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    can you add gryphon?
    Gryphon Kendrick
    March 25,2009 @ 8:02am
    8lbs 3.7oz and 18.5 inches long.

    Gretchen riley

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    Default May Victoria's Birth Story

    May Victoria
    April 5th 7:52am
    42 wks 1 day
    9 lbs 8 oz 21 inches

    She finally made her entrance on April 5th at 7:52am. She weighed 9.5lbs and was 21" long.

    She was 15 days overdue, so they had me come in Friday pm for a cervical ripening--which I was less than thrilled about, as I really wanted to avoid an induction and have a natural childbirth. The nurse told me that they had to do constant fetal heart monitoring, which I refused. I was going to go home when the midwife on call called to talk to me. We agreed to do 20min of monitoring per hour, so in went the cervadil.

    Around 3-4am I started having bad cramping and hip pain, and labor started on its own (no pitocin needed) around 8am, although it felt like it had started hours before thanks to the cervadil. I was happy to avoid pitocin, though.

    I dialated pretty rapidly, and was at 8cm by 3:30pm Sat when they broke my water--which they had a very hard time doing. The midwife finally had an OB come in, and even he struggled for quite awhile before getting it to break. No meconium in the fluid, so that was good. I was soon at 9cm, but then things came to a halt. Contractions weren't getting closer together, and I was in absolute constant misery from the hip pain. May must've been in a bad position in my pelvis. The only relief I got was in the shower, but even then when the contractions came, it was horrible. As I had been at 9cm since about 5-6pm, I thought for sure I'd have the baby before midnight, but I was wrong. Around 11pm I got stadol, but it didn't do a thing for me. I was afraid the lack of progress, and the fact that I was dead tired (falling asleep standing up between contractions) would make me end up with a c-section. So after talking to my midwife I agreed to an epidural. So much for natural childbirth, but at that point I didn't give a $%&@. I just wanted relief and to get that baby out!! Unfortunately the anesthesiologist had just gone into a c-section when they called in for the eppy. So I ended up waiting nearly two hours before I got it. But it was instant relief and I was blessing whoever created epidurals. I slept from 2-4am and when the nurse checked me at 4am I was at a 10. So they had me "labor down" for an hour and then started pushing. The baby was pretty low in my pelvis, but my contractions were still 4-8min apart, despite a pitocin drip that was started when I got my eppy. They had me push anyway, it just took longer b/c I had to wait so long between contractions. After over 2hrs of pushing (which wasn't as bad as it seems b/c I had lots of rest between pushes), she crowned, and I had to wait ages before the next contraction to finish pushing her out. That was very painful, but it helped to stretch my perineum so that she came out during the next push--all 9.5lbs of her without any tearing at all.

    Then I hemorrhaged a gallon of blood. My midwife was awesome, though--calm, cool and collected. She took care of it by shoving 3 cytotec pills up my rectum. I had May on my chest and we were occupied with her, so I didn't know how badly I had hemorrhaged until much later. She anticipated the hemorrhage b/c of my age (37) and how long I'd been in labor. Plus, she said I had a "funky" uterus so she was expecting it to take a vacation and think it didn't have to contract anymore. They kept me on a mild pitocin drip for the next 12hrs to make sure my uterus kept contracting. After that, I was fine. The eppy wore off quickly, and the nurse couldn't believe how quickly I was up out of bed considering how much blood I'd lost and the eppy making my legs numb.

    We've been home nearly a week now, and May is doing really well. She's breastfeeding well, and is very good--only cries when she's hungry or when she's getting her diaper changed--or disturbed in some other fashion. I'm really lucky to have such a good baby. I thought throughout my pregnancy that I was having a boy (we didn't learn the sex), so it was quite a surprise when dh announced she was a girl. It took me a few days to wrap my head around the fact, but now that I have, I can't imagine her being anything but a girl.

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    I just realized I never posted Mason's birth story here, so here it is, I already had it typed and saved on my pc, I guess I just forgot to post.

    Mason Christopher
    April 21, 2009, 9:46 p.m.
    8 lbs 6 oz, 21.5 inches long

    I know I took long enough to type this up, and there are some gaps where my memory is a little fuzzy, but this is as good as it will get.

    My due date of Sunday April 19 came and went with no sign of anything. DH started his 2 weeks vacation Monday the 20th, which also happened to be his b-day, so he was hell bent on popping that baby out so they could share a b-day. We did a lot of walking, it was a nice day so we browsed some shops downtown and did a bit of strolling through the mall. We had a nice little b-day lunch at a pub, mellow and low key. That night one of our cats started vomiting out of the blue while laying in bed with me, and then afterward just watched me for the rest of the night, which he does not do, so that was weird. Midnight passed, and DH’s hopes of a b-day baby were dashed.

