Working mommas JULY 2008

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Working mommas JULY 2008

I was wondering since I might get this job soon about childcare. I have someone right now who I trust to wacth Sadie but I dont know if she will be available in 4 months when I would be done with training and if that is the case I would have to find somewhere else.

My question is how did you find your daycare/caretaker for your LO? Did you look online or go through an agency?
Also why did you pick them once you found them?

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i know we live close to one another- we're going with a kindercare... we had a really hard time finding something we were comfortable with- you might for a bunch of different reasons. although they definitely have a lot of kids, the faciliy seems pretty nice, the teachers seem great, and the kids seem happy. something you might want to check out?

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"angeley572" wrote:

i know we live close to one another- we're going with a kindercare... we had a really hard time finding something we were comfortable with- you might for a bunch of different reasons. although they definitely have a lot of kids, the faciliy seems pretty nice, the teachers seem great, and the kids seem happy. something you might want to check out?

Ill check that out thanks!

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I'm sorry I have no advice for you. DH has an onsite daycare and that's where Rylee goes. It's the best in the area. But, we did look at outside daycares (just in case we didn't get in) and we just picked as few that other people recommended and went to visit.

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We lucked out and found a lady who is best friends with my best friend's mom. I hope that make sense. She will start going there in June. I took her the other day and she loved it. GL!

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I live in a rural area, so when I needed to find a daycare for the boys I just found the ones in the yellow pages, then called and made sure they had openings, then went to visit the place.

During the visits, I could tell right away whether I like the place or not, I guess just my gut instinct.

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I went through a local economic opportunity agency and also word of mouth. Visited about half a dozen places and tried 2 others before settling on the one we're using now. It's run by a woman out of her home, but she is fully licensed and is awesome. Tons of toys and she plays/reads with the kids. She is always happy to see him, and he is happy to she her, which was not the case at some of the other places.

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You can look online for questions to ask places and things to look for. I suggest you do a visit and ask all the questions you can think of. We also followed our gut instinct and it turned out really well for us.

I like the atmosphere of a large facility rather than an in home care for a few reasons. There are more kids for your LO to play with/bond with and you will have a guarantee of other LOs being the same age as yours. Also there are more people to watch eachother so I don't worry about neglect. Also, if your care provider is sick or on vacation it's the responsibiliyt of the center to get coverage rather than you.


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Lilac and Primrose go to a nursery, we choose it because it fits in with our work schedules and I like the structure and the fact that the girls get used to be with a few different people, and with other babies. Primrose has been in daycare 2 or 3 days a week since she was 10 months old and had thrived, Lilac had her first practice morning this week and did fine.

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I used to work at a kindercare. I would not recommend that particular one (poor staff) but maybe I just had a bad experience. I would visit any larger daycare and ask questions--a big one would be their changover rate. Our k-care was always changing teachers. The kindergarten room alone had 4 teachers in 9 months. The kids really need consistency so it wasn't an ideal situation. I'm sure theres lots of other ?'s to ask, but that was one big one I could think of when you find something. (this is just from experience working daycare, since I'm home with my kids I haven't had to pick one)

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We actually jusst changed daycares this week. he was in an in home daycare before, and it was ok, but I felt some of her care methods were outdated and I wanted rogan surrounded by a better environment of staff and children.

I like the new daycare a lot so far. They are both accredited and registered with the state. I contacted the state and got the references, which includes a state rating system. I'm in new mexico, so the site was

Once I got the list, I called to check on availability, went in to check out the daycares. I went towards the end of the day to gauge the energy and happy levels of both the staff and the kids. were the kids worn out and exhausted/grumpy? Or was everyone happy and having fun? If I liked one, I would go back again in the morning or early afternoon unannoucned to pop in and see what was going on.

Went on my instincts from there. GL!

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I agree with that everyone is saying! I have had two in daycare now, both in home daycare and in centers.

Kayla was in a home daycare until she was two. We had one provider until she was 7 months old, then we moved. It was a blessing though, because I really was not happy with her. She had too many kids and treated it more like a business. She was also always on the go, and Kayla spent most of her days in her mini-van :mad: If you are going with a home daycare, that is one thing I would certainly ask, how much time do you spend on the go?

From 7 months - 2 years she was with the lady who watches Allie now. I love her, she has become one of my best friends. We have had a few problems in the past, but nothing to do with the kids and I never ever felt like she was neglecting them.

Now Kayla goes to Celebree. We love it, and so does she! But... not all Celebrees are created equal.. We, like Holly, had a problem with turnover. The first celebree we went to had constant turnover. It seemed like every week they had a new teacher. It was the directing staff, they were horrible and everyone working there hated them. The second celebree is much better.

I chose not to put Allie in Celebree because I like a home environment better for kids under two. I feel like they are more at home and comfortable in someone elses house!

Good luck on your search!

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we are very furtunate that DH, my mom and aunt are able to watch Noah. in the near future when DH is in clinicals [which will be end of summer] my aunt is going to still watch Noah as well as my mother.

if we ever have to take Noah to daycare, it will be at the YMCA child care center. I have an aunt that works there so I'd be more comfortable bc of it.

if it's possible for you, I would try to find and in home daycare too! that way you can visit and maybe there will be less children.

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Here are some questions you can ask:

What is the infant (or child) to caregiver ratio?

Does the facility have high staff turnover? What is the turnover?

Are the caregivers licensed teachers? Do they all have First Aid/Infant CPR training?

What are the credentials (experience and training) of the staff?

Have all staff and caregivers submitted to background and criminal checks?

What is the facility's fire and emergency plan? Do they perform drills regularly?

What is the policy on discipline of my child? Will you let me know if my child has a bad day? Will I be able to find out at the end of the day what happened all through the day?

What is the policy when a child is hurt or falls ill? Will you be called? What if they can't reach you?

What is the policy if a child is violent toward another child or a caregiver? Will I hear about it? Does it get reported? To whom?

Do you ever take the children on outings off site? Will I be notified first and have the option to say no?

What are the closing procedures for the daycare?

Do they have a vacation days?

What are we supposed to supply?

How often are the toys/sheets/etc. sanitized?

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I would say that I feeling that I am not a good choice of character right now. Jake has been at 3 in-home daycare providers since he was 8 weeks old. The 1st one we had from the time he was 8 weeks old until 13 months old and she quit. She said it was because she needed to take her son to summer school but we personally thought she couldn't keep up with an on the run 13 month old.

The 2nd provider was good at first but I thought she got too busy with personal duties such as her majorettes deal outside of daycare. She seemed to be so pre-occupied with that. He was there for about 10 months.

Now the current provider who I am not having problems with - she was 3 days this week (sick?) Jake has been there since May 2008 and Ryan has been there since October.

I went and checked out the local YMCA for Jake on Monday and loved it. One of our neighbors used it for their son and loved it.

I am on the hunt for Ryan now to find her a new in-home daycare provider. Today my husband and I intereviewed someone at lunch time and she was not good!

It is hard and I am SO stressed out about this. I just want someone who is doing this because they want to and not taking off a 1/2 day next week to get their taxes done, not someone who thinks their boyfriend is having a heart attack but never calls 911 and so on and so on.

I have a bad taste in my mouth with this right now if you can't tell but I do like the in-home atmosphere if you get the right fit.

BTW - the way I found all of these providers was calling Apples for Children in my county and they give you a list of providers.

Good luck!