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    Quote Originally Posted by pridd
    I knew that I was going to be early. I just didn't know how rocky the road would get. I was admitted to the hospital on August 4th with pulmonary edema. While there, I learned that the pregnancy had put such a strain on my heart that it was only working at 40%. We had that mostly corrected after a week, and I was all set to go home. That night, my water broke & I went into full-blown labor and had an emergency C-section at 27 weeks, 1 day. From there, my bowels stopped working. Two colonoscopies later, we finally got things moving in the right direction, and finally today, 50 pounds lighter, I got to come home.

    Jacob is in the NICU at Children's Hospital. He has had a few set-backs, but on the whole, is doing well for his age. He is on a ventilator, but is receiving minimum assistance. His stay there is probably for the best. It will be several weeks before he is ready to come home and that I will be able to care for him, as my heart functionings are not yet back to normal. He needs time to grow, and I need time to heal, but I have faith that all will be well for both of us. We've had many answered prayers thus far.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hopefor4
    Makenna Lyn was born last Thursday, September 28 at 10:06 pm via emergency C-section. She was 17.5 inches long and weighed in at approximately 3 lbs 14 oz.

    SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! WONDERFUL!! Thank Jesus I am able to say that!

    I was told my BP was high on Tuesday, take it easy. Wednesday I rested, had a great day, made a nice pasta dinner, put the boys to bed, and got ready to veg on the couch! THEN I had this terrible upper gasteric pain...Felt like a big pocket of trapped gas, dinner was stuck! So I took so gas X has DH rub my back, and tried to sleep. I then started vomitting, which actually made me feel better! This lasted all night, I didn't get any sleep.

    In the morning I got th boys off to school, did a bit of laundry etc. The pain was GONE! BUT I just didn't feel "right" so I called Dr. She was on call and asked me to come in for a check. I just KNEW, and packed my bag! Sure enough, BP was up, and they decided I was to be admitted to bedrest for 3 weeks.

    I has just got settled in my room, ate a yogurt, and said a tearful goodbye to my son. I was prepared for 3 weeks of boredom, and isolation. In walked the head nurse, announcing I had just won a private room! She said I needed to rest in darkness. I walked into the room, my OB was there and told me that I was having a C-section within 6 hours, because they needed to wait for my yogurt to digest. SHOCK!!!!!!!

    Anyway, my liver was in distress, I had Severe Pre-eclampsia. The only cure was to have my baby.

    She came out with a big cry, GREAT, they had told me she wouldn't probably cry, would likely need to have a tube down her throat, and be transfer to Sick Kids hospital. Well, my princess was having none of that!!!!! She was on CPAP, IV's, monitors etc. Within 24 hours her CPAP was discontinued, she was breathing room air!!! On Sunday she breastfeed!!!!! This is HUGE!!!!!!! She is off IV's, and only spent one day under photothearpy for Jaundice.

    She has a feeding tube, which is out next big step!! Her weight has dropped to about 3 lbs 6 oz. But last night she gained a few grams!!! Another corner turned!!!

    She is doing better than expected!!! She will likely be in the hospital another 2 weeks, until she reached 36/37 gestational weeks. Only she can predict!! Her size is the main hurdle right now! I am a breast pumping machine!!! She will likely never be fully breastfeed, although she is completely breastmilk feed. She will need a bottle to monitor he intake. BUT as long as she is willing to a have a quiet suck each night I will be satisfied!

    I just wanted to tell you all about my daughter!!! We are so proud of her, and leaving her at the hospital late last night to come home for the first time, killed me! I still cry a lot, I am still in shock that all of this took place, It is almost like it happened to some else and I am watching. It is nice to be home with the boys, and I know she is in a GREAT facility with the best care, but I loved being able to see her when I wanted, she is know about 40 minutes away. HARD, and I pray no one else experiences this!!!

    Thanks for listening, my ramblng away!

    Hugs, love and blessings to you all!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferBH
    I had my baby on Tuesday!!!!!!!

    He was 4 weeks early, and we were totally caught off guard, but he's healthy and very cute. He weighs 5 pounds 3 ounces and is 19.5 inches long. He's sooooo teeny! But his lungs are OK and the pediatrician said all we have to do is keep him really warm and supplement with formula to fatten him up until my milk comes in.

