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Isabella Grace's Birth Story

Born November 22, 2006 at 3:53 pm
7 lbs. 7 oz.
20.5 inches

At 3:30 am on the morning of Wednesday, November 22, I felt the contractions start. I got up to use the washroom, where I saw that the Cervadil insert had come out. I tried to go back to bed, but was feeling strong waves of pain move across my tummy. It bothered me to contiue laying down, so I got up and paced back and forth down the basement hallways. The contractions continued to build and increase, so I woke Toni up and told him that I thought we should go to the hospital. The contractions were about 5-7 minutes apart at this time. So I told Mom that we were leaving, Toni had a quick bite to eat, and we were out the door!

We arrived up at RUH at 5 am. The nurses put a monitor on Isabella, and she was still doing very well with a nice and strong heartbeat of between 120-150 bpm. The contractions were still coming strong at this time, and were still about 5 minutes apart. We got up to walk the halls for a little while, and I enjoyed rocking in a nice comfy glider that they had in the family room. At approximately 8 am, Dad arrived at the hospital to see how we were doing. It was so great to have him there, because he was so calm and made such good conversation. He helped to take my mind off of the pain.

At 8:20 am, Dr. Friggstad arrived and checked me, and he said that I was between 4-5 cm dilated and was 100% effaced. He was very pleased that I had progressed so well already, and decided to break my water. After my water broke, the contractions really picked up in their intensity. I layed there for a while on the monitor again, and then Toni and I again got up to walk the halls of the Antenatal Unit. My step-sister Tessa arrived at about 10 am. I was so glad to see her, she was such a comfort. She was so calming, she would rub my legs and encourage me through each contraction. I continued to labour in the antenatal unit, because all of the beds in labour and delivery were full!

I was finally moved over to labour and delivery at about 11:30 am. When I was checked by the intern at this point, I was 8 cm dilated. The contractions were still coming very hard, and were about 2 minutes apart at this time. I had to close my eyes and breathe through each one (“in through the nose, out through the mouth.”) The pain started to become more and more intense, and I was having trouble making it through the contractions with just my breathing, so finally I asked to have an Epidural. The Anisthesiologist was in the operating room, however, so I had to wait until almost 12:30 pm to give it to me. That was a very hard wait, the contractions were coming about a miunte and a half apart and were very intense. Toni was absolutley incredible, he stuck by my side and encouraged me and breathed with me through each contraction. He would run out to get ice chips or water, or whatever I needed. He was my rock.

Before the Anisthesiologist could start the Epidural, I had to be hooked up to an IV. It seemed like an eternity before the nurses came to do the IV. I was getting quite anxious, and was having a harder and harder time handling the pain on my own. The breathing didn’t seem to be helping. Finally the nurses arrived, and I was informed that a student nurse would be putting in the IV while his supervisor assisted him. They were so slow, and had to try three times before they were able to get it in. At this point I had lost most of my patience, and was having a hard time. When the Anisthesiologist finally came and put in my Epidural, I felt the pain lessen almost immediately. I could still feel the contractions coming, and still had to breathe through each one, but they weren’t near as intense as they had been. It was at that point that I was finally able to rest.

I was checked again by the Dr. at 2:20 pm, and he said that I was fully dilated, but that Isabella’s head was still at station 0. He said that if we started to push now, it would take a lot of pushing and a lot of effort to bring her head down. He had me try a practice push to see if I could move it, and I could, but he suggested that we wait for the contractions to bring her head down on its own. He also called Dr. Friggstad to inform him of my progress. It was hard to resist the urge to push during the contractions at this time, because they were coming strong and the desire to push seemed so natural. The Edpidural was connected to a button that I could push to release the medication at this point. I could still feel the contractions very well, and decided only to take enough medication so that I wasn’t feeling the pain so intensely.

