~*~ Our Stories~*~ (High Risk Pregnancies)

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~*~ Our Stories~*~ (High Risk Pregnancies)


I started a thread for our stories. Please add your high-risk story here Smile

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14 years ago I was put into the hospital with pre-e. After being there for a few days it was decided that I would have a c-section. When placed on the OR table with EKG monitors, the anesthetist noticed that I had something strange going on with my heart. Of course, at that time nothing could be done about it, so they continued on with my c-section.

After delivery I was placed on a 24 hour heart monitor (halter monitor). They noticed I was having thousands of PVC's, pre-ventricular contractions. I was then sent to a cardiologist. After more testing I was told I had cardiomyopathy and told never to have another baby.

My heart is enlarged. A normal person's heart goes thump-thump-thump in a steady beat, but my heart gets tired so it starts out going thump-thump-little pause, then a rapid thumpthumpthump trying to catch up. I feel these palpitations all the time. My ejection fraction remains at 39% over all these years. Here's a link to describe ejection fraction: http://www.chfpatients.com/faq/ef.htm Many mom's who experience cardiomyopathy have a really low ejection fraction after delivery but with meds they can usually remodel the heart and get it back to normal. Unfortunately, mine didn't do that. I see a cardiologist every three months.

And here we are now. I'm pregnant again, 14 years later, even after being told never to get pregnant again. I have anxiety issues and I didn't refill my birth control pills and well I just wasn't careful enough. I'm doing good so far. I live on diuretics, a low sodium diet, and heart meds.

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I lost a baby boy at 21 weeks and 6 days on July 22, 2005. And today is our anniversary. It’s been one year since I lost him today Sad

I have a DD (from a previous marriage) who is 10 and I had her when I was 20. My pregnancy and delivery with her was normal.

I re-married in 2000 to my super foxy DH Sean, aka Coach. We waited three years to TTC. In 2003 we started to TTC and I got pregnant in early 2004. In March 2004 I had a missed-miscarriage at 9 1/2 weeks. We went into for a U/S at 8 weeks and the baby had an excellent heartbeat but was one week behind the size it should have been. At the next U/S, a week or so later, the baby had no heart beat and I had a D & C that day.

We waited one year before trying again. My DH has had a very difficult time recovering from our losses and still struggles with it today.

It all began on Thursday night. I felt some strange movement or cramping. It came in waves and then I knew it was contractions. I acted fast, as I have had a birth with my daughter from a previous marriage, who is 9 years old now. I called my husband and asked for him to come home and that we needed to go to the ER. He thought nothing was wrong. I asked my best friend to come over and watch my daughter. She thought nothing was wrong. I called my doctor’s exchange and left a message for the doctor on call (my doctor was out of town). She said we could go to the hospital. She thought nothing was wrong. When I arrived at the hospital the nurses took their time and thought nothing was wrong. The nurse checked me and I was fully dilated and my bag of waters was in an hour glass shape. Now people started believing that something was wrong and I was not just a member of the “Physic Friends Network”. The doctor on call arrived and put me on meds to stop the contractions. She wanted to try and stop the labor, and even mentioned C-section to try and keep him alive. I was sooo confused. There was no way he could survive outside the womb at 21 weeks. She wanted to keep me in the hospital for 3 weeks at least. How could it be possible to stay in bed in that shape for three weeks? Contractions got worse. They gave me pain meds that did not help at all. I labored from 12 midnight until his delivery at 7:03 am. It was horrible. About 12-13 contractions per hour. The doctor refused to give me an epidural because I was on meds to stop the labor. It said it was unethical because I was on meds to try and stop the contractions. Yeah well, up his nose with a rubber hose, I thought. I finally got an epidural, but then about 10 minutes my water broke and the nurse and I delivered my son. The nurse was so upset after it all she went in the other room and cried. I am so upset that the doctor put me through all of that. I was glad that my husband and family had agreed to leave for the delivery. I wanted to spare them from all of that.

The awful thing is that at 12 weeks I had some spotting. I mentioned to my doctor at 16 weeks about the cerclage and he said that it does not always work and causes infection.

During my 6 week post-partum visit by OB came in a said it looks like I lost the baby because I have an Incompetent Cervix and I can try again after one period and he will put in a cerclage next time. Then I asked to see the “other” doctor’s report. It mentioned something about a placental abruption. He said that it what she initially thought and then changes it. There was a clot behind the placenta, but he said it was a “non-factor”. I asked for him to run a series of blood tests and he begrudging gave me the lab slip. I was beyond pissed at this point and decided to take matters into my own hands. This WAS not going to happen to me again and I was going to get to the bottom of why I lost my precious baby boy on earth  I collected all my medical records and went to the best reproductive endocrinologist I could find. I went to visit him in September 2005. He ran all kinds of tests and the results was that I am heterogeneous for that Factor V Leiden (FVL) gene. It is a blood clotting disorder and I also tested positive for having one copy of the MTHFR gene. I was so relived and vindicated at the same time. There was something else wrong and it was treatable. The doctor said that he could not say for sure if my loss was cased because of clotting caused by FVL or MTHFR, and said that he would recommend that I also get a cerclage in my next pregnancy.

Nest I went to go see a hematologist who specializes in pregnancy loss. He reviewed my medical records and concluded that I had lost the baby due to clotting and he thought that I did not need a cerclage. I told him that I was not convinced either way yet and was going to be treated for both. He thinks I am crazy, but I don’t care. Wild horses will not be able to drag me away from a cerclage and I will go to the doctor that will give me one.

