~ June Berries Arrivals ~ Birth Dates, Stats, & Stories ~

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~ June Berries Arrivals ~ Birth Dates, Stats, & Stories ~

Arrivals: 90 Total

Blue Team:sleepyboy: :54 arrivals

Pink Team:sleepygirl: :36 arrivals


Feb 19th-March 20th: Pisces
April 20th-May 20th: Taurus
May 21st-June 21st: Gemini
June 22nd-July 22nd: Cancer


March: Aquamarine
April: Diamond
May: Emerald
June: Pearl
July: Ruby

March 5th
RR333 (Rita) Twin Boys
Johnathan Ross [COLOR=Black]@ 4:14pm, 1lb 9.5oz, 13 inches, born at 25 wks[/COLOR]
Matthew James [COLOR=black]@ 4:15pm, 1lb 5oz, 12.25 inches, born at 25 wks[/COLOR]

April 25th
kylie87-Nicholas John [COLOR=Black]@ 2:49pm, 4lbs 15 oz, 17.5 inches, born at 33 wks and 5 days[/COLOR]

May 9th
-Baby Girl [COLOR=Black]@ 12:39am, 4lbs 5.1 oz, born at 35 wks[/COLOR]

Beccawray34 (Becca)-Gabriella Katheryne [COLOR=Black]@ 36 wks [/COLOR]

May 12th
stampasaurus-Maxwell Jacob [COLOR=Black]@ 6:23pm, 7lbs 1 oz, 20 inches, born at 38 wks[/COLOR]

May 16th
First_Little_Angel (Kirsten)-Rylan Michael [COLOR=Black]@ 2:08am, 6lbs 9 oz, 19 inches, born at 37 wks and 3 days [/COLOR]

BabyMoon-Thomas William [COLOR=Black]@ 2:00pm, 3lbs 3.9 oz, born at 34wks and 4 days[/COLOR]

May 18th
Jessica1980 (Jessica)-Elizabeth Anne [COLOR=Black]@ 2:38am, 6lbs 0 oz, 19 inches, born at 36wks and 1 day[/COLOR]

MoMom (Jill)-Evan Rick [COLOR=Black]@ 9:41am, 6lbs 8 oz, 19.5 inches, born at 37 wks and 1 day [/COLOR]

May 21st
Nance1220 (Nancy)-Benjamin Patrick[COLOR=Black]@ 9:25pm, 8lbs 7oz, 22 inches, born at 37 wks and 3 days[/COLOR]

May 22nd
sheffrey [COLOR=Blue]Twin Boys[/COLOR]
Alexander Stephen [COLOR=Black]@ 8:42 am, 5lbs 9oz, 18 inches[/COLOR]
Jacob Eric [COLOR=Black]@ 8:44am, 5lbs 13oz, 19 1/4 inches[/COLOR]

May 23rd
Ceece911-Trenton Jacques [COLOR=Black]5lbs 15oz, 18 inches[/COLOR]

Lina5781 [COLOR=Magenta]Twin Girls[/COLOR]
Elaine Victoria [COLOR=Black]@ 5:23pm, 5lbs 7oz, 18 and 1/4 inches, born at 37 wks and 6 days[/COLOR]
Amelia Elizabeth [COLOR=Black]@ 6:15pm, 6lbs 6oz, 19 and 3/4 inches, born at 37 wks and 6 days[/COLOR]

TerriDiane (Terri)-Jackson Lane [COLOR=Black]@ 5:54pm, 7lbs 5oz, 20.5 inches, born at 38 wks and 2 days[/COLOR]

May 25th
JenBD (Jen)Dominic Reid [COLOR=Black]@ 2:20pm, 6lbs 6 oz, 18 inches, born at 39 wks and 3 days[/COLOR]

maricopamom3 (Beth)-Kade Parker [COLOR=Black]@ 7:40pm, 6lbs 0oz, 18 3/4 inches, born at 37 wks and 2 days[/COLOR]

Saga-Thora [COLOR=Black]6lbs 10oz, 20 inches, born at 38 wks and 6 days[/COLOR]

May 26th
Littlebird84-Gavin Everett [COLOR=Black]@ 1:24pm, 7lbs 10oz, 19.5 inches, born at 38 wks and 1 day [/COLOR]

May 28th
amanda_r (Amanda)Nekoliah Patrick [COLOR=Black]@ 2:31pm, 6lbs 13 oz, born at 38 wks and 3 days[/COLOR]

May 29th
Fiona's MummyJames Edward [COLOR=Black]@ 2:25am, 6lbs 6 oz, 20 inches, born at 35 wks and 5 days[/COLOR]

RyleesMom (Dara)Karly Andrea[COLOR=Black] @ 3:20am, 8lbs 0 oz, 20 inches, born at 39 wks and 2 days[/COLOR]

princess consuella (Amy)-Tyler James [COLOR=Black]7lbs 8oz, born at 39 wks and 1 day [/COLOR]

Emily711-Marilyn [COLOR=Black]@ 10:10pm, 6lbs 14oz, 19.5 inches, born at 38 wks and 1 day[/COLOR]



June 2nd
Guendolyn (Wendy)-Nathan Warrick[COLOR=Black] @ 11:23pm, 8lbs 4oz, 21 inches[/COLOR]

KittyKat78-Hannah Katherine [COLOR=Black]@ 3:27 pm, 7lbs 4oz, 10 inches[/COLOR]

moxie2099 (Lindsay)-Peyton Faith [COLOR=Black]@ 5:05pm, 7lbs 12oz, 21 inches[/COLOR]

June 3rd
mommyashy (Shyanna)-Mackenzie Grace [COLOR=Black]@ 7:34am, 8lbs 7oz, 20 inches, born at 40wks and 6 days[/COLOR]

firstandlast-Bryce Victoria [COLOR=Black]@ 6:47pm, 6lbs 13oz, 19 and 1/4 inches[/COLOR]

happysarah-Ajay Josef [COLOR=Black]@ 9:46am, 7lbs 6oz, 19 inches, born at 39 wks and 6 days[/COLOR]

ErinBecca04 (Erin)-Max Aaron [COLOR=Black]@ 9:54am, 7lbs 8.9oz, 20 inches, born at 39 wks and 2 days[/COLOR]

June 4th
mrsdjp_rez (Melissa)-Olivia Anne [COLOR=Black]@ 8:08 am, 6lbs 15oz, 20 inches, born at 39 wks and 6 days[/COLOR]

kittenchan (Lisa)-Callie Ruth @[COLOR=Black] 6:54 pm, 7lbs 8oz, 20.75 inches, born at 38 wks and 5 days[/COLOR]

June 5th
scrapangel (Missy)-Colleen Rose [COLOR=Black]@ 8:45am, 7lbs 9oz, 20 1/2 inches[/COLOR]

crazy j (Joan)-Carson Michael [COLOR=Black]@ 8:44am, 8lbs 11oz, 21 inches[/COLOR]

Umpqua (Laura)-Nathaniel Zeke [COLOR=Black]@ 5:23pm, 7lbs 12oz, 20.5 inches[/COLOR]

June 6th
amy329 (Amy)-Matthew Alexander[COLOR=Black] @ 11:36pm, 7lbs 9oz, 20 inches, born at 40 wks and 1 day[/COLOR]

debdebp-Denali Anne Margaret [COLOR=Black]@ 6:44pm, 8lbs 3 oz[/COLOR]

sweetalienchick-Mikael André [COLOR=Black]@ 9:58 pm, 3710 grams and 49cm, born at 39 weeks[/COLOR]

ELeigh (Erica)-Benjamin Douglas [COLOR=Black]@ 2:04am, 8lbs 2oz, 20.5 inches, born at 40 wks and 2 days[/COLOR]

June 7th
MommyVolc (Nicole)-Alicia Marie [COLOR=Black]@ 7:26am, 7lbs 13oz[/COLOR]

IUHoosiergirl-Hunter Reece [COLOR=Black]@ 5:09pm, 8lbs 2oz, 21.5 inches

June 8th
hauslem-Anna Susan [COLOR=Black]@ 5:56pm, 7lbs 7oz, 20 and 3/4 inches[/COLOR]

June 9th
june_baby-Grand Richard @ [COLOR=Black]10:04pm, 9lbs, 20 inches, born at 40 weeks[/COLOR]

Pawprints-Kaleigh [COLOR=Black]@ 10:46pm, 6lbs 14oz, 20 inches[/COLOR]

MrsQ25 (Yvette)-Ayden Jianni [COLOR=Black]@ 8:00pm, 8lbs, 20 inches[/COLOR]

tialee-Damien Lee [COLOR=Black]@ 8:44am, 7lbs 9oz, 19 inches, born at 37 wks[/COLOR]

