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    Her vocabulary is around 100 words now (not bragging or exaggerating, just stating facts). i haven't written them down in a while b/c it's just too many to remember lately. she's saying "thank you", night night, bye bye, there it is, backpack (thanks to Dora!), she'll say "ninny please" when she wants to nurse. LOL she's learning to ask for whatever she wants and follow it up with "please". she's extremely polite---she almost always says thank you if you hand her something or fulfill a request for her. she asked for a "chip" the other day and then said "piece" b/c she wanted a "piece of chip". she's reminding us at dinner to say the blessing. if we don't automatically say it when we sit down to eat, she clasps her little hands together for us to pray. she has pretended to be a dog today--running around/crawling with her tongue hanging out and panting (4/16/0. also today she is running her fingers across the words line by line in a book and chattering away--she's pretending to read! i'm pretty amazed.

    she's still pottying everyday too but no where near potty trained.

    this is the only kind of smile she'll give nowadays. LOL
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    Some of our favorite Milestones with Dylan!

    2 months old
    1st smile back at us

    4 months old
    Started Solids
    Rolls both ways

    7 months old! - a very busy month!
    Stands in his crib
    1st time sitting in a shopping cart
    He Crawls!
    Pulls himself to a standing position when holding onto furniture (doesn't know what to do next though!)
    Swings in the baby swings at the park

    8 months old!
    Claps his hands together
    Eats Cheerios
    Says Da Da
    Climb up stairs
    Stand up and hold on with only one hand

    9 months old
    Cruise the furniture
    Stand up holding a piece of furniure, let go for long period of time
    Can take one step w/out holding on and then falls
    Says Ma ma
    Had First haircut
    Can catch a ball
    Signs "ball"

    10 Months old
    Throw items/ball
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    Dylan - 10/16/06

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    I'm staking out my spot, but I won't be able to make it all pretty until I get my DSL back. Boo hoo!!!

    6/15 - Gabe really wants to crawl, but he can't get his butt off the floor yet. He swims and squirms all over the carpet.

    6/28 - He's really army crawling now! He can get all the way across the room by pulling himself with his arms. He tries to chase the cats but they just walk away.

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    Hope started crawling 6/11

    pulled herself up to standing 6/13

    first bath sitting by herself she loved grabbing for toys

    I actualy got a pony holder in her hair!

    This is how she was when I went to find out why she was fussing instead of napping I think she doesn't know how to sit back down and was stuck. 6/18

    9months stands without holding anything for a few seconds says mama, dada, and nananana
    Sept. 1st 10 months old First tooth popped thru Top front left.
    Sept. 15th second tooth popped out top front right
    Oct. 3 took her first step
    Oct. 9 third tooth bottom front left
    Oct. 17 fourth tooth bottom front right
    Oct. 26 started taking a few steps
    Oct. 30- Nov.2 started walking 12m old!
    Jan 20 two more teeth! one on either side of the top ones
    Jan 24 another tooth on the bottom right.
    Feb. 16 two more teeth! the fourth on the bottom and 5th on the top
    Mar. , 6th tooth on top
    Apr. 23 5th tooth on bottom
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    Logan's Milestones
    2 months old
    First smile First giggle
    3 months old
    Feb 14- rolled front to back
    Discovered hands
    sttn for first time.. didn't last long though
    4 months old
    4/3 -First solids (rice cereal)
    Discovered feet
    5 Months Old
    April 5- first toothbroke through (bottom left)
    April 12- got second tooth (bottom right)
    Rolled from back to front
    6 Months Old
    May 8- sitting unassisted
    May 15- rolling both ways- took a while to remember how to roll from tummy to back
    June 3- getting up on hands and knees
    7 Months Old
    June 15- moving knees while in crawling position but hasn't quite figured out his arms. (rocking)
    June 20- pulling up to knees, from sitting
    8 Months Old
    Began sttn 7:30 pm- 6:00 am
    July 8- army crawling
    July 11- pulled himself up to standing position
    July 19- got in sitting position by himself
    July 28- sat on knees w/ no support
    July 29- started to cruise furniture
    9 months old
    Aug18- waved hello/good bye
    Aug 25- started normal crawling on occasion
    Aug 28- Top left tooth popped through
    Aug 28- First playgroup
    Sept 4- top right tooth popped through
    Sept 3- stood up without support. ( did it by accident)
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    2 months:
    10 weeks: First awake smile
    12 weeks: First slept through the night

    4 months:
    First laugh
    First held head up

    5 months:
    3/12/07: First rolled over

    6 months:
    First ate baby food (rice cereal)

    7 months:
    First smiled at Puck (our cat)

    8 months:
    First two teeth - bottom, in the center.
    6/30/07: Top two teeth starting to peek through!
    First sat up (supported by hands)
    First time in a swimming pool.

    9 months:
    7/6/07: Starting army-crawling.
    7/9/07: First attempt at a wave.
    7/18/07: Army-crawled to find Mom and Dad (up until now he'd only go for a toy).
    Mid-July: Started walking while Mom or Dad holds his hands.
    7/21/07: Fed himself his first Cheerio.
    7/23/07: Stood holding onto Mommy's hands for a full minute.

