw maw! and is saying yes and no... then after a little while says BYE! and runs back in his room to play. My friend goes in the room and asks him who he was talking to... he says "maw maw ....she go back home now"..... :shock:

I think he was too young to lie. He knew who his grandmother was from pictures and had another episode when visiting her grave. He cried and cried and didn't want to leave....

Anyway, that store gives me hope.. ya know?

Anyone else have any similar stories they want to share?

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Not me, personally, but my best friend had an experience. Her husband's grandmother passed away and she had been close with the whole family. Immediately my friend and her husband dropped what they were doing and drove to her house to be with the family. That night they were sleeping in a guest room in "nana's" house and my friend woke up in the middle of the night because she felt very cold, a coldness in the room. She opened her eyes and in the light of the moon against the window there stood Nana AND out of the corner of her eye she saw Nana's favorite dog that had died years before jump into a chair in the corner of the room. My friend said she was so scared and couldn't move or speak for a minute. Finally she closed her eyes and said "Nana you're scaring the $hit out of me!" and then Nana was gone. Then she told Nana that everything was OK and that Papa was OK and her husband was OK and that it was fine to visit but not like that Lol

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2 stories... 1 recent, 1 from back when:

DH had passed about 4 months when i had this dream. I was running around this fabulous, spacious apartment. Really kind of a tropical place, with teak and bamboo. And DH was reclining, reading a newspaper, dressed in his favourite white shirt, looking handsome. And I was running around the apartment, trying to shut all the windows. And I was upset because the rain was coming in. But for DH he loved the cool humid air. And he was so happy.

And I knew when I woke up, that he was waiting for me, doing his favourite thing, in a comfortable place.

Recent dream: i've been having misgivings lately on how my life has been going. and whenever i feel that, i draw on seeking advice from DH by asking him questions in my mind. And recently, i had this dream that I was pulling him toward me, not letting him move on. And he became a dark figure. And i was so determined. I had to keep him with me, close at heart. And he was pulling away, but i wouldn't let him.

Those are my memorable encounters. I think that our loved ones speak to us in dreams. So if you are missing them, just ask them to visit you in your dream! Smile

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My mom visits my dreams sometimes. We go shopping, talk about the girls, EAT her wonderful food. I've learned she shows up when I need her or at her leisure and not when I'm just feeling sorry for myself over being motherless, lol.

A dear friend of mine passed away from cancer a couple of months ago. The day she passed away, I was sitting at the computer and felt like someone was in the room with me. With 4 kids I always feel like someone is around. But this was different and not freaky just different.

About a week ago, I was dreaming and at the end of the dream I walked around a corner and here was this friend. She reached out and hugged me, didn't say anything, just hugged me. I said to her that I wish I could feel the peace she was feeling. Then I woke up. It was the last thing I dreamed so it stayed with me all day. It was really nice.

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When I got pg. with my DS James, it had been a month since I lost my dad. While in labor and delivery I felt like my dad was standing in the corner watching his grandson be born. I had an old handkerchief of my dads with me the whole time. I held it in my hand as I delivered. Several weeks later I had a dream. My dad came in my house through the basement door. Something he NEVER done while alive. He just walked in my kitchen looked at me and asked where is grandson was. I picked up James and took him to the kitchen and put him in my dad's arms. He held him for a bit, then hugged me and told me he loved us, but he had to go.

On several occasions I dream of my dad still being with me and watching my kids grow.

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Well, I don't know if this counts.

My father died of cancer when I was 12.

About 4 years ago I was at my house downloading some music. They were all Christmas song since I wanted to make a CD. One of the ones I clicked I couldn't see all of the name of it but it was sung by someone I liked so I took a chance and downloaded it. It started with Ho so I thought it was home for the holidays or something like that.

While I was waiting for it to download I heard the tv in the background in the other room. It was a talk show and it introduced someone with the last name "LaPlante". Well, that is my maiden name (my fathers) and I ran in there just cause it is very rare I ever hear anyone with that last name, esp. on t.v. I watched a bit and this made me think of my father and I was thinking of some stuff about him and then I went to go back on the computer. When I played the song it ended up not being a Christmas song at all, it was the gospel song, "How Great Thou Art" and it was my father's favorite and it played at his funeral.

Just thought it was kinda neat and maybe a hello from him--- who knows.

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A few times I have felt a tickling at the back of my neck and I think it is my grandma as she used to do that to me when I was a child. I usually feel the tickle when I am feeling poorly and occasionally it has woken me up when I am in danger of oversleeping for an important morning appointment.

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When my family and I moved back to Indiana after 10 years in Florida my DD was 2 years old- and looked very much like I did at that age- She was playing right outside an open window and I could hear her carring on a one sided conversation- I looked out the window- saw nothing so I went outside and asked who she was talking to- she answered very matter of factly "Grandma Barrett"- I said oh, ok and went back in- my Mom asked what she was doing and I told her she was talking to Grandma Barrett- Grandma Barrett was the old lady who lived next door (same house) when I was a child- I called her Grandma- and she had passed away a few years earlier- My dd never met or knew of her. Pretty cool I thought.

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I've had many experiences, but this one is the most unusual.

I was on the phone with a good friend. I looked into the dining room and I really saw a tall man who had on boots and looked like a lumberjack. I couldn't figure out who he was. I kept hearing in my head the word "red". Finally, my friend said, I am wearing a red plaid shirt. Turns out it was her great grandfather who looked just like the man I saw.

That was the only time I have ever seen a spirit. Usually I just sense them.

Oh, this was is good too. I was at a seance, more like a circle in the dark where messages come through. Suddenly I felt a cold draft behind me and I started to cry. It was the first time I ever sensed a spirit. The leader of the group said she saw two women behind me. When she described them, I knew they were my dh's mother and grandmother. I got the message that they were both sorry for the way they had acted when they were alive. It was just incredible.