Sweet Potatoes Arrivals List and Birth Stories

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Sweet Potatoes Arrivals List and Birth Stories

Sweet Potatoes Arrivals List And Birth Stories

Please feel free to post your birth story here in this thread! You will also want to post it in a separate thread on the board, as this is a NO COMMENTS thread. If your baby's arrival does not appear on our arrivals list below, please feel free to PM me so I can add your info!

[SIZE=5]September Arrivals

*September 8*
Dominic (KAYMYA) - 2 lbs 6 oz, ?" - ?w?d
Adrick (KAYMYA) - 2 lbs 14 oz, ?" - ?w?d

*September 26*
Carver Craig Indy (megan23) - 6 lbs 5 oz, ?" - 34w0d

October Arrivals

*October 8*

Sofia (mommy 4 real) - 3 lbs 9 oz, ?" - 33w3d
Levi (mommy 4 real) - 3 lbs 6 oz, ?" - 33w3d

*October 25*
Carter Matthew (Jenni Beth) - 7 lbs 10 oz, 21" - 38w0d

*October 26*
Maya Noémie (Freesia34) - 7 lbs 1 oz, ?" - 39w1d
Lily Hope (MelanieP) - 8 lbs 2 oz, 22" - 38w4d

November Arrivals

*November 2*
Aubrey (Nikerz20) - 7 lbs 14 oz, 21.5" - 39w3d

*November 3*
Liam Myles (Summer05) - 7 lbs 11 oz, 21" - 40w2d

*November 5*
Nicholas Jacob (ashamom27) - 7 lbs 11 oz, 19" - 39w2d
Darian Joseph (babydreamer11) - 7 lbs 11.6 oz, 20" - 40w1d

*November 6*
Landon (RobinBG) - 8 lbs 2.5 oz, 21" - 39w2d

*November 8*
Alex (melody811) - 7 lbs 5 oz, ?" - 38w2d

*November 9*
Laszlo Jacob (sweetsriracha) - 8 lbs 2 oz, 20" - 41w1d

*November 10*
Landon William-Edward (brady_bunch_plus_one) - 7 lbs 9 oz, 20" - 39w3d

*November 11*
Moxie Adele (JenPelto) - ? lbs ? oz, ?" - 39w3d

*November 20*
Devin Byron (TLotus) - 7 lbs 6 oz, 20" - 40w2d

*November 21*
Trinity Margaret Smyth (annestacy) - 7 lbs 10 oz, 20" - 39w3d

*November 22*
Logan Isaiah (*JuLiE*) - 8 lbs 14 oz, ?" - 39w6d
Trystan Magnus (Starryblue702) - 9 lbs 1 oz, 19" - 38w5d

*November 26*
Matthew John (lily0624) - 6 lbs 15.5 oz, 20.5" - 40w1d
Emerson Blake (sandraleigh) - 9 lbs 12 oz, 22" - 41w4d

December Arrivals

*December 1*
Sunniva Anne (justinehonor) - 8 lbs 9 oz, 20" - 40w3d

*December 2*
Rory Steven (kmm123) - 10 lbs 12 oz, 23" - 41w1d


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Aubrey's Birth Story

On Tuesday evening I was having contractions but they weren't regular and all over the place from about 6pm. I text my midwife around 8pm to let her know and said I'd let her know if anything changes. Lloyd let his mum know that baby could be on the way, but to wait until we called to confirm as it was a 2 hour drive. By 10pm my contractions were still not regular but had intensified, so I asked the midwife to come over and check progress. While I waited I took a bath and checked Facebook to pass some time.

She arrived about 11pm and she did an exam, we were both extremely surprised to find I was 7cm dilating to 8cm each contraction and Aubrey had flipped so her spine was on mine. We quickly went through the birth plan and she said she would head to the birth centre to fill the tub since it would take half an hour, and we could head down when we felt we were ready.

Once she left we decided we would head down closer to 12am to give her time to fill the tub and give us time to pack the car and wake up Taine. Lloyd rung his mum and she was soon on the road to our place to look after Taine .Got to the birth centre just after 12 and were shown our post natal room. Lloyd stayed in there and tried getting Taine back to sleep while I went down to the labouring pool. Just as I was getting ready to hop into the pool I felt a huge contraction and a pop as my waters broke (12:15am). I stripped down and attempted to hop into the pool again, but with the next contraction I felt the sudden urge to push and I had to get onto the bed instead. I could feel her head right there and the urge was overwhelming. I was yelling at the midwife that she needed to get Lloyd right away otherwise he may miss the birth.

Lloyd and Taine made it into the room just as I started to push (12:20am). With 2 short pushes within a minute Aubrey was here screaming at the top of her lungs. The midwife waited until the cord had stopped pulsing and Lloyd cut it with the help of Taine. I waited about 15 minutes and then passed the placenta. During this time Aubrey and I were having skin to skin and then I went on to latch her to the breast. She is feeding like a champ and we feel so blessed to be able to hold our little girl in our arms.

Official Stats: Born 2nd November 2011, 12:21am. 7lb 14oz (3.585kg) , 21.5 inches (55cm), Head circumference 14 inches( 35.5cm). Apgars 10, 10.