    10 months:
    8/2/07: Sat unassisted for 15 minutes at daycare!
    8/4/07: Fifth tooth broke through.
    8/7/07: First said "ma-ma" while looking for me. (aww!)
    8/18/07: Stood in his crib for a couple of minutes.
    8/19/07: Sixth tooth starting to break through.
    8/25/07: Seventh tooth breaking through.
    8/25/07: Throwing blocks on the carpet, watching them bounce, chasing them to throw them again.

    11 months:
    9/1/07: Starting reaching for us with one arm.
    9/11/07: Pulled up to standing!
    9/16/07: Eighth tooth broke through. Understood "no."
    9/18/07: Wore shoes to daycare for the first time.
    9/19/07: Stood in crib for one minute.
    9/22/07: Clapped for the first time.

    12 months:
    Date ??: Started cruising at daycare.
    Date ??: Started waving (in earnest, all the time!).
    Date ??: Started clapping.
    Date ??: Started pointing.
    Date ??: Weaned himself off the binky!

    13 months:
    Date ??: First and second molars came in.
    11/16/07: Started dancing.
    11/18/07: Third molar breaking through.
    11/21/07: Can pull off his pants.
    11/25/07: Took first few steps!
    11/27/07: Fourth molar breaking through.
    11/29/07: Kissed bye-bye for first time.
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    Bailey started crawling 05/22

    Can't remember the exact date she started pulling up but it was only a few days after she started crawling.

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    Okay...here's my spot, but nothing major to report right now.
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    Date of birth October 27, 2007

    11/6/06 Smiled for the first time
    11/8/06 First bath

    12/8/06 Laughed out loud
    12/20/06 Slept through the night
    12/16/06 Rolled from tummy to back

    2/3/07 Rolled from back to tummy
    2/8/07 Ate cereal
    2/27/07 Ate baby food (sweet potatoes)

    5/5/07 Sat unsupported
    5/31/07 Said "dada"

    6/07 Scoots on tummy
    6/07 Gets up on hands and knees and rocks and took first step with help
    6/07 Started trying table foods and fruit puffs
    6/07 First drink from sippy cup

    7/1/07 Waved "bye-bye"
    7/2/07 Sits up on own from lying position and said "mama"
    7/2/07 First tooth broke through on bottom
    7/9/07 Second tooth on bottom
    7/19/07Started crawling and says "kitty" when he sees our cat.

    8/12/07 Pulled up to a standing position.

    9/12/07 took his first steps
    9/17/07 started walking

    10/27/07 first birthday. He has 6 teeth. Words he can say: dada, daddy, mama, mommy, papa, kitty, doggie, baby, hi, bye, wow, moo, uhoh, thank you.

    birth day

    1 month photo

    2 month photo

    3 month photo

    4 month photo

    5 month photo

    6 month photo

    7 month photo

    8 month photo

    9 month photo

    10 month photo

    11 month photo

    12 month photo

    18 months
    knows the numbers one, five and nine. Can hold up one finger and say one, hold up all five fingers and say five.

    19 months
    walked up to tv and started pointing out letters and saying them
    counts from one to five if I hold up that number of fingers or show him the numbers in print.
    Repeats ABC's after us, if he has trouble saying a letter he will say "O".
    Went camping for the first time, drove the boat with papa and daddy.

    20 months
    first hair cut
    Has his first "girlfriend" Anna, at daycare. He will say "Anna, lala"

    updated 7.2.08

    Vocabulary is huge! I wish I could have kept up better on dates...ugh!

    Putting together wooden puzzels of shapes, pictures, letters and numbers. Sings itsy bitsy spider and makes the motions. Rides tricycle. Knows his numbers consitantly up to five and can recognize many numbers and letters by site. Will point at letters and numbers in print and on signs and say what they are. Can count to ten repeating after us in spanish. Vocabulary would be hard to list. Can repeat just about anything, although it sounds a bit funny at times. Still calls all animals with wings a "duck".

    9/19/08 Miles is growing so fast. I can't believe how wonderful this entire experience has been! He is 22 months old and still seems a bit ahead of the game in most areas. Our Parents as Teachers visitor claims he is a couple years ahead in some areas and I'm very proud of our accomplishments. Working full time, I am still able to spend a lot of time with him. It always makes me feel good when his daycare asks me..."where did he learn how to do that?" Because I assume they must be working with him too. Here's a bit of what we are working on...

    As of now he can do the following on a regular basis... count from 1 to 15 without missing a beat, and tries to get to 20. Can sing the ABC song, makes mistakes from D to P, but can say P through Z without fail and then ends the song properly. He can read his alphabet and numbers (0-10). Recognizes a few words on paper...freaked me out once when I wrote his name and he pointed to it and said "Miles"! So we now are teaching him mommy, daddy, papa, etc. We are working on writing numbers, but he can only do the number one right now. He sings several songs, but the best yet is "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", and can sing it all the way through most of the time. He knows the following shapes and colors circle, traingle, square, oval, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, black, brown, white, and pink. He can draw a circle and tries to make a face...he will scribble little lines where the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair/beard goes. He is speaking in sentences most of the time. Working on potty training...but I haven't pushed it too hard. No bottles, loves to drink from a cup or straw, but I usually give a sippy for spill factor. Only has binky now at night. Sleeps with mom and dad during the night and in crib at nap time.....I can't stand to sleep without him. He starts a new daycare next week. Very excited about that! That's about all I can think of for now. We are doing great and loving life!
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