Fresh from being pissed at another doctor, I went to go see a new OB that was recommended by the reproductive endocrinologist. I went to have a consult visit first. I wanted to see if he would be willing to take me on and consulted with a high-risk OB or peri. I was very upfront and told him my story and what I envisioned for my plan of care.
There are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the loss of my son. The first is that he was not in distress in the womb. He died because he was delivered breech. I had a U/S about 2 hours before I delivered him. He had an excellent heartbeat and was in perfect condition. The placental came AFTER he was delivered. The above evidence leads me to believe that it may not have been clotting related. There is also evidence for the Incompetent Cervix theory. I was 100 dilated and effaced with painless contractions. I did not experience pain until after I was completed dilated. My bag of waters was in the hourglass position (one part in and one part out). I also have a history of super dilation. I was 5 cent. Dilated with DD and I did not even know I was in labor. I decided to drive myself to my doctor at 37 weeks because I had some back pain. They told me that I was not in labor, but I insisted that they check me. They checked me and sent me over to the hospital and when I was checked in I was at 6.

So the new OB thinks I am a hybrid and believes that I have good evidence for both theories. He agrees that I need to be treated for both. I will have a cerclage placed at 16 weeks and will take blood thinners when I am pg. I am taking baby aspirin and Folgard (extra folic and B vits) to help combat the MTHFR.

Note: You can see another version of my story in the Our Stories thread at Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support.

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Hey everyone!

I decided to post my story. I have been very blessed and lucky!!

With DS1 (Reece) 10/30/03 , I had a healthy pregnancy until 35wks. I then developed Pre-eclampsia overnight and was induced.

With DS2(Jayson) 12/07/04 ,I had absolutely no problems with him whatsoever

With DS3(Brayden) Due 07/01/06 Born 04/23/06 , the fun really began. I had a bit of a hard time throughout the pregnancy but nothing too serious. I did have a subchorionic hemorrhage at 8 wks but that resolved by 12 wks. At 20 wks, a fibroid was found but it didn't pose too many problems. Everything went great until 29 wks when all hell broke loose! (sorry) . i developed Pre-E once again overnight. (I knew it was coming before my doctors did.) It was severe. So I was admitted to the hospital for observation. They gave me steroid shots for his lungs "just in Case!" It just got worse from there. So I was sent to a better hospital. (Duke). There I was put on Magnesium to help the pre-E. It worked. After 24 hrs my levels were all as low as they could be without being normal. that day I was 30wks and 1 day. They talked about sending me home that day. Approximately 2 hours after that was mentioned, I started having contractions. They didn't think anything of it at first. Figured it was Braxton Hicks. Well, they did not stop. I was given 3 different meds to stop them and none would work. During a routine BP check, I felt a "gush". Turns out it was placental abruption. i of course was panicking. They said they would just watch and wait as long as the baby wasn't affected. As son as they finished the sentence, his heartrate dropped to almost nothing. It dipped like that a few times. I was rushed into the OR for an emergency C-section. During the procedure I had some bad bleeding. They were able to control it after a while though. When I woke up, I was scared to ask about the baby. Thank God I had a beautiful 2lb 14oz baby boy in the ICN. He was ok. The next day or so was bad too. They drew my blood and I bruised and wouldnot stop bleeding. My platelets dropped to 28. I was given steroids to boost that. If it hadn't worked when it did I was on my way to a transfusion. I was lucky. When they talked about releasing me, they told me I almost didn't turn the corner. Both my son and I almsot did not make it!

I had ben told to never consider having another baby because it would kill me next time. so I figured this was it. I said many prayers and was reffered to a specialist. She said all I will have to do differently is take a baby Aspirin through my next pregnancy (which is a few years down the road I hope) and they will keep an even closer eye on me! So there is hope!!

I am glad I trusted my instincts or else the doctors could have missed some of the smaller signs. As I am writing this I am holding my baby boy who is now 3months old (technically 2 wks). He has been home only 3 wks tomorrow after a 70 day NICU stay. It has been one hell of a ride but we made it!! Many many tears have been cried and many prayers said.

Stay strong and trust your instincts. That's why we have them!!

I wish all of you trying tor a baby or currently pregnant much luck! And those of you who have been there congratulations!


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I've been pregnant ten times so my story is too long to go into any real detail, so I'll shorten them up a bit!

Pg #1 TOP I prefer not to talk about this. It hurts too much.

Pg #2 Unexpectedly Pregnant on the Pill, miscarried a few days after we found out. Sad

Pg #3 Pregnant again straight away (No AF between). Lots of bleeding early on so thought I'd Miscarried again but everything was fine. Pregnancy was fine and all looked good until I developed sudden Pre-Eclampsia at 37/38weeks. I was admitted to Hospital for observation and about 5 days later induced because they couldn't get it under control. Laboured for 4 hours with some pretty bad treatment from the Midwives, who didn't believe I was in labour and only gave me ONE paracetemol to deal with the pain. Eventually they checked me over and said I'd be there until the middle of the next day so I argued for an Epidural. As they were putting it in I was pushing. :roll: Tristan was born a few minutes later.

Pg #4 Found out I was about 6 weeks pregnant on Tristan's Christening Day when he was 12 weeks old. Things not so good this time. Blood Pressure started steadily climbing from about 15weeks onwards and never stopped. Midwives refused to treat it so it just got worse and worse. I was in and out of hospital a lot, every few days almost. Eventually they decided to try and give me something to control my BP but I reacted badly to it. They never tried again. By the time I was 36weeks I was also suffering from SPD pretty badly, although I could still get about. Eventually when they decided I'd suffered enough they induced me. I must admit the second labour was nothing like my first and I didn't really realise how far gone I was. I was checked at one point and told I was 3cm or thereabouts. Less then 20minutes later he was born... In the middle of a busy ward during visiting hours, with no pushing... My waters broke and he came out. I'm only thankful that I was sitting down at the time as I'd been standing up until that point!

Pg #5 Early Miscarriage at around 5weeks.

Pg #6 Blighted Ovum which was miscarried naturally at 10-11weeks.

Pg #7 Early Miscarriage.

Pg #8 Early Miscarriage.