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Name: Carter Matthew
DOB: 10/25/11
EDD: 11/8/11
Time: 5:39am
Weight: 7lbs 10oz
Length: 21inches

This is Carter's birth story! *LONG*

Monday night at 8pm we checked in at the hospital and were shown to a birthing suite. The nurse did my admission and explained the process we would be doing: Cytotec vaginally, wait 4 hours, Cytotec #2 vaginally, wait 4 hours, Pitocin IV, OB breaks water around 8am during rounds, finally hopefully baby would be born Tuesday evening. Turns out, my body had different plans! Much different!

During admission she checked me and I was a solid 1cm and 70%. That made me happy because at my appt last Friday I was only a fingertip and 50%. So any progress I made was that much less I had to do during induction. Matt and I DTD on Saturday night and I bouced on my birth ball a little bit as well. So I think those two things helped me out a little bit, or I like to think so, anyway.

By 9pm I was all ready for my first dose of Cytotec. My nurse, Leah, came in and inserted it and said she would be keeping an eye on my contractions and Carter on the monitors. Cool. Matt and my mom were there and we were finishing up watching a football game and just chatting. My contractions started getting a little more intense..enough for me to breathe through them but not enough for meds yet. Carter was tolerating well and so was I. I got up to pee and out came my mucous plug! I knew we were making progress! I was still comfortable and doing well. Leah checked me and I was 2cm. She said she'd be back to check again 1am then to administer Cytotec #2.

I had text Sandra and told her that I was going to try to get some sleep and that I would update her in the morning. At 12:30am I was texting another friend of mine when I felt this funny 'click' and all the sudden I was covered in warm water. It kept coming out like a water fall! I was like, Holy cow! I had no idea there was that much fluid in there. I had a funny look on my face and my mom asked me what was wrong. I said, "Either I peed on myself or my water just broke." She peeked under the sheet and said, "Oh yeah, your water broke. Better call Leah."

So I did. She came in and did one of those pH tests and confirmed that it was my water. I was a little surprised beause Dr. Jones had planned on breaking it at 8am during rounds. She checked me and I was 3-4cm! WOW! Leah told me now that my water had broken that the contractions would get stronger and more painful and boy was she right. They were getting rough but still not enough for an epi yet. So she told me she could give me Stadol via IV. Yeah. BIG MISTAKE. HORRIBLE DRUG. I felt like I was under water. Everything was so blurry and my head was spinning and I was sweating. But at least I was somewhat comfortable and I was just going to sleep for a while. Leah said to let her know when I wanted my epi. I said OK that it would be after the Stadol wore off and Matt and I settled in to sleep. I was having crazy dreams and my body felt weird. I did not like the way it made me feel. Then my contractions started getting worse.

Matt said I started moaning through them. I barely remember because I was so out of it. We had slept for about an hour and a half. Matt told me to just go ahead and get my epidural now. So I hit the call light and told Leah that the Stadol hadn't worn off yet but that I needed more relief. Things were getting super intense and I was contracting about every 2 minutes. She checked me and I was a 5-6. At this point Leah decided that one dose of Cytotec was plenty and they weren't doing the second one or the pit. She called the CRNA and at 2am I had epi attempt #1.

The local anesthetic stung a bit but after that all I felt was tugging and pressure. It did hurt when she threaded the catheter in my back. I almost cried. Then I wasn't getting any relief from contractions. We tried rolling me over side to side and I could still feel everything. The drugs were in me but not working. I started shaking though so I knew I had been dosed. The CRNA had me sit back up and did attempt #2 which, thankfully, was effective. Having to sit still through those horrible contractions was the worst. But Leah was a great nurse and let me lean on her and we made it together.

As the epidural was working I started feeling much better but still shaking and that was freaking Matt out a little bit. They did have to put O2 on me because Carter wasn't doing so great with contractions. So then once everthing calmed down I decided to try to sleep again. I had closed my eyes and was laying there. I could still feel the pressure of contractions but not the pain. Then I felt a big contraction that was not going away and felt a LOT of pressure. I waited and after 15 minutes I called Leah and she came in and checked me. She said Carter was moving down and I was now 7-8! At this point it was about 4:45am. My mom had gone to my house (5 min away) to sleep and take my dog out. Leah told us we better call her to come in. Luckily the on call OB was already there doing a c/s on a breech baby. I was freaking out. I asked Leah if it was time to have him because I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast! She said it would be time very very soon. And then she started getting the room ready!

My mom arrived around 5am. Leah checked me and said I was 10cm and ready to push! We still had to wait on the OB to finish sewing up her c/s. At 5:15 Dr. McGowan walked in and said we could get started. I pushed until he was born at 5:39am! Leah had my right leg, mom had my left leg, and Matt was supporting my neck and shoulders. The pushing was the EASY part compared to all I went through in the previous hours. Matt was a little stunned and said to me later, "I'm so glad you got that epidural. That looked so painful!"

So back to Carter...he came out at 5:39 but was not crying. He looked blue. Turns out he had his cord wrapped around his neck. They put him on my chest for about 10 seconds before taking him away. Apgars were 6 and 7 and he barely started to cry. I was really scared so I told Matt to go with him and my mom would stay with me. So off they went to the nursery while I got stitched up. I have a 3rd degree tear that is pretty uncomfortable.

