Sweet November '06 Milestone's

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Sweet November '06 Milestone's

Okay, so here's how it works - Everyone reserves a space by making a post. You can "decorate" your space with pictures, slideshows, blinkies, whatever you like. Each time your babe reaches a new milestone you edit your post to include the new information. The milestone they reached, the date they reached it, how old they were when they reached it.

I know I'm very excited about this thread. It'll be a great way to watch all of our Sweet Novembers grow.

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7/27/07 ~ Starts cruising around holding onto furniture

7/20/07 ~ Officially crawls forward!!

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Luke's Milestones:

5 weeks - First smile

3 months - First giggle

3 months 3 weeks - First solid food

4 months - Rolled over for the first time

4 months - First time to sleep through the night

5 months - First road trip!

6 months - 2 bottom center teeth that you can see a little bit in this picture

6 months - sitting up on his own

6 months - rolling over both ways

7 months - holding his own bottle

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Sitting up.
Crawled on Mother's Day.

Seven Months
Pulling up on furniture.
'Cruisin' the length of the couch

Eight Months
Standing unsupported

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Lot of pictures and a journal at: www.reddenbaby.com

Vocabulary as of 7/8/08: cracker, down, up, shoe, eat, more, milk, bye bye, mommy, daddy, please, Joe (our cat), Abby (our other cat), G.G. (great-grandma's nickname).

2/15/08: 2nd molar (her top left)

2/5/08: First molar (her top right)
Signed "please"

1/11/08: Said "bye bye" while waving

12/21 - Walking!

11/18 4:07pm - First steps!!!Yahoo

11/13? - Clapping

10/29 - Pointed for first time.

10/22 - 1 Year Old!

10/21 - 6th tooth (front left)

10/8 - 5th tooth (front right)

10/5 - 4th tooth (2nd on front left)

9/25 - 3rd tooth (2nd on front right)

Stood up with no support from squatting again. - 7/28

Stood up with no support. I'm not sure she will do it again soon, but she went from squatting to standing with no table or wall, etc. - 7/26

Cruising (she has kind of been doing this for a while but I actually saw her go from one piece of furniture to another to another today - 7/26

7/22 - 9 months

6/22 - 8 months

Pulled to a stand - 6/16

She is crawling! (As of 6/13)
6/15 Video:

She can pull up to her knees and gets one foot under her but doesn't pull to standing yet

, has bottom two coming in.

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His vocabulary at 1 year - amma, appa, car, tha (give), socks, truck, ball, uh-oh, Thank you, Morning, Hi, Hello, Bye.

Clapping - 10/28/2007

Standing up without support - 10/19/2007 @ 11 months!

First steps/walking - 9/28 @ 10 mos 1 week old!

Standing up - 6/25 @ 7 months and 5 days old!

He is crawling! 6/20 on his 7 month birthday!

Sitting up on his own - 6/14 @ 6 months and 3 weeks.

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Ethan's milestones
Jan 12 (6 weeks) -- 1st smileBlinkie Maker

Jan 27 (2 months 5 days) -- sleeping through the night!![

Feb. 1 (2 months 1 week) -- found handsBlinkie Maker

April 5 (4 1/2 months) -- rolled from back to tummy

May 3 (5 1/2 months)[/ --ate solid food (carrots)

May 25 (6 months 3 days) -- Ethan sat all by himself for an extended pierod of time!

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I'm reserving mine (I love the idea, Ali). I haven't been that great at keeping you all updated. Maybe this will help. Smile

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8 month's- can pull himself up to thing's and stand unassisited
9 month's- YAY! he rolled :jumpingbeans:

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Brooklynn Allissandra
Born November 21, 2006 at 7:38 a.m. Weighing in at 7lbs 1 oz and 19 1/2 in long

First Smile: December 21

March 2007: held her own bottle and rolled from front to back

April 2007: Rolling both ways and all over the place

May 2007: First laughs and finally eating some solids.

June 2007: Said "mamama" first. Then started "dadadada" and now it's her favorite thing to babble.