Pg #9 Pregnant, again straight away with no AF between my MC and pregnancy. SPD arrived very early, around 12weeks and was really very bad. My BP again started rising early on although again nothing was done about it. At around 26-28weeks I got a migraine which they couldn't explain so was called "pregnancy-induced". It never let up and never went away for the rest of my pregnancy. None of the painkillers helped either and at one point they were giving me drugs to try and ease the pain that were not suitable to take during pregnancy. At times it was so bad I wasn't able to eat for several days in a row and was blinded by the pain. By the end of the pregnancy I was virtually unable to walk, had a head that felt like it was exploding and best of all was told my baby was an unstable lie and was flipping all over the place.
I went into labour naturally with Raistlin - he was breech so headed to the hospital. It was the longest labour I've had at 6 hours but I still had no idea of how far gone I was, and at one point she checked me and I was only about 6cm and "had another couple of hours to go". Next thing I know there's this horrible pain as he twisted and went head down, waters broke and he came out!

Pg #10 Again SPD showed up very early, around 10-12weeks. By 15weeks I was physically unable to walk more then a couple of steps and even those were agony. By 20 weeks DH had to carry me around. They gave me crutches shortly afterwards. Thankfully no signs of Pre-Eclampsia this time, which was good as I was having a home water birth, complications or not! Again when I went into labour on Christmas Day (my EDD) I didn't realise and refused to let DH call my midwife out. In the end he did it behind my back, which was a good thing really because she got there, checked me over and said I was good to go only thing holding Ashton in was the fact my waters hadn't broken!!!

I should probably explain that I never know when I'm in real labour because I have pre-labour contractions. These are not Braxton Hicks, they are full on, strong contractions. Full labour style pain coming every few minutes. This will sound strange but it's actually less painful when I am in REAL labour!!!

Anyway, that's the short version of the story so far... My next pregnancy will be my last as I have already pushed my body too far. After pregnancy #8 I was told not to try anymore as I'd either never carry a baby to term or I'd be putting my life in danger if I did. There is also an issue with my heart apparently. I had to have 24hour monitoring during my pregnancy with Jaeven (DS2) but I don't really know what is up with it other then my heart skips beats and I shouldn't put too much strain on it.



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Hello all. I am so thankful that this board has been created. Lots of good can come from this board in my opinion.

Just wanted to give a brief intro as to what my story is. My name is Melanie. I am 26 years old. My husband (Mike) and I had been trying to conceive for almost 4 1/2 years. During this time we have suffered 4 confirmed miscarriages. One unconfirmed. I started going in for numerous testing and ultrasounds. We went through the whole ordeal of both of us being poked and proded on like pin cushions.

My story began when I started to see an OBGYN who did only ONE blood lab at first. She immediately told me that my thyroid was functioning at a rate of 0.91. However, she did not want to do any replacement therapy and decided to just go ahead and throw me in to "Clomid Land". Well, needless to say, I was placed on Clomid for 5 cycles. It did nothing for me. I did not question the fact that my doctor did no ultrasounds during the time period when I was on Clomid. I was basically left to take it and see what happens. Well, as I said....it didn't work. I became highly discouraged and the fact that I didn't question my OBGYN's motives, I decided to go ahead and seek a second opinion because I didn't think it was normal not to be followed up with while you were on Clomid. Thank goodness I switched doctors.

I started seeing the other doctor who immediately brought me in for an ultrasound to check for any abnormalities. I was also poked and proded on numerous times once again via blood labs. WEll, she got the same results back on my thyroid. Also, she discovered that I was insulin resistant. Both of these issues combined with the fact that I had low progesterone levels were more than likely the reasons why I couldn't maintain a pregnancy. So, her suggestion was to first try and diet by doing the Insulin Resistant Diet. I did....I dropped a lot of weight. Keep in mind this was in the fall of 2005. I stayed on the diet and was able to get my glucose levels stabilized. Once this was done. Hubby was examined and also had a semen analysis done. Everything came back normal on it, except his motility was a bit off. So she decided to put him on a 10 day round of antibiotics just to make sure he didn't have any type of infection. Well, he didn't. So he was in the clear at that point.

We continued trying! Well, I was due to start my period during the beginning of February. Well, it hadn't showed. So just for giggles I decided to take a hpt. Well, it was negative when I tested when I was a week late. Well, still no period once I was two weeks late. Took another hpt and it was faint pos. So hubby ran out to Wal-Mart and bought me two digitals. Took them......PREGNANT! I made an appt for 2-20-06 to have my HCG checked. It was 151. It went up to 449 within 48 hrs. So it doubled. The pregnancy was confirmed. They booked me for an u/s to see exactly where I was in the pregnancy.

Well, the estimated my due date at 10-18-06. I had to go on Prometrium twice daily until the end of my 1st trimester because my progesterone was a bit low. I came off of it at 12 wks and was placed on Labetalol twice daily for my hypertension, which was not medicated until that point. However, I have had it for years. I was also diagnosed as suffering from iron deficiency anemia. So now I am on 3 iron supplements a day. I take 5 alfalfa tablets with each iron tablet to combat nausea.

I will be 28 wks this coming Wednesday and I thrilled. I have made it farther than I ever had. The longest I had carried up until this point was a day shy of 12 wks.

Well during my u/s in June when we found out we are having a girl, apparently her abdominal measurement looked a bit small. So now they are going to monitor me monthly by u/s. Plus, I am now going every 2 wks to see my midwife. I have my glucose testing on July 27th so I am hoping I pass .

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Hello everyone! I have had 2 high risk pregnancies.

Kaya Elisabeth born at 36+1 weeks.

When I found out I was pregnant I was informed that since I had a LEEP procedure 6 years earlier that I would be watched more for a possible Incompetent Cervix.

