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Our Christmas Picture 2009

My name is Lawanda, I have been married to my husband Kevin for 17 years. And I am mama to four sweet girlies. We are expecting our first baby [SIZE=5][COLOR=Blue]BOY on May 31st, or if he follows his sisters' pattern, sometime in June! Biggrin We are VERY EXCITED and cannot wait to meet our Little Man! Our sweet girls are:

Kela Danielle age 15
Cassandra Joy age 13
Faith Annalin age 11
Raechel Naomi age 6[/COLOR][/SIZE]

BFP! 11 dpo


Only one baby Smile Heartbeat 124 measuring 6weeks 5days, everything looks great EDD May 27th according to measurements. Biggrin

~Appointment to meet the midwife, Donna: Sept. 29th
Our meeting went well, I really liked her. She is only 30 minutes from me and does home prenatal visits. She was very thorough and actually listened to me jabber on and on, which means she is patient. I need patient people! Those are the positives. She does not take my insurance. That is the negative.

~Appointment to meet the midwife, Delphine: Oct. 5th
Our meeting went well too. she does take my insurance, and I would not have to see another doctor. Those are the positives. She is 45 minutes away. That is a negative.

We have decided to use the midwife Donna Smile Since we are using a CPM, I will have to see an OB as well. So I just made the appointments Smile

Nov. 15th appt with Donna and Holly (her assistant) Went very well, I have been so sick, so they pretty much concentrated on giving me helpful hints on how to get back up to par. I am 12 weeks, so she is coming back in a month. I really love them both! And I am so excited to have a baby at home!! Smile

16 weeks
20 weeks
24 weeks
31 weeks
37 weeks


1 week old 6-3

2 weeks old 6-10

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My name is Jenn and I've been married to my husband Keith for 2 1/2 years. I am a SAHM with my two boys, Cashton (Cash) and Oliver (Ollie) ages, 1 and 3. We're happy to be expecting number 3!!! My e.d.d based on LMP would put me at May 27th, however, approximate "O" day would put me at June 1st!!! I would LOVE to deliver May 30th, as that's d/h and my 3rd anniversary! Will update the doctor's e.d.d. when I find out more:)

1st Appointment w/nurse: Oct. 21st, 9:15am
2nd Appointment w/OB : Oct. 25th, 9:00am Heard Heatbeat 165 bpm. and ultrasound!
13 Week Appointment: Nov. 22nd, 9:30am

pregnancy calendar

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My name is Theresa (27) and I have been married to DH (27) for 5 beautiful years that only get better as we grow older together. We have one son right now (2) who is our pride and joy and I cannot wait to meet this little peanut growing inside of me.


Pregnant Quote Graphics from dolliecrave.com


First Appointment: Confirmation Ultrasound/Doctor- September 28th
Second Appointment: Ultrasound/Bloodwork/Doctor- October 21st
Third Appointment: History/Doctor- November 16th

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09/23/10 (9-10DPO) ........................ 09/24/10 (10-11DPO)

Nursing Bras at Nurtured Family

Nov 23, 2010 - with Hannah, the midwife
The appt. went really well! I was glad to finally be able to go! I had had a few good days before the day of the appt, but that day I was really nauseous, of course! DH and Poohs came with me. Hannah took blood, but I didn't get lightheaded or dizzy, which was unexpected for me (especially during pregnancy!) so that was great. She also let me off the hook about my not having been taking my prenatals! I had been feeling guilty about it, but I haven't been able to for awhile now. She said not to worry, and just start taking them again when I feel better. I was relived! She said the most important thing for folic acid is that you've been taking it for 3 months before conceiving. And I've been taking it for 4 years! So no worries there. She said as far as she can tell, I am measuring fine, so there is most likely just one in there, but she also said you never know, lol! The baby's heartbeat was 160. It was REALLY exciting to hear it, it made it real!!! A real baby is in there! When I told her that I am much more sick this time, she said maybe that means I am having a boy. And once she said that, it was suddenly ok for me, if we do end up with a boy. I had been a little apprehensive about boys, only because I've never been around them much, and I was doubting my ability to be a good mother to a little boy. (I do love little boys though) But now I am excited about the prospect, though I will still be thrilled if Poohs gets a sister. So I am glad I am feeling better about that! I will see her again the week of Christmas.