Hollyloo (Holly)- Twin Boys
Alexander George @ 3:55 pm, 5 lbs 14 oz, 19 3/4 inches
Maxwell Murphy @ 3:56 pm, 5 lbs 3 oz, 18 inches

Starflyr - Brayden Michael @ 10:02 pm, 6lbs 5.7oz, 17 inches, born at 40 wks

June 10th
MsEvilKitty (Karen)-Abigayle Janette M [COLOR=Black]@ 3:32 pm, 9lbs 9oz, 21 1/2 inches[/COLOR]

em1079- Sierra Lorraine @ 2:27pm, 6lbs 15oz, 19.5 inches, born at 38 wks and 4 days

Nan639 (Nan)-Wesley Sebastian [COLOR=Black]@ 10:38pm, 7lbs 9 oz,20 inches[/COLOR]

Jess86-Micah Manuel [COLOR=Black]7lbs 9oz, 20.25 inches, born at 39 wks and 2 days[/COLOR]

June 11th
newtomom-Smith James [COLOR=Black]@ 2:00am, 9lbs 4oz, 21.5 inches, born at 40 wks and 3 days[/COLOR]

CSD24 (Christi)-Ryder [COLOR=Black]@ 3:32pm, 7lbs 5oz, 21 and 1/2 inches[/COLOR]

nurse4u-Rylan Cole [COLOR=Black]@ 10:26pm, 6lbs 14oz, 19 and 1/2 inches, born at 39 wks and 5 days[/COLOR]

June 12th
OneLuckyScoop (Allison)-Carli Veronica [COLOR=Black]@ 10:28pm, 5lbs 4oz, 18 inches, born at 37 wks and 4 days[/COLOR]

meaganmorse-MaryMichael [COLOR=Black]@ 11:56am, 6lbs 5.2oz, 18 and 3/4 inches, born at 39 wks[/COLOR]

MNLaura - Samantha Paige @ 2:56 pm, 9lbs 1oz, 20 1/2 inches

veganmom (Michelle) - Brady Joseph @ 9:51 pm, 9 lbs 4oz, 21 inches, born at 39 wks and 6 days

June 13th
PQRS Lady (Lisa)-Alora Kathryn Ann ("Ally") [COLOR=Black]@ 2:20pm, 6lbs 1 oz, 19.25 inches, born at 38 wks and 2 days[/COLOR]

June 14th
Kaseye (Kasey)-Layla Grace @ 5:59am, 9lbs 6oz, 22.5 inches, born at 41 wks and 1 day

June 15th
adlola - Brooklyn Paige @ 9:40 pm, 6lbs, 19 3/4 inches, born at 39 wks and 4 days

June 16th
SummerTan - Vivian @ 10 am, 5 lbs 12oz, 18 1/4 inches, born at 37 wks and 4 days

iluvmygemini (Ashley)- Ryan Alexander @ 7:55 pm, 9lbs 10oz

sera_phim- Edward Haydn @ 11:36 am, 7lbs 9oz, born at 39 wks and 6 days

June 17th
ARIEL_00 (Melissa)-Sydney Anne [COLOR=Black]@ 9:46am, 8lbs, 19 inches, born at 39 wks[/COLOR]

June 19th

girl0007 - Bianca @ 3:15 am, 6 lbs 10oz, 19 3/4 inches, born at 39 wks and 1 day

2Denise1010 (Denise)-Jackson@ 9:57 am, 8lbs 4.3oz, 21 inches

FirstLuvinOven - Pierce Gabriel 2 10:15 pm, 9lbs 6 oz, 20 1/2 inches, born at 39 wks and 1 day

June 20th

snowbutton - Caiden John @ 6:23 pm, 6lbs 12.5 oz, 20 1/4 inches, born at 38 wks and 6 days

jackinola (Jackie) - Emily Elizabeth @ 12:49 pm, 7lbs 5oz, 19 3/4 inches, born at 38 weeks and 6 days

June 23rd

Lemongirl (Courtney)- Ava 7lbs 2oz

Cali26- Jake

Pickles07 - Nathaniel James @ 12:42 am, 8lbs 7oz, 21.7 inches, born at 39 wks and 4 days

LMN713 (Lisa) - Henry Austin @ 7:54 am, 8 lbs 3oz, 20 inchs, born at 39 wks

June 24th

Savannah3275 - Noah John @ 2:10 am, 7 lbs 2oz, 20 inches, born at 39 wks

christne (Christine) - Cason Anthony @ 8:02 am, 8lbs 1oz, 21 inches, born at 39 wks and 1 day

jeepgrl (Rachel) - Logan Ray@ 12:27 pm, 6 lbs 2oz, 18 1/2 inches

PookieB (Beth) - Grace Elizabeth@ 7:02 pm, 8lbs 3oz, 20 1/2 inches,born at 39 wks and 3 days

June 25th
WhitneyLynn - Mackenzie Grace @ 7:57 pm, 7 lbs 15oz, 21 inches, born at 39 wks and 4 days

scoopcath (Cathy) - Thomas Caleb @ 11:20 pm, 8lbs 5oz, 22 inches, born at 40 wks and 3 days

June 30th
KKDarr (Karen) - Carter Ryan 7lbs 10oz, 19 1/2 inches


July 1st
newcalimom-Neil Frederick [COLOR=Black]@ 4:06pm, 6lbs 3oz, 20 inches, born at 40 wks and 5 days[/COLOR]

July 2nd
thaigirl1 (Kim) - Rinnah Ellis @ 9:23 am, 8lbs 11.5oz, 20 inches, born at 40 wks and 2 days

July 4th
tiffany96-Sophia Elizabeth[COLOR=Black], 7lbs 14oz, 19 1/2 inches, born 41 wks and 2 days[/COLOR]

July 5th
Nessa (Vanessa)-Aistlinn Maria Lou@ 12:42 pm, 9lbs 3oz, 21 1/4 inches

Kristee_bell (Kristi)-Leia Ellie Campbell[COLOR=Black]@ 3:21 pm, 7lbs 5oz, 19 1/2 inches,[/COLOR]

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My Preemie JuneBerry Twins

The (sorta) quick story of bedrest to c-section:

2-25-08: Went to the doc to make sure I wasn't leaking amniotic fluid. I was.
Went straight to hospital to be admitted.

They did an ultrasound that showed there was still plenty of fluid around both babies. It seemed to be a small slow leak. I would be on hospital bedrest until the babies came.

Over the next couple days the leaking stayed at a minimum and another u/s still showed enough fluid and babies doing ok.
They let me shower and gave me bathroom priveledges.
Leaking stayed slow still.

3-5-08: Time for another u/s, but this time the news was not good. My cervix was open and there was a little foot right there. Immediately, I was hooked back up to the monitors to check babies heartrates and to see if I was having any contractions. I was... about 3 minutes apart, and one of the baby's heartrates was being affected with each one. My nurse called the doctor and he checked my cervix. I was dialated to about 2-3 and he could still feel the foot right there. He said we were going to have the babies within an hour or so.
I called my husband and told him to turn around. He was on his way to class an hour away.

I was then surrounded by about 6-8 people who were prepping me for surgery... and in a whirl we were in the OR and the numbers were growing... I think there were 12-14 people in there.

Surgery started at 4:10 pm and the babies were born at 4:14 and 4:15.
I saw each of them briefly as they were being wheeled out to the NICU. They stopped so i could see them for just a moment, and they let me reach in and touch one of their cheeks.
Then it was off to recovery and I wouldn't see them again until the next day.

Visit my blog for continuing updates on their progress.

Johnathan Ross was born at 4:14 pm, March 5th. He was 1lb 9.5oz, 13 in.

Matthew James joined us one minute later. He was 1lb 5oz, 12.25 in.

Daddy's ring on Matthew's wrist....

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better make that 3 blue....Nicholas was born 25 april @ 2:49 pm , 4lb 15oz, 17.5 inches, born at 33 weeks 5 days

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Birth Story of Maxwell Jacob

On Sunday evening, 5/11, I was fixing dinner and started feeling a lot of pressure. It wasn't just the normal pressure that I felt late in my pregnancy with dd. I quickly finished dinner and went to lay down for a bit to see if that would take the pressure off. I decided to put a waterproof barrier on the bed on my side, just in case, so I guess I really did have some intuition about this!

While laying there reading a book, I felt a few contraction but they were nothing big so I kind of put them in the back of my mind. With dd I contracted for a week or so before they were strong enough to warrant going into the hospital. So I wasn't too worried about it but I started thinking that I should get a few things done in the beginning of the week because I felt like things might get going later in the week or by the next weekend.