    I'll post a picture and the full story ASAP, but just wanted to share the good (and totally surprising) news!


    OMG....I HAD MY BABY!!!

    I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of my son Gabriel Andrew Hamilton. Gabe was born Tuesday afternoon at 2:07 PM. He's so teeny--he's only 5 pounds 3 ounces! But the doctors say he's strong and healthy.

    I can't believe I had him 4 weeks early! I was totally shocked. I went to bed Monday night and everything was normal. I woke up a few hours later and found a bunch of blood and mucous in my underwear, and fluid was trickling out. I thought my water was breaking but I wasn't sure because it was a trickle rather than a gush. I also had a lot of pelvic pressure and I thought maybe the baby had dropped and it was urinary incontinence and I was just going to have to live like that for a month. I called L&D and they said if I thought my water broke, I needed to come in right away to get checked. We went to the hospital at midnight and I was 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I wasn't even having contractions yet, just really slight menstrual-like cramps. They put me on pitocin and then the contractions started. I put up with the contractions until about 10:00 AM. By that time, they were really painful and there was hardly any rest in between. So I asked the doula if there was any reason to delay the epidural. She said the only downside of the epidural was that I'd have to have pitocin, but I was on pitocin already anyway, so it was a choice between being in pain for a few more hours or relaxing for a few more hours. I chose to relax. Once I got the epidural, I slept right through those horrible contractions! I slept for like 2 hours and then the doctor came back and said it was time to push. But I was totally numb! They told me to grasp my knees, and I was like, "ummm, could you hand them to me? Where are they?" I didn't have a clue how to push. They told me to imagine I was pushing out a bowel movement, and I felt like I was totally faking it because I couldn't feel anything. But my play-acting pushing satisfied the doctor and nurses. Or maybe they were just humoring me and the contractions were pushing the baby out by themselves while I sat there pretending to push out a BM. They had a whole team of NICU people and a special exam table set up in the room in case the baby had problems. I was so worried that his lungs wouldn't be working! After about an hour of pushing, he came out and cried and he was just fine! The NICU people examined him and left. Then they let me hold him for a while before they whisked him away (they wouldn't let me do full rooming-in because he was younger than 37 weeks). They kept him in the nursery for about 2 hours because he was having trouble staying warm, so they didn't want to give him a bath right away. Finally they brought him to my room all clean and wrapped up--he's so cute! He looks just like DH.

    I wrote that part above in the hospital. Now I'm home and sooooo tired! Little Gabe is adorable, and I just want to hold him all the time, but I'm totally sleep-deprived. He wakes up about every hour round the clock and it takes me forever to figure out what he needs. My milk is finally coming in, and my breasts hurt so bad! I'm worried that they're getting so engorged that he can't even suck milk out of them. DH just went to Walmart to buy a breast pump. I really hope I can get the breastfeeding to work. The pediatrician is having us supplement with formula to make him gain weight as quickly as possible, but I'm hoping now that my milk has come in, I can lose the formula soon and just breastfeed. And I hope I can learn to read his signals better and give him what he needs without making so many mistakes. This is such an emotional experience! I love this little guy so much, and I feel so unprepared to take care of him. And I feel so vulnerable having him out in public. Today we had to go to the pediatrician and then to Target (to buy all the stuff we hadn't bought yet, plus smaller clothes, a headrest insert for the carseat, swaddle blankets with velcro because I have flunked out of swaddling school, etc.), and I was so stressed out having him out in the world unprotected. I guess I still feel like he should be inside! And when people comment about him, it feels like such an invasion. Two girls passed me in Target and said, "Oh, look how small that baby is!" and I was thinking, "I'm such a loser--I didn't keep him in long enough to grow big!" At the pediatrician's office, there was a woman with a baby born on Wednesday, and he was like twice Gabe's size (he was late and she was induced). He filled up his whole carseat and poor little Gabe looks lost in his! He's just so teeny and defenseless and I just want to keep him safe and content. But I keep forgetting to support his head or forgetting to check if he's wet or forgetting to write down when he pooped or forgetting how long the bottle has been sitting out unrefridgerated. Help!