After an hour in recovery I was getting moved to a PP room. I had the feeling back in my left leg but not my right and my feet were pretty swollen. But I managed to make it into the wheelchair with the nurse and Matt helping me. They wheeled me by the nursery and there was my baby! He had just had a bath and was just laying there, wide eyed, looking around. Matt said he was so good and didn't cry except for when they gave him his Vitamin K shot. They said they'd bring him to me in 30 min after they made sure he could keep his temp up after that bath. He had done well under observation and he just wasn't a cryer. He still is a very calm baby and doesn't get upset about anything!

They brought him to my room but at that point I had two Percocet on an empty stomach and got sick in the trash can. So I let all my parents and Matt's parents hold him while I got over my nausea. Then FINALLY 3.5 hours after he was born I got to hold my sweet boy! He was wide awake and looking at me! I started crying and kissing him. I couldn't believe that was finally here. He looks a lot like me but has Matt's chin and temperment. I immediately unwrapped him from those blankets and unsnapped my gown and we had a long snuggle. He slept on my chest and I just held him and rubbed his hair. He wasn't interested in nursing at all and after being up for 24 hours I was feeling to terrible to try right then. I called the nursery to come get him, as much as I hated to let him go, because I had to have a nap. After I had slept for an hour and a half they brought him back to me and we gave nursing a go.

He would latch for a quick second then break off. The lactation lady helped me but he wasn't really having it yet so I said I'd try later. Which I did around 3:30. He nursed from both sides for 15 minutes! I was afraid I had no colostrum but I was able to express a little bit so I know he got some. He's had some good wet diapers though so I feel somewhat relieved. We're going to talk with lactation later today since I've had some sleep and can now focus on what I'm doing.

That was a lot longer than I thought it would be but if you made it this far, thanks for reading! I'm going to take more pictures and post them later on...it was an exhausting day for me and this darn medicine makes it hard for me to focus.

I never thought I'd love something or someone so much. He's a perfect baby and I'm so glad he's mine. He was worth every struggle to get him here and I'd do it all over again in a second!

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Liam Myles; 11/3/11 11:25am; 7lbs 11oz; Due date 11/1/11.

Birth Story- Thurs Nov 3:
Contractions started small as little menstrual-type cramps around 2am and sleep was interrupted 2:30/3am. I was blaming the cramps on the dang canesten treatment as that happened last time. Layed in and slept restlessly between 3-5 as it got more uncomfortable. At 6am DH got up and grabbed his pillow, I asked where he was going he said "somewhere I can get some sleep" ha ha. I told him there was a reason for my restless sleep & it was probably time to get up and get ready anyway, took him a second but then he caught on. Had a shower and in that period of 10-15 minutes had about 8 contractions, though quite tolerable and short between 10-12 seconds long. Mentioned to Jeremy that as I moved around they came more frequently, so sat on the couch for awhile. I put my makeup on while DD gets up, has breakfast and gets ready for school. DH nearly forgets to make her lunch but tosses it together just before we leave.

Just before leaving I posted that I am having contrax and taking Evynn to school, while contrax are irregular at 2 - 12 mins apart and lasting only about 15 seconds. The drive is okay with a couple contrax on the way. We give DD lots of kisses & tell her she will get her sleepover at friends while we go to the hospital to have her baby brother Liam. DH walks her in & I get the plastic bag and towel out of the trunk to protect the seat in case my water breaks, DH returns and tries to help me get comfy by pulling the lever to make the seat go back, banging the chair as it slides to a stop right in the middle of a contrax, owwww. He apologizes and asks if I want to go to the hospital or friends to drop off E's things, I think we have time so off we go. After then I decide to stop at our house again so we can grab the last couple things. I decide not to climb the stairs up & labour on toilet for a minute (happy to clear out the system) then log in again to preg.org and update. Contrax are stronger, about 3 minutes apart we are heading to the hospital.

As we head for the car I have a strong contrax and hold myself up in the doorway. Then as I lift my foot to get back into the car I feel my water break so sit right down, now we know it really is time! It`s about 9:30am so DH tosses the last things into the car and off we go. I have to remind him to slow down as Id rather arrive in less pain a couple minutes later - even going around corners hurts, I have white knuckles with one hand gripping the oh-sh*t handle and the other gripping the e-brake handle. Contrax are very close together on the way to the hospital, almost back-to-back, and of course we get behind a very slow moving vehicle for the last couple of blocks. DH runs to get a wheelchair & pushes me into maternity. The one and only time I swear is when DH accidentally hits the brakes on the wheelchair in the elevator and I get a jolt, oops. Nurses check us in about 9:45am, we tell them my water has broken & I am group-B strep positive (need an iv of antibiotics prior to delivery) so they move us straight into room 4. DH rushes back down to park the car meanwhile. Fantastic nurse Stacey helps me onto the toilet and into a gown, she is so sweet and rubs my leg and back while coaching me through contrax. She asks me if I've thought about pain control and I tell her I didn't like the epidural last time and would prefer to avoid it, I don't feel like I have back labour this time, I just want to take it by ear.