As the evening went on, I really couldn't sleep and started to think more and more that this baby was going to come in the next few days. I laid in bed reading my book until just after midnight when I turned to place my book on my nightstand. I felt a pop! I knew my water had broken and I yelled for dh to hand me a towel. He was asleep and woke up to me yelling at him so needless to say he was a bit groggy and confused. Eventually I got my towel and as soon as I stood up from the bed, it started gushing. Before that not too much had leaked out.

I went to get cleaned up and Dh tried to call the friends of ours who were supposed to come over to take care of dd. They only have cell phones and weren't sleeping near them so he ended up having to go over to their house and bang on the door. While he was gone I changed the sheets and got everything ready to take to the hospital. I called my ob's office and they told me to head into the hospital. At this point, I wasn't really having any heavy contractions so I was a bit worried in the back of my mind about the clock that had just started when my water broke.

Eventually we got dd taken care of, and we headed to the hospital. We checked in and got a room. They monitored the baby but didn't check me because of infection risk. I was grateful that they didn't push this. All I knew was that the last time I was checked, I was not dilated at all. I tried to get a bit of rest but started getting some stronger contractions though they still weren't terribly strong. But they were coming about every 3 minutes.

Around 6am, I did consent to be checked because I was curious. I was only 1 cm, 50% effaced. My ob wanted to start pit but I wasn't quite convinced this was necessary yet. Dh and I decided to start walking the halls. We did this for a few hours and then I bounced on a birthing ball for awhile. I was getting contractions this whole time but not all of them were strong and sometimes it seemed like they would peter out.

Around 9am, I decided to be checked again and if I wasn't making progress then I would consent to the pit. My main goal was a vaginal birth and I felt that this was the best decision to get this result since I was already committed to having the baby when my water broke. I hadn't progressed so they started an IV and pitocin drip.

As they slowly increased the pitocin, the contractions became stronger and very regular. I labored on the birth ball leaning on the bed while dh rubbed my back. I was in pain but relieved to feel that things were progressing. At 12:30, I consented to another check and was 70%, 3-4 cm. Yay! Things were moving along. By 2pm, I was very tired and felt that I was progressing enough to consent to an epidural. I recieved a very light epidural that took away most of the pain but left me with enough sensation to move my own legs and I was even able to lift my pelvis myself when they changed the pads on the bed. I really felt like it was the best of both worlds.

After getting the epi, I got an hour or two rest and then things started moving fast. I don't know the specifics of the timing but I know that once I hit 7cm. I was almost instantly ready to push. My epi was nearly non-existent at this point and my body was pushing completely on its own. It was a crazy feeling, like I was pooping out something huge and had no say in the matter!!! I was relieved when I was told it was okay to push with this urge because that definitly felt better than fighting it!

I started pushing at about 5:15, pushed for a little over an hour (I pushed for over 3 hours with dd) and then out popped Max. The actual birth was another crazy sensation that I never had with dd because my epi was so strong. It felt so crazy uncomfortable with a burning pain when he was crowning but when he popped out it was like a cork popping and was instant relief. He was placed on my chest while they cleaned him up.

Dh cut the cord. The placenta came out shortly after and I asked the ob if I could see it. She showed it to me and explained all the parts and how it worked. I found it fascinating. I recieved a few stitches for a very minor tear. (Yay! With dd, I had a bazillion stitches.)

I was able to breastfeed before they did anything to him like weigh him, etc. I really liked that about this experience. With dd they took her right away. He latched on first try and has bf'ed like a champ ever since.

We were released from the hospital 24 hours later and having been enjoying our time at home. Max seems to be a very mellow guy so far. His days and nights a mixed up but that is to be expected at this point. His big sis is getting used to the idea that she isn't the only child anymore. She has been pretty good about it but of course has her moments.

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On Thursday May 15th at 3PM in the afteroon I developed severe diarrheah. Of course, accompanying this was cramping/backache. I drank lots of water trying to stay hydrated, but just could not get comfortable or get the cramping to stop. I was starting to wonder whether it might actually be labor contrax and not just digestive issues. I emailed my Peri at about 4:30, at which time the cramping was subsiding. He told me if it continued or got stronger, to go into L&D. I was still not convinced that this was anything more than a stomach bug, and since they had essentially gone away, I stayed home. Around 6PM they started up again, still accompained by BM. There was nothing I could do to make the cramping/lower backache stop. I found it funny that the most comfortable position was squatting over my bed onto my stepstool, which in hindsight is a key birthing position! I decided to go to contractionmaster.com and time them. They were 1-3mins apart lasting from 15-70secs. Everything I had read had said to go in to L&D when your contrax were 5min apart, so since mine were so close I thought there was no way this was more than indigestion, so I must be wrong about labor starting :rolleyes: I was too uncomfortable to watch television on the couch, so I tried sleeping. That was uncomfortable too and all I wanted to do was walk or sway. Finally by 11PM after finding out Immodium AD was not approved for pregnancy :rolleyes:, I decided I should probably get checked out. I was in a lot of pain and the contrax were on top of each other, but DD was asleep, so I agreed to drive myself to the hospital while DH stayed home with a sleeping DD. The drive was agonizing and I contemplated whether or not I would make the 20min drive. Luckily I had no more BM from that point on, but the car ride was intense, needless to say. Upon arriving to Triage I am monitored and my contractions are 1-3mins apart and showing no signs of letting up. Baby’s heartbeat was fine, which I was so worried about considering I was contracting so frequently. At this point I am checked for dilation and am 1cm (was a fingertip dilated on Tuesday). So the contractions were doing something, but I still didn’t think I’d be staying that night! Also had ketones in my urine b/c of dehydration. Next thing I know I hear the Nurse calling the Dr, getting off the phone, and telling me through the curtain that I was being “sectioned” now!!! I was in total shock. I thought for sure since I was not in active labor, they would just give my an IV to stop the dehydration and send my on my merry way.
Of course I have no reception on my cellphone, but the wonderful nurse brought me the hospital’s portable phone and told me I could make any phone calls I needed. I called DH first, of course and he doesn’t know what to do with DD (as far as babysitter goes). Plus he refused to call anyone at 1AM! He left it to me to take care of! So here I am in labor going through my entire phonebook trying to get someone awake to answer the phone, drive to our house, and relieve DH so he can arrive at the hospital in time for the birth. Meanwhile, I am hearing that there is someone currently in operation room and would be done in 45min. And that there are 3 unplanned c-sec (myself included), but they want me to go first! (Dr did not want my contractions to cause uterine abruption b/c of prior c-sec. Plus he was anticipating a LARGE baby—what a joke!). So by this time I have gotten a hold of one of DH’s coworkers who lives 30mins from us. She agrees to babysit. Of course she has to get dressed, get gas, and tells us it will be about 45min. DH is 20mins from the hospital, too. The nurses were great and trying to help stall, and so was the anesthesiologist, but the Dr would not budge on delivering me first. At this point DH has called the hospital phone twice insisting I make them wait (what the heck was I to do?) or telling me he was just going to bring DD and they’s have to deal with it (would never happen!). He was stressing me out so much, and I could barely talk on the phone and he wanted me to take care of all this crap. Grrrr.
DH ended up driving 120mph to arrive to the hospital just as I was finished being prepped for the c-sec.
Rylan Michael was born on May 16th 2008 at 2:08AM. Weighing in at a whopping 6lbs9oz and 19in long! APGARS were 7 and 9. He has a head of very blonde hair, and practically no visible eyelashes or eyebrows. He is a very easy-going baby.

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Thanks for sharing your stories ladies! So great to hear all went well Smile


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I woke up Saturday morning to regular contractions 5 minutes apart, but not painful. They felt like period cramps. It was 4:30 in the morning and I had gone to bed at 1:00 I was not tired at all though, and I kept thinking what if today is the day. I tried to brush it off because I have had regular contractions many times. I later that morning I took my daughter to a siblings class at the hospital. We saw the new babies at the nursery and I was dying, I wanted to hold my baby so bad. Ds didn't go to the class because they had to be 3-8 years old. Afterwards DD and I went to the mall together and played on the soft play place.

After that I came home still with a ton of energy, I cleaned up the house really well. Then our little family and my dad went to eat at the olive garden. After word we took a walk, it was beautiful outside.

I came home and laid down on the couch and started to prepare my Sunday school lesson. I got up and went to the computer to check my email before I went to bed and I felt a pop, my water broke at 10:30.

We went to the hospital and I was check and I was 4 cm. They verified that it was amniotic fluid (though I had not a doubt in my mind it was). I was contracting every 2-3 minutes but they still were not too bad, just the period cramp feeling. I walked around trying to get them to intensify. A few hours later I was still a 4 so they started pit, they kept uping it and uping it since my contractions were just not strong enough. Eventually the pit was killing me, and I was just so tired. It was the middle of the night and I had gone all day doing things after hardly any sleep the night before. I told the nurse to check me and if I wasn't a 7 at least I was getting an epidural. She checked and I was a 5!!!!! I got the epidural which took very well in my legs and not as well in my uterus and back. It took the edge off though, but my numb legs drove me insane. I was checked at 8:30 in the morning 10 hours later and I was only a 6!!! I had my son in 5 hours so I was just amazed that I had only dilated 2 cm in all that time.

