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Thread: Sweet November '06 Milestone's

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    Here is Skyelyn's spot. What a great idea.

    Skye is sitting up by herself. No sign of crawling yet, but we'll work on this page when we have a little more time.
    Skyelyn ~ 11/01/06

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    Beckett's Spot

    6 months
    5.23.07 Started Crawling Backwards
    6.4.07 First Tooth Appeared
    6.13.07 Second Tooth Appeared
    6.15.07 In 1st Wedding

    7 months
    6.30.07 Crawled Forward for the 1st time
    7.7.07 1st Vacation to the Beach (Traverse City, MI)

    8 months

    9 months

    10 months

    11 months

    12 months

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    Breastfeeding for 1 YEAR!!!
    Smiled: December 27, 2006 (1 mo., 1 wk. old).
    Laughed: February 26, 2007 (3 mo. 1 wk. old).
    Sat unsupported: March 16, 2007 (one wk. short of 4 mo.).
    Ate solid food: March 27, 2007 (4 mo. 1 wk., rice cereal, didn't like it and he hasen't had much of anything since).
    Rolled over: April 28, 2007 (5 mo., 1 wk. old).
    Held and drank from sippy cup: May 2, 2007 (5 mo., 2 wk.).
    STTN: May 22, 2007 (6 mo., hasn't done it since! haha).
    Pulled up to standing on his own: June 5, 2007 (6 mo., 2 wk. [on mom laying down]).
    ~~ June 20, 2007 (almost 7 mo. [on table]).
    Crawled: June 6, 2007 (6 mo., 2 wk. [the "limp" crawl]).
    ~~ June 18, 2007 (almost 7 mo., [the real thing]).
    Got to sitting on his own: June 10, 2007 (6 mo., 2 wk.).
    First tooth! July 5, 2007 (7 mo., 2 wks., [bottom right central incisor]).
    Cruising! July 12, 2007 (7 mo., 3 wks.).
    Standing on his own: July 15, 2007 (7mo., 3 wks. [for 10 seconds at the most]).
    Walking with push-walker: July 17, 2007 (7 mo., 4wks. [used the foot-stool, not a baby push-walker-thing]).
    Second tooth! August 2, 2007 (8 mo. 1 wk., [top left central incisor])
    Walking Completely By Himself! September 24, 2007 (10 mo. 2 days)
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    DD - 2003, DS - 2006, DS - 2010

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    Word list 10 months-
    Jerdin (Jordan)
    Jasdin (Justin)
    13 months-
    All done
    Kitty cat
    14 months-
    Pa (4 grandpa)
    bongebob (spongebob)

    18 months-
    There's no stopping her. She will repeat (or try to) anything you ask her to say now.
    She has great manners and will say "pleazzzzzz" and "tank you" when she wants something really bad.

    Some current pics:

    1st time at the beach- 4/19/08 (18months old)

    Just being cute-

    She loves to rock-

    Halloween 2007:
    Princess by day.... & Ladybug by night....

    Happy Birthday my pretty baby girl:

    4/24/08- 18months old- She has almost all her teeth now. At her 18month check up she was 21lbs and 33inches. So, she is still a tall skinny lil thing. I swear everyday she amazes me with some cute little saying or word she has learned or a funny face she has come up with. She surprised me the other day with saying "Leshhhh you" to the baby after she sneezed.

    I LOVE THIS AGE!!! It truely is the most fun ever. She has been doing great with her baby sister. Loves her more and more each day. Although she still gets a bit jealous every once in a while. She loves to show us where all of the babies parts are and often 's her in her eyes.

    12/21/07- 14 mo- 2 molars popped through on top the other day as well as a new bottom tooth. So I think we are up to 9 now.
    2 days ago we switched from milk to water in her bedtime bottle in hopes of getting rid of the bottle with the next few days or so. She only has a sippy during the day and so far doesn't seem to mind the change.

    She CAN walk but chooses not to most of the time. A few times a day she will just get up and walk until she realizes what shes doing and then will drop to the floor.

    She's really getting her own little attitude now. She loves to crinkle up her forehead and roll her eyes at you if your doing something she isn't fond of. She shakes her head yes and no now to answer simple questions.

    She has learned where her nose, eyes, mouth, hair, neck, belly and piggys (toes) are. She will point to them when you ask her. She can also point most of them out on other people or dolls.

    9/07- 11 mo.- 2!!! new teeth on top. So in all she has 3 up top and 2 on bottom. She is really into immatating right now.
    Mostly facial expressions and weird noises.
    She also says new words pretty much everyday. We have hair!!!