Stacey and the other nurse help get me onto the bed and start the IV in left hand, which hurts. Jeremy is back in the room already. After a short while and couple of contrax I ask them to look at it, as it`s bulging and hurting above my wrist. They remove it saying it got stuck into tissue, and move it to my right hand. It only takes about 5 minutes and they`ve got the antibiotics in, so are finally ready to do the first cervix check, it feels like about 20 minutes has passed since we checked in. It was painful but the nurse is pleased, she says there`s just a little lip left. I labour through a couple contrax while that statement lingers in my head. Finally I ask, what does that mean, about 8 or 9 centimetres dialated? She says no more like 9.5 and that it should melt away in about 15 minutes so then we can start pushing. I'm thrilled, happy, excited, smiling, I can hardly believe I've laboured this far so well, especially considering my long and painful back labour with DD. It seems like I got my wish that Liam would come fast and not give me a chance to think about an epidural. Nurse Stacey tells me that the contrax will get a bit more intense now, I might like to have some laughing gas on standby.. I think about that for a contraction or two & then ask them to get it ready. The doctor arrives, it's not my doctor, I'm a little disappointed but overall don't really mind. DH feeds me icechips and helps me through contractions, which get stronger still and I try the gas. It's awkward because you have to suck a deep breath through and then blow it out again into the tube, it takes an effort similar to blowing into a balloon or towel. At this point I'm clinging to the hospital bed rail during contractions and wincing and whining, so they have to remind me to take some of the gas. I feel pressure but not yet the urge to push. I ask DH for ice then forget and ask where he went, worried he will miss everything. I get the shakes too, the nurse says it is my adrenaline.

Eventually they all encourage me to get into a more upright position for pushing. I have a couple of contractions and then feel the urge to push, and ring of fire. DH says pushing was about 20 minutes, I don't remember how many contractions but it couldn't have been more than 10. I remember wiping mascara out of my eyes and worrying how I must look, later I said to everyone 'why this morning did I not put the waterproof mascara on?' and getting a little giggle from everyone, by this point there was DH, Stacey, another nurse, an observing and sweet nursing student, and the Doctor. I remember thinking why is the doctor sitting was over there, shouldn't he be front and centre? I felt the ring of fire and knew we were getting near, and the Doc moved into position which increased my confidence, Stacy told me they were shutting off the gas as it was time to push the baby out.

Everyone was so good coaching me along, as between each contrax I would waffle and worry. I'd like to be able to say I was peaceful and proper but was a wailing embarrassment, lol, though at least I didn't swear. They told me they could see baby's head which encouraged me, then his head was out, then I had to push the shoulders out. Liam was born at 11:25am Nov 3 2011. It was amazing & they put him straight on my chest which was so wonderful I remember thinking he was perfect & he cried right away. I got lots of cuddles and was able to attempt nursing right away. I delivered the placenta and had a peek out of curiousity, then they prepped to give me a couple of stitches. DH got to hold Liam, stitching was painful perhaps they rushed through the anesthetic but even checking uterine height hurt, anyway I still preferred that to the epidural. Ended with 2nd degree tear in the same spot as my original 3rd degree. Liam weighed in at 7 lbs, 11 oz -exactly the same as DD did 5.5 years ago!

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Here is Devin's birth story. It's very long! Pics below...

11/19 – After a failed attempt to jumpstart my labor the day before (Dr. stripped my membranes and “tried” to break my water….) and having annoying, inconsistent pressure waves all day, I was instructed to go to the hospital at 10 AM to have my water broken. I was truly excited because an end was near. My back was killing me due to the hit and run accident the week before and I was just ready to have baby Devin in my arms and allow my body to heal.

My husband, oldest son, son #3, and friend, Lynda showed up at the hospital at the same time. It took time to find parking and get settled in to the LDR room. Finally, at 12:00, Dr. Ghozland (Dr. G) came in to break my water and get the show on the road! Dr. G said I was “approaching” 5 cm!

There was no doubt he truly broke my water! That familiar never ending warmth/wetness was undeniable! No turning back now! While waiting for pressure waves to begin, I set up my computer to stream from my room live over the internet for my family at home and a few friends. Once I started to feel the first real pressure wave (about 15 to 20 minutes later), I turned my attention towards getting into my Hypnobabies hypnosis mp3 tracks. I put in my ear buds and focused…

I was put on the monitor for about 30 minutes to make sure baby was tolerating the pressure waves. His heartbeat was strong and steady and accelerated at just the right moments. I was given the o.k. to get up and labor as I wished. I was ready to walk the halls, so my 12-year-old son, Jovan joined me and he gave me a tour of L&D . He was so sweet, showing me where the refreshment room was and talking with me while we walked. He knew when a pressure wave was coming and he would ask me if I felt alright. His concern was comforting..

We walked for around 40 minutes and I could tolerate the pressure waves. They were strong but not too intense and I could talk and joke through them. We returned to the room where I was connected to the monitor again. At the end of that round of monitoring, my doula, Allegra arrived, and we proceeded to walk the halls and also sit on the birthing ball and work with my pressure waves as they came. Allegra used pressure points on my inner ankles and also a pressure point between my thumb and forefinger on each hand. She would alternate applying pressure to these points. I noticed a definite shift in intensity of the pressure waves when she did this. I was starting to feel like things were finally progressing. I would rock and quietly moan through them. Between contractions, though, I was still chatty and paying a lot of attention to my family (always in “mommy” mode”) and the technology (streaming broadcast) in the room. My doula became concerned that my attention was not fully focused on my pressure waves and the whole birthing time in general.