    DH has been really great throughout the whole process. He was really supportive during labor, even when I was being whiny and pathetic. He stayed with me in the hospital the whole time and kept track of everything the doctors and nurses said. He went home and got the carseat installed and picked up the stuff I hasn't packed in my bag yet. Now he's being really patient with my crazy emotions (although I get the feeling that he keeps finding excuses to go run errands to escape for a while, but I would probably be doing the same thing in his shoes). Other people are being really sweet, too. We got tons of flowers in the hospital, and my mom got right on Babiesrus.com and ordered preemie clothes next-day delivery, and my friend is coming over with food. And I was really touched by the outpouring of generosity at my shower at work on Friday (which I didn't even get a chance to tell you guys about, but it was huge and just in time!)

    Anyway, sorry I'm rambling, but that's the story. I'm really happy that he's here and healthy, but I'm so emotionally whacked right now! And I missed you guys!
    I'll read through everyone's posts asap, but in the meantime I hope you're all doing well!

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    Sunday night, October 1st, was one of the most terrible nights of my life. I didn't sleep ONE WINK. I was so exhausted. I don't know exactly what it was that kept me up all night. I was having terrible leg pains, especially in my hamstrings. My daughter, Natalia, was teething and kept waking up as well. I had to pee a lot, only to sit on the toilet and only have one or two drops come out. When the sun came up on Monday morning, I started crying my eyes out, because I was so deliriously tired from not sleeping the night before.
    Nick came in the room on Monday morning and saw me bawling like a baby. He gave me a hug, and quickly decided that he was going to stay home from work that day because there was no way I could take care of our toddler on absolutely no sleep. I had a headache and my feet were extremely swollen, so he also decided he was going to take me into the local Walmart to check my blood pressure before letting me sleep. We got to Walmart, and my blood pressure was actually quite high for me, 153/105. He called my OB office, and they wanted to see me, so we ended up at the office and spent about 2&1/2 hours there while we ran different tests. I was sent home with a 24-hour urine jug, because they had found some protein in my urine, and strict orders to be on bedrest until the next day.

    The next afternoon, I drove to the doctor's office to drop off my urine collection jug. They wanted to re-check my blood pressure, and it was actually higher than it had been the day before. So, they had me pee in a cup, and checked and my proteins had more than doubled in just one day. I had also gained a significant amount of water weight in just one day. They called the OB in to look at me, and she told me that I was headed over to the hospital for testing, and possibly to be monitored until delivery, whenever that happened to be.

    I called Nick, who was at work, and his parents came and got me and drove me up to the hospital. They admitted me, and did an ultrasound on baby, who was doing just fine. They took several vials of blood, and also were processing my pee jug from the day before, so basically we were just waiting on tests. In the meantime, my OB came in and talked to me about pre-eclampsia. She was pretty sure I was just in the mild stages of it, and wanted me to stay in the hospital until baby was at term, so we could deliver and also know I was safe at the same time. While she was telling us this, the nurse came in the room and showed the doctor the results of my tests. The doctor's eyes got all huge, and she said, "Prep her for a c-section. We are getting this baby out TONITE." Apparently, all my tests showed that I had very severe pre-eclampsia. My kidneys were barely functioning, and other organs were being affected as well.

    So, they took us into the OR, prepped me, and cut me, and little Kira Noelle came out screaming. When they said it was a girl, I started bawling. I had secretly wanted another little girl. My husband screamed, "YES!" (he did too).

    They took me to recovery, and I had to remain on magnesium sulfate and constant monitoring for 24 hours, until the pre-eclampsia started to reverse itself. It took nearly the full 24 hours for my kidneys to start diuresing again.

    Anyways....we are home now, and on the mend. Kira is so teeny, but perfect. She is a great nurser, but is a little sleepy sometimes, so we are a bit concerned about her weight.

    Here are some pics.

    And my original baby girl...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBallem

    Mommy and baby taking a nap.

    Sorry this is a bit long.