At 3:05 pm, the intern returned with Dr. Richard (a resident) and I began to push. The nurse, Melanie, stood on my right side and Toni was on my left and they were encouraging me to push. I would take a deep breath in, let it out, take another breath in, and then push three times as hard as I could. It felt so great to finally be able to push after being told not to for an hour. It felt like such a release. Pushing was very hard and physical work, inbetween pushes Toni would give me ice chips to suck on until the next contraction came. He was amazing. The nurses set up a mirror at the end of the bed so that I could see her head coming. It took quite a bit of pushing to get her head from slipping back in, but every time I could see the tip of her head it motivated me even more. I know that God was present, because this strength came from within me that I didn’t know that I had. It was just as much of a spiritual experience as it was a physical one. Finally I could see her head start to crown, and our Dr. told me to push through the burning and the pressure. With two more sets of good strong pushes, out came her head. They suctioned her, and then with one more push her shoulders and body were delivered. It was such a euphoric moment, full of more intense emotions than I have ever felt before. Both Toni and I were sobbing as Dr. Friggstad said, “and we have a girl” and placed her onto my chest. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life, with dark hair, blue eyes and the most perfect little nose and mouth. The Dr. clamped her cord and asked if Toni would like to cut it. He said that he did. Toni and I then sat there crying, praising God and holding each other as Isabella was taken over to the warming table to be checked.

Isabella was breathing, but her breaths were more pants and grunts than nice big breaths, and she hadn’t let out a big screaming cry yet, so they had to do quite a bit of suctioning to clear her airways. The NICU Doctors were also called in to do some additional suctioning, just to make sure that she was breathing well. Dr. Friggstad and the intern put in some stitches that I needed from her birth.

After a few minutes, the nurses wrapped her up and placed her in my arms. Toni and I were amazed at this incredible miracle that we had been blessed with, she was so tiny and perfect. We couldn’t take our eyes off of her. She already loved to suck, and had was rooting for Toni’s pinkie finger trying to get it into her mouth so that she could suck. I can’t possibly explain or describe the love, joy, and feeling of completeness and contentment that we had in our hearts as we held her and looked into the eyes of our new precious daughter, Isabella Grace.

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Sorry I will add pictures tonight don't have the camera til DH gets home from work..

Sat. I woke up at 6am feeling great. I had no idea why I woke up just sat up and decided to come to the computer but the internet and phone were not working. At 6:30am I started feeling some contrax but didn't think anything of it as false hope had gotton me feeling pretty bad. So I took a shower and didn't feel any better. Then at 7:30 I woke DH up so he could get into the tub and eat. The contrax were 6-8 min apart and very painful in my back and wraping around to the front and with every contrax I had to pee or poo (TMI). Danny called his cuz Darrick to come over and get Michael. By the time they got here I was almost crying, contrax were 4min apart. We got to the hospital at 9am. All the rooms were full (5 babies were born right befor my daughter) I was put in a c-section room that felt so cold. I had to send DH home so he could put on long pants and a sweatshirt. I was checked and at 4cm and 100%. (monday I was 2 and 80%, and thur I was 3 and 80%) They gave me two pain shots to help with the contrax. They checked me again at 10am and was almost at 5. The pain shots wore off so they called for my epi and that was in at 10:20 and they broke my water at 10:40am. I was almost at 6 when they checked me at 1pm. So they order double potocin to speed things up and made me sit straight up. At 2:30pm a records lady came in to ask all kinds of health questions and sign here and there. All of a sudden I told DH it felt like I had a stick up my bum or something . I told the records lady to get my nurse at 2:55pm I was feeling pain in my bum and everywhere the epi was out. The nurse came in and checked me and yelled for the doctor. He said there was no time to get Steve (epi guy) in there. The records lady went to get me the mirror that I requested. It was time to push. It took what I thought was 20 hours only a few min. to push her out. 3:08pm. 8 pushes I think DH said. I felt it all. It was horrible I screamed and cried. I tore really badly so I hurt when I sit, walk, try to move. She weighed 9lbs 1oz and was 20 3/4 inches long. Has dark hair and didn't cry much. She is a mellow baby just like DS was. 1/2 hour later we were moved to a better room with a bathroom/shower and tv and not freezing cold. Remedy scored a 9 apgar. We were both let go 24 hours after she was born.

Michael just loves her and just wants to lay next to her and stare into her eyes. Every time she cries he says shhh sissy or bebe and trys to calm her down. Even our furry girl wont leave her side. Miss Maggie was like this with our son too. Big protector. As soon as Danny gets home with the camera I will add the pictures. I am so in love with my family.