Dec 21, 2010 - with Hannah, the midwife
It was a good appt. Hannah was really surprised that I'm still feeling as sick, and throwing up so much, so we talked about that for a bit. She brought up acupuncture, but I don't think I am going to try that out this time. She said my blood work was all great, and she said that so far I am not GBS +, which means we have a good chance of me not being when it's time to give birth. And she said we'd do some stuff to prevent it, such as probiotics, and garlic. I was happy about that. She was nice about my weight gain (8 pounds!) but said we couldn't do that every month, of course, so we agreed I need to start exercising now, even though I'm still really sick, 4 times a week. I will hopefully be swimming one of those days every week, and walking the rest. The baby's heartbeat was 150, and Hannah said the baby seemed really active, so that was nice to hear! She listened for my heart murmur, and gave me a suggestion on how to calm down the racing heart when I get it. She said it's not too big a concern, but if it gets worse, I may need to see my Dr. and consider a heart monitor for a bit. She also told me to get to the dentist as soon as I feel I can have someone poking around in my mouth, as I feel a wisdom tooth may be coming in. I have an appt. on Jan 20, so hopefully it will be ok until then. And we scheduled my ultrasound! So excited about that! She did say my uterus seemed a little high for my dates, but it may have been caused by my full bladder pushing it up. She said it didn't seem as full as it might if there were more than one baby in there.

Jan 18, 2011 - with Hannah, the midwife
A pretty typical appt. Hannah was excited for us about the news of a little boy, and said the ultrasound results all look great, and I don't need to go back in, because they were able to capture the most important things. The heartbeat was 150, and he was moving around a ton again. Hannah was happy with the fact that I gained less weight this month, more on track with our goals. She wants me to bring in a two day log of my eating habits next time, and she wants me to exercise 4 days a week, at least. We focused the appt. mainly on my still feeling sick and things I could do to cope. She said appt after next will be my glucose test.

Feb 15, 2011 - with Hannah, the midwife
A good appt. We didn't get a specific heartbeat because he was moving around so much and really high up, so it was hard for her to get the heartbeat long enough to count. But we know he's ok, he was moving and kicking and I feel like everything is fine. I gained only 3 pounds last month, which was exciting for both of us, lol. Next appt. I have the blood glucose test, and after that appt. I'll be seeing Hannah every 2 weeks. Wild that it's already so close!! We talked a little about a few things that I've been nervous about for the birth, so I am feeling better and reassured. Basically, things look good, I am healthy and the baby seems great.

March 15, 2011 - with Hannah, the midwife
At this appt we went in early to have my blood drawn for the blood glucose test, after having fasted for 12 hours, and been on a reduced carb diet for 3 days. I was a bit dizzy, but it wasn't too bad. I almost threw up though, because of the empty stomach. After having my blood drawn, DH and I went to breakfast at a local diner. I had pancakes and eggs. We then killed a little time, and then went back to see Hannah, and she drew my blood again. I was expecting a lot of dizziness, which I had in my first pregnancy after this test, but I felt fine. Baby's heartrate was about 150. He was breech. We visited for a few minutes and talked specifically about supplements. I still haven't been taking them, and lately I've had pica, a craving for sand and chalk, which I remember having as a child. Probably related to low iron. So armed with some suggestions Hannah gave, we headed for the supplement shop and picked up a liquid multivitamin, and also a papaya enzyme to help with the heartburn. I've also started taking tums. A few days later Hannah called. My blood glucose levels were perfect in her words. A big relief! However, my iron levels were a bit low, which I was expecting. She said the minimum level she was looking for was 12, and I was at an 11. So not terribly low, but low enough. So now I am taking a liquid iron supplement called Floradix in addition to the liquid multi. Should help get my iron up, and will hopefully help with the pica.

March 29, 2011 - with Hannah, the midwife
This was a good appt, though I had forgotten to weigh myself before I went in, and I also forgot to leave a urine sample on my way out. Oh well. Hannah gave me the list of items to get in order for the birth, as well as the order sheet for the birth kit from In His Hands. I think the heartbeat was lower this time, somewhere in the 130s, but Hannah didn't seem concerned. Sammy was head down this time, which I think just happened in the past few days.

April 19, 2011 - with Hannah, the midwife
Another short, but good appt. I only gained 1.3 pounds since my appt. on March 15, which was a nice change! Hannah basically gave me permission not to gain any more weight the rest of the pregnancy. I hope I don't! As long as the baby is growing healthy! Hannah said there was a little bit of sugar spilled in my urine, but not enough to be concerned about. Sam's heart-rate was about 150, and he is still HEAD DOWN! We set my next appt. for 2 weeks from now, and then after that they will be weekly. We also made plans for the home visit. My blood pressure was low, as usual. All is going well, as far as we can tell.