    Kayson’s Birth Story

    Sunday evening (Oct. 8th) at church I thought maybe my water broke and was just trickling.
    Got home and took a bath. I told Scott that maybe my water had broken, but was just trickling because I noticed just a little bit of “wetness”. He said he could tell from the look in my eyes that this was the “real thing”. I told him that I would just lay down and go to bed, and if it really was my water braking, then I would know when I got up. (in our birthing class the DAY BEFORE (LOL) we learned that the baby’s head can act like a cork when you are sitting or standing, preventing the water from actually gushing, but laying down can cause your water to really “go”.) At 1:37am Monday morning I got up to pee and KNEW my water had broke. Scott was so prepared, loaded up the car, got the important numbers, straightened up the house and even made the bed by the time I got some clothes on. Since we weren’t expecting to go into labor, my car was empty, so we had to fill up with gas in Brady. Scott drove almost 90 mph and got to San Angelo in record timing….just about 55 minutes.
    When we arrived at the hospital it was almost 3:00am. They hooked me up to monitors and I wasn’t even 1 cm dilated yet, but was starting to feel pain like period cramps. We were told it was going to be a “long night”. Kayson’s heart rate took a 6 minute deceleration and the nurses rushed in and brought it back up by moving me to different positions. His heart rate then took another 4 minute deceleration and my nurse told us that if his heart rate dropped one more time they would be doing an emergency C-Section, so they wanted to start preparing me. That was all within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital. I was in shock and so worried about our little baby. We prayed and his heart rate never dropped again. Because of his declines, they didn’t want to start me on pitocin until my doctor approved it. It was almost 8:00am before they started me. I wasn’t even dilated to a 2 at this point. At this point my contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart and quite strong. I was in so much pain- more than I ever dreamed of. The pain was worse than anything I have ever experienced in my life. (I have a very high pain tolerance too) Scott was wonderful this whole time never leaving my side and trying his best to comfort me and “talk” me through each contraction. I told the nurse that I wanted an epidural. It was 9:30 when I was finally given one. They also gave me Stadol (sp?) to try and calm me, which just made me loopy feeling, without cutting any of the pain. Thank goodness that wore off in a couple hours. By 12:00pm I had barely made it to 4 cm, so was expecting Kayson to arrive sometime that evening. I told Scott that I felt “pressure” down there around 12:30pm. My doctor came to check me again and his little head was right there!! She pulled up a mirror and told me not to push yet. They got the bed ready and called in the nurses. Everything happened so fast, and just 3 little pushes later Kayson was in my arms and DH was cutting his cord. I couldn’t ask for a more peaceful, easy labor with my husband. (After the epi of course!)
    He wasn’t doing well at first, so 4 days in NICU later, we are home and happy and doing great.

    Kayson is doing great at breastfeeding and we couldn’t ask for an easier baby. He wakes only 3 times a night to feed and goes right back to sleep. DH has been a tremendous help and I am amazed at how quickly he became a “daddy”. He changes diapers, burps him and just snuggles with him all the time. He has to go back to work Monday and I already dread that. It’s so nice just having our family together and treasuring each moment. Girls, there is nothing in the world like holding your baby. I could have never been prepared for the love we share with our little boy. I wish you all the best in your upcoming deliveries. God bless!! ~Charys

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    Kylee Autumn
    Born 10/12/06
    5lbs 8.6oz
    19 inches
    Born at 36wks 1 day

    Well, I'm sure this will be long so please bare with me.

    Wednesday 10/11 I had a sono and dr appt. to check the fluid and an NST. We did the sono 1st then headed up to the office. Everything looked good there, we just had to wait on the sono results. I did see on the screen though that she was still breech. He told me to go home and he'd call me if there was a problem. Just as i'm leaving the doc somes up and says, "Your probably not gonna like this but I just got ur results and I think u need to be hospitalized at least overnight." Talk about panic! He said the fluid hadnt gotten any better and was actually lower again. So he wanted me on bedrest and hooked up to IVs to see if that helps. After I calm down, I headed to L&D and spent a very boring night. I figured the IV would work and I'd be home the next day, maybe on bedrest there.

    6am 10/12/06
    They come to get me for my u/s. To me the fluid still looked the same but to EVERYONES surprise she was no longer breech and had engaged! No clue how that happened. I never felt it. An hour later my doctor comes up to see me and says, "Your fluid is still the same. How about we have a baby today!" Wow, I had every emotion right then. I was so excited and scared.
    They start the Pitocin. I was only 1 cm and 75% at this point.