Everything was fine until my 30 week appt. I went in for a normal appt. and got an internal, had them early on because of the potential problem, and was 1cm and 70% effaced. I was sent to the hospital where they did pick up contractions. The were able to stop them and I was sent home the next day.

I was put on bedrest until 36 weeks and medication therapy, Terbutaline. My DD was born and had a 9 day stay in the SCN due to jaundice and a BRADY episode.

Aubrey Claire born at 37+1 weeks.

This time when I found out I was pregnant I was told I was to be co-managed by my Perinatalogist from last time. All was going well until I hit 24 weeks. My cervix started to shorten. This confirmed that I had an IC. I was on 2 week visits and between my OB and Peri. I saw a doctor every week.

I was put on modfied bedrest at 28 weeks, but still kept shortening. Finally at 30 weeks my Peri. decided to not hold off any longer and put me on bed rest and medication therapy, Terbutaline. I was to stay on it until 37 weeks though this time.

I went off my medication on Sunday June 18th as I was 37 weeks on Monday. Monday morning at my OB appt. I found out I was 2cm and 80% effaced. I went in Monday night on the 19th and had my baby girl on Tuesday night the 20th.

Needless to say this was my last preganacy. I know what the problem is and it is me. I would feel so upset if I was to get pregnant again and loose a baby because I dialiate early. We are happy with our 2 girls and are glad they are both healthy.

I wish I would of known about this board sooner. But at least I do now and can maybe be a help to other women who have high risk pregnancies.

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My story isn't as heart breaking the others I have read.

This current pregnancy is #5 for us. If it goes to term it will be #3 child.

Pregnancy #1 I got pregnant at 19. Was very naive on the whole pregnancy thing. Had an easy time. Easy labor. DS is now 12. He was in neonatal for a week due to his oxygen levels being off and a high white blood cell count. But he was just fine.

Pregnancy #2 I miscarried at 12 weeks dh's and I honeymoon baby. I was devistated.

Pregnancy#3 Pretty easy time again. DS#2 was born fine and healthy easy pregnancy and labor.

Pregnancy #4 I miscarried at 8 weeks due to a tear in the uterine lining and the baby implanting too low.

Pregnany #5 Statred off like my other too successful pregnancies. Actually better. I felt great not tired. At 14 weeks I work up to maroon spotting at 3 AM. I went to the er even though the doctor I had at the time said nothing was wrong. Well they were wrong. I have a placental abruption. I spotted for over a month. I am still high risk. We will find out on August 4th whether or not it has resolved itself.

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Well, this is my story so far: I am 30 and DH 33, we have been TTC for 18 cycles now without any result Sad . Last month I went for a HSG, where they discovered I had a uterine malformation and asked for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to get a better picture. It turns out I have a unicornuate uterus, that means that I just have 1/2 uterus, the right part of it... :shock:

I have a left ovary and tube, but it is not connected to the uterus, so it is useless for me. That means that I theoretically only have a chance to get pg every 2 months, when I ovulate from the right side. On the top of it all, during the lap they discovered a tumor on my right ovary (that luckilly was not cancerous) that they removed, so I really hope I won't have trouble ovulating again from my right side... :-?

The RE was quite optimistic about my uterus, saying I would have a risk comparable to a woman carrying twins, but from everything I read on the web it seems much worse than that, with an increased rate of m/c, especially in the 2nd trim and premature births. So I am quite scared and will be looking for a 2nd opinion.

I also seem to have a blood coagulation problem, but I am still waiting about more precise results on this one. I really feel I am accumulating problems and I am already an anxious person.

I am now living in Bolivia, where I am not totally confident about getting the best health care, so if I get pg I will return back to Europe at the end of my 3rd month. I am just afraid about the long flight (20+ hours)...

I am looking forward to know the other TTC or pregnant high-risk girls, as well as the high-risk mommies (to give us hope!)!!!

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My story is a little different. I was told and have known for a while that any pregnancy I have would be considered high risk. I am 25 years old and recently married in March of 2006. I have never been pregnant, but I have always known that I wanted to have kids. I am not currently pregnant. My husband and I are thinking about trying to conceive. I have a kidney disease (function around 52%); we are currently back to not knowing which one it is. I am on medications that I will have to stop when I am pregnant (stop treatment for the kidney disease). My nephrologist (kidney doctor) told me that now would be the best time (medically) for me to get pregnant becuase once my kidney function drops below 30%, the body cannot support any pregnancies. It has been rather scary these past few weeks because I cannot find any information about pregnancy and kidney disease (that are positive or otherwise). I have met with a perinatalogist because my regular ob-gyn suggested it. He tells me I am at risk for pre-eclampsia and the baby and I may or may not make it if I get pregnant. I feel much better after talking to the perinataligist- a renal (kidney) specialist. Smile He also told me that if I feel more comfortable going to my regular doc for the begining and coming to him if it is necessary, that is okay. I am collecting all my records for my regular ob-gyn and will hopefully be scheduling a pre conception appointment with her soon :).

Update: DH and I met with my regular ob-gyn and had the pre-conception appointment where we decided on a course of action. The drugs I would stop as soon as I found out I was pregnant and the one I would stop months before ttc. At the end of November 2006 we found out we are expecting our first child!

Update 2: As you can see from my signature, Brian was born on July 17th, 2007. For all of the pregnancy my regular ob was my primary doctor. We saw the peri once a month for it. He was always much calmer than my ob's office. They kind of freaked out about the whole thing...I while I love my ob, sometimes I wish I had gone with the peri completely. It would have saved a lot of stress on my part. Peri was always calm, and the regular ob's office was not. I was induced with Brian on July 17th at 37 weeks because the ob's office did not like what they saw on some of my bloodwork. They actually consulted with the peri's office (didn't get the peri I had been seeing for almost every visit, got his associate), and both doctors Agreed that the way the bloodwork was going, it would be better off for everyone involved If I delivered early. From what I know, which isn't much, my creatinine number was rasing (they said it was 1.4) and my liver enzymes were rising too. I found out yesterday from my nephrologist's office that I was very anemic (not the slightly that I was told by my ob). My blood pressures had also started to slowly creep up but were nowhere near the numbers needed to diagnose pre-e. Add to this that I had gd, and I got to be induced...

