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    ATT'N ~Sophia

    I was scheduled Apr 26, 2006 for a kidney transplant, thanks to my DH, who turned out to be a suitable kidney match for me

    I was sooooooo fortunate, in that I was the first one who was successfully treated for BK virus on that drug protocol and then the first one who was taken off that drug protocol and declared "BK-virus-free".

    Honey, you were meant to be here and to be pregnant... your story sounds like a miracle to me... I still have goosebumps!!
    What an awesome story... best of luck to you!
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    Awww thanks Kim!! The pregnancy was so awesome! Despite being induced, the labour and delivery was awesome (thank you, epidural!). And my DD Evie is the awesomest!!

    The best part: the transplant clinic did a postpartum and routine post-transplant follow-up, and they said we can try for another baby! So we are doing that rite now, I just got my AF back last month.

    And Kim - congrats on your pregnancy!! HH9M!!
    Sophia 41, DH 36

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    Default My Story

    May 12 2010

    Here is my story:

    This is my first post here. The reason I am posting here is because I feel like bursting out all my feelings, frustration and helplessness.

    First Pregnancy:
    I tested positive on April 12 2009. It was one of the happiest day in our lives and we went in to the hospital the next day to sign up for the pregnancy. Coming back from the hospital, we called all the family members and shared the news. May 2nd 2009, I was 6 weeks 6days pregnant and noticed some brown blood. I thought it was implantation bleeding and waited until the next day when it turned red and we ran to the ER. They did 4 rounds of ultrasound and told there is nothing inside other than empty sac. They said I am miscarrying. We both were shocked and I was all in tears helplessly.

    Second Pregnancy:
    After waiting for 2 cycles after my first miscarriage, I tested positive again on July 30 2010, this time I had more hopes that I can carry this baby to term. We went for an early ultrasound at 6 weeks and my ob/gyn said she cannot see the baby and confirmed its a blighted ovum. Again one more heart breaking day for us. I started bleeding the same week and went to ER , again they confirmed its a miscarriage......what next??

    My ob/gyn ordered a bunch of lab tests and genetic screening for both of us. Every thing came back normal except that I tested weakly positive for blot clotting disorder which would have played the role in my miscarriages as per my ob/gyn. he told me that he will put me on progesterone and baby aspirin the next time.

    Third Pregnancy:

    After waiting for more than 6 months I am pregnant again. I tested positive on March 11 2010. This time we know what the problem is, so hoped every thing will be good. I went in for my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and good news there is a heart beat, which I never saw in the previous 2 pregnancies. This is the moment i waited for all these days. DH enjoyed seeing the heartbeat, but I was a little panicked. Doctor said baby measured 5 days less than my dates, but as long as they see a HB everything is good. We were told to come back again in 2 weeks for another ultrasound.

    I went in for my second ultrasound at 10 weeks and saw a healthy heart beat again and the baby moved this time. I thought every thing is going well this time and the baby aspirin is working. We announced the pregnancy to family members and started to feel the baby more.

    May 4 2010, I was 11 weeks 2 days pregnant. Finished dinner and went to restroom and saw bright red blood and i started screaming inside. DH didn't understand whats going on inside and he is standing outside the restroom door. I came out and explained him the situation...all my dreams were broken again...helpless..we both didn't understand what to do. Next day morning we went in to my doctors office fingers crossed. Again breaking my heart there is no heartbeat...I was miscarrying again.
    My Doctor said I have to get D&C done and we are far into pregnancy this time. We decided to have it done the same day and went to the anesthesia department. We spoke to the anesthetist and he said the surgery will be around 3pm as I had milk that morning. Took the paperwork and went to the surgery building and waited there helplessly until 2 PM. Then the nurse took me inside, had me change to the gown and plugged in the IV after poking 3 times, ECG and whatnot. My SIL came to see me around 5PM and again all of were helplessly tears. I am hungry and my mouth is dry and they didn't let me drink water also. 9.30PM they finally started to take me to OR and that's the hardest moment in my life...DH wont be with me in the OR...don't know whats going to happen...my little baby wont be inside me after the surgery. They tool me to OR and I don't remember any thing after...waking up around 10.30PM, nurse said its over. DH came inside the recovery room and they let me go home. There ends my third miscarriage.

    NOW WHAT?? I am desperate for my baby....i have my followup appointment on next Friday 05/21, my doctor said he will run more tests thins time and put me on heparin shots. He told me to wait 2 more cycles, but I will wait only one. This is where I am right now.........Hoping to be a mommy some day.

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