    8/07- 10 mo.- We have another tooth. That makes 2 on bottom and 1 up top! Also standing on furniture and cruising from place to place. Can for short periods stand alone w/out holding on till she catches herself doin it then, Ploop right back down to the ground!
    7/27/07- 9.5 months old- Crawling daily but still prefers to army crawl or roll.
    Started coping mom clapping hands and shaking head NO 8.5 months old 6/28/07
    First tooth popped through (6/23) 8 months old 2nd one 1 week later
    8 months scootin all over trying really hard to crawl. Anyday now!
    6 Months sitting like a pro!

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    2 months

    sleeps through the night(8 hours)

    4 months
    started cereal

    5 months
    started fruits/veggies
    rolling both ways
    first two teeth
    sitting up unassisted

    6 months
    can get down from a sitting position
    switched to convertible carseat

    7 months
    can say da-da
    trying to pull herself up to stand
    DD Hallie 11/19/06, DD Aubree 9/5/08 & DS Keegan 5/13/10
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    Here's Addisons spot!!

    spotted 2 teeth coming through June 18.

    First tooth broke through on June 19, 2006!!! (pic to come)

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    Sorry, this spot is taken

    I haven't even finished decorating his nursery, I don't know how i'm gonna have time to decorate here

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    Kayson Scott's Spot

    These are not in order.

    First bath: 10/27/06
    First outing: 10/16/06 Went out to eat with Mommy and Daddy in San Angelo after his doctor's appt.
    First time he slept through the night: 12/15/06. He slept for 8 hours straight. hooray!
    First Yawn: 10/12/06
    First Sneeze. 10/11/06
    First Movie he watched: John Wayne with daddy on 10/14/06
    First Smile: Thanksgiving Day 2006! He smiled for his grandmother Kay. (The one he is named after.) Very special day for us.
    First Laugh: December 24th. Daddy held him on his shoulder and he started to giggle and giggle.
    First Tooth: 03/09/07 Both bottom teeth popped through on his 5th month birthday!
    First time eating rice cereal (anything but milk) 03/03/07.
    First time I sat up by myself: 5.5 months. (I didn't write down the date. Baaaad mommy!)
    First illness: Cough and cold, doubled with teething and a temp of 104! on 05/22/07
    First time he waved back at us on purpose 04-23-07. Now he waves whenever you wave goodbye or hi.
    First time he rolled over: 04/02/07
    First words: "Baba". First time he said "Mama" 05/05/07. First time he said "dada" 05/19/07.
    First time getting up on all fours: 06-03-07
    First time he crawled: 07-18-07 on my birthday!
    First time he took a step: 10-03-07 right before his birthday.
    first steak: (since his daddy seems to think this is a "milestone".) July 18, 2007
    First Haircut: Sept. 15, 2007

    Some recent pics from this month (April)

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    Kayson 10-9-06 & Cohen 02-08-10

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    I'm not really good with keeping up with this stuff but I'll give it a try...

    Angelina "Linabina" Mae

    First real bath, 2 wks 2 days old

    First smile, 5 wks old

    Laughed out loud, 2 months old

    Slept through the night, January 5, 2007, 9-10 wks old

    Rolled over, back to tummy, January 17, 2007, 2 mos + 3 wks old

    First time eating baby food (4 mos)

    First real swim 5/7/07 (7 mos)

    Started sitting up week of 5/20/07 (almost 7 mos)

    First time in big tub week of 6/1/07 (7 mos)

    First time online 6/8/2007 (7 mos) hahaha, just kidding!

    Going forward in her walker week of 6/15/07(7 1/2 mos)

    First ride in big girl car seat 6/17/07 (7 mos 3 wks)

    Waving, week of 6/20/07 (7 mos, 3 wks)

    Army type crawl, I guess. week of 6/25/07 (almost 8 mos)

    Blowing kisses (smacking lips) week of 6/27/07 (almost 8 mos)

    Pulling herself up to stand, first time 8/9/07 (9mos, 1 week)

    Taking steps, if she holds your finger and cruising. Week of 8/13/07 (9mos, 2 wks)

    *****Oops, no updates in a year! lol!

    First broken bone, her arm- 6/28/08

    Getting her eye teeth 7/12/2008

    Trying so hard to dress herself these days... putting shirts on legs, pants on head,etc- 7/30/08

    Talking a lot! Dora, Barbie, Blake, outside, shoes, nite nite, pizza, Mcdonalds(dondalds), want eat, cheese, fishy, No, mmmmm, plane... also making sounds for monkey(ooo oooo eee eee) & motorcycle(rooooom rooom) - week of 7/30/08
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    Reserving Noah's spot, I'll update soon.
    DS #1 12/06
    DD#1 02/08
    DS#2 08/09

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