June 10: Bottom two teeth visible.

Also had eye surgery on June 8

July 3: Army crawling

July 28th: Waved bye-bye

July 29: Crawled on hands and knees

July 31: top two teeth broke through

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Her vocabulary is around 100 words now (not bragging or exaggerating, just stating facts). i haven't written them down in a while b/c it's just too many to remember lately. she's saying "thank you", night night, bye bye, there it is, backpack (thanks to Dora!), she'll say "ninny please" when she wants to nurse. LOL she's learning to ask for whatever she wants and follow it up with "please". she's extremely polite---she almost always says thank you if you hand her something or fulfill a request for her. she asked for a "chip" the other day and then said "piece" b/c she wanted a "piece of chip". she's reminding us at dinner to say the blessing. if we don't automatically say it when we sit down to eat, she clasps her little hands together for us to pray. she has pretended to be a dog today--running around/crawling with her tongue hanging out and panting (4/16/08). also today she is running her fingers across the words line by line in a book and chattering away--she's pretending to read! i'm pretty amazed.

she's still pottying everyday too but no where near potty trained.

this is the only kind of smile she'll give nowadays. LOL

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Some of our favorite Milestones with Dylan!

2 months old
1st smile back at us

4 months old
Started Solids
Rolls both ways

7 months old! - a very busy month!
Stands in his crib
1st time sitting in a shopping cart
He Crawls!
Pulls himself to a standing position when holding onto furniture (doesn't know what to do next though!)
Swings in the baby swings at the park

8 months old!
Claps his hands together
Eats Cheerios
Says Da Da
Climb up stairs
Stand up and hold on with only one hand

9 months old
Cruise the furniture
Stand up holding a piece of furniure, let go for long period of time
Can take one step w/out holding on and then falls
Says Ma ma
Had First haircut
Can catch a ball
Signs "ball"

10 Months old
Throw items/ball

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I'm staking out my spot, but I won't be able to make it all pretty until I get my DSL back. Boo hoo!!! Sad

6/15 - Gabe really wants to crawl, but he can't get his butt off the floor yet. He swims and squirms all over the carpet.

6/28 - He's really army crawling now! He can get all the way across the room by pulling himself with his arms. He tries to chase the cats but they just walk away. Sad

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Hope started crawling 6/11

pulled herself up to standing 6/13

first bath sitting by herself she loved grabbing for toys

I actualy got a pony holder in her hair!

This is how she was when I went to find out why she was fussing instead of napping I think she doesn't know how to sit back down and was stuck. 6/18

9months stands without holding anything for a few seconds says mama, dada, and nananana
Sept. 1st 10 months old First tooth popped thru Top front left.
Sept. 15th second tooth popped out top front right
Oct. 3 took her first step
Oct. 9 third tooth bottom front left
Oct. 17 fourth tooth bottom front right
Oct. 26 started taking a few steps
Oct. 30- Nov.2 started walking 12m old!
Jan 20 two more teeth! one on either side of the top ones
Jan 24 another tooth on the bottom right.
Feb. 16 two more teeth! the fourth on the bottom and 5th on the top
Mar. , 6th tooth on top
Apr. 23 5th tooth on bottom

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Logan's Milestones Biggrin
2 months old
First smile First giggle
3 months old
Feb 14- rolled front to back
Discovered hands
sttn for first time.. didn't last long though :evil:
4 months old
4/3 -First solids (rice cereal)
Discovered feet
5 Months Old
April 5- first toothbroke through (bottom left)
April 12- got second tooth (bottom right)
Rolled from back to front
6 Months Old
May 8- sitting unassisted
May 15- rolling both ways- took a while to remember how to roll from tummy to back
June 3- getting up on hands and knees
7 Months Old
June 15- moving knees while in crawling position but hasn't quite figured out his arms. (rocking)
June 20- pulling up to knees, from sitting
8 Months Old
Began sttn Smile 7:30 pm- 6:00 am
July 8- army crawling
July 11- pulled himself up to standing position
July 19- got in sitting position by himself
July 28- sat on knees w/ no support
July 29- started to cruise furniture
9 months old
Aug18- waved hello/good bye
Aug 25- started normal crawling on occasion
Aug 28- Top left tooth popped through
Aug 28- First playgroup
Sept 4- top right tooth popped through
Sept 3- stood up without support. ( did it by accident)