The induction was, obviously, successful. Labor was 12 hours long and intense. I did have an epidural at 3 cm because the nurse told me the anesthesiologist had two back to back c-sections, and if I wanted one it had to be done at that time or else not at all...so I had the epidural at 11 am, and labor Slowed down. The epidural was the kind where the patient is given a certain amount and can push a button to self-administer doses. Around 3 pm I could feel pain again, so I started using the self admistering thing; I was at 6 cm and 100 %? effaced. I'd run out of the pain medication by 3:30 pm? The anesthesiologist came back at 4? to change the bag of pain meds only to find out from the nurse there weren't anymore to replace it with because the pharmacy had not filled the order that had been sent in 3 hours previously. The nurse truned off the iv for the epidural...it wore off before I delivered my son. The anesthesiologist was able to give me something for the pain directly into the epidural port, but it only just barely took the edge off. I was aware of everything that was happening around and to me, just not looking at any clocks. Apparently, I pushed Brian out in 45 minutes. As my doctor was stitching me up after delivery (Brian came out with his hand next to his head), I could feel the hot water they were cleaning me with. She had to yell at the nurse to go get the anesthesiologist who came and told her there wasn't anything else he could give without going over the legal dosages...My doc used lanciane to numb me while she stitched me up.

He was born weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces, a little on the small side, but perfect. He was 20 inches long. He seems to be taking off now. It's 6 weeks and he weighs a lttlle over 9 pounds and has grown an inch. Smile We were incredibly lucky with Brian (and me) during both the pregnancy and his birth. He may be our only child, time will tell. I don't know if I have it in me to do this again. If we do decide to try to have another one, I will (for however much I love my ob) be going with the peri straight out.

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My Story

Hi Ladies,

I am so glad this board was created.

Here is my story:

1st pregnancy when I was 18 yrs. old was wonderful until I hit 35 wks. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and she was delivered that same day with no problems.

I got married Oct. 2 2004 and in June 2005...

2nd pregnancy - we were not really trying but we were so happy as my husband has no kids of his own. Everything was going great and then at 19wks I started bleeding. I went to the doctor and he told me I was 3 cm. dialated. I was rushed to the hospital where they wanted to do an emergency cerclage but then my water broke and I had to deliver my son, Christopher who died 1 hr. after being born on Sept. 28, 2005. We were devestated but still had faith and hope that we could try again.

3rd pregnancy - we waited the 3 full cycles and in Jan 06 we started trying and in Feb 06 I got that positive and was elated b/c my doctor had set up a very good plan. I was set to get a cerclage at 14wks and see my doctor every 3 wks to check my cervix b/c we thought I had incompetent cervix. I got my cerclage at 14wks and everything was great and then at 20 wks here we go again bleeding so I go to the doctor and he says he can se the bag of waters so off to the hospital again and then my doctor examines me and notices that I am having contractions and I said that's what that is I have been having those for 2 weeks and I had them with the last pregnancy. So now we realize that my problem is that I am going into preterm labor but we don't know why. On June 9, 2006 my son, Ralph was born stillborn at 20wks after 12 hours of labor.

I am totally hopeful that one day I will be able to have another baby. My doctor has referred me to one of the top high risk specialists in NY and I will be making an appt with him in Oct. for a pre-conception appointment as I want to try to find out why I am going into preterm labor and what we can do to sustain another pregnancy before I get pregnant. We do hope to start trying to conceive in the Spring of 2007.

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My name is Diane & I am 29 years old. Although I am not PG, I will always be considered high risk. I have 2 beautiful Ds's. Liam will be 6 in October & Mikey will be 3 in December. I have had 3 MC's, the loss of 4 baby's {2 PG was with Heterotopic twins}.

I found out while I was PG the first time in 98 that I have basically 2 uterus'. Sometimes it is considered Bicornuate, but my septum comes so low, that it is basically split in tow. My right side is the bigger side.

All 3 of my MC have been carried in my right side & my boys were in my left!

Because of this, I have PPH {very severe with Liam, not so severe with Mikey, although both needed sugery to stop}. I also have a higher chance of PTL, as there is basically only half the room for the baby to grow. I have been warned of 28 weekers and such. BUT!!! Liam was a bit early~34 weeks & Mikey, although he had PROM at 20 weeks, he was born at 38 weeks!!!

I currently have a Mirena IUD, but recently found out it is in my right uterus, so have been warned that yes, I can still get PG in my left uterus :shock:

I have also been advised that it probably isn't the best idea to get PG past 30, but I am not sure. I still feel like I want/need one more, KWIM? This baby itch is fierce!!!

Thanks for reading this far!

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hey guys my names Dusti i'm 26 i have 4 children shaila is 6 the twins kiyah an mataiah are 3 an my son EQuaic is 1 an i am currently preg with #5. i had toxemia with my first pregnancy an pre-e with every pregnancy since. i had prom with the twins at 16 weeks an there placenta started to peel around 26 weeks. then i have always been induced one vaginal an 2 c-sec due to it. my baby due on x-mas day but i'll have a scheduled c-sec around 2 weeks early. i have allready been put on methadopa for my bp, i've been leaking fluid since 13-15 weeks and bleeding since 15 all u/s show everything is fine with placenta. Dr says u can only c 20% of peels on u/s but at 21 week u/s they were able to see the amniotic fluid outside of the sac, so its a only time will tell type thing, i love to chat an am pretty smart when it comes to this preg type thing an have delt with the pre-e in every preg so i am a good resorse an love to help, but i have those times where i to need reasurance so i am eager to meet you guys

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I just found this board and wish that I came here during my pregnancy. I'm not currently pregnant but I went through problems conceiving and a high risk pregnancy. I will always be high risk.