Next Appt: Thursday, May 5
Home Visit: Tuesday, May 10

Whee! It was an exciting u/s. It went very well, The lady was really nice, which I was so glad about, having heard some not so nice stories. The baby was 14 oz, measuring within 5 days of his EDD, so that's good. I was afraid he might be rather large, given the little bit of extra above and beyond I have put on since getting pregnant. Beee At least 12 pounds so far. His heart-rate was 149 bpm.

Anywho, he was moving around all over the place. At my last prenatal, Hannah (midwife) told me the same thing when she was listening with the doppler. She said there was tons of movement. So he wasn't too cooperative today, I mean he showed off his masculine self with no issues or hesitancy, but he wouldn't stay still enough for the tech to do everything she needed to do. She kept trying, but a few things didn't get done. So she said they may have me come back in, we'll see. I don't think it was anything major she didn't get a good image of. Heart looked good, kidneys looked good, brain looked good, lol. Placenta, too. He yawned several times, which was cute.

10/07/10: Well, so far I am feeling pretty good. My nausea doesn't seem to be as intense or frequent this time, which is so lovely. I am having some pretty intense food aversions, though. Church is having a game night on Friday with Mexican potluck, and the thought of Mexican food is totally unappetizing. Cheese too. Normally I love cheese, and I love Mexican! DH is starting to really believe this is happening and be excited. I am happy for him, because it's been a long wait for the both of us, not just me. I am pretty sure we're going to find out the gender this time around. The first time it was fun to wait. But now it seems fun to find out! More practical, too. Also, my DD says she wants a sister, and I want to give her time to adjust to the idea of a brother if it turns out to be a boy. We'll see! Either would be great of course.

10/30/10: After my last journal entry, the daily nausea started getting more and more intense. I would say that this time around it is more bothersome and hard to deal with than with my first pregnancy. There are days when I can barely eat anything because I am full after a few bites. The rest of the time, I have general queasiness and discomfort from the first bite I take in the morning until I go to sleep at night. God spared me on the train trip I took with DH last week. We had a really nice time. It was great to see the country from the train (we traveled through 21 different states!), and meet all the new people we got to eat meals with in the dining cars. The best part of the trip by far was the time we got to spend together, talking, playing games, and just being with each other, relaxing. The last day of the trip, I started feeling pretty bad again, and have been feeling pretty low ever since. I spent most of this past week just resting on the couch, letting my daughter occupy herself. We took a break from school. When I am up and doing, I start gagging, so it isn't easy for me to get a lot done. I've also had my first pregnancy migraine a few days ago, which was really intense. I had 3 or 4 the first time around. I am hoping this was my one and only. DH has been very supportive, and very helpful! He's basically doing all our meals for us, and is cleaning the house in preparation for our guests. I have guests coming in next week, and two weeks after that, and a lot of crazy business before, in between, and after including hosting 3 Bible Studies at my house in November. It's a daunting thought, all that is coming up, and me without much energy or will. I am just going to take things as easy as possible, and do what I can. And our house guests are willing and able to help out and lend me a hand.

11/16/10: I don't have much new to report. We had a great visit with my friend who came to stay, and she was a lot of help, so that was neat. Since she left, I've basically been doing nothing again. My mom and step-dad are flying in tomorrow for a short visit, and they will also be a help. With how stressful everything seemed like it was going to be this month a few weeks ago, it hasn't been bad. Of course, my DH has been doing most of the work, and he is feeling a bit worn out. He's such a sweetheart. I am REALLY appreciating him! I am very excited to finally have my first prenatal appt. a week from today! I think it will feel more "real" then. I mean, with how badly I've been feeling, and how much my tummy is already expanding (though I've actually lost a few pounds) I KNOW I'm pregnant, but so far, I haven't been thinking too much about the baby, and I am looking forward to getting to hear the heartbeat. Also, next Tuesday marks the beginning of the second trimester! I plan to announce the pregnancy on facebook after my appt. if all seems well. As for how I am feeling, I am praying the sickness ends sooner this time than it did the last! I have had another migraine, and headaches seem to be a fairly common thing. I may start going to the chiropractor again soon. I basically feel sick all day long, and even talking can be difficult and bring on gagging. This can't last much longer, especially at this intensity!