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2 months:
10 weeks: First awake smile
12 weeks: First slept through the night

4 months:
First laugh
First held head up

5 months:
3/12/07: First rolled over

6 months:
First ate baby food (rice cereal)

7 months:
First smiled at Puck (our cat)

8 months:
First two teeth - bottom, in the center.
6/30/07: Top two teeth starting to peek through!
First sat up (supported by hands)
First time in a swimming pool.

9 months:
7/6/07: Starting army-crawling.
7/9/07: First attempt at a wave.
7/18/07: Army-crawled to find Mom and Dad (up until now he'd only go for a toy).
Mid-July: Started walking while Mom or Dad holds his hands.
7/21/07: Fed himself his first Cheerio.
7/23/07: Stood holding onto Mommy's hands for a full minute.

10 months:
8/2/07: Sat unassisted for 15 minutes at daycare!
8/4/07: Fifth tooth broke through.
8/7/07: First said "ma-ma" while looking for me. (aww!)
8/18/07: Stood in his crib for a couple of minutes.
8/19/07: Sixth tooth starting to break through.
8/25/07: Seventh tooth breaking through.
8/25/07: Throwing blocks on the carpet, watching them bounce, chasing them to throw them again. Lol

11 months:
9/1/07: Starting reaching for us with one arm.
9/11/07: Pulled up to standing!
9/16/07: Eighth tooth broke through. Understood "no."
9/18/07: Wore shoes to daycare for the first time.
9/19/07: Stood in crib for one minute.
9/22/07: Clapped for the first time.

12 months:
Date ??: Started cruising at daycare.
Date ??: Started waving (in earnest, all the time!).
Date ??: Started clapping.
Date ??: Started pointing.
Date ??: Weaned himself off the binky!

13 months:
Date ??: First and second molars came in.
11/16/07: Started dancing.
11/18/07: Third molar breaking through.
11/21/07: Can pull off his pants.
11/25/07: Took first few steps!
11/27/07: Fourth molar breaking through.
11/29/07: Kissed bye-bye for first time. :biglove:

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Bailey started crawling 05/22

Can't remember the exact date she started pulling up but it was only a few days after she started crawling.

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Okay...here's my spot, but nothing major to report right now.

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Date of birth October 27, 2007

11/6/06 Smiled for the first time
11/8/06 First bath

12/8/06 Laughed out loud
12/20/06 Slept through the night
12/16/06 Rolled from tummy to back

2/3/07 Rolled from back to tummy
2/8/07 Ate cereal
2/27/07 Ate baby food (sweet potatoes)

5/5/07 Sat unsupported
5/31/07 Said "dada"

6/07 Scoots on tummy
6/07 Gets up on hands and knees and rocks and took first step with help
6/07 Started trying table foods and fruit puffs
6/07 First drink from sippy cup

7/1/07 Waved "bye-bye"
7/2/07 Sits up on own from lying position and said "mama"
7/2/07 First tooth broke through on bottom
7/9/07 Second tooth on bottom
7/19/07Started crawling and says "kitty" when he sees our cat.

8/12/07 Pulled up to a standing position.

9/12/07 took his first steps
9/17/07 started walking

10/27/07 first birthday. He has 6 teeth. Words he can say: dada, daddy, mama, mommy, papa, kitty, doggie, baby, hi, bye, wow, moo, uhoh, thank you.

birth day

1 month photo

2 month photo

3 month photo

4 month photo

5 month photo

6 month photo

7 month photo

8 month photo

9 month photo

10 month photo

11 month photo

12 month photo

18 months
knows the numbers one, five and nine. Can hold up one finger and say one, hold up all five fingers and say five.

