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Thread: Sweet November '06 Milestone's

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    Decker's spot

    First car ride (2 days old)

    First bumbo attempt (2 months old, got it for Christmas)

    First snow (Feb 2)

    First hiking trip (6 months old, he slept through it)

    First solids (6 months old, hated it, wouldn't even open his mouth for the spoon)

    First roll over (tummy to back, 4 months old)

    Learning to sit (six months)

    Abby and Brad (married 12/31/2001)
    and Connor (08/26/2002)
    and baby brother Declan (aka Decker) 11/04/06

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    Cullen Joseph aka "Coco" reserved

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    Maddie D.'s Milestones:

    First holds head up herself: November 21st – 1 day old!
    First yawn: November 22nd
    First sneeze. November 22nd
    First home bath: November 24th
    First visit to a park: December 1st
    First outing: November 26th – Nana & Pop’s – 1 week old!
    First doctor Appointment: November 27th – 20 ½ inches, 8 lbs. 4 oz.
    First walk in the neighborhood: November 29th – screamed the whole time!
    First restaurant: Wendy’s! December 2nd – slept the whole time!
    First time shopping: Grocery shopping at Sam’s Club – December 2nd – slept!
    First time ‘worn’ in carrier: December 3rd – loved it!
    First time w/ ‘babysitters’: December 13th – Nana & Pop (Mommy & Daddy went to Mommy’s school concert)
    Rolled from tummy to back: December 19th
    First time at church: December 24th – Christmas Eve Service – slept through it!
    First juice: December 28th – for tummy troubles
    First (definite) intentional smile: January 6th
    Slept through the night (8 hours): January 21st
    Reached for a toy: January 30th
    First long car trip: February 17th – Traveled to Gettysburg to visit Mommy’s family
    Held rattle for the first time – February 17th – Granddad’s old rattle!
    First babble: February 8th – “talks” to the birdies on the swing!
    Stands supported: February 28th – loves the view from up there!
    First Playdate: March 8th - Katelyn from MOMS club, also 3 months old
    Christening: March 18th: Very good girl!
    First solid food: March 20th – rice cereal (loved it!)
    Sits supported: March 22nd
    Eats in High Chair: March 23rd
    Finds hands: March 24th – and boy are they cool!
    First laugh: March 26th – laughed at Mommy saying, “whoops!”
    First time all-day at a babysitter’s: March 28th – Mommy went back to work, staying with cousin Shannon
    Rolled from back to tummy: April 10th
    Gives hugs: April 25th – Daddy, when he picked you up from Shannon’s
    First veggies: April 30th – peas, ate the whole jar!
    Sits in the shopping cart basket: May 4th
    First trip to the shore: May 5th
    First concert: May 8th – Daddy’s school concert
    Protests when a toy is taken away: May 13th
    Sits alone: May 20th
    First time in the pool: May 30th – loved it, got cold
    Responds to name (definite): May 27th
    Creeps in a circle: June 4th
    Passes toys from one hand to the other: June 11th
    First cold: June 13th
    “Reads” a book the whole way through: June 14th – More Spaghetti, I Say!
    Up on hands and knees: June 16th
    Take out and put back in paci on own: June 19th
    Creeps backwards: June 21st
    First vacation: June 30th – July 7th – Ocean City, NJ
    Imitates sounds (sort of): July 2nd – “Hi!” to Aunt Laura
    Bops whenever music plays: July 4th
    Raises arms to be picked up: July 14
    Big kid (convertible to toddler) car seat: July 24th
    Scoots on butt: July 27th
    First “piano” July 30
    Grabs mobile above crib and pulls– July 30th – And up to the attic it goes!
    Walks around the room with help (two hands): July 31st
    Dances side to side to music: August 1
    Waves “Hi” intentionally: August 8th
    Drinks successfully from a sippy cup: August 10th
    Creeps forward on hands and knees: August 11th
    Pulls up to kneeling in crib: August 11th

    Blogging is good for the mommy soul.

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    Yay!! a bit late but here we are!

    Dany started crawling backwards last Friday!!! I couldn't get any picts but I'll do it hopefully tonight! yay!

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    Jeremy Justin Lampman
    Born: Thurs, November 16th at 6:15 pm.
    8 lbs. 7 oz. 21 inches long

    Nov. 20 - 1st outing to the mall!

    Nov. 21 - 1st bottle (mommy's boobies hurt from breastfeeding, ouch!)

    Nov. 22 - 1st doctor visit and circumcision.

    Nov. 25 - holds head

    Dec. 1 - umbilicol cord fell off

    Dec. 2 - 1st bath

    Dec. 23 - 1st tear

    Dec. 25 - 1st real smile

    Jan. 21 - 1st laugh

    Feb. 1 - slept thru the night

    March 22 - 1st cereal

    March 26 - 1st fruit (Gerber)

    April - 1st highchair feeding

    April 19 - 1st veggie (gerber squash)

    April 28 - rolls over

    May 13 - holds bottle

    July 24 - 1st haircut, 1st 2 teeth

    August 1 - sits alone

    August 20 - learns to clap

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    I forgot that when the thread gets unstickied that it will still be in the forum. So when it leaves the page, we can just search for it if we didn't get the info off of it!
    DD - 2003, DS - 2006, DS - 2010

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