01/12/11: It's been awhile since I've written a journal post, so I better get on it! The holidays were nice. DH's family was out of town, and my family lives out-of-state, so we had a very relaxing and low-key Thanksgiving. We made some ourselves and bought some for a nice compromise on doing everything from scratch. By Christmas I was still feeling really sick, but managed to put on a yummy feast anyways, which the three of us really enjoyed. The day after Christmas we headed to the beach for a 5-day vacation with DH's parents. We had a great time, very relaxing. The best part was the ocean air: it temporarily cured my morning sickness! I wasn't sick at all while we were there, and it was such a blessing to feel like a real person again. Now that we're back at home, some of the morning sickness is back, but not as intense. I don't feel badly all day long as I did before. I just started taking my prenatals again, though, and the cod liver oil really seems to do a number on me, so I think I will discontinue it for awhile. While at the beach, I had lots of energy, so I biked and walked a lot. After having been so inactive for so long, it probably wasn't a great idea to go full force like that (I biked about 5 miles one day!) Anyhow, I overexerted some muscles behind my left knee, and the 7 hour car ride home caused them to seize up or something. I was in major pain, and barely able to walk. The nice part about it is I've found a really great new chiropractor that I am excited about. I plan on seeing him about once a month during this pregnancy. My leg is much better now. Not 100%, but 95%. I am really looking forward to the ultrasound on Monday. I've never had a gender ultrasound before. It should be fun! Once we know the gender, I will start all the planning and organization that I need to do before June. I am not feeling a whole lot of movement yet, just every once in awhile, so I am looking forward to when that gets consistent.

02/19/11: Things have gotten progressively better over the past month. I've still got some morning sickness first thing after I wake up and the occasional incident during the day or evening, especially when smells are involved, but I am in a much better place than I was before. I am hopeful the morning sickness will pass away altogether soon. For a week or so I was experiencing heart burn pretty bad, which was unpleasant, but after two bouts that lasted 4 or 5 days, it went away, seemingly for good so far. My hemorrhoids have been giving me some trouble, but again, not on an everyday basis. I am hoping to enter that high energy and feeling good phase that I remember from last time, and to get a lot accomplished during this time! We have some home improvement projects on our list that I'd like to happen before our son arrives, and I need to get some organizing done so things will be easier when he does. I also have some homeschooling tweaking and planning to get back to. We've all had colds this past week, so we haven't been our best, but are slowly pulling out of that. Today (Saturday) DH stayed in bed most of the day to rest and hopefully feel better for church tomorrow. I spent most of the day talking and cuddling with him, which was nice! We worked on some plans for a short little vacation to Washington DC in April to see the Cherry Blossoms. I am really looking forward to that! And... we finally got to working on our guy's name!!! When we were pregnant before, we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl, so we had 2 names picked out. Our boy's name was Samuel Elliot. Well, we've changed the middle name, and our son's name is going to be Samuel David! I am so excited to give him an identity. I am starting to get pretty excited about having Sam here with us! My DD is getting more interested too, and we're talking a lot about what babies are like, and how she'll be as a big sister. I think it's still over her head in a lot of ways, but she's getting more engaged the more we talk about it. We're looking at books from the library about babies, too, which she is loving!

04/13/11: I've become resigned that this morning sickness and lack of energy will last until the bitter end. I've been estimating, and with my DD's pregnancy, I probably threw up around 5 or 6 times. This time it's been over a hundred. I am still in bed every morning having my DH bring me breakfast so I can get going without being sick. If I don't eat right away I almost always am sick. Sometimes I still am even after eating, though, and every once in awhile I have the day where I am sick all day. The heartburn has come back, but it seems to come in waves. Sometimes it's so bad I can feel the burning in my ears! Tums and the papaya enzymes do help. I have also started taking a pro-biotic and a garlic supplement to hopefully avoid being GBS+, as well as the liquid multi and iron supplements. They do seem to be helping with the pica, and I have a bit more energy than I had before, but it's never gotten as high as it did my first pregnancy. Still, I am in a happy stage right now. I have been bit by the sewing bug, and am hoping to churn out bunches of cute projects in the next few months. Last week DH, DD and I went to DC for 3 days, and had a fantastic time. The weather was mostly nice, and we saw lots of cherry trees in blossom, which were totally beautiful. We got to visit the zoo and the natural history museum, and hit up IKEA on the way home. So it was splendid fun time. Plus, I got lots of exercise walking while we were there! I am now looking forward to my shower which is in a few weeks! Also, I won a spafinder gift card in an online giveaway! Tomorrow I am taking my DD swimming in the morning, and then dropping her off at her grandparents' house, and then heading off for a prenatal massage and a facial, and then out to date night with my DH. Whee! The Poohs had a slight meltdown last week, where she was crying about wanting to be a baby. I was apprehensive that this was the beginning of some rough times for her emotionally. We prayed about it together as a family. Since the next day, however, she has been super positive and is constantly talking about being a big sister and helping, and being excited about her brother. I am relieved! I am enjoying Spring. It's pretty beautiful outside right now. I am also loving swimming with Poohs. My tummy is feeling pretty tight all the time now, and it seems like there's no more room for growth. I am often uncomfortable at night as well as just generally, and so getting in the water feels divine. I don't feel pregnant in there when weightless and floating around! I just ordered my birth supply kit from In His Hands a few days ago, which is the homebirth equivalent of packing your hospital bags. It was fun ordering it, I can't wait till it comes in! There is still a lot of organizing that needs to be done around here. I am hoping to get some help doing it, either from DH or a friend or two. DH helped me organize and sort through toys a few weeks ago, which was a huge relief! The house is MUCH less cluttered now!