    I had just gone to bed when at 1 am on April 21st and I started getting some contractions. I breathed through them for awhile, then decided to take a bath at 2 am. The bath did very little, and I was having a lot of back pain. I called L&D at 3 am, and they said to hold off until my contrax were 4-5 min apart, or until it was too painful. My contrax were only 7-10 min apart, so I went back to squirming and breathing through them.

    By 5 am I couldn’t take much more, so into the hospital we went. I was on the monitor for about 30 min. My contrax were pretty regular and I was 3 cm. At around 6 am I went into the tub for about an hour, which helped a bit, but not much. At this point I knew I would not be able to tough out a drug free labour. I got back into my room, and got resettled, was checked and was 4 cm and got my shot of morphine. The morphine helped with the uterine contrax, but was no help at all for the back pain. My mom showed up at around 8 am. I hit 5 cm at around 8:30 am, and spent a lot of time on the ball. I stalled at 6-7 cm.

    So this is where I started to lose track of time. At some point they broke my water and I got an IV (one of the many things I had hoped to avoid.) I got Fentanyl, which did absolutely nothing for the pain, and spent even more time on the ball, which I do think actually helped me. That and my mom, cuz (and this is not me trying to pick on DH) DH didn’t really know how to help or comfort me. Somewhere in this mess the baby’s HR started dipping with contrax, I think because the cord was in a weird place, or between his head and my uterus. Either way, they had me in new positions every few minutes cuz laying a certain would stop it for a little while. And after that I got very out of it, not sure why, but I remember them telling me that my HR was wildly fluctuating, and at that point they were more concerned about me than the baby.

    I got an epidural at around 4 pm I think. I was still super out of it, which was apparently a good thing cuz I guess it took the doctor like 3 tries to get the catheter in my spine. DH and my mom were about ready to throttle him, but all I remember is the nurses holding me up, trying not to move during contrax, and his directions (shoulders forward, chin down, roll your back, etc.) Thankfully I was numb when they put in my catheter (yet another thing I had wanted to avoid.) I hit 9 cm at around 5 pm, but the boy was kind of trying to come out at an angle. They started me on pitocin at around 6 or 7 pm to try and get that last cm out of the way. By 8 pm I had tearfully come to accept the fact that I would most likely be having a c-section. I was having some issues with my catheter hurting, but they couldn’t find any problems, other than it wasn’t really draining my bladder the way it should have.

    At 9 pm, after being stalled at 9 cm for 4 hours the doctor made the call for a c-section. We got all prepped for surgery, DH and I went in, and my mom waited in recovery. I went in at 9:30 pm and at 9:46 pm, 8 lb 6 oz Mason Christopher made his arrival. The doctor said the baby would not have made it out on his own, he was trying to make his way out through my bladder, which is why I was experiencing so much discomfort. He had a lovely cone head from the hours of trying to force his way out. They put me back together and I was in recovery at 10:15 pm. He nursed a little bit in recovery. I was beyond exhausted, I hadn't slept in almost 2 days.

    Me just before going into surgery and a very newborn Mason

    Mason meeting Daddy and them Mommy for the first time

    The first couple nights were rough. I hadn’t really prepared myself for surgery recovery, and for an extended hospital stay. I got hit with the baby blues pretty hard, and BFing difficulties didn’t help the situation. All of his tests went well, and his discharge weight was 7 lbs 9 oz. We came home Saturday the 25th, and I was just so glad to be out of the hospital. DH still had a week left of vacation, which I was so glad for, as well as him staying with me the whole time in the hospital. The first week home was still a struggle, and I was still pretty down. I’m getting better day by day, and BFing is getting a bit better each day, although it feels very much like a “one step forward, two steps back” deal most days.

    When he had his 2 week appt I was a bit worried about him gaining enough weight, because he is feeding practically every 2 hours, and I was worried that it was because he wasn’t getting enough. But boy was I wrong when he weighed in at 9 lbs! My doctor said she would’ve been happy if he had just gotten back to his birth weight, so he is a happy and well fed boy. He has a bit of a flat spot from favoring one side, so we have to try and make him look the other way more often. I expressed my frustration with BFing, but got the same response I always get, be patient. Although I must thank her for pointing out that having a baby who rarely spits up and rarely cries (he fusses a lot but he hardly ever outright cries/wails) is a great thing. So she did kind of help me see the bright side of things, something I’m not that great at doing. I was a little concerned about my weight though, at 2 weeks PP I was back down to my pre-preg weight already, and that just didn’t seem healthy to me. I mean I understand why, with BFing, lack of sleep, and no time to eat with the round the clock nursing, I was burning way more calories than I was taking in, especially the first 2 weeks. I’m getting to eat more now, and I’m even making a proper supper tonight for the first time since we got home.

    So that’s my novel, congrats if you managed to finish the entire thing.
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