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Hi Amy,
Thanks for keeping this up to date. Here's the rest of Finn's info:
Birthday: November 2, 1:47pm
Gestational age: Born at 38.5 weeks
Full name: Matthew Finley MacDonald Everett
51cm, 3.3kg (7lb 1oz)
Laura Smile

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I never got to post mine!! Since I joined later so here it is!
*sniff.. sniff....*

WELL! it all started on a brisk, romantic night about 21 months ago...hahahahahahaha.....ok I'll skip THAT part

I was scheduled for an Amnio on Oct. 23 to get an accurate due date ( I guess we dtd too much)...actually according to LMP I was due on Oct. 26ish and according to ultrasound I was due on Nov.16 I FIRMLY believe I was due in Nov as I tetsed practically everyday for 6 week's and did not get a BFP til March 13, I basically OV LATE.
well on Sat Oct.21 I started having some pre-term crap...wierd spasms in my lower uterus. Worried as this was to be my 5th c-section we called the doc who told me to go to the hospital (an hour away) to get checked out. Got there and saw that my uterus was basically freaking out as the contraction strip looked like an EKG strip. Put me on something to stop the contraction's and gave me the option to stay there til mon, til they could do the Amnio or go home with my meds to keep my uterus happy and return mon for my appt. I went home. My to-do list was not finished
Came in Mon. morning for the amnio to test his lung's, at this point what my due date was didn't matter anymore as I was clearly wanting to be delivered asap by my Doc. If his lung's weren't ready I would be stuck in the hospital on meds til he was cooked enough to not be flown out. This hospital fly's everybaby born before 37 week's to PHNX for better care. I was boderline ok amnio---- WWEEEEEEEIRD feeling...Doc look's at the fliud and say's "I don't know....it look's pretty clear to me" I guess the more full term you are the more it get's cloudy.
Went back home figuring I had atleast a week of hospital camping So I scheduled all 3 of my kids parent teacher conferences for that afternoon and the next while waiting for the result's and arranged for MIL to come help out til my mom could get here from Idaho. Went back to the DR's the next Morning Tues........(PHEW and I haven't even had him yet! btw, doesn't this bring back memories of waiting for lo to make his/her arrival)....keep reading...it's comming..I promise)........ok so we get there and doc walks in and say's "are you ready to have a baby"......ummm whaaaa..remember the clear amnio fluid? Well my littles guy's lung's were good to GO!!! PHEW!!!!! I was SO relieved!!! Yes, HUGE fear of mine, delivering a boy too early. (ok don't get that excited girl's, as I had 2 parent teacher appt's that afternoon remeeeember?) My doc relunctanly agreed to let me have him in the morning much to dh's protests
I went in for the c-section at 10 am. Couldn't get the spinal to work( of course..never worked the other 137 times) So I recieved the cocktail and went to sleep. When I woke up..but couldn't actually open my eyes for some reason...I was still intubated....that memory lasted only a few short horrible minutes THANKFULLY but then I woke up again and I'm in the recovery room watching 2 nurses assess me. Dh walk's in (the next 2 hour's in recovery are VERY cloudy) and shows me pictures of my precious baby son, which in turn makes me cry HYSTERICALLY. They kicked dh out for "upsetting me".. ...but let him stay when he assured them I react this way after I see all my babies for the first time and I really do like him-(dh..hehe) . Dustin Andrew Jackson Slade was Born on October 25, 2006 at 12:01 pm. he weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and was 20 inches long. We stayed in the hospital for 6 day's (I think my dr felt sorry for me, as he strongly encouraged the extra day), making it home just in time to see my kid's go trick-or-treating

sorry for the size, I'll fix it later.
"where the heck is that mama-lady already! I'm hungry."

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I haven't gotten to share Julia’s birth story yet Well, let me start by saying that I tested at my Chiropractor's office b/c I could not wait until I got home. So I interrupted Dh's appointment, stick in hand...I must have been a sight!

My pregnancy was wonderful (although I did get sharp pains on my right side when I sat too long and I had a desk job). Some days I would cry it hurt so badly but it went away around 5 months. At around 22 /23 weeks I had spotting. I don't think I was ever so scared in my whole life. All they discovered was that my cervix was short. So, on bed rest I went to make sure it wasn't pre-term labor. That was the same day I found out I was going to have a DAUGHTER!!! DH's first words were "I can' believe I'll have to give her way someday"...sniff... I was on bed rest for a week and it was determined that my cervix was always short and i was able to go back to work.