At this point, I was checked again and was told that I was still at 5cm. Not much change in station. Allegra suggested I refocus my energy entirely on birthing. My husband and my two boys left to play cards in the waiting room to allow Allegra and I the space to concentrate on this birthing time. No cell phones, no computers….just me and my pressure waves. We start to walk the halls as I listen to my birthing day affirmations through my ear buds. Now, we’re getting somewhere! As we walk the halls, I stop when a pressure wave starts, put my forhead against the wall and relax my whole body as the pressure wave hit…they are getting more intense. I am moaning a lot more..I am not chatty in between pressure waves. I am totally feeling progress but…

The next time I am checked a couple hours later (by a new nurse due to the shift change), I was told that I was not truly a 5 but a 4. Four? How could I have gone from a 5 cm to 4cm? Meanwhile, my pressure waves are getting more intense and more frequent. I am working harder to focus through them. Hypnobabies is still working for me, though. After this news, my first experience of frustration hits and I start to cry. Now, the doctor (Dr. Stancz, Dr.G’s partner has taken over now) says (through my nurse) that she wants to augment my labor with Pitocin. I am against this at this point and I ask for more time to continue to walk and labor as I have been. If after an hour or so, I still have not progressed, I will consider the Pitocin offer. Doctor agreed. I am monitored once again and baby’s heartbeat is steady but not fluctuating like they like to see. Doc wants to give me a half bag of glucose water via IV to get the baby more active. Since the baby’s heartbeat has been strong throughout, and has never decelerated, my gut tells me he is asleep and not in any danger. I refuse the IV fluid offer and counter with the desire to eat or drink something to get him active. Turns out I didn’t need to do either one because baby’s heartbeat fluctuates during the monitoring and it became a non issue.

Now, the pressure waves are starting to become much much harder to tolerate. I am moaning louder through them and appreciating the rest in between. A couple more hours of this and I am checked again…only to be told there is no change. Now…I have hit “the wall”. It is now going on 12 or 14 hours and the last 5 hours were extremely intense! To hear that I have not progressed has frustrated me. Why am I doing this unmedicated if I am not progressing? I am exhausted and I am considering getting the epidural. I ask the nurse to leave so I can talk to Allegra. I am almost bawling…I explain to her that this is the point…the wall I knew I would hit. I don’t want to give up on a natural childbirth but I don’t know how much more I can take! Allegra was encouraging..told me I could do this. She also said that this baby needs to be born and that it is not giving up if I decide to get the epi. I am thinking of Lynda, my producer friend. I start to cry harder. I’m starting to feel like a quitter.

My husband and two boys are watching the live feed from the waiting room on my son’s computer. When my husband saw how upset I was getting, he came into the room to talk to me alone. Allegra left the room and Byron and I talked. He told me to follow my gut. That I have been laboring unmedicated for quite a long time and I have done an excellent job. I have nothing to prove. He love me and let’s get baby here safe. I am so grateful to my husband for that talk! It was the turning point in my birthing experience. I call Allegra back into the room and tell her I am going to get the pit and epi. It’s time to have a baby!
Once I made that decision, everything became a blur. I got the epidural and was able to rest for the first time in 16 hours! Allegra and Lynda both decided to go home to sleep for a couple of hours (they both live close to the hospital) and would come back refreshed when it was time for me to push.

11/20 –
At 7 AM, Dr. Stancz arrives and wants to check me. I was able to sleep for a couple of hours. When I am checked, I am told I am fully dilated! Dr. asks if I want to try to push. I almost scream NO! LOL! We need to call Allegra and Lynda! I am not feeling the urge to push, so doctor leaves me until I am ready.

Allegra and Lynda both arrive in time! I ask for the squat bar and the mirror and the nurses set up everything. Lights are dim and activity is flowing in the room now. I am feeling nauseated and, sure enough, I threw up. The force of vomiting brings the baby down a little. Now, I feel him descending. The epi is not working…I feel everything! I go back to my Hypnobabies training to focus through the pressure waves.

I put my legs up on both sides of the squat bar and ask for the mirror to be put in place. As soon as this happens, I see baby’s head start to crown, then I feel it. As the next pressure wave begins, I see..and feel baby’s head crown, then emerge. Lots of hair! (Thus the reason for my heartburn during third trimester). At 8:50 AM, with the next contraction, I reach down as the doctor lifts the baby from my body and pull him on to my chest. He’s here! He has a healthy cry!

I request the cord not be cut until it stops pulsating and doctor agrees. Every once in a while, I feel the cord to see if it is still pulsating. I appreciate this moment…still being connected to baby while bonding skin to skin. While waiting for the cord, doctor repairs a “minor laceration” with one stitch. I am focused on this new baby on my chest so the stitch doesn’t hurt a bit.

About 20 minutes later, cord stops pulsating and my husband cuts the cord. We are still bonding skin to skin when I deliver the placenta. Allegra and I remind the nurses that I want to keep my placenta (for encapsulation) and they pepare it for Allegra to take home.
We bond skin to skin for over an hour before they weigh him. 7lbs 6oz, 20 inches long! Apgars were 9 and 9.