    12:15 I'm checked and at 3 cm. She decided to break my water.

    12:45 Figuring it was going to be a long labor due to the pitocin and only being at 3 cm we decided to call the Epi man to come give me my epideral. The first time he did it he totally missed and had to redue it. At this point the pain was getting really bad and fast every minute or so. But they weren't lasting very long.This time it works and I was thankful! I could still feel I was having them but they didn't hurt. Just felt the tightening.

    2:00 The epi is wearing off. We call the dr in to give me some more cuz these contractions were just about unbearable. He comes to give me more but as it is going in I can feel it coming out and dripping down my back. This one had fallen out too! So he has to do another one. They decided to check me first and I'm only at 4 cm, so again I figure we have a LONG way to go. He gives me another one and we wait a bit to see if its gonna work. A little after 3:00 its still not working and I feel like this baby is coming NOW.

    3:15 They hunt down my nurse and doctor to check me. I am now 9 cm and the babies head is right there, she says. She says go ahead and push at the next contraction. I think " WHAT? PUSH, NOW? Wait a second i'm not ready for all this!" I figured this would be an all day and night thing and here I am pushing and about to meet my daughter! Of coarse there was no stopping it then and I really wanted to push because the pain was so much better while pushing.
    3:39 After pushing through 3-4 contractions out comes her head and my doc says to look down and pull my baby into the world. Even after having 3 babies I was never able to do this before. So I reached down and held my little Kylee for the first time. She came out easy then. It was the most beautiful and amazing moment!
    We were all just crying and laughing. I could tell she was small but other than that she looked great.
    She weighed in at 5 pounds 8.6 oz and was 19 inches long. She didn't even need oxygen. The nurse said her apgar scores were 9 and 9.
    I couldn't and still can't believe from start to finish it was only 4 hours!! I was so lucky!

    She has been such an angel. She NEVER cries. She sleeps all the time I even have to wake her up to eat. If she does happen to wake up on her own to eat she will just make a few noises to let me know shes ready. She doesn't spit up at all.

    We went to her first doctor appointment today and she only weighs
    5lb 2oz now. So that is not good.They said to make sure she wakes up at least every 4 hours to eat and really try to get her to finish her whole 2 oz. Which she hasn't been doing. We go back in 2 days to check her weight again.
    Here's some pics of my angel...

    Going home

    Getting dressed

    Close up

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    Quote Originally Posted by OklaMom2B
    Its official...I'M A MOMMY!

    Kennedy Janae' was born on Tuesday Oct 17th at 12:49 via C-section. She was 5 lbs and 11 oz...which the doctor was very pleased with since she had been measuring small my entire pregnancy. She was 18.5 inches long and has the longest fingers and toes I've ever seen.

    I took a million pictures but since we just came home today, I'll do my best to get the posted this weekend as well as my birth story.

    UPDATE: I'm finally getting used to being home and having an addtion to my family so I'll go ahead and post my birth story. We went in Tuesday morning for my scheduled c-section. She had been measuring small the second half of my pregnancy and her growth percentile had dropped signficantly. My last u/s also showed that her placenta was worn so we all agreed that a c-section was best. I had been warned about the recovery process but I had NO IDEA it would be like this. Not to scare anyone, but my ab muscles have never been so sore. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Unfortunatly, the spinal anthes. they tried to give me wasnt taking too well. The doctor would pinch my stomach and ask if I could feel it and I could, which scared the crap out of me. She waited about five minutes and I could still fill it. So she decided to put me to sleep...which means no support person is allowed in the operating room. So my overly excited BF had to wait in the hall. I felt so bad for him but it wasnt really optional. I woke up about an hour and a half later in my recovery room. He was in the nursery with my baby.

    After being checked by the pediatrician, they decided to put her on oxygen for a while just to monitor her, which means I couldnt see her. Since I had been put to sleep, I was on bed rest for 24 hours and couldnt be wheeled to the nursery. So I'm stuck in my room while ALL of my family gets to go to the nursery to see my new born baby girl. It was the most miserable feeling. They would bring me pictures and tell me how she was doing but still no visit. I tried my hardest not to cry but on a few occasions I couldnt help it. I felt so empty and helpless because she was there and I was on a completly different floor (since the maternity ward is being remodeled) and everyone else got to bond with her before her own mother did.