They turned up the pit as high as they could and put pit on my cervix. I felt the contractions but they were not as bad as I imagine they would be if I had not had the epidural. Then I had the urge to push, they check me and low and behold in an hour I had gone from a 6 to complete. I pushed him out in 6 pushes, under 5 minutes, and no tears.

I fell in love the instant I saw him, just completely and utterly in love, the best feeling ever. I am beyond grateful for him, I love him so much.

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Sat. May 17th I slept late and went to my parents house. Nothing too out of the ordinary except that I thought I was leaking urine here and there so I put a pad on to take away any moisture. We decided to go out to eat when DH got home since he got home early because he went in early (left our house at 6!). Proceeded after to go to Lowe's to find some plants and then wanted ice cream so we headed to Friendly's. There was a bit of a wait and when we finally got a table I couldn't fit in it so they had to clean off another one. While we were all standing there I felt a gush like I had peed my pants and went to the bathroom and saw some pinkish color in the toilet. I came out and told everyone that I thought my water broke. This was about 9:45pm. I insisted on going back home first to get our stuff and then headed to the hospital which took about 45 minutes. On the way there my contractions were every 6-7 minutes. We arrived about 11:00 pm and the contractions were getting more painful. They didn't check at first to see how dilated I was because I had completely ruptured and she didn't want to risk infection. Around midnight-ish the contractions were really starting to get painful and coming very fast. I had hoped to just start nubain but told dh to tell them to cancel that and that I wanted an epidural. Meanwhile everytime I sat up her heart rate would go down so I was standing up until I couldn't stand up anymore then I was on my hands and knees. We finally brought it up and thank goodness because I could hear talk of emerg. c-section. My m/w checked me and I was already dilated to 7 and her head was low. Anesth. was right on the floor which was awesome and he came right in. I really thought I wasn't going to make it because they came so quick and strong. He admin. the epi. around 1 and it finally got me to relax so they turned down the lights and dh and I tried to rest for a bit because m/w thought it would still be awhile. Well, around 2 am my m/w came in and I told her that I was feeling pressure low like before but it was coming a lot. Sure enough,rest was over because I was fully dilated. After pushing for 38 minutes Elizabeth Anne came into the world weighing 6lbs 0z. and was 19 inches long. She was 3w6d early but everything was fine. Apgars were 9 and 9 and resp. was perfect. Meanwhile I couldn't push the placenta out so the m.d. had to come in and manually remove it :eek: which was weird to say the least. We stayed an extra day at the hospital because she did have jaundice and I was really anemic so they were trying to get my iron up so I wouldn't have to have a blood transfusion. Came home on the 21st and now we're just trying to enjoy every minute with this little girl we waited forever for.

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I woke up on Tuesday, May 20th not feeling right -- I couldn't explain what it was, but I just felt off all day. In the evening my lower back started to ache, so I took a shower to see if the warm water would help. It helped a little bit, but the relief did not last long and I took 2 or 3 showers before going to bed. I woke up at about 8:30 on Wednesday morning, still not feeling right. I ate breakfast and sat on the couch so that I could do kick counts. I felt him move right away and since my mind was at ease about that I decided to go back to bed. I woke up again around 11 and I told DH that he needed to have a chat with my belly. I told him that the baby would listen to him and that he should tell the baby to come out today. He leaned over and said "Come out whenever you are ready." I looked at him like, you have got to be kidding, tell him to come out today. He leaned over and said "Benjamin, you should come out soon. The next day or two would be just fine." I told DH that I wasn't kidding, and that he needed to tell him to come out today. I told him that I had read someone's birth story and her DH told the baby it was time to come out and her water broke instantly (I wish I could remember whose story it was, but I have no idea). I didn't think it would really work, but I wanted him to say it anyway. He leaned over my belly for the third time and said "Benjamin, this is Daddy. You need to come out and see us today." No instant water breaking, but it made me happy. I got a book for DH to read to my belly and sat back down on the bed, but then I had to pee so I got back up. When I went to the bathroom the pad that I was wearing was pink. I told DH and he said it was probably fine, but maybe I should call the doctor just to be sure. I called the office and told them and they asked if I was having any contractions and if I still felt the baby move. I told them I was not having contractions, but that I had had lower back pain since yesterday and that my baby's movements were less frequent than normal, but still at least 10 every two hours. The nurse told me that I should go to L&D to get checked. I was a little bit surprised and so was DH but we headed off to the hospital anyway, expecting to be sent home.

We got to the hospital at about 1pm and they hooked me up to the monitors while we were waiting for the doctor (she was doing a c-section when I got there). I was having mild contractions and the baby's heartrate was just fine. The doctor came into the room to check me at about 2pm and she said that I was leaking fluid and 4cm dilated (I was 3, almost 4 at my appointment on Monday). She broke my water and they started me on pitocin. The contractions sped up right away and they actually backed down on the pitocin since I was contracting on my own. The rest of the day seems like it was on fast forward. I don't know where the time went, because before I knew it it was time to push. Forty minutes later, at 9:25 pm on May 21st, Benjamin Patrick was born. DH cut the cord which surprised me because I didn't think he would want to do that. I'm really glad that he got to though. Benjamin was 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 22 inches long (I'm very happy that he decided to come early because he would have been huge if he waited until his due date). He is just the most beautiful person I have ever seen and I love him so much. It is unbelieveable to me that he is finally here.

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Twins' Birth Story~

Here's the important bits with pics!!

You all know about the c-section that wasn't. After that we made an appointment to induce two days later, mainly to get the kids closer to the 38 week mark.

So Thursday morning I was in to see my OB to go over the details of that night. Everything was looking good. Twin A had dropped a bit on their own and I had dilated to a good 2 / 2+. When I was admitted that night at L&D I was checked again and was just beyond a 3 and much thinner. I was also having mild contractions, not that I could feel them at that point. Induction plan A was put on hold and my doctor was contacted. Looks like I had started early labor all on my own.

They decided to leave me to my own devices for a while and see what happened. After not progressing, they started me on a pit drip 1am Friday morning to get things going. My first water broke at 1pm, and Twin A was born at 5:32pm. She threatened to come out posterior but the doctors were able to flip her. She came out textbook perfect and I didn't even tear with her!

Twin B was much more difficult. After A was born my contractions stopped, which is normal. Mine didn't start back up though, which isn't normal. After giving me ~10 minutes and nothing happening, they cranked up my pit drip. They guided Twin B out to keep her head down, which sort of worked. I had one doctor pushing on my belly from the outside, one with his hand guiding from the inside, an ultrasound going, the works. I do remember them breaking the second water when the head was low enough, but most everything is pretty much a blur with bits and pieces that stick out.

Turns out B presented in a very odd way, head and foot first. Not only that, she was posterior and had her cord wrapped around her neck, an arm and a leg, AND was a full pound larger than Twin A. She was in distress through most of the pushing as her heart rate would drop into the lower 80s. A doctor had his hand up there rubbing her head to keep the rate up as much as possible. After about a half hour of pushing my OB decided to vacuum assist. If that didn't work and she didn't come out within the following ~15 min, they would have done an emergency c-section. As it was the little bit of help was all we needed and she was delivered at 6:15pm almost 45 minutes after A. They bundled her up and showed her to me, then whisked her off to the nursery to check her out. I didn't get to hold her until a few hours later in postpartum. I was able to hold A as soon as I was stitched up.

I can say I'm very glad "easier" labors run in my family as we tend to have fairly large pelvis bones. I'm not sure how many smaller women could have birthed a child presenting like that. As it was they did cut me to help, but B still tore me in two other spots plus my urethra tore as she came out.

I'm also very glad my doctors stuck with me and encouraged me the whole way. Everything considered I pretty much got the natural labor experience I wanted. Both kids were birthed vaginally and I did it with minimal drugs. Not counting the pitocin, I only had a two doses of Demerol during labor, and then something that started with a T right before they wheeled me to postpartum. I'm really proud of myself for that.

I'm also really proud that I didn't abuse DH or much else too. I squoze the crap out of his poor hand, but I didn't really yell or argue or go through the "I can't do this" stage. My mom said I handled this delivery much better than she handled her first. (She was DH's back up and stuck around until transition hit.)

DH deserves MILES of credit though. Once my first water broke he never left my side. He rubbed me through the more difficult transition contractions and let me squish his hand pretty good. He held my one leg for me all through the hours of pushing and refused to leave my side for a second until I was all stitched up. That bothered the fam in the waiting room as my OB had went out to let them know mom and babies were fine, but the father would be out shortly to announce names/weights/genders and so on. My dad actually called the phone in the room and I told him genders while being stitched up, lol.