The rest of the pregnancy was uneventful. At my first internal the Dr said "Whoa, her head is way down there (no wonder I was walking like a penguin ). The following week he said the same thing. He also begged me not to go into labor on Thanksgiving. Well, there must have been something in the turkey

It was around 10 P.M. Thanksgiving evening. I was having bad lower back pain and was a bit suspicious b/c all of my mom's labors were back labors. I went to the bathroom and there was a lot of blood. The Dr said to expect some spotting but this was way beyond spotting. So, I called my Dr and he told me to go to L&D!!!! EKKK! Could this be it?

I go to the hospital and the Dr on call tells me I'm in early labor. I was up all night with horrible back pain. My Dr came in at around 8:30 A.M. and I was at 3 CM. He broke my water and said "Let's have a baby today"...the look on Dh's face was priceless. I asked for an epi and got it around 10 A.m. I t took them forever to get it in and I was stuck numerous times. By the time they were done and I rested for maybe 5 minutes I felt like I had to push. Sure enough, I was at 9 CM. That was around noon and at 12:35 P.M. my beautiful Julia Grace came into the world weighing 6 lbs, 8 oz and 21.5 inches long. She was two weeks early. The Dr held her for a sec and said do you have a name? I said "Julia grace" and he said Melissa, here's your daughter, Julia Grace...sniff I msut say that my labor was much easier than I ever suspected.

Dh came over to me while they were weighing her and told me about her hand. Sigh. What can i say? I didn't expect it but I was so happy that she and I had made it through the labor and she was healthy. That was all I cared about. She was here and I was a mommy and I made my DH a daddy. Life doesn't get much better than that (except for maybe doing it again )

Belly Shot

After the epidural

Welcome to the world Julia Grace!

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Mine was really easy surprisingly...it goes a little something like this.

I had been having a lot of preterm contractions, and finally at 36 weeks my dr. said "now don't come to the hospital unless you can't walk or talk through them". Before it was come in no matter what if you are having them. So this was a relief for me. I went for my 38 week checkup on Monday the 30th, and she said he was still high, etc. She said if I didn't have him that week she'd strip my membranes the next week. UGH!!

So the next day was Halloween and I had big plans. Smile Soooo I was cleaning my house that day while Ausitn was off at school and my little minny dog kept following me around and shaking all morning. I was thinking he had either peed in house or someone had snuck in and was waiting to attack me. I actually checked some closets he had me that worried. So after lunch started having contractions but they were just like the others, unpainful....an hour and a half later I called DH to let him know and he said he'd come home JIC. So three hours later we went to hospital just in case, but still the contractions were not painful at all.

After being checked they told me I was at a 6 and they would start epidural. WTF!!! I seriously was in no pain. With Austin the pain and contractions to get me to epidural stage were horrible!! So....epidural came right away, IV was started and by 9:30 that night I had him. So it only took 9 hours, Austin took 12, so that was good too. I don't remember one ounce of pain at all. It was truly amazing!!

The coolest part was when dr. had cleaned his nose and such she took my hands and put them under his arms and let me pull him out and up to my chest. THat was sooo awesome and I will never forget that.

Austin was allowed to come in first to see him so it was just us three, and he came in and sang "you're beautiful" by James Blunt to me, and I cried and cried. Smile

The rest is history. Smile

Thanks for letting me share.

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Ok...well better late than never....

It was Nov 16th 2006 and I was waiting for hubby to come home from Toronto (8hr drive) I spent the day prepping for Christmas, knowing that once the LO arrived I would have no time. I finished decorating the house (which was now in a shambles of opened boxes etc. I went to pick up a parcel and my mom's B-day present around 3pm and felt a bit tired....I thought I might be experiencing BH but thought little of it. I managed to pick up a card for my mom but no present as I just felt like going home.