    I think what bother me the most was the doctor came to my room at 6 pm and said that they would monitor her for one more hour and if her oxygen levels remained stable she could come to my room. So naturally, I called the nursery an hour later. I was told that her levels had stabled and she would page the doctor. My BF was in the nursey when she did so. The doctor told her it was okay for me to see the baby but the nurse decided to keep her anyway, despite what the doctor said. It was the most frustrating thing every imaginable to a new mother.

    So finally, ten pm rolls around and the doctor okays for her to be released from the "special care" nursery to the newborn nursery and she is finally wheeled to my room.

    Words can't describe how good it felt to finally get to hold her. We stayed in the hospital until Friday afternoon and all I can say, is thank God for pain medication!

    Kennedy, Dad and me after a very LONG and exhausting day.

    Pround Aunt Brandi

    Proud Grandma

    Ready to go home!

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    Carolyn Renae Watson
    Tuesday October 17, 2006 5:09PM
    8lbs 7oz 22inches
    Born 37w 5d

    On Tuesday morning, I was scheduled to have an amniocentesis to check the progress of the baby’s lungs. If she passed, we were to induce the next morning due to her size and my Gestational Diabetes.

    6:30AM: My best friend Jenna & I arrive at the hospital bright and early. My husband is terrified of needles, so I had her to be my support person through the procedure. I had been having some contractions that morning about 5-6 minutes apart, but not very strong yet. Anyways, we get up to the L&D and I am hooked up to the monitors. The nurse (whose name just happened to be Carolyn ) went ahead and started an IV, just in case of complications. I told her about the contractions and she said that we’d see what the monitors showed.

    7:15AM: The doctor arrives to perform the amnio. The tech uses the wand to try and find a good spot to draw the fluid from, but is having a very hard time. Apparently, I had an anterior placenta, (which I was never told before) and very little room anywhere else to find a pocket of fluid. Also, my sweet little baby was being a wiggle worm. So after about 15 minutes of her trying to find a spot, I suggest we just go ahead with the induction. I tell her that I’m already having contractions and ask her to check me down there to see if I have dilated any further. She agreed and said that I was now 4cm dilated and 50% effaced. Not much progress, but enough for her to go ahead with the induction.

    7:45AM: I call my husband and sister and let them know of the change in plans. My poor sister still had to drive four hours just to get to me. Brian then took Brendan to grandma’s house and arrived at the hospital shortly thereafter.

    8:00AM: Pitocin was started and raised every half hour until birth. I was still having the small contractions every 5 – 6 minutes, but within the hour they started getting more frequent. Still not painful yet.

    10:00AM: By now, the contractions were becoming unbearable. I went ahead and asked the for the epidural. Within a half an hour, I no longer felt any pain.

    12:00PM: I asked the nurse to check me. I was 7cm dilated and 60% effaced.

    2:00PM: 7cm dilated, 80% effaced.

    4:00PM: Still only 7cm dilated, but now 100% effaced. (Effacement always takes me the longest )

    4:30PM: Felt the urge to push. I told the nurse that I needed to push and she said ok. I pushed two times and she told me to stop. She had to get the doctor up here before I could push anymore. Apparently baby was right there! This had to be the worst part of labor for me. The epidural had worn off (so I could push more effectively) and I had to pant through each contraction, even though every part of me still wanted & needed to push.

    5:00PM: The doctor FINALLY arrives (after what seems like hours) and I can push again. Two contractions later out popped my sweet little baby Carolyn. My mother was so shocked that it was a girl that she kept screaming/crying, “IT’S A GIRL, IT’S A GIRL”. Not only my family, but now everyone in the hospital knew the secret!