All in all, I am happy and satisfied with my birthing experience. It was a middle ground between unmedicated (for 18 hours) and medicated (finally getting the epi) labor. Devin Byron J. is a sweet baby! He doesn’t really fuss unless he has a dirty diaper. Breastfeeding is going very well! My milk came in day 2 and he is eating every 2 to 3 hours. What a journey! My fifth and final birth experience!

Here are some pics…

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Emerson Blake G****
November 26, 2011
10:45 pm
9 lbs 12 oz
22 inches

Friday, November 25, 2011
41 weeks 3 days

My induction was set to happen at 10 days overdue. I got up at 7 am so I’d have time to shower and do my hair - then wait for the hospital to phone me to come in. By 11 am, I haven’t heard from the hospital, and I was tired of waiting! I phoned Labour and Birth to find out where I was on the induction list. I was 5th on the list, but they were so busy that they hadn’t even called in any inductions yet that day. The nurse told me she doubted I’d be called at all for my induction that day, but I would need to come in for a NST to make sure baby was OK.
By 6 pm I still hadn’t heard from the hospital about my NST. I phoned them back and they said they could squeeze me in right away. Chris and the kids dropped me off at the hospital and went to run some errands. The tests went fine – baby was happy and healthy inside, and I was free to go home after about 30 minutes of monitoring. The nurse kept my papers and started my file for my induction – she said to phone them at 8 am to check my status on the list once again.
At home that night I tried to get things started on their own (DTD, nipple stimulation) and had a few mild contractions, but by 11 pm decided to get a good night’s sleep.

Saturday, November 26, 2011
41 weeks 4 days

I phoned Labour and Birth at 8 am to check my status on the induction list – I was 2nd on the list, and she expected to be able to bring me in later that morning! With that “deadline” in mind, I showered and did my hair again, then did some final tidying and organizing around the house. My mother in law was planning to come pick the kids up at lunchtime and watch them while we were at the hospital. At about 11:50 she texted and said she was on her way. Chris got home from spending the morning at work a few minutes later, and exactly at noon, the hospital phoned and said they were ready for me. Chris ate a quick lunch (I had already eaten) and my mother in law arrived to pick up the kids for lunch.
We arrived at the Labour and Birth Unit around 12:30. I got settled in an assessment room right away and hooked up to the monitors. At 1:20, once the Dr. and resident were back from their lunch break, I had an internal check and was found to be 2-3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. They decided I could start on a Pitocin drip and wouldn’t need any Cervadil gel to begin. At 2:00 pm I was moved to my Labour and Delivery room.
At 2:30 pm, the nurse tried to get the IV in my left hand. I warned her about my tiny veins and she said she’d give it one try, and then call someone else to try if she wasn’t successful. After digging around in my hand for a few minutes, she realized she wasn’t going to get it in. While she was off getting another nurse, I started feeling very light-headed and dizzy. By the time they got back, I had lost all the colour in my face and my blood pressure had plummeted to 87/51. My vision started to go blurry. One nurse laid the bed down flat and got me a cool cloth while the other got the IV done in my right hand. After about 5 minutes lying down I started to feel better and my BP went back up.
Once my IV was all hooked up and ready to go at 2:40, we started my pit drip at a low level (2). They turned up the drip every half hour. Around 4:00 pm I was having moderate contractions every 7-8 minutes. By 4:30 pm, my drip was up to an 8, and I was contracting anywhere from 3-7 minutes apart. I got up to use the bathroom at 4:45, and this brought my contractions closer together. By 5:00 pm they were consistently 3 minutes apart. At 5:35 pm during a contraction, I was shocked to feel a small jolt inside me and wondered if perhaps my water had broken. When the nurse came back to the room and I turned on to my back (I had been on my side) I felt fluid trickling out. She did a quick internal check and found that I was still 3 cm dilated, but I did test positive for amniotic fluid. My contractions now started to get much stronger, and were every 2-3 minutes.
Finally at 7:00 pm I asked for an epidural, and the anesthesiologist arrived right away. At 7:05 it was in place, and immediately I found that my contractions changed – not that the pain level had changed, but that I was contracting much lower in my uterus. Before the pain of the contractions had been high up in my belly – now I could feel that it was concentrated very low down in my pelvis, and I could feel my cervix dilating.
At 7:35 the resident arrived to see how I was doing. He did another internal check and found that I was now 5 cm dilated, but baby’s head was still very high – at about a -3 station. Also, he was concerned about baby’s position. Ever since I arrived at the hospital, baby seemed to snuggle up in the left side of my belly, making me very lopsided. At this point, he was practically transverse. Only the corner of his head could be felt at my cervix, and his body was stretched longways across my belly, landing most of his bulk bulging out the left side of my belly. He called for the Dr. to have a look.
Meanwhile, I got up to use the bathroom at 8:00 pm. In both of my previous labours, my epidural has completely paralyzed me from the waist down, and this time was much different! It didn’t get rid of my contraction pain, it just took the edge off, and I still had enough use of my legs to get up and walk to the bathroom. I did enjoy that aspect of it since it kept me from having to get a catheter (my least favourite part of both of my past deliveries!), although I could have done with more pain relief during contractions.
At 8:20 pm the Dr. came to examine me. I was now 7-8 cm dilated and thankfully his head had moved down to a -1 station, even though he was still practically transverse. During the examination, her fingers punctured my bag of waters for real, meaning what I had felt before was only the beginning of a small leak. At this point I could feel my hips and thighs finally going numb due to the epidural, although mostly only on my left side, so I flipped on to my right. Over the next hour I contracted every 2-3 minutes, and the nurse turned my pit down to a 6 since it was apparent my body was doing a good job on its own.
At 9:20 pm, I was starting to feel more pressure in my bottom during contractions, so the nurse checked me and I was fully dilated and baby had moved down to a +1 station. She had me do a few practice pushes during a contraction and she said baby was moving down effectively. She said I could start pushing now if I wanted, or I could wait until the pressure was stronger and let my body do some more work on it’s own. I decided to wait it out a bit longer since he was only at a +1 station, and I figured I might as well let my body get him down further on it’s own and save me some pushing time.
One hour later at 10:20 pm, the pressure was much stronger and the urge to push was finally there. (Having been pretty much paralyzed with my past labours, I never really felt that “urge”, so it was a new experience!). I started pushing with the nurse’s help, and the resident and Dr. arrived a few minutes later. I started out on my left side, then eventually switched to my back, as it felt more effective. My contractions were really long at this point, so I was able to push 4-5 times during each one. The doctors were amazed at his body positioning even as he was being pushed out – even though his head was finally descending, his entire body was still crammed over in to the left side of my stomach! It looked absolutely hysterical. Finally I felt him crowning and there was no relief in between contractions from the pressure. I pushed as hard as I could during the next few contractions and got most of his head out. Then they told me to start doing little, short pushes instead of big long ones – I could tell I was probably tearing because he was coming out so fast. With the next contraction I did several small, short pushes and finally his head was out! In the past I have been able to get the body out in just one push, but he was so big this time that it seemed like there were shoulders and limbs being eased out of me that went on for miles! I remember thinking “How much more of him is there?!?!”
Finally, baby was born completely at 10:45 pm, after 25 minutes of pushing. He came out crying heartily, and was bright pink within 2 seconds of them placing him on my belly. Apgars were 9 and 9. After a few minutes, once we had wiped him down a little bit, we got a fresh blanket and did skin-to-skin for about 20 minutes while I delivered the placenta (10:49 pm) and the resident started to stitch me up. I suffered a 2nd degree perineal tear, the same as with his big brother, Eli. The resident said it was not a very deep tear, but quite jagged, so it took him about 40 minutes to get me all put back together.
Meanwhile, baby was taken and weighed. I was expecting him to be around the same size as Eli, and maybe slightly smaller – so we were shocked to hear that he was 5 oz heavier, at 9 lbs 12 oz! He was 22 inches long (56 cm) and his head circumference was 37 cm.
After I was all stitched up, I had some supper (midnight snack!) and then we tried breastfeeding. After some initial trouble latching on we finally got him on the left breast for about 15 minutes. Then I had a soak in the warm tub before we transferred rooms to the Mother & Baby Unit. I had some more dizziness and low blood pressure troubles after getting out of the tub, but after a few hours lying in bed in my new room, I was feeling much better.
After spending 2 nights in the hospital and finally deciding on a name for our new little man, we were ready to go home on Monday at noon. Welcome to the world, Baby Em!