19 months
walked up to tv and started pointing out letters and saying them
counts from one to five if I hold up that number of fingers or show him the numbers in print.
Repeats ABC's after us, if he has trouble saying a letter he will say "O".
Went camping for the first time, drove the boat with papa and daddy.

20 months
first hair cut
Has his first "girlfriend" Anna, at daycare. He will say "Anna, lala"

updated 7.2.08

Vocabulary is huge! I wish I could have kept up better on dates...ugh!

Putting together wooden puzzels of shapes, pictures, letters and numbers. Sings itsy bitsy spider and makes the motions. Rides tricycle. Knows his numbers consitantly up to five and can recognize many numbers and letters by site. Will point at letters and numbers in print and on signs and say what they are. Can count to ten repeating after us in spanish. Vocabulary would be hard to list. Can repeat just about anything, although it sounds a bit funny at times. Still calls all animals with wings a "duck".

9/19/08 Miles is growing so fast. I can't believe how wonderful this entire experience has been! He is 22 months old and still seems a bit ahead of the game in most areas. Our Parents as Teachers visitor claims he is a couple years ahead in some areas and I'm very proud of our accomplishments. Working full time, I am still able to spend a lot of time with him. It always makes me feel good when his daycare asks me..."where did he learn how to do that?" Because I assume they must be working with him too. Here's a bit of what we are working on...

As of now he can do the following on a regular basis... count from 1 to 15 without missing a beat, and tries to get to 20. Can sing the ABC song, makes mistakes from D to P, but can say P through Z without fail and then ends the song properly. He can read his alphabet and numbers (0-10). Recognizes a few words on paper...freaked me out once when I wrote his name and he pointed to it and said "Miles"! So we now are teaching him mommy, daddy, papa, etc. We are working on writing numbers, but he can only do the number one right now. He sings several songs, but the best yet is "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", and can sing it all the way through most of the time. He knows the following shapes and colors circle, traingle, square, oval, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, black, brown, white, and pink. He can draw a circle and tries to make a face...he will scribble little lines where the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair/beard goes. He is speaking in sentences most of the time. Working on potty training...but I haven't pushed it too hard. No bottles, loves to drink from a cup or straw, but I usually give a sippy for spill factor. Only has binky now at night. Sleeps with mom and dad during the night and in crib at nap time.....I can't stand to sleep without him. He starts a new daycare next week. Very excited about that! That's about all I can think of for now. We are doing great and loving life!

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Here is Skyelyn's spot. What a great idea.

Skye is sitting up by herself. No sign of crawling yet, but we'll work on this page when we have a little more time.

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Beckett's Spot

6 months
5.23.07 Started Crawling Backwards
6.4.07 First Tooth Appeared
6.13.07 Second Tooth Appeared
6.15.07 In 1st Wedding

7 months
6.30.07 Crawled Forward for the 1st time
7.7.07 1st Vacation to the Beach (Traverse City, MI)

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

12 months

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Breastfeeding for 1 YEAR!!!
Smiled: December 27, 2006 (1 mo., 1 wk. old).
Laughed: February 26, 2007 (3 mo. 1 wk. old).
Sat unsupported: March 16, 2007 (one wk. short of 4 mo.).
Ate solid food: March 27, 2007 (4 mo. 1 wk., rice cereal, didn't like it and he hasen't had much of anything since).
Rolled over: April 28, 2007 (5 mo., 1 wk. old).
Held and drank from sippy cup: May 2, 2007 (5 mo., 2 wk.).
STTN: May 22, 2007 (6 mo., hasn't done it since! haha).
Pulled up to standing on his own: June 5, 2007 (6 mo., 2 wk. [on mom laying down]).
~~ June 20, 2007 (almost 7 mo. [on table]).
Crawled: June 6, 2007 (6 mo., 2 wk. [the "limp" crawl]).
~~ June 18, 2007 (almost 7 mo., [the real thing]).
Got to sitting on his own: June 10, 2007 (6 mo., 2 wk.).
First tooth! July 5, 2007 (7 mo., 2 wks., [bottom right central incisor]).
Cruising! July 12, 2007 (7 mo., 3 wks.).
Standing on his own: July 15, 2007 (7mo., 3 wks. [for 10 seconds at the most]).
Walking with push-walker: July 17, 2007 (7 mo., 4wks. [used the foot-stool, not a baby push-walker-thing]).
Second tooth! August 2, 2007 (8 mo. 1 wk., [top left central incisor])
Walking Completely By Himself! [COLOR=black]September 24, 2007 (10 mo. 2 days)[/COLOR]