My DH and I started to TTC in Spring '04 and were not having any luck conceiving and my periods completely stopped after going off BCP. So I started going to my gyno and he ran a series of tests on me before starting me on Clomid. During a routine u/s he saw a problem with my uterus. I had to then have an HSG, where it was discovered that I have an unicornuate uterus. From there, I had to have an u/s to see if I had 2 kidneys (common to have 1 with unicornuate uterus), luckily I have 2! Then I started on Clomid and was able to conceive on the third round. I then started seeing a perintologist every two weeks and had many u/s. I was able to carry my son to term (39 wks), which is the major concern with an unicoruate uterus.

Manuelita - You and I both have unicornuate uteruses. I know it is a very scary diagnosis. I too started reading many things on the internet that made me so nervous. On the other hand, I also found info that was reassuring. If you have any questions or just wanted to talk, feel free to PM me. GL

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Hi my name is Becky and I just discovered this board. I am glad I found it though! Here is our story....

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 19. At 21 I had to have a cervical cone done due to precancerous cervical cells. I was told then that I would be high risk in any pg b/c of the risk of incompetent cervix. With the PCOS I had a lot of difficulty concieving but I finally did when I switched dr's and found one that would actually listen to me.

We were put on the Prochieve cycle (clomid, estradiol, and progesterone suppositories through 12 wks if confirmed pg) in May of 2004. On June 3 we found out we were pg. At 8 wks I was diagnosed with subchronic hemorrage. It resolved itself at 18 wks. I was checked for incompetent cervix and everything looked good so they decided not to do cerclage. Everything seemed textbook throughout the 2ns trimester and we found out we were having a little boy. We were thrilled. I was then diagnosed with GD but able to control it with diet. Then at 11 pm on November 29 I had a huge gush of blood. I was 29 wks 6 days. I was rushed to the ER and less than 2 hrs later I was airlifted to a special high risk unit about an hour and a half from our home. I was on Terbut and Mag sul to help stop the contrax. They got those under control and I was kept monitored. On my 11th day of hospitalization, I started having a ton of contrax, but no one would believe I was in labor. I was 31 wks 1day. I finally got the nurse to call the dr in so I could talk to him. My DH came at 11:30 and the dr walked in right behind him. They decided to transfer me to l&d for monitoring. They let me eat lunch and finally checked me around 1 that afternoon. (I had been telling them I was in labor since about 9 am.) I was 5 cm. The dr stopped the mag and trasferred me to a birthing room. Our DS came into this world hollering up a storm at 4:52 pm. He was 3 lbs 14 oz. After 24 days in the hospital we were able to bring him home. 2 wks after he was born they finally told us I had an abruption and that I was at a high risk for a second more than most, b/c the risk increases with how early you have one. I was told not to get pg without monitoring from an OB.

Fast forward to Jan of 06. I decided I would love to try to have another baby and so I scheduled an OB appt to talk to the dr and see what his recommendation was as to how we should proceed and what precautions we would need to take from the beginning. We did everything we were instructed to do including me losing a few lbs. I was put through some blood work and they decided it was safe to start the prochieve cycle again since that had worked the first time. We started that in April. No luck. May came and on May 31 we found out we were expecting our 2nd. I went in for an early u/s at 7 wks and was told everything looked great. I was put on reg visits until 16 wks. At 16 wks were checked again for incompetent cervix and referred to Maternal fetal medicine dept. I was watched until 24 weeks and then they started testing. My reg OB thought I showed signs of a clotting disorder based on my history, so he decided to test for it. He was right. They diagnosed MTHRF and a Protein-S deficiency. I was diagnosed GD at the same time so they had me keep track of my numbers for a week. They statred me on Lovenox and the next day I started insulin as well. I have been going in for weekly checks since 26 wks. I have been having BPP's and NST's since 28wks. So far so good. I started 2x a wk appts at 30wks. I am now in the home stretch. I am scheduled for an amnio on 1/15/07 to see if our little boy's lungs are developed. If they are they will induce me that day. If not I will be sent home and then we will go to plan B.

I am so glad I found this board. I look forwards to getting to know everyone.

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Hey everyone. Here is my story.
I am 30, my dh is 36. We have our dd, Emily who just turned 11.
When I had my emergency c-section with Emily I was just about 4 weeks over-due. I developed a severe infection that resulted in a long term autoimmune illness that would eventually develop into end stage renal disease.
In 2003 I started dialysis. In July of 2004 I got the phone call that I had a kidney that was a perfect match being flown to Nashville and to get to the hospital straight away.
Now, 2.5 years later dh and I have finally been told it is okay to try to have another child. We are currently doing in-vitro because in 2000 I had a tubal after a miscarriage due to my kidney disease.
The risk to the kidney during pregnancy is very slight, it will actually perform better during a pregnancy because pregnancy is an immune suppressed state. We will chance one of my anit-rejection medications, cellcept, to imuran before an embryo transfer as cellcept is fatal to fetal development but after that the nephrologist feels I should do fine. I will be high risk because my chance for miscarriage with just one baby in the first trimester will be 35%, twins will increase that slightly. After the first trimester my risk for miscarriage will drop to 15%. I will be at high risk for infection, especially uti and kidney. I also have a 50% chance of developing pre-eclampsia and will certainly develop hypertension. If at any point in the pregnancy my health is at risk they will deliver the baby.

I know that it is very risky and we have considered the odds. But we feel confident that if we are lucky enough to achieve a pregnancy that certainly with all of the doctors and knowledge we have things will turn out okay. We feel we have to try or we will regret never giving it a chance for the rest of our lives.
I hope to join you guys soon! My first cycle is right around the corner.