Well I remember it was a Thursday as I was watching Smallville...DH arrived home about 8:15pm and I told him maybe we should get out the stop watch...not really thinking this was it but good practice. He ordered a pizza to the house (which I didn't end up eating) Low and behold the contractions were coming every 3min already...painful but not horrid. I called the midwife who told me not to worry as it likely wasn't time yet. She advised I take a warm bath and an advil to relax. This was about 9pm. Well about 1/2hour passes and I have hubby call her back as I was in terrible pain by then. She talks to me on the phone to assess my pain level and to time it herself. We were now at less than every 3 min. She came over to the house by 10 and assessed me...I was at 3cm now. She told me to labour at home as long as I felt comfortable (hospital was literally under 5min away). I spent the whole time listening to Shawn Desman and wouldn't let it be changed. About 130 hubby called midwife to meet us at the hospital. I barely remember the 5 min trip as the pain was already excruciating.

In the hospital I was already set up in the system so hubby just had to run down and confirm stuff. I was set up in a lovely room (much like a hotel room). I was told that from midnight until 9am there is no anethetist in the hospital so no epi. This was ok at the time as I wanted no drugs....By 7 I was begging for them though. I had major back labour and couldn't move without even more pain. I progressed quickly from 4cm to 8cm...then stalled. At about 10a I managed to get an epidural, unfortunately it kept wearing off and settling mainly on one side. But it did allow me to rest a bit more

We found out that Tyr was sorta backwards and the hope was with time he would turn around. My water never broke on its own. I was placed on a pitocin drip (A doctor was brought in at this time and my midwife was on the sidelines) and my water was broken around 3ish....Well That was a horrible painful experience...The contractions were every 1-2min by now and around 7pm (almost 24hr later) I was able to start pushing....This I lliked...I found it to be a powerful feeling. Then around 830ish I was told to stop pushing....WTF? Tyr wasn't going to come out....I was exhausted and the doctor was worried. They called for an emergency C-section.

This is where the fun began :rolleyes: A different anethesist was now on duty....We pulled the old cath as it wasn't working well. Then he tried 20times!!!! :eek: to place a catheter with no luck! I was going to have to go under a general. Poor hubby hadn't had a pee in like 12hours and told the nurse that he would run out and do that but wanted to see me BEFORE I went in as he would no longer be allowed in the room. Well the Dr wouldn't wait and told the midwife to go tell him I'd be fine and he'd see me later. Fortunately everything went well, as I know things can go wrong with anesthetics! Well I remember fighting them from holding me down and fighting getting my urinary catheter.....and then I don't remember anything until hubby's voice.

Hubby was telling me that he was born and ok I kept asking what day it was -it was still the 17th (my mom's and DH's mom's birthdays are the 18th) and I desperately wanted a drink.....I had thrown up countless times and combined with the anesthetic and more than 24hours without food...I was parched.

Apparently I woke up much faster than anticipated....then I was passed Tyr Smile

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Josie Riegan’s Birth Story

I was scheduled for induction on Monday the 30th of October, due to my medical condition and the fact that our little girl was as big as the OB wanted her to be for my size and pelvis. I had so many mixed emotions leading up to the day – nervousness, excitement, trepidation…I had no way of knowing if the induction would be successful or if I would end up with a C-section – and no idea which one I preferred, although I would have been overjoyed to go into labour naturally, be able to stay at home until things were serious, and so do this whole birth thing ‘normally’. We’d only told our parents that we were going in, I wanted to be able to go to church on Sunday without being swamped by well-wishers and loads of advice…I was starting to feel like I wanted to retreat inside myself and let this be as private an experience as possible. At the same time, everybody was so excited and happy for us and we really appreciated the offers of help and words of encouragement.

DH and I got the last few things ready on Sunday night and we both slept really well. We arrived at the hospital the next morning at 7.30 am, and the OB inserted the gel to get things going. I was not dilated or effaced at all, and he said the baby’s head kept moving up when he pushed on it- not a good sign! So there we stayed for the rest of the day…more gel put on at 11.30 am, but still no real progress, just mild contractions, which were nothing if I compare them to the screams I could hear coming from the birthing suites on either side of me… horrendous!

By 5 pm, I was having considerable chest pain (from my esophageal condition- BH’s and contractions make it spasm uncontrollably) and there was still no tangible progress. OB was starting to think the baby was posterior and suggested we have a C-section, or this could carry on for days….I had a little cry, as I had been hoping my body would at least do something- those who have had a natural labour will probably think I’m crazy but I at least wanted to feel what a ‘real’ contraction was like! And now everything was so real –and surreal –we’d be meeting our surprise baby before midnight!