Some of the things I didn't expect:

I was exhausted like I've never been before. My own arms were so heavy I could barely lift them and I couldn't walk to or use the bathroom without lots of help. I'm not sure how typical that is, or if my case was exaggerated due to swelling up like the stay puft marshmallow man. I expected to be tired, but there's really no words for the experience, nor the fact it lasted for a couple days.

Pooping is still a challenge, but I think that has more to do with all the tearing than anything else, and probably not typical.

I don't remember a lot of what happened after I hit transition and was given the ok to push. I wonder if it's one of those mother nature things where your brain just says "this hurts too much and we're going to block it so you'll do it again." I remember bits and pieces. Like I remember my OB apologizing to me, but I didn't know why. I asked DH and apparently I hollered at him right after B was born because they didn't let DH cut the cord. It was a bit of an emergency situation so they just pulled her out and checked her out ASAP. Surprisingly she had excellent APGAR scores, but they still sent her for further checking before I got to hold her.

Ok pics and stats~

Very last belly pics taken at 37w6d just before we headed to L&D

I give you the twins at 12 hours old:

Twin A:
Elaine Victoria
Born 5-23-08 at 5:23pm
5lbs 7oz and 18 ¼ inches long

And Twin B:
Amelia Elizabeth
Born 5-23-08 at 6:15pm
6lbs 6oz and 19 ¾ inches long

More Pics:

Fighting preeclampsia I swelled up with a good 20 pounds of water weight in the last two weeks of the pregnancy, and swelled significantly more right after birth. You can see it in my face really bad with the earliest pics. They say it will take a good two weeks to go away ;_; Between the puffy and the broken blood vessels and all the other wonderful side effects, these are honestly the most unflattering ones of me ever taken.

I was basically just stitched up here and holding Elaine for the first time when DH let my parents and his mother back to see me. I'm still in the delivery room and this is roughly an hour and a half after Elaine arrived. Think they might need glasses?

Here's the first pic of Amelia taken roughly an hour after she arrived. She's in the nursery being checked out. I get to hold her for the first time roughly two hours after this pic was taken.

My mom and brother with Elaine the morning after.

This was taken noonish the following day. It's the whole fam on my side. My parents and brother with DH and I holding the babies. Not that I felt like it then, but looking at the pics after the fact I can tell my face is already a lot less puffy.

Here they are at four days old, at home in their preferred sleeping position. It doesn't matter how we lay them down (back/side/apart) they will scootch and roll until they are forehead to forehead to sleep. It's cute as hell. The joke is of course that they are already putting their heads together to cause trouble Smile

and another like picture @6 days old taken just a little bit ago~

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Hi everyone,

James Edward was born May 29th at 2:25am, weighing 6lbs, 6oz and 20inches long. I can't believe he is here, and more importantly, can't believe how fast and furious he came into the world.

On Wednesday night (May 28th) I just couldn't get settled in bed. I was sweatly and uncomfortable and felt sort of crampy (like I just needed to go to the bathroom a bit). Finally, at 12:20am I got up and got a glass of water thinking that I was perhaps dehydrated. I went downstairs to the computer and signed on to the board to see what was up. I read a few posts, thought about posting about my cramps, but thought it was silly as I was probably just experiencing normal cramping that you get nearer your edd (remember, I only made it 34 weeks with dd).

I felt like I needed to do a bowel movement so I sat on the toilet for a moment (which felt good), but there wasn't anything to do. So I sat back down at the computer and heard a strange pop (I thought it was gas deep down in my belly). For a second I thought - is that my water breaking? - so I went back to the toilet. I did what really did feel like a pee, then when I wiped it was pink. My first thought was s**t - I am not even 36 weeks yet!!! I really wanted to make it to 37 weeks!!! Then I headed upstairs to break the news to dh - it was about 1am at this point.

Since I wasn't gushing water and dd's labour was about 9 hours I said to dh "lets just lie here a bit" because I didn't want to call my parents and race off in the middle of the night if I had a big labour ahead of me. About 2 minutes later when the first intense contraction started I changed my mind and said call my dad!

My contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart from the start and about 30-50seconds long (based on the two or three dh actually timed!!) and all I could do was stand there and moan and say "okay, okay, okay" to get through them. I was starting to worry about how I was going to make it through a labour with pains like this - they were so much more painful than with dd. My parents arrived to take care of dd at 1:40ish and I had two contractions in front of them before we left and I had to tell everyone to stop talking during them!

We got in the car at 1:47am and were at the hospital at 1:54am (we live close, but not that close - dh drove pretty fast! - I had about 3 contractions along the way).

I couldn't sit in a wheel chair so I said I would walk (totally forgetting the distance between emergency and labour and delivery being so long) and we walked, contracted, walked, contracted for what seemed like an eternity until we got to L&D. I got in a room at about 2:15am ish, sat on the bed, had a horrible contraction, begged for the gas (got it and it didn't help) was checked and was 9cm!!!!!!!!!! EEEKKK! The nurse and midwife left to call my doctor and I felt a strong urge to push so I yelled "HELP, HELP, HELP - I need to push". They came running in and said it was ok to push and after three quick pushes James was born at 2:25am! Talk about a surprise delivery for all involved!!!

James is doing well. He latched on immediately at birth and he hasn't had any breathing issues. He's in the special care nursury and will be for at least another few days as he was preterm (35weeks, 5 days) and they want to make sure he is a-okay.

I am doing fine, no tears (score!) and I've been pumping colostrum. I am a bit sad that James is still in the hospital, but he is doing so much better than dd was when she was born so I am kind of glad that I get a few days to get my milk established, get a good rest and get all of the last minute stuff prepped for his coming home. Dd got to meet him yesterday and she loves him and was really gentle, which is great.

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Hi everyone-

I went into labor last Saturday, May 25th. It is a pretty short story.

My water broke at 6:30 pm. It came a little at a time, in about 5 small gushes over 20 minutes. I called my husband and he came home, but I wasn't really having noticeable contractions yet. We phoned the hospital to let them know something was going on, and they said to keep them posted on my progress. Around 10 pm the contractions were getting painful and were 5 minutes apart, so we headed to the hospital, which is about 30 minutes away. When we got there they hooked me up to the machine and saw that my contractions were 3 minutes apart. They still weren't that painful so I thought I had a long way to go. I knew my baby was posterior and thought that meant a long labor.

They weren't very busy so they took us down to the birthing suite earlier than usual, and as soon as we got there my contractions got really painful. I knelt on the bed over a stack of pillows to deal with it, but I was feeling like I was not going to make it and was going to need something for the pain. After about a half hour, the midwife had me move to kneel on a mat on the floor because she could tell by the sounds that I was making that I was pushing. I was wearing pants still and nobody had checked me, so nobody knew how fast I was progressing. I didn't even know! I got into my nightgown and really started the pushing stage. I had been pushing without realising it before.

At this point they gave me some nitrous- I didn't know how close to the end I was and I didn't believe the midwife or my husband. I wish I had made it without the nitrous, because it really didn't ease the pain at all and I hadn't wanted any interventions, but at the time I didn't know better. Nobody had checked my progress at all so none of us really knew how far dilated I was. I held my hand where the baby's head was emerging just because it seemed to make me feel a little better. Her head seemed to come out really fast to me but my husband said he could see it 20 minutes before, so I guess it came out slower than I realised. She came out posterior and her shoulder caused a second degree tear, which was no fun at all. The doctor didn't arrive in time, but my doctor was not available so I didn't really care. I didn't like the idea of a strange doctor being with me anyway. Also, the midwife I ended up with was really into natural birth so it was really lucky for me to wind up with her, although I suppose I progressed so quickly that another midwife wouldn't have been able to give me any epidural anyhow.

It was a really fast birth, something like 6 hours with only 3 hours of real pain, and it is hard to imagine how it could have gone better. If I hadn't torn then it would have been the ideal birth, I think.

So, that's my story. Thora weighed 6 lb 10 oz and was 20 inches long. She was born at 1:31 am. She has blonde hair. She came 1 1/2 weeks early, totally unexpectedly!

Here are some photos. The first is when she was just born and they gave her to me through my legs.

One day old

With her first toy

After first bath at home

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Kade’s Birth Story (short version)
On Saturday morning, May 24th, we headed to the hospital to induce labor due to my low and unstable platelet count. It was a long and exhausting 36 hours, but Kade Parker arrived in 3 short pushes at 7:40pm on May 25th, 2008. He weighed 6 lbs and was 18 ¾ inches long. They kept us for a few more days to make sure all was well and we are now home recovering and adjusting to life as a family of 5. It is so wonderful to finally have this precious baby in my arms!