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[LEFT]Word list 10 months-
Jerdin (Jordan)
Jasdin (Justin)
13 months-
All done
Kitty cat
14 months-
Pa (4 grandpa)
bongebob (spongebob)

[LEFT]18 months-[/LEFT]
There's no stopping her. She will repeat (or try to) anything you ask her to say now.
[LEFT]She has great manners and will say "pleazzzzzz" and "tank you" when she wants something really bad. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Some current pics:[/LEFT]

[LEFT]1st time at the beach- 4/19/08 (18months old)


[LEFT]Just being cute-

She loves to rock-

[LEFT]Halloween 2007:
Princess by day.... & Ladybug by night....

[LEFT]:cake:Happy Birthday my pretty baby girl::happybday:[/LEFT]

4/24/08- 18months old- She has almost all her teeth now. At her 18month check up she was 21lbs and 33inches. So, she is still a tall skinny lil thing. I swear everyday she amazes me with some cute little saying or word she has learned or a funny face she has come up with. She surprised me the other day with saying "Leshhhh you" to the baby after she sneezed. Biggrin

I LOVE THIS AGE!!! It truely is the most fun ever. She has been doing great with her baby sister. Loves her more and more each day. Although she still gets a bit jealous every once in a while. She loves to show us where all of the babies parts are and often :poke:'s her in her eyes.:rolleyes:

12/21/07- 14 mo- 2 molars popped through on top the other day as well as a new bottom tooth. So I think we are up to 9 now.
2 days ago we switched from milk to water in her bedtime bottle in hopes of getting rid of the bottle with the next few days or so. She only has a sippy during the day and so far doesn't seem to mind the change.

She CAN walk but chooses not to most of the time. A few times a day she will just get up and walk until she realizes what shes doing and then will drop to the floor.

She's really getting her own little attitude now. She loves to crinkle up her forehead and roll her eyes at you if your doing something she isn't fond of. She shakes her head yes and no now to answer simple questions.

She has learned where her nose, eyes, mouth, hair, neck, belly and piggys (toes) are. She will point to them when you ask her. She can also point most of them out on other people or dolls.

9/07- 11 mo.- 2!!! new teeth on top. So in all she has 3 up top and 2 on bottom. She is really into immatating right now.
[LEFT]Mostly facial expressions and weird noises.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1]She also says new words pretty much everyday. We have hair!!! [/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]

8/07- 10 mo.- We have another tooth. That makes 2 on bottom and 1 up top! Also standing on furniture and cruising from place to place. Can for short periods stand alone w/out holding on till she catches herself doin it then, Ploop right back down to the ground!
[LEFT]7/27/07- 9.5 months old- Crawling daily but still prefers to army crawl or roll.
Started coping mom clapping hands and shaking head NO 8.5 months old 6/28/07
First tooth popped through (6/23) 8 months old 2nd one 1 week later
8 months scootin all over trying really hard to crawl. Anyday now!
6 Months sitting like a pro![/LEFT]


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2 months

sleeps through the night(8 hours)

4 months
started cereal

5 months
started fruits/veggies
rolling both ways
first two teeth
sitting up unassisted

6 months
can get down from a sitting position
switched to convertible carseat

7 months
can say da-da
trying to pull herself up to stand

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Here's Addisons spot!!

spotted 2 teeth coming through June 18.

First tooth broke through on June 19, 2006!!! (pic to come)

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Sorry, this spot is taken Biggrin

I haven't even finished decorating his nursery, I don't know how i'm gonna have time to decorate here Lol

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Kayson Scott's Spot

These are not in order.