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My Story

DH and I were married almost 3 years ago. About 2 weeks before our wedding I was in severe pain on my left side. I have an auto immune liver disease and terrible kidney stones. I thought it was just another kidney stone. DH took me to the ER where the nurse confirmed that I was pregnant. I was totally shocked. IN the matter of 10 minutes I learned I was pregnent, going in for emergency surgery and I was losing the baby. I had an ectopic pregnancy. The following day my Ob and liver MDs came to see me and discussed my options for pregnancy in the future. I did lose my left tube so I only have the right one left. After 2 years of saying if it happens then it happens, I told both my gyno and liver MDs that we were ready to try and needed help. I had an HSG which showed the right tube was all clear. Gyno put me on Clomid and it worked on the 4th cycle! DH and I are so excited. I am 27 weeks right now, I'm considered High Risk because of my liver disease but so far everything has been perfect! I see my OB and high risk MD every 4 weeks and I get to see my little guy on ultrasound once a month!!! This is our little miracle baby!!!

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Hi - I'm Tabitha, and I just found this board.. wish I knew about it my last pregnancy it would have been such a great resource! Here's my story...

I'll start with a little back ground leading up to some discoveries... I started taking Ortho Evra when I was 17 - had my first boyfriend, wanted to have sex so I talked to my mom and thought I was smart, so that's the route we chose. About 5 or 6 months into the patch I noticed some redness/tenderness on my right ankle/calf, thought nothing of it but it was persistent and didn't go away. I worked retail at the time, so I was constantly on my feet. Luckily one day a paramedic came into the store and we made small talk, I asked her to look at my leg and she thought it was a possible DVT. I made an appointment with my pedi at the time, and it was confirmed by Echo that it was a DVT. By that time it was already in my popliteal area (behind my knee) and was moving on up into my femoral area. I started Lovenox that day through home-health and was put on Coumadin for a year (joy). That event was over, and not much more was said.

Move forward to 2006 - I had issues with my ovaries, constant pain. Went in for an US at my OB and found I had an almost 9cm cyst on my right ovary. They scheduled surgery (June 30, 06), and thought I was going to lose the ovary and tube because the risk of twisting and loss of blood supply. They told me it was a possiblity, but it may not happen. I also had my cervix lasered (was diagnosed with Highrisk HPV) and they also did a hystero. just to check if I was even able to get preggo. After surgery I was fine, for about a month and a half... until the pain came back. Thought I was going to have surgery again, went in for an US - they found nothing. Said they wanted me to go to the ER for a abd/pelvis CT to check my pancreas and spleen, but before they did they wanted to give me a pregnancy test. I took it, not even thinking there was a chance in hell, and low and behold it was positive. That day my world changed - I thought for the worse, but SO much for the better.

I saw my OB regularly, and mentioned the DVT I had previously. She thought I needed to be on Heparin ASAP, gave me a prescription and set me up with Maternal/Fetal Medicine. Come to find out I have Homozygous MTHFR (2 abnormal genes). I was on Heparin 2x a day, which moved to 3x once I hit my 3rd trimester. I continued to see the OB regularly, as well as the highrisk OB. Once I hit 34 weeks, the appointments changed to 2x a week. One day I'd have a color flow doppler, the next I'd have a NST. Everything looked good, and an induction date was set for May 2nd, 07. They told me that I'd stop the Heparin 48hrs before the date, that way it was able to clear my system. I went in for induction - total breeze, Cole came out screaming at 4:20pm 5.2.07 after 6 minutes of pushing. I had an episiotomy, and that was rough - still have issues 13 months later.

Fast forward to today 6.15.08 - I'm currently going on 19wks with a little girl (Kelsey), and see same OB/Highrisk. This time I'm on Lovenox 2x a day because of the recent recall of Heparin. I've had my NT scan done, and all looks well (DH's nephew has Down's pretty severly). I also have a placenta previa - it started out as a marginal, but the scans I've had at work (I'm an x-ray tech, my close gf is a sonographer :yahoo:) shows that it's a complete. I had a feeling this time around I'd be have a c-section, but I should find out more on 6.27 when I have another US and blood work checkup. This is my final pregnancy - Dh and I are done, we're ready to stop with the shots, the stress and my female issues. I'm having a hysterectomy ASAP after Kelsey is born, they'll leave in the left tube since it hasn't given me much trouble. DH is also thinking of a vasectomy in the mean time so we don't wind up preggo again *haha*.

I'd just like to say that so many of you ladies on here have gone through SO much more, and I am just grateful I have healthy children. I have no right to complain - and you deserve MAJOR kudo's for all you've endoured. I wish you all the VERY best! :notworthy:

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I'm so happy I found this board. I just found out I'm preggo, I had a BFP on Father's Day. So it was a long journey to get to this point, and here's my story:

I was diagnosed with kidney disease when I was 19, but as the drs couldn't do anything for me (I had 100% function at the time), I just kept on my life. Then in '99, I was found to have only 50% function. At that time, I had just met my DH, and wasn't thinking of preg. We just started dating. In 2003, we got married and thought maybe we could wait 2 yrs before TTC. But when I asked my nephrologist some questions about it, I was shocked to find that - at 30% function, it was already too late, I had lost most of my ferility!!

Despite managing my kidney disease, I still kept losing kidney function. I was scheduled Apr 26, 2006 for a kidney transplant, thanks to my DH, who turned out to be a suitable kidney match for me. However, 2 wks before the transplant operation, I ended up in ER with a creatinine of over 1000 and feeling so horrible in so many ways. I had to go on dialysis for 2 wks before the transplant operation.

Luckily the transplant operation went really well. For the 1st 6 months, everything was perfect. Then I was diagnosed with a BK virus, which can scar and wreck your kidney transplant in a matter of weeks. Fortunately, they had just started routine BK virus screening, caught it early, and then had just put together a drug protocol which they weren't sure would work, but were guessing it should, based on the various drug properties.