Kade’s Birth Story (long version)

Friday, May 23rd: We went in for our 37 week doctor appointment at 8:50am. We talked with the doctor about my platelets still being low and the possibility of inducing on Monday or Tuesday. The doctor was concerned about Kade’s lungs being ready, so she suggested another amniocentesis. She called the specialist and arranged for us to have the amnio in the afternoon, then she said that if the results were good she wanted to induce as soon as possible.
We called my mom and she grabbed the next plane out of Portland, OR to come down and watch the kids. Then we hit the grocery store and made sure our bags were packed before heading in to town for the amnio. They promised to call with the results around 8 PM, so we had time to pick up my mom from the airport and head back to the house for a little while. When we hadn’t heard anything by 9pm, we called the doctor and she suggested planning on a 7:30 AM induction assuming the results came back positive. The hospital finally called at 11pm confirming that his lungs were ready and they would be expecting us first thing in the morning.
Saturday, May 24th: Since inductions seem to take a while for me, I had Thomas drop me off at the hospital so he could go to work for the morning. I got checked in, had labs done and they started Cervadil (sp?) around 9:30am. It was slow going all day and contractions were just starting to pick up by late evening. After 12-14 hours of Cervadil the doctor wanted a 2 hour rest, then 4 hours of antibiotics, before starting Pitocin. I was dilated to 1 and 50% effaced when I got there, and was about a 4 and 60% effaced when they cut the meds. With nothing in my system to encourage labor, my contractions all but stopped and I slept about 5 hours of the night.
Sunday, May 25th: We started Pitocin first thing (around 5AM) and they upped the dose every half hour. It was another slow day for me and I welcomed a visit from my mom and kids mid-morning. Thomas took the kids to the mall and have lunch while my mom hung out with me, and that is when the doctor decided to break my water. Things continued slowly and contractions didn’t start to get very intense until 4:30pm. I asked for some Staidol (sp?) to help me rest and relax between contractions and that helped a little bit. At 7:15pm the nurses came in to introduce the shift change. I was still breathing through contrax, about 2 ½ minutes apart and they checked to see where I was at. I was so frustrated to hear I was only dilated to 6cm and was 80% effaced.
After the nurses left I asked Thomas to help me turn on my side to take some pressure off my low back. As soon as I shifted, I felt the urge to push. Knowing it had to be too soon to push, I told him to get the nurses back in the room. They rushed in to check me and I was a full 10cm, 100% effaced, with baby’s head descending. Less than 10 minutes had passed since the last check. They hurried around to call the doctor and ready the room, but told me I would need to wait 15-20 minutes until the doctor arrived. I assured them he might not wait that long, and started giving directions to the nurses, stopping only during contractions to “not push.” I had one nurse take the camera, asked another to lower the end of the bed and get the mirror out, I had a 3rd nurse on one side of me and Thomas on the other side of me to hold my legs and count with me while I pushed. Not a second too soon, the doctor walked in, gloved and said to go for it. Kade arrived in 3 short pushes, no episiotomy or tearing. The doctor didn’t even have time to sit down on her stool or adjust her lighting. He was born at 7:40pm and was 6lbs even and 18 ¾ inches long.
They gave him to me right away, all waxy and purple and did his Apgars (9,9) on my belly. Thomas cut the cord and after about 30 min they took him to the warmer across the room for weighing and measuring. I delivered the placenta and got cleaned up while they did that, then they brought him back so I could nurse him.
No one could believe how smoothly things had gone, but they went ahead and got us ready for the transfer to the post-partum unit. That is when things started going wrong. I got up to use the bathroom and started bleeding profusely and passing large clots the size of tennis balls. They couldn’t get the bleeding to stop, so put they me back in the bed and the doctor came in to manually scrape my uterus for anything remaining. I continued passing clots and the pain was intense. They decided to give me some more IVs, including some Demerol for the pain, but I had a reaction and they had to start new IVS on my other arm. They inserted a catheter, and I couldn’t keep track of all the meds they pumped through me in an attempt to stop the bleeding. By midnight I couldn’t lift my arms up off the bed or open my eyes. I was too weak to even hold my baby. They had a transfusion ready, but were holding it as a last resort. Thomas was wonderful through everything. He held the baby and they slept next to me all night. Things were finally under control around 3am (more than 7 hours after the baby was born) and they released me to post partum.
Monday, May 26th and Tuesday, May 27th:
I spent the next 2 days in post-partum. I couldn’t get up for more than 5 minutes at a time, but the bleeding was under control and there was no pain. Kade was healthy and doing just fine. He didn’t cry much at all, breastfeeds great and survived his circumcision with no problems. His platelet count shortly after birth was 240 (higher than I have ever been). I am feeling a little better, lots of uterine cramping and I still get dizzy if I am up for more than 5 minutes, but in general I am doing well.
Kade is an absolutely perfect little boy and I am sooo happy to finally have him in my arms.

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Gavin Everett T... was born on May 26, 2008 at 1:24pm weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and measuring 19.5 inches long. He was due June 8, but arrived at 38 weeks and a day.

All day Sunday, I felt like any effort, especially abdominal effort (stairs, sitting up, ...) would start a contraction. I was well into nesting and had several bouts with this as I was doing several things left on my baby list. I thought that since they went away with drinking water and resting that they must be Braxton Hicks. I could also talk through these contractions, so again I thought they weren't real. I also felt like I had a bit of an upset stomach, but nothing came of that.

At 11:00, we went to bed and I was having trouble getting comfortable (as usual). I told my dh that I'd been rented out for the past nine months and I was tired and Gavin was officially being evicted. Within two minutes (literally), I felt a pop and a leak. I stood up as my water broke, wetting the side of the bed and some clothes I had right beside the bed. It wouldn't stop... every time I thought I was done and would try to get dressed, it would leak again.

In a comedy of errors, we wound up at the Womens Ward of the hospital, but since it was past 9pm, they asked me through an intercom to go around to the main Guest entrance (about a block away). Here I was wearing plastic shorts, a shirt that didn't cover my stomach and flip flops, standing by a bag under the drop-off entrance waiting for my husband to go to the car and get a towel (since I was going to have to sit in the guest lobby). As I was getting ready to trek around the parking lot to where I could go in, the desk lady came out and announced that I looked like I was going to have a baby. She thought that when I said I was meeting my doctor that I was meeting my daughter and sent me around.

By midnight we were checking into the hospital. At my first examination, I was two centimeters. By 2AM, both sets of parents had driven an hour to meet us there. At 3AM, I was 5 cm and asked for my first dose of Nubane. It knocked me out until 4:30, but it worked. I woke up then and asked for more, but this dose wasn't as effective. At around 7:30 AM or so, I received my epidural (I think I was 8 cm). Unfortunately, this was also about the time I realized that my back pain wasn't going to be fixed with an epi. Gavin was head down, but facing one leg instead of my back. I was going to have back labor and there was nothing they could do for me. I was not prepared for this and had a hard time until delivery. They eventually decided to help me out with a vacuum, which was my new best friend. Finally, at 1:24 pm on Memorial Day (May 26, 2008 ), Gavin was born weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and measuring 19.5 inches. His apgar scores were 9 & 9.

My dh deserves a ton of credit. He was convinced that he'd be one of the husbands that passes out and is no help, but he had his head or his hand my world between the rails at all times. He was monitoring the contractions and telling me when the worst was over and reminding me of how nice it was going to be to finally get to hold him. Not only did he not pass out, he cut the cord after watching him crown.

I was anemic and very weak for several days. The pains that I expected and that scared me the most weren’t an issue. I never had any burning during delivery or postpartum. I had many stiches, but trips to the bathroom haven’t bothered me yet (whew), though I could barely get to the bathroom at the beginning. The back labor was definitely the worst pain and also the scariest feeling afterwards. My backbone felt like jelly and I didn’t trust myself to walk around with him for several days. The most frustrating thing after labor was the time between when Gavin got hungry and the time my milk came in (about 24 hours). I felt so bad that he wanted something I couldn’t give him already. He was two days old and I was already letting him down. Luckily, my milk did come in and we both learned what we were doing and now feeding time is a peaceful time.

Another thing I didn’t expect was how much work this is! I thought I was doing good to survive the back labor contractions, but they wanted me to push. I’d give it all I had and since the contraction was still there, they’d want me to do it again. This sounds expected, but it was so intense that I was falling asleep between the 2-minute-apart contractions. Two days after delivery, my shoulders, ribcage, arms and neck were almost unusable. I felt like I’d been benchpressing an elephant. The boppy pillow was a life-saver and we were glad to have taken it to the hospital.