First bath: 10/27/06
First outing: 10/16/06 Went out to eat with Mommy and Daddy in San Angelo after his doctor's appt.
First time he slept through the night: 12/15/06. He slept for 8 hours straight. hooray!
First Yawn: 10/12/06
First Sneeze. Lol 10/11/06
First Movie he watched: John Wayne with daddy on 10/14/06 :roll:
First Smile: Thanksgiving Day 2006! He smiled for his grandmother Kay. (The one he is named after.) Very special day for us.
First Laugh: December 24th. Daddy held him on his shoulder and he started to giggle and giggle.
First Tooth: 03/09/07 Both bottom teeth popped through on his 5th month birthday!
First time eating rice cereal (anything but milk) 03/03/07.
First time I sat up by myself: 5.5 months. (I didn't write down the date. Sad Baaaad mommy!)
First illness: Cough and cold, doubled with teething and a temp of 104! Sad on 05/22/07
First time he waved back at us on purpose 04-23-07. Now he waves whenever you wave goodbye or hi.
First time he rolled over: 04/02/07
First words: "Baba". First time he said "Mama" 05/05/07. First time he said "dada" 05/19/07.
First time getting up on all fours: 06-03-07
First time he crawled: 07-18-07 on my birthday! Smile
First time he took a step: 10-03-07 right before his birthday.
first steak: (since his daddy seems to think this is a "milestone".) July 18, 2007
First Haircut: Sept. 15, 2007

Some recent pics from this month (April)

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I'm not really good with keeping up with this stuff but I'll give it a try...

Angelina "Linabina" Mae

First real bath, 2 wks 2 days old

First smile, 5 wks old

Laughed out loud, 2 months old

Slept through the night, January 5, 2007, 9-10 wks old

Rolled over, back to tummy, January 17, 2007, 2 mos + 3 wks old

First time eating baby food (4 mos)

First real swim 5/7/07 (7 mos)

Started sitting up week of 5/20/07 (almost 7 mos)

First time in big tub week of 6/1/07 (7 mos)

First time online 6/8/2007 (7 mos) hahaha, just kidding!

Going forward in her walker week of 6/15/07(7 1/2 mos)

First ride in big girl car seat 6/17/07 (7 mos 3 wks)

Waving, week of 6/20/07 (7 mos, 3 wks)

Army type crawl, I guess. week of 6/25/07 (almost 8 mos)

Blowing kisses (smacking lips) week of 6/27/07 (almost 8 mos)

Pulling herself up to stand, first time 8/9/07 (9mos, 1 week)

Taking steps, if she holds your finger and cruising. Week of 8/13/07 (9mos, 2 wks)

*****Oops, no updates in a year! lol!

First broken bone, her arm- 6/28/08

Getting her eye teeth 7/12/2008

Trying so hard to dress herself these days... putting shirts on legs, pants on head,etc- 7/30/08

Talking a lot! Dora, Barbie, Blake, outside, shoes, nite nite, pizza, Mcdonalds(dondalds), want eat, cheese, fishy, No, mmmmm, plane... also making sounds for monkey(ooo oooo eee eee) & motorcycle(rooooom rooom) - week of 7/30/08

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Reserving Noah's spot, I'll update soon.

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Decker's spot

First car ride (2 days old)

First bumbo attempt (2 months old, got it for Christmas)

First snow (Feb 2)

First hiking trip (6 months old, he slept through it)

First solids (6 months old, hated it, wouldn't even open his mouth for the spoon)

First roll over (tummy to back, 4 months old)

Learning to sit (six months)

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Cullen Joseph aka "Coco" reserved

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Maddie D.'s Milestones:

First holds head up herself: November 21st – 1 day old!
First yawn: November 22nd
First sneeze. November 22nd
First home bath: November 24th
First visit to a park: December 1st
First outing: November 26th – Nana & Pop’s – 1 week old!
First doctor Appointment: November 27th – 20 ½ inches, 8 lbs. 4 oz.
First walk in the neighborhood: November 29th – screamed the whole time!
First restaurant: Wendy’s! December 2nd – slept the whole time!
First time shopping: Grocery shopping at Sam’s Club – December 2nd – slept!
First time ‘worn’ in carrier: December 3rd – loved it!
First time w/ ‘babysitters’: December 13th – Nana & Pop (Mommy & Daddy went to Mommy’s school concert)
Rolled from tummy to back: December 19th
First time at church: December 24th – Christmas Eve Service – slept through it!
First juice: December 28th – for tummy troubles
First (definite) intentional smile: January 6th
Slept through the night (8 hours): January 21st
Reached for a toy: January 30th
First long car trip: February 17th – Traveled to Gettysburg to visit Mommy’s family
Held rattle for the first time – February 17th – Granddad’s old rattle!
First babble: February 8th – “talks” to the birdies on the swing!
Stands supported: February 28th – loves the view from up there!
First Playdate: March 8th - Katelyn from MOMS club, also 3 months old
Christening: March 18th: Very good girl!
First solid food: March 20th – rice cereal (loved it!)
Sits supported: March 22nd
Eats in High Chair: March 23rd
Finds hands: March 24th – and boy are they cool!
First laugh: March 26th – laughed at Mommy saying, “whoops!”
First time all-day at a babysitter’s: March 28th – Mommy went back to work, staying with cousin Shannon
Rolled from back to tummy: April 10th
Gives hugs: April 25th – Daddy, when he picked you up from Shannon’s
First veggies: April 30th – peas, ate the whole jar!
Sits in the shopping cart basket: May 4th
First trip to the shore: May 5th
First concert: May 8th – Daddy’s school concert
Protests when a toy is taken away: May 13th
Sits alone: May 20th
First time in the pool: May 30th – loved it, got cold
Responds to name (definite): May 27th
Creeps in a circle: June 4th
Passes toys from one hand to the other: June 11th
First cold: June 13th
“Reads” a book the whole way through: June 14th – More Spaghetti, I Say!
Up on hands and knees: June 16th
Take out and put back in paci on own: June 19th
Creeps backwards: June 21st
First vacation: June 30th – July 7th – Ocean City, NJ
Imitates sounds (sort of): July 2nd – “Hi!” to Aunt Laura
Bops whenever music plays: July 4th
Raises arms to be picked up: July 14
Big kid (convertible to toddler) car seat: July 24th
Scoots on butt: July 27th
First “piano” July 30
Grabs mobile above crib and pulls– July 30th – And up to the attic it goes!
Walks around the room with help (two hands): July 31st
Dances side to side to music: August 1
Waves “Hi” intentionally: August 8th
Drinks successfully from a sippy cup: August 10th
Creeps forward on hands and knees: August 11th
Pulls up to kneeling in crib: August 11th

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Yay!! a bit late but here we are!

Dany started crawling backwards last Friday!!! I couldn't get any picts but I'll do it hopefully tonight! yay!

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Jeremy Justin Lampman
Born: Thurs, November 16th at 6:15 pm.
8 lbs. 7 oz. 21 inches long

Nov. 20 - 1st outing to the mall!

Nov. 21 - 1st bottle (mommy's boobies hurt from breastfeeding, ouch!)

Nov. 22 - 1st doctor visit and circumcision.

Nov. 25 - holds head

Dec. 1 - umbilicol cord fell off

Dec. 2 - 1st bath

Dec. 23 - 1st tear

Dec. 25 - 1st real smile

Jan. 21 - 1st laugh

Feb. 1 - slept thru the night

March 22 - 1st cereal

March 26 - 1st fruit (Gerber)

April - 1st highchair feeding

April 19 - 1st veggie (gerber squash)

April 28 - rolls over

May 13 - holds bottle

July 24 - 1st haircut, 1st 2 teeth

August 1 - sits alone

August 20 - learns to clap

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I forgot that when the thread gets unstickied that it will still be in the forum. So when it leaves the page, we can just search for it if we didn't get the info off of it!