I was prepped and at 7.30, wheeled into theatre. The staff were absolutely wonderful, and really made the whole experience a positive one. I don’t know why I was scared of the epidural, it was not painful or unpleasant, and since they inserted the catheter after it had taken effect, that wasn’t an issue either! Three tries of getting the IV in were worse! With DH holding my hand tightly, the surgery began, with my gorgeous OB explaining what he was doing each step of the way, as requested. The anesthetists were trying to distract me with questions, but I would have watched the surgery if they had let me! I was so relaxed at that point.

In no time at all, an amazing cry could be heard, our baby was pulled into this world and the tears started- I was sobbing uncontrollably with joy and relief! I had underestimated how worried I had been that she wouldn’t cry and have breathing problems due to the C-section and effects of the medication I had to be on while pregnant. They whisked our baby over to the warmer and she was checked by the pediatrician. Less than 20 seconds later, our precious girl was in my arms, and Mummy and Daddy were crying tears of happiness. Covered in white vernix, she stopped crying and stared at both of us while we gazed with wonder at her beautiful face, and the sheer wonder of her arrival. It was then that we found out she was a little girl and spoke her name- Josie Riegan, named after her maternal grandmother who is a strong and courageous woman (my mum has MS) and to whom I am very close.

Josie did not leave my arms after that. After a brief stay in recovery (I had no side affects from the epidural) we were wheeled to the ward and they checked Josie out again. Her blood sugar was a little low and so was her temp, so they put her under the warmer, which was set up in my room. In a few hours, the two sets of grandparents arrived to meet their granddaughter, although I have only blurred memories of the first few days- I blame it on the epi and other drugs!!!

We stayed in hospital for 10 days, as I had major feeding issues. Josie knew what to do – she suckles like she’ll never get another feed! However, within days my nipples were blistered, cracked and bleeding. Josie fed for up to an hour and a half each time (she wasn’t getting much) and I was in a lot of pain during every feed, it was excruciating. By day 5, I began to express to try and give my nipples a chance to heal. I also had laser therapy, 6 treatments in all. I’ve never had so many people check out my boobs! Apparently they were all amazed at the extent of damage – the things medical staff get their kicks out of!!! Josie had strawberry milk for a few days, and kept making me bleed every time I let her feed. The day before we went home, I got a massive dose of mastitis, which was miserable. But we still went home the next day, on antibiotics and with strict instructions to come back the next day to be checked again. I hired a breast pump and have only put Josie to the breast three times since we got home, as the damage is immediate. I have dermatitis on my nipples as well, so healing is a real issue. So we are expressing and also topping up with formula. I can only produce about 40 ml each express, never had engorgement and my breasts rarely feel ‘full’. I just have to keep telling myself that I did manage to help grow a healthy little girl for nine months, despite my medical issues, otherwise I find myself being very upset about the inability to breast feed my gorgeous Josie. I also spend lots of time with skin-to-skin cuddles, as does Daddy, who is BESOTTED with his little girl. DH has been so supportive and amazing – he’s coped so well with my crazy hormones and baby blues days. Love him to bits!

We were swamped with visitors in hospital, which was a lot to deal with, especially when trying to feed. Then on day 2, the Pediatrician put her under observation in the nursery for two days, as she was very jittery, due to the medication I had to take while pregnant (causing a long crying fit, me feeling terrible about it!). She needed to be handled as little as possible, which wasn’t happening with so many visitors. So I went to the nursery for the next few days to feed and spend time with her, which was a blessing in disguise, as only parents are allowed in there, which gave me respite from visitors! It was amazing how inconsiderate some of them were- one good friend got really grumpy with me for not being able to see Josie! But things have settled down, now that we’re home. I just need to educate the in-laws about letting Josie sleep from time to time- they can’t put her down!

Josie is doing very well now. She feeds three hourly, having EBM and formula top-ups, although my milk supply continues to dwindle. She loves having her neck kissed and her feet tickled. We love her so much and feel incredibly blessed to receive such a precious gift!