    Wife to Brian
    Mom to: Brendan, Kyle & Carolyn

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    Quote Originally Posted by redmachchick
    This post is being written for Amie by her husband (Kevin) as she is in the hospital still. She asked that I come to the board to say that she has delivered a healthy baby boy on Friday afternoon! His name is Aiden and he is 5lbs&1oz and measures 17&1/2 inches. A little premature, he was carried until 34 and 1/2 weeks but had to come out due to mommy coming down with severe pre-eclampsia. He will be spending a few weeks in the neonatal ICU until he can get up to speed but looks healthy so far. Looks like he is going to be a mommas boy as he is taking several features from her, so he is promised to be good looking! I will leave the rest of the details and, of course, the pics for mommy to dish out after she gets settled in at home.

    Hey girlies! I just wanted to give you a update and pics on my beautiful son and whats going on with me! Thanks so much for all your replies and support on my hubbys thread... I also can't believe that I am a mommy so early but I'm not upset about it as I'm so glad that we are both okay.

    All I can say is that its been one heck of a week! Kevin got home on Monday of last week...we moved into our new house on Monday and Tuesday...I noticed Tuesday and Wednesday I was swelling up really bad so bad my ankles looked broken and I pretty much left the unpacking to Kevin and my sis because I was just so incrediblly tired...

    I had to go to Tripler for a NST on Thursday and when they checked my BP it was really high-in the 160/100 range so they kept me there most of the day and then eventually hospitalized me because it was never going dowin. It was supposed to be just a regular observation hospital visit but my BP kept going higher and higher...they started me on BP meds and also magnesium. I was so upset and scared and I had so many docs and nurses around me at all times I knew something was going on and I wasn't going home. At one point my BP got up into the 215/120 range and for a little bit we were all terrified! The docs managed to get it down but it was still high-I stayed pretty much into the 150-175/95-120 range. The docs wanted to induce/c-section right away but we talked them into waiting untill my labs came back in the morning (Fri)and when they did it wasn't good as I was told I had severe Pre-Eclampsia and they had to take the baby asap!

    I was really upset about it but I knew that it was the right thing to do and the docs were very accomodating to our wishes of still having a vaginal birth since he wasn't under any distress...but he was still breech. So I got a epidural and was wheeled into the OR where the docs attempted to turn the baby several times but he just wouldn't turn, only just a little bit. So we went to the C-section. It was SOO scary with all these doctors and nurses rushing around and getting things ready. I must have cried buckets of tears, I was trying to be so strong but I felt like the worlds biggest baby I was so scared.

    They got started on my C-section and things went great untill they couldn't get his head out and it was stuck in there...Kevin said the doc had to stick her hand in and fish him out! My epi wasn't effective enough for that and it felt like they were ripping out my insides so the anethologist had to give me a huge dose of meds to keep me from feeling anything more which really made me woozy...I didn't remember much untill after I "sobered" up. I remember hearing him cry for the first time and asking if he was breathing (duh lol) and Kevin was crying and then I remember him going over to see him and then next thing he was next to me holding this tiny little baby! OMG he was soooo tiny! And then I just passed out for a bit and Kevin went to the NICU with Aiden...

    I didn't get to see him for 24 hours as I was under strict observation and couldn't even get out of bed at all. I was so anxious and excited to see my baby! Not to mention how hungry I was as I didn't get to eat for almost 2 days!

    But on Saturday afternoon I got to see him and OMG he was just the most beautiful little thing and I cried and cried! We both got to hold him and just stare at him for quite a long time!

    He is really healthy and was only on his breathing tube for that first day and the only tubes he has are a feeding tube since he is having a little trouble learing how to nurse on his bottles. He has of course attached to all the little monitors that keeps track of his vitals. We are just now getting the hang of holding him and changing him and also getting around all those lines and such. The nurses are great and are really hands on and want us to do as much to him as we can like feeding, changing and such. We only feed him once/twice a day and leave the rest to the nurses as not to stress him out as he needs as much rest as he can get right now. But we go every morning for "Kangeroo care" Which is putting him skin to skin next to my chest for a hour. It is such a wonderful bonding experience and hopefully will help my milk come in sooner. He already knows who his mama and daddy is and will stop crying as soon as he senses my presence or if I talk to him our touch him. He LOVES his "kangeroo time!" And gets MAD when he has to go back into his "apartment" as the NICU nurses call it!

    He is now getting the hang of nursing on his bottles but is still needing help with the feeding tube as well...he likes to be near my breasts but still won't suck on them yet which is okay as he will warm up to it in time, I'm sure! I am pumping every 3 hours and using a syrange to get all the colustrum I can for him untill my milk comes in.