I was sooooooo fortunate, in that I was the first one who was successfully treated for BK virus on that drug protocol and then the first one who was taken off that drug protocol and declared "BK-virus-free".

At first, that neph wanted me to wait another 18-24 mths before TTC, which devastated me, as I was already 36 at that point. But a few weeks later on, she decided that it was ok and as of last Nov, gave the green light to TTC.

I had a routine biopsy in April and it was discovered in May that I had some low level rejection (so low, you couldn't see it in the bloodwork). Altho the neph was concerned and would have preferred I switched drugs and stop TTC, the neph knew how much we wanted kids and recommended staying the course instead. That was in early June.

Then I discovered on Father's Day that I was preggo. I confirmed it yesterday with my GP. I was so excited but also very scared. I am willing to risk it, but I hope that my baby will be ok.


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Older pregnacy

Smile I am 43 years old and 9 weeks, 3 days pregnant. We were not trying, it just happened and I couldn't be happier. I guess, because of my age, this puts me at high risk (well, I also have high blood pressure that my dr is watching closely, as well)
There are women in their 40's in the Jan 2010 board but I have them all beat by 2 yrs. I keep getting the same from everyone,"A lot of women are waiting until "later in life" to have babies" I don't mind this comment, I just think it's funny because we weren't trying!
Good luck to all of you!! I hope to get to know you better in these next few months!

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ATT'N ~Sophia

I was scheduled Apr 26, 2006 for a kidney transplant, thanks to my DH, who turned out to be a suitable kidney match for me

I was sooooooo fortunate, in that I was the first one who was successfully treated for BK virus on that drug protocol and then the first one who was taken off that drug protocol and declared "BK-virus-free".

Honey, you were meant to be here and to be pregnant... your story sounds like a miracle to me... I still have goosebumps!!
What an awesome story... best of luck to you!

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Awww thanks Kim!! The pregnancy was so awesome! Despite being induced, the labour and delivery was awesome (thank you, epidural!). And my DD Evie is the awesomest!!

The best part: the transplant clinic did a postpartum and routine post-transplant follow-up, and they said we can try for another baby! So we are doing that rite now, I just got my AF back last month.

And Kim - congrats on your pregnancy!! HH9M!!

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My Story

May 12 2010

Here is my story:

This is my first post here. The reason I am posting here is because I feel like bursting out all my feelings, frustration and helplessness.

First Pregnancy:
I tested positive on April 12 2009. It was one of the happiest day in our lives and we went in to the hospital the next day to sign up for the pregnancy. Coming back from the hospital, we called all the family members and shared the news. May 2nd 2009, I was 6 weeks 6days pregnant and noticed some brown blood. I thought it was implantation bleeding and waited until the next day when it turned red and we ran to the ER. They did 4 rounds of ultrasound and told there is nothing inside other than empty sac. They said I am miscarrying. We both were shocked and I was all in tears helplessly.

Second Pregnancy:
After waiting for 2 cycles after my first miscarriage, I tested positive again on July 30 2010, this time I had more hopes that I can carry this baby to term. We went for an early ultrasound at 6 weeks and my ob/gyn said she cannot see the baby and confirmed its a blighted ovum. Again one more heart breaking day for us. I started bleeding the same week and went to ER , again they confirmed its a miscarriage......what next??

My ob/gyn ordered a bunch of lab tests and genetic screening for both of us. Every thing came back normal except that I tested weakly positive for blot clotting disorder which would have played the role in my miscarriages as per my ob/gyn. he told me that he will put me on progesterone and baby aspirin the next time.

Third Pregnancy:

After waiting for more than 6 months I am pregnant again. I tested positive on March 11 2010. This time we know what the problem is, so hoped every thing will be good. I went in for my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and good news there is a heart beat, which I never saw in the previous 2 pregnancies. This is the moment i waited for all these days. DH enjoyed seeing the heartbeat, but I was a little panicked. Doctor said baby measured 5 days less than my dates, but as long as they see a HB everything is good. We were told to come back again in 2 weeks for another ultrasound.

I went in for my second ultrasound at 10 weeks and saw a healthy heart beat again and the baby moved this time. I thought every thing is going well this time and the baby aspirin is working. We announced the pregnancy to family members and started to feel the baby more.

May 4 2010, I was 11 weeks 2 days pregnant. Finished dinner and went to restroom and saw bright red blood and i started screaming inside. DH didn't understand whats going on inside and he is standing outside the restroom door. I came out and explained him the situation...all my dreams were broken again...helpless..we both didn't understand what to do. Next day morning we went in to my doctors office fingers crossed. Again breaking my heart there is no heartbeat...I was miscarrying again.
My Doctor said I have to get D&C done and we are far into pregnancy this time. We decided to have it done the same day and went to the anesthesia department. We spoke to the anesthetist and he said the surgery will be around 3pm as I had milk that morning. Took the paperwork and went to the surgery building and waited there helplessly until 2 PM. Then the nurse took me inside, had me change to the gown and plugged in the IV after poking 3 times, ECG and whatnot. My SIL came to see me around 5PM and again all of were helplessly tears. I am hungry and my mouth is dry and they didn't let me drink water also. 9.30PM they finally started to take me to OR and that's the hardest moment in my life...DH wont be with me in the OR...don't know whats going to happen...my little baby wont be inside me after the surgery. They tool me to OR and I don't remember any thing after...waking up around 10.30PM, nurse said its over. DH came inside the recovery room and they let me go home. There ends my third miscarriage.

NOW WHAT?? I am desperate for my baby....i have my followup appointment on next Friday 05/21, my doctor said he will run more tests thins time and put me on heparin shots. He told me to wait 2 more cycles, but I will wait only one. This is where I am right now.........Hoping to be a mommy some day.