(Please ignore my husband's terrible moustache! Darn you, Movember.)

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So I was 41 weeks pregnant Thursday 12/1 and set to be induced Friday morning 12/2. I really didn't want to be induced but I didn't want to spend any more of my maternity leave baby-less and I was horribly uncomfortable and didn't want to risk a huge baby. So Thursday I decided if I was going to be 41 weeks pregnant and induced I was going to have a clean house. I vacuumed, did laundry, mopped and did the bathrooms. I was very productive.

Around 5pm 12/1 I started to notice contractions. They were a little random sometimes 5 min apart spacing out to 8-10 and definitely not really painful. I had been having contractions on and off so I ignored them. We ate dinner, put Evan to bed, watched TV. Around 10 I noticed them picking up and thought perhaps we should head to bed just in case. I couldn't get comfortable. So I went downstairs with a book and read. I knew at that point the labor was real. Around 1am DH came down to ask how I was and since things were picking up I said I thought we should organize our stuff, put the dogs out for a potty break and call my mom to come sit with Evan. I called my mom around 1:30 am and she got to me house around 1:45-2am. We organized with my mom and got to the hospital and settled in L&D around 2:30am. The nurses asked how far along I thought I was and I said I guessed probably 8cm'ish because I felt a lot like I did when arriving to the hospital for Evan and I was 8cm then. They looked at me like I was nuts. Apparently when you're 8cm you shouldn't be walking and talking so easily. They checked me and I was 7cm fully effaced so they called my doc. He arrived in like 2 minutes and broke my water. About 3am he checked me again and said I was 10cm and could push. I was so shocked. With Evan I arrived at 8cm then stalled for HOURS even after doc broke my water. Now I'm a champ about contractions I can get through the worst of them with very little issue. I hate pushing. That whole "it's an urge you can't hold back" apparently doesn't apply to me. It's very forced, very painful and I hate it. So I whined a little about hating it to which I got no sympathy b/c the kid was coming whether I wanted to push or not. I pushed through just 3 contractions. The first one I didn't do much good and whined a lot. The second was more productive (still a lot of whining from me) then the third contraction I got behind it and his head came out but dear lord his shoulders were so big. It hurt like hell and I started to lose it. My doc who is NOT an animated man kind of came to life. He basically yelled at me and told me I had to keep pushing -- NOW! He also had the nurses do some crazy hip/pelvis leg lifting adjusting stuff. They were an amazing team and honestly my doc is such a mild mannered un-excited type when he literally commanded me to get the baby out that I could NOT stop I felt a little nervous and did it. So out he came quick suction and he was screaming. Apgars of 9 and 9.