    I am doing good but just VERY sore! OMG I didn't realize how much pain I'd be in!! But I am getting better every day and my incision looks really good, the docs did a great job with it! So I've wrote a book now and I hope you enjoyed reading my birth story! I'll try to update when I can!

    Please excuse my typos and spellings as I am "medicated" right now! LOL

    Now for the pics!!


    DADDY HOLDING HIM FOR THE FIRST TIME! (I'm zonked out at that point lol)




    Can you tell I'm a proud mommy? I love him SOOO much!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by romacz
    Monday I went to the hospital because I thought I felt my water leak a little bit. They told my unless it was a really small hole in the sack somewhere- they couldn't find any evidence that my water had broke. I felt like a fool because they tried to tell me that it could had been urine- I knew that couldn't be true. On Wednesday morning around 10:00 I felt it again- it started trickling down. I took a shower and laid on the bed on a white towel- when the liquid started coming out more I could tell it ws clear so there was no way that it could have been urine. I was told not to go to the hospital unless I felt a big gush- so I just put on a panty liner and went on with my day. I called my husband and told him what I was feeling and we both agreed to just wait till my doctor's appointment (which was that afternoon at 2:30). Right before going to the doctor's I ran an errand for my husband at the motorcycle shop. I sat around there for a while and right when I got up I felt another big leak. So I called my husband again and headed up to the doctors. When I told the ladies at the reception that I thought my water borke they put me ina room right away. It seemed like forever before my doctor came in. Meanwhile, I completely soaked the bed in fluid. I kept praying it was my water that had broken. My husband kept calling like a maniac while I was there but I wouldn't answer because I still hadn't seen a doctor and I was leaking like crazy. When the doctor finally came in she was in complete shock- she knew about Monday's episode so she probably didn't really think that my water broke. She confirmed that my water did break and I should go to the hospital because we were going to have our baby that day. I was so excited I called my husband and told him the good news. I could tell he got really excited too and he told me he would meet me at the house to get our stuff and head to the hospital. When we got to the hospital it took about an hour to even get in a room. We got to the hospital around 4:00. I got into a room at 5:00 and I wasn't seem by a doctor until 9:00. I was so mad and they just said they were really backed up. When the doctor came in she wasn't even informed that my water broke. She checked me out and once agin confirmed that my water broke and that I was still 2cm dilated. She said it would be a while until we got into a room at Labor and Delivery. We waited and waited. We didn't get into our room until 12:00 midnight. They asked if I wanted an epidural and I told them I really wantedt o go without but if I changed my mind I would let them know. So around 1:00am they put me on pitocin to get my contractions to start coming. I didn't feel anything for about half an hour. Then I asked for some pain medicine to ease the pain a little. That medicine knocked me out and made me so drowsey. I pased out and woke up with the worst pain ever. At around 3:00 I was given the epidural. I was hurting so bad- and I was only 4 cm dilated- I couldn't imagine it getting any worse. I feel asleep until about 7:00am when they told me I was 8cm dilated. They said I sohould have her by lunch time. So Anthony called every one and told them to be at the hospital at that time. At 10:00 I was 9cm and the doctor said it would be about two and a half more hours. By 12:30 I was starting to feel the urge to push. They put a mirror at my legs so I could watch everything. By then the epidural wore off and I was starting to feel the pain again. It took about 3 pushes to get her to crown and six more to get her out. They took my baby and didn't let me hold her right away like I asked- which made me so mad- they knew and must have forgotten that we specifically asked for Anthony to cut the cord- they cut it themselves. We were so mad about that but all was forgotten when I was given my beautiful angel (which was about ten minutes after giving birth). I was in love with her at first sight and I didn't want to stop holding her. She is perfect in every way. I immediately breastfeed her and she latched on without a problem. She was born at 12:41 pm on 10-19-06. She weighed 6 pounds even and was 18.5 inches long. Anthony and I are so blessed to have such a healthy and beautiful baby girl!!!

    Mommy Daddy and Ava:




    Daddy and Ava:

    My Two Favorite People in the World:

    Ava and I:

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