Click on the thumbnails to see larger pics.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger pics.

I finally finished the nursery. I am going to add a scripture verse in vinyl lettering either above the door to the master bedroom (last pic) or above the closet (not pictured). One wall is all closet, with folding doors, which is why there is no dresser. I didn't take a pic of the closet wall, boring, lol.

Here ya go. You can click on the pics to view them larger:

Click on the thumbnails to see larger pics.

My shower was yesterday afternoon, Sunday, May 1. It ended up being so great! It was a rough start, though. For one thing, after a week or so of not too much nausea, I have been getting sick again the past few days, and yesterday was the worst day I've had in a long time. Church was rough, I spent the whole time fighting not to vomit. After church I went to my friend's house, where the shower was, and lay down for about an hour and a half before the shower started. It helped and I felt much better the rest of the day, so that was great! (I woke up this morning with a sore throat, but am feeling better now, too. So all is well!) The other thing was, a lot of people who were supposed to come were sick, and so had to stay home. And the weather was gloomy, when I had so hoped for sunshine so we could go outside and enjoy Spring.

So I was setting myself up to be bummed and disappointed, but then I gave myself a taking to. I asked my DH to pray for me, and I prayed that I would have a good attitude and just enjoy everything about it. And God really helped me! He helped me focus on all the blessings upon blessings that I have, especially all my wonderful friends, and by the time I went up stairs for the shower I was just happy and content. I enjoyed every person who was there, and felt the size of the party was perfect. We were able to talk and spend more time interacting that we would have if all the other people had come.

The food was really yummy. There was more food than in the pic, but it hadn't got set out yet when I took it. The cake was delicious. My bestest friend made it, and it was pound cake. Including the frosting, it had 5 sticks of butter and 6 eggs, and who knows what else. Man! Lol It actually gave me indigestion last night, it was so rich. But, it was worth it. It was delicious, even the frosting!

We played some fun games and just enjoyed ourselves. I wish I had taken more pics, especially of the people who were there. There were 8 people there, and I don't think I got pics of half of them. But I was tired, and not focused on the camera. There are some more pics of me with some of the guests and the games, but they aren't on my camera and I don't have them yet. I hope they turned out good.

We got a ton of clothes, in different sizes too, so that was nice. Mostly everything was clothes, which is what we asked for, though we also got a few of the other little things that were on our list. We've saved almost everything from when the Poohs was a baby, so we don't have too much left on our list to get. I also got a glider rocker! They showed a picture of it to me in a card, because they weren't able to get it to the actual shower that day. I should have it sometime this week. I am thrilled, I have always wanted one!

Now this week I need to wash clothes like mad, and get them organized. If I can also get the nursery organized this week, and the rest of my birth supplies together, we'll be pretty ready. All I'll really have left to do is some cooking and freezing for after Sammy arrives, and pick up a few last things. Getting close!

Here are the pics:

I LOVE this. One of the families who didn't make it due to illness sent over their gifts to be opened at the shower, and included was this card from their 11 year old. She was so disappointed they couldn't come she cried, her mom later told me. So I am hoping to have them over in a few weeks to see the nursery, and have a little mini tea party. I know she'll enjoy that. Anyway, here's the card. I love the picture of my belleh!

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Hello Ladies~ My name is Kelly & I'm 30 years old. I've been with DH for 15 years, married now for 5 years. We have a DD (Kylie Grace) age 5 & a DS (Cody Jackson) age 2. Buckle up cause here comes Baby #3!!! Yahoo EDD is June 16, 2011!

4th of July 2010

3 tests later...We confirm we're expecting baby #3!

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On October 8, 2010 we found out we are expecting out 3rd baby! We had been trying for quite some time and were about to take another break if I didnt get a BFP this time. I was sure I wasnt pregnant because I got a negative test very early on...It took awhile for the tests to show up postive but I was rushing things lol I cant wait to have my first doctors appointment and I am really hoping this is our girl!

January 28, 2011: We found out that baby is a GIRL!!! YAY! Sooo excited to finally get our daughter Smile Her name will be Acacia Layne

Belly Pic @ 27 weeks: