Sun protection for baby ??? JULY 2008

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Sun protection for baby ??? JULY 2008

Ok, so I live in AZ and todays high is supposed to be about 85 degrees. Oh we are loving it...our 3 weeks or so of "spring" before summer hits. I took Cory out yesterday at 4pm only for about 30 min hike but I didn't even make it to the top of the hill before heading back. She doesn't really have a hat and doesn't like em much (plus she is in a front carrier) so I put sunblock on her. It was made for baby but I think really burned her eyes cuz she just rubbed and rubbed and started crying when I was bathing her last night.

So....for BTDT moms....what is essential for baby? I was thinking go get a sunhat and start getting her used to it, but I don't know about sunblock. R there any that don't sting babies eyes (since they all do after all have chemicals)????? Online it says clothing over baby but jeez I left her in a normal onesie yesterday and when I took the carrier off both her and I were soaked! And I didn't even feel like I was sweating too bad. Won't she overheat if I dress her in a booted onesie?? She def looked like she barely had any clothes on yesterday, which maybe isn't good??!!

I know go early or late, strong sun btwn 10a and 4p, which unfortunately seems like the only time I can go. Once summer hits jeez we won't be going out much at all except for the pool since even at 7am it is HOT HOT HOT and she goes down at 6pm. So I need to enjoy this WHILE I CAN!

If you live where it is hot, what sunblock have you used that is very baby friendly. I'd lather her in it if it was but jeez if it burns her eyes (she's an eye rubber) I hate to even get it on her face!!:(

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Aveeno makes a baby sunblock that I put on Brayden when he was 3 months old. I just put patchs on his cheeks and on his nose and forehead.

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after 6 months I use high spf sunblock several times a day, plus always a sunhat. For swimming I use rashguards with short sleeves that come up at the neck a bit. I find that the stick sunblock for the face and the spray for everwhere else is the easiest.

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What everyone else said!


Dress baby the way you feel comfortable..if you are warm enough to wear shorts and a tank top, then so is baby...
If you feel a chill and need a sweater, so does baby!

Some say to dress a few degrees warmer than you feel..and that good too (kinda depends on your babies preference!)

I have always lived in Hot, Hot summer climates..DS#1 spent most of his summers in a diaper and a pair of shorts!


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DD# 1 was alergic to sunscreen Sad I even have pics at home tht prove it. I took her out for a spring "photo shoot" and put some water babies sunscreen on her. She instantly broke out in hives everywhere. I took her to the doctors and had to give her benadryl the rest of the day to get rid of the hives.

The only one she was not allergic to was this one. We tried most of them before we found this one.

I still use it today on her.

When we went to disney at the end of Jan. I used on Allie and she did fine. Just make sure they don't rub it much until it is dry. I know, easier said then done!

I would patch test a few first before deciding on one.. Heck.. take her into Walmart or Target and put a little bit of each kind on the back of her neck to see what happens! Just remember which one you put where.

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For the face I always use those sticks of sunscreen. They aren't as easy for them to rub in their eyes. I do a sunhat and try to stop the sunscreen about an inch under their eyes. For body I just use the same spray sunscreen I use on my older kids. Oh, and make sure you don't put any on the hands.

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What is this thing you call Sun?

ROFL We live in Seattle--the rainy city! We never see the sun, but I'm glad you're getting some. I put water babies on the kids when they are a bit bigger, never really anything but a hat on babies.

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Our summers aren't extreme but I'm really careful. We probably only have a few really hot days. I have a sunshade for the pushchair and never let babies be in direct sun. Try out some different hats, the baseball cap type are better for staying on as you can do them up tighter. Try some different sun creams as sometimes it is just the perfume that irritates, I like the coloured ones as you can see where it is. Babies aren't supposed to get a tan- if they have changed colour they are burned!

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I live in the Sierra at about 6500' elevation so sun protection is super important to us. I have been using Dermatone (i get it at my local ski shop) with zinc oxide being the active sun protection ingredient. It is not the most chemical free stuff out there, but I like that it uses zinc as the SPF and no fragrances. Mia has been fine with it so far, i've only had to put it on her face, so she isn't getting a whole lot on her skin.
Mia does not leave the house without a sun hat in summer or beanie in the winter. I have been training her to ear a hat, sometimes she take it off. I found a few great sun hats..Flap happy, Columbia makes a great sun hat that has a draw cord to tighten it up around their head so they can't take it off.

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we go walking everyday, and most days in socal this means lots of sunblock! we use the water babies 50spf (since he was about 2 months). i put it on every piece of exposed skin... i didn't do his hands at first, but he doesn't chew on them when we're walking for some reason so i do now- i also put it on his face, but i don't have many suggestions for rubbing their eyes- does she do this all the time? drew does it only when he's tired. if that's the case for you, maybe you could try walking at a different time? i would definitely get a good hat too- baby skin is so susceptible to the sun. i walk with him in a stroller, and i throw a crocheted (sp?) blanket over it when we walk into the sun so that it filters direct sun but he can still see through it.