His official time of birth was 3:14am birth weight 10lbs 12oz 23" 37cm head and 39cm chest. I came away with 1 second degree tear in the same spot I had a first degree with Evan. Overall I felt fine and took nothing more than a couple ibuprofens. We were at the hospital for 48 hours because I was GBS+ and they couldn't get both doses of antibiotics in me since L&D was so fast. Getting home Sunday was lovely and we're all adjusting well!

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Trystan Magnus Petersen's birth story (as copied from it's original post date of 11/27/11)!

Hey girls! Forgive me for being absent these past few days! I normally am on via my work computer... my home computer is shot and I've been dreading typing all of this out on my phone but I have no other choice! So as you know I had my Dr appt Tuesday morning. I went in praying that I would be dilated more so that she would just send me straight over to the hospital. I was in so much pain, just walking from my car to her office was excruciating. So she checks my cervix and Im 6 cm dilated! She asks me to get dressed and meet her outside. By this time my heart is pounding and even DH looks nervous. I get dressed, go out into the hall, and she tells me to go straight over to l&d to be admitted. Thankfully we had dropped D D off at my moms earlier... and the boys were in school! We walked out and I immediately called my mom to let her know that she was going to get a grandson as an anniversary present... yes, the 22nd was also my parents anniversary! She was so excited she started squealing... and let me knowshe could pick up ny boys from school no problem. So down the street to the hospital we went. Thankfully I had also packed my hospital bag and put it in the car before we left the house. We head up to the third floor, and get checked in around noon. They hook me up to all of the fun monitors, and torture me with the iv... trying in my left hand to no avail before switching to my right. I told them I didn't want pit since I was already dilated to 6 and asked if they could just break my water to move things along. They said they would have to check with my ob... and of course a few minutes later they come back and tell me that they have to give me pit. Well, I knew that pretty much sunk any hopes I had of a natural delivery, as I've had two babies with pit and the contractions were unbearable. So I tell them that I'll want an epi and to please give mw whatever fluids I'll need for that so that i can have them asap. So the nurses (who are sweet as can be by the way) get that all going. The contractions start coming on right away, but nothing I can't handle. Finally a resident doctor comes Dr comes in to break my water around 1:30, and that's when the contractions really kick in. Pretty much right away they become unbearable and I let the nurses know. By 2:00 the anesthesiologist arrives and places my epi within five minutes. It takes about thirty minutes to kick in, but when it does sweet relief arrives! I did become extremely sleepy, and pretty much laid there and rested. They checked me right after the epi and I was dilated to 8, so they just left me to get to 10 in peace lol. By 4:30 I was dilated to 10 and they wanted me to do a test push before calling the Dr. I laughed and said that when they wanted me to do that with my last baby, I pushed once and they yelled at me to stop... which is exactly what happened with this baby too! My Dr showed up, suited up, and sat down there waiting for me to have a contractions (as I couldn't feel anything) and when she said ok push, that's exactly what I did! I grabbed the back of my legs, chin to chest, and pushed... and his head was out and she told me to stop pushing. I couldn't believe it, as she was suctioning his mouth and nose out, and she said, "are you having a girl?" I told her no its a boy and why was she asking (and yes, this conversation was taking place as he was hanging half way out if me lol!) and she said it was because his face was so beautiful that she automatically assumed she was delivering a girl! Even the nurses were commenting on his huge chubby cheeks and how gorgeous he was! So I gave one final half push and at 4:53pm he was out! They put him immediately onto my chest and I got to look onto his beautiful face for the first time... it was incredible. He wasn't crying, just whining a little bit... and he truly was amazing to behold! After a few minutes they took him to be cleaned up and weighed. He was 9 lbs 1 oz, 19 inches long, apgars were 8 and 9. Because he was over the average weight of a baby, they had to check his blood sugar every hour for four hours, but thankfully everything was ok in that department. The placenta was delivered about ten minutes after birth, and that was perfect as well. No tears or anything... which Im so thankful for, as I have had zero pains down there... even from day one. The only issues I've had is the cramping from breastfeeding, but luckily that's contained with motrin. He's an absolutely incredible baby who loves to eat and I can't get enough of! My milk came in on Friday morning, and he's loving life lol! Im so thankful that I've been able to share this journey with you girls and I look forward to reading all of your future birth stories, and watching our babies grow together! If you've made it this far I appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed Trystan Magnus' birth story!