I have a prescription for Percoset, but have been sticking to the 800mg Motrin and the pain is not really an issue now…until about time to take another one. We all came home on Wednesday and everybody is doing fine. The first picture attached is Gavin waving hello to the world.

The next picture is of Gavin and his mama in the hospital on Wednesday before being discharged.

The last picture is what Gavin thinks about getting his first few days and nights mixed up. He enjoyed playing his trick on Mama and Daddy. Luckily, the last couple of nights were much better.


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I was induced last Tuesday night 5/27 with cervidel.. Wednesday morning they were really backed up and took forever to finally get me to a room.. finally started pitocin at 3pm...At that point I was about 1-1.5 dilated and 30% effaced... you guys saw my mini-updates all day Wednesday... really long day. My cervix stayed high and posterior and they could barely feel Karly's head every check. They could only feel her head by pushing on the top of my tummy which would push her head down... but when they let up her head would bounce back up. This worried us all day. Since she wasn't dropping...dilation and effacement took forever! They let me stay on pitocin for almost 12 hours total.... Contractions were steady and consistent, I handled them well with no pain meds. I was shocked at this. I always heard how painful pitocin contractions are and while it was uncomfortable it wasn't bad enough to ask for meds... Towards the end of the long exhausting day about 2:30am Thursday morning- I was dilated to just a four and about 60% effaced... even with contractions being a minute apart. Karly's head was not engaging low enough to do anything. My Dr. said the only thing that was going to get her to drop would be to break my water which she was ok with doing if her head would engage a little. Since she was just floating around, it would have been dangerous to break my water. The cord, or a body part could rush forward with the water (before the head) which would cause an emergency section. So we did one last check at 2:30 am, and she said her head had not dropped and actually she was all over the place. For being so far along in labor she was moving way too much.. not even thinking about locking in and a couple times the Dr would feel her head and then the next minute she would "swim" off and another body part would be present!!
We finally had to give up. It wouldn't have been safe to stay on pitocin longer than 12 hours... it was starting to stress Karly out... she had some heart rate increases up to 170-175 bpm on some of the harder contractions.

They got me set up for a c-section.. I was so upset, had so many mixed emotions. I knew they let me try for as long as they could safely...I knew there was nothing else we could do but I was so sad I wasn't going to get the personal birth experience like I had with Rylee. The nurse told me I would have to have my arms tied down... they would give me a quick look at her over the curtain and then take her to be examined and cleaned up. That Brian could go over and watch and take pictures and then he would be able to bring her to me and I would be able to tuch her with my hand but would not be able to hold her near my shoulders since my arms may be weak and shaky. They said she would be able to stay with us at my head until I was done being stitched up...then they would wheel us down the hall to a recovery room where I would be able to hold her for the first time. I was very upset with this whole plan. It was so different and so not the intimate birth I had with Rylee and I felt like Karly was going to be cheated on her entrance in the world. But my husband, mom, and sister just kept reminding me that I wouldn't care about these details in a week from now.. all that was going to matter was having her here safe and sound. Which I knew they were right but it was still really hard to swallow that disapointment.

So they gave me the epidural which was uncomfortable but not awful... they let my family back in the room afterwards (they didn't let Brian even stay for that part) and the epi guy started giving me the different meds through the epidural. I didn't handle that well. I started to feel very strange.. and I told him Im getting dizzy and lighted headed... and I was having a hard time breathing.. it felt like my chest was really heavy. Well they were taking my blood pressure right as I was saying all that to them and it dropped to 81/40!! And my pulse rocketed to about 160! It scared my family but he was very calm and said no problem.. we will take care of that.. and gave me some other meds that stabilzed things and then I was normal again!

So off I went to surgery. I felt very out of it and sleepy and like I could pass out at anytime.. I kept telling myself to stay alert and stay awake. I did not want to miss a thing! They prepped me, brought Brian in at the last minute just as they were making the incision. I smelled the skin burning and felt a lot of pressure on my chest... after a few minutes at 3:20am, she was born! She came out screaming and healthy. As it turns out she was slightly sideways inside.. head near my hip so that explains why she wasn't dropping down like she should have! I heard the screaming and I was bawling like a baby.. kept looking up waiting for them to show her to me.. and when they didn't I told Brian to go see her and start taking pictures. He was gone forever! I was laying their sobbing listening to her somewhere in the room and wishing and praying they would let me have a quick glimpse of her. I was just crying and crying and saying over and over can I see her? I want to see my baby! Can I see her? I think there was so much comotion in the room no one heard me. Finally Brian came back over with tears in his eyes and kissed me and said she is perfect.. just perfect! I asked what she looked like and he didn't even have words. He just kept saying she is beautiful and perfect! He showed me a couple of pics on our digital camera of her since it was taking so long...I asked when they would let me see her and of course he didn't know. I told him to go back and be with her and take pictures.. I just laid there and cried. I know I am making this sound like a really pathetic experience.. it is just SO THE OPPOSITE of what I wanted. Maybe if I had prepared myself for the possibility of a c-section I would have handled it better. But with having a vaginal birth with Rylee I really didn't think I would have a problem with this one. Finally... 20 minutes after Karly was born Brian carried her over to me and I saw my baby for the first time. I touched her with my fingertips the best I could.. stupid hands were still tied down and we all three sat together as they finished closing me up. Karly was 8 lbs, 0 ounces, 20" long. They took us back to recovery where my mom and sister were waiting.. I got to hold her in there for the first time. I was so emotional and still crying like crazy. She was just perfect and beautiful and with my family around we all just cried and enjoyed meeting her for the first time. I offered my breast and she immediatly turned her head and latched on in about 5 seconds. I was amazed at how she knew exactly what to do so quick without any help.

I was in the hospital a total of 5 nights! Didn't get to check out until Sunday afternoon. I was so tired. I didn't sleep for like 36 hours straight with all the inducing, the surgery, plus all the nurses checking in on you, the procedures, and of course caring for Karly. I missed Rylee like crazy. Someone in my family brought her up every day for visits but she never stayed long. She didn't like the hospital and was a little stir-crazy.

I am recovering ok... c-sections really suck in my opinion. I would never choose to have one if I had an option. I just hated the whole experience compared to the vaginal birth I had with Rylee. I am of course very very sore. It is really hard to hold Rylee and have her all over me when I have a very tender tummy to watch out for! The first few days in the hospital, Rylee was very stand-offish. She didn't really want much to do with me or Karly. She just wanted to go home she would say... but then she would finally warm up and want to be with us. I think it just took her some time to realize what was going on... and I can tell it is still going to be a big adjustment. Even now that I have been home a couple days she isn't super crazy about Karly. She likes her ok... and she has never acted mean, or jealous or anything but she tends to ignore her more than I thought she would. I am trying really hard to keep her involved, I am so scared she is going to feel left out and that makes me feel really guilty. My emotions are crazy right now.. up and down.. down and up. More on all that later.

Karly is just adorable and resembles Rylee so much but at the same time I can see her own traits too. Of course the hair is the same (I think Rylee had a little more) and her eyes are blue/grey which is how Rylee's started out too so I wonder if they will stay blue? Everyone is commenting on what a easy/relaxed baby Karly is. Once again.. comparing to Rylee. Maybe she will be my calm one. She hardly ever cries.. sleeps a ton... and is very content just laying there- looking around even when awake. Rylee was never that way. She always needed constant attention and tending to in order to stay happy. Karly has taken to nursing like a professional so we have had no trouble with feedings! My biggest problem the last day or two is I am getting super engorged. There is no way Karly can drink what I am producing and I am having to pump and store. Which I don't have bottle feeding anywhere in my plans so I guess we will just save the milk for "if" we ever need it? I was never engorged with Rylee either. Always made just the right amount so this feeling is new to me... and not fun but I am dealing!

When we checked out of the hospital she was 7 lbs, 6 ounces. She is just so tiny and delicate. I don't remember Rylee being so little.. yes she was a pound bigger and 1-1/2" longer but you wouldn't think that would make such a big difference!

Looking back on the whole experience I wish my Dr would have trusted the sonograms I had leading up to her birth rather than her gut instinct. My last sono at 38 weeks said she was 7 lbs, 8 ounces which was actually really accurate. A week later at her birth she was 8 lbs even.. and if they would have let me go to 40 weeks I think she wouldn't have been 9 lbs yet which was the number my Dr has always been afraid of as far as not letting me go past... and I think if I would have been given 1 more week, Karly may have been more "ready" and maybe would have dropped down more and would have taken the induction better. But I know there is nothing I can do about all that now. The most important thing is that I have a beautiful, healthy, perfect little girl snuggled up on my chest right now as I type this and in the end- that is all that matters!!!!






