a thought on babyproofing... JULY 2008

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a thought on babyproofing... JULY 2008

So with another post getting me thinking about babyproofing...I just had a thought to share Smile Something we did with the other kids when we babyproofed is that we did not put away everything we would not want them to touch. We did put away dangers and breakables, but I had some things that wouldn't get hurt or hurt them but were still "off limits" so to speak. Mommy's things. I had read in a book (can't remember which) to teach kids from early on that some things are just not for them to play with. And it can take a little bit of time, but eventually your child will learn to respect your things and not mess with them.

This will help them transfer to say, other peoples houses as well. Like if you visit your mom's house with your 18 month old and he really wants to play with her nic-nacs on a table, having had things out that he shouldn't touch will help him know when you tell him "use your eyes" or "those are for the table" that he can't play with them...and that way its not a nightmare to go places that are not so babyproof.

It seemed to work for us!

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Great post! This will be especially helpful advice if you have a smaller home (like I do...) and there just isn't enough space to "hide" everything! Thanks!

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So true. Thanks for the tip. I do have problems with Dylan wanting to touch everything at my moms.

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My Mom and other family members have always done this and I will too. Before I had Peyton and my other friends would come over with thier LO's they would walk in my house and start moving everything off my tables and rearranging my home. I just think it's rude and I do not ever want to do this when visiting people.

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We gated off the front of our house (with a long gate) and put the house plants and bookshelves in the front to keep the baby/toddler out of it. We finally moved it since all of the kids could climb it. We'll put it back when Jack is mobile. It could be moved to block off the stairs too.

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That's what we did with DD. DVD's stayed where they were and our VCR/DVD sits on the floor. Those were the big ones. I may have sounded like a broken record for a long time saying "no" all the time but she eventually left them alone.

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I totally agree.