They're positive!!!! +++++ DYSAL?

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They're positive!!!! +++++ DYSAL?

I can't believe we're having a baby (our first together). Words just cannot express how happy I was when they turned positive! I've had a lot of miscarrages and failed IVF transfers (also an ectopic/lost tube) as a surrogate over the last few years... just amazing how fast and easy it happened for us on our own!

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Congrats!! :jumpingbeans:

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Beautiful BFPs! Congrats! Yahoo

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Many Many Congrats! Woohoo! What a beautiful gift you have been given!

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Gorgeous!!! So happy for you Yahoo I understand the fertility issues and losses :bighug: I'm so glad you were able to get your BFP this time on your own!!

HH9M to you my friend!

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Congratulations! How exciting!

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Congrats, what wonderful news!!!! I love hearing stories like yours..very inspirational!! HH9M!!!

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