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On Monday, I started the day as usual, getting the boys ready to go so I could get Ethan to school. I got comments from the crossing guard, my next door neighbor, and one of Ethan's teachers wondering when the baby was coming. I joked about doing jumping jacks til she came out. Went home and just lazed around. Had a hard contraction around noonish and soon after that my SIL called to see how things were and if I needed anything. Talked about when I thought baby was coming and I said "I think today!" I called my mom after I had another contrax about 20 mins after the first and told her I may be having a baby later that night or sometime early morning so she had a heads up. Next contrax I had was 7 mins after the previous. Had several of them and then called Will to tell him he had to come home as they were getting to be about 5 mins apart. this was just before 1:30. I went and got a shower and they got to be about 2 mins apart. I called Will again to see how far from home he was and he was just around the corner so I told him we had to go as soon as he got to the house. He came in and got Benny ready since I could not move the contrax wre so bad. I was in tears they hurt so bad. On the way to my moms to drop Ben off, she called to see if we were on our way and asked if I was going to make it to the hospital or if she was going to have to deliver the baby. We get to the hospital and go to where the ER used to be. They moved it to the other side of the hospital. Great! Finally find the ER and walked halfway to the door from the parking spot and had to stop for another contrax. Someone went in and got someone with a wheelchair, thank god! Got checked in and into L&D and the contrax were right on top of one another. They finally got ahold of the doctor and when she checked me I was already at 9 cm. This was a little after 3 pm. Everyone was rushing around because Hannah was coming any minute. I yelled "I have to push!!" and I don't know when doc broke my water but she said go ahead and push and less than a minute later she was out. She had meconium in the water and everything happened so fast there was no pediatric team there so they were paging "Peds Stat!" She didnt get any in her airways and was fine. Hannah Katherine was born on Monday June 2nd at 3:27 pm. She weighed 7 lb 4 oz and was 19 inches long. Had and 8 and 9 on her apgars. She is a good baby too...doesnt cry too much and is starting to get better at nursing. Her big brothers love her and she is Daddy's little peanut. My family is now complete!

This is posted on my myypace. Here are some things I left out.

I did have some bleeding problems and since I hemmoraged with my first they were a bit concerned. I didn't have any external tearing and they called the on call doctor to come check me to see if I had any internal tears. So after being beaten up on the inside and outside to find out why I was bleeding, it turned out all of the placenta hadn't come out. So the doctor got my uterus all cleaned out and I have alot less bleeding than I did with my boys. The cramps are horrible though but I have a healthy little girl to show for all my pain!

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I probably went into labor on Tuesday, June 3, 2008. I was having contractions so I decided to lie down on my left side and drink some water. I thought they went away, but I might have been wrong.

When I woke up the next morning, it seemed like they were gone completely. I told DH that my plans for the day were to go to Barnes and Nobel to get a baby book (where you record their vital records, etc) and then to Target to get a few last things for the house and the hospital bag. Then I was going to finish cleaning up part of our room so we could fit in the Pack-n-Play (to use the bassinet function) so she could be by our bedside. Little did I know my morning was going to be vastly different.

As I was walking to the baby book section (which, btw, is by the sci fi.. who knew!), I felt a rush. I thought that my water must have broken, because I knew I hadn't just gone #1. I knew right away it wasn't urine because it was tinted with a bit of blood. I thought that this might be the real deal.

I finished shopping for our baby book and went out to the car. First I called DH and told him that I thought my water had broken. Then I called the doctor's office and asked what to do. They said I should come in to the hospital. I called DH back and told him to come home. I then went across the street to Target and got the other things I needed.

I pulled into our driveway and DH was a few seconds behind me. We did a last few things around the house, got the bags into the car and went to the hospital. When we got there, I got a simple PH test to see if my water had broken. It was inconclusive, so they gave me a second test which told us, undeniably, that it had. I was moved into a labor and delivery room, assigned a nurse, and began the whole process of having a child.

First my blood was drawn. Then they put me on all kinds of monitors to watch my contractions and the baby's heart rate. After a short time of watching the contractions, the doctor put me on a low dose of pitocin to get my contractions stronger (they were plenty close together). The stuff kicked in immediately and soon I was wondering how people have babies without drugs.

Around 3 I asked for an epidural. By 4 I had one and was much more comfortable. We realized, as it got a little later, that it wasn't quite strong enough and the doctor gave me a slightly higher dose. I could move my toes, knees and legs the entire time, but I went from some pain to none.

Then the pushing contractions started. The urge to push was very strong, and I was 10cm dilated. However, my doctor wasn't in the room yet, so I had to hold off for 30 or 45 mins. It was really difficult not to push and to breathe through the contractions, but I somehow did it. I began pushing at 6:20pm and our baby girl was born at 6:54pm. The doctor said I was good at pushing, and that's why she came so quickly (for a first time mom).

I had a minor repair done and easily birthed the placenta. She was perfect from the start, and the doctor laid her straight on my chest after DH cut her umbilical cord.

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Amy329 had her little boy...
Matthew was born June 6th at 11:36 pm weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz

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Copied and pasted from other thread. Smile

Well I am home from the hospital now. We got back in the afternoon and I have been busy and only have a little bit of time right now to write a quick something. I am working on a more detailed version of my birth story but here is a quick version for you guys Smile Sorry not many pics right now but I will get more uploaded soon I promise!

Basically you all know my water broke on Thursday morning and I went all day with no contractions and one hospital visit. They sent me home to see if I would start contracting on my own. (they give women 72 hours here to start their own contractions and if they don't start on their own, they help out by inducing them so I knew what to expect since I had been down that road before). Then 2 a.m. Friday morning I was starting to get cramp like feelings and was wondering if those led to contractions. Well, that entire day I was contracting off and on. They were very irregular and when we went to the hospital for the 2nd time it registered that I WAS indeed having contractions but they weren't consistent enough and not painful enough. I was like "what?? they get MORE painful?" ohhh little did I know! The midwife said I would definitly KNOW when I was in LABOR cuz the contractions would get even stronger and consistent. So they sent me home. Actually I had the option to walk around a bit and see if that would do anything for me, or go home. I said Home. But we stopped for lunch first near the hospital and walked a bit just in case. Lunch was good. Smile Then we headed to some place for my drivers license, then a quick trip to Ikea (only dh went into these places, i stayed in the car I didn't want to move). Then finally home. Rush hour traffic was INSANE, it took ONE HOUR to get home from where we were! Finally when we got home my contractions were no longer. I had stopped contracting sometime in between 3 and 4p.m. I'm guessing. When we got home I told DH I was going upstairs to try to get some rest because I was stinkin tired from contracting all day long! But hey i was very happy I was contracting at all! Last time with DD I didn't get even one contraction. Anyways, I tried laying down and almost fell asleep an hour later when I shot up out of bed with a really STRONG contraction and I even yelled out for DH! I was freaked out by it. I sat on the toilet cuz that is what I thought would make it feel better. NOPE! DH came up and we waited. I was like "ok so they are starting up again. lets time them" DH got on the computer and started timing them and I hopped in the shower and turned on some hot water. I used all the hot water up in one shower Lol it helped though. Then DH started timing the contractions. Starting at about 6p.m. they were approx 6 to 7 minutes apart ALL lasting OVER one minute! Slowly they lasted 1 1/2 minutes then 1 min 45 seconds. :eek: At about 7:30pm.ish I told DH "you better call the hospital and ask them what we should do cuz i can't stand this pain anymore!" I was seriously YELLING through every contraction and cursing like a mad sailor without his whiskey! Lol I didn't care who could hear me outside. I was in PAIN! Soon though I started noticing that they were getting closer and closer together. DH was on the phone with the hospital and they said "let us call you back in a minute because our maternity ward is getting full." I was like :eek::eek::eek: So we don't hear from them for what seems like a LONG time. then finally DH's phone rings and its some OTHER hospital thats even FURTHER away than the hospital I was orignally suppose to give birth at. They said to go on in. I told DH "lets go! its time to go now!" Our neighbor was home and we were so lucky to have her there because she took my daughter and watched her for us while we rushed to the hospital. I was crying through contractions and using the "oh shit" handle in the car all the time. Lol It hurt like hell! There were times I could feel babys head trying to make his way out! And guess how far the hospital was from our house when we left? 70 kilometers! About 50 miles or so? OMG! I didn't want to know how far away it was but DH got us there in 40 minutes! He was speeding the ENTIRE way there on the highway. Going 100 miles per hour. THe hospital said they could send an ambulance but by the time they'd get there and then take me to the hospital it might be too late. SO DH was speeding and flashing his lights at people to get out of the way and honking at some idiots. They all moved except for a few idiots. So about 10 minutes before we got to the hospital they give DH a call and give him directions to the hospital since we had never been there before. They said they would be waiting outside for us and sure enough when we got there there were 2 midwives and a bed waiting for me. I quickly got out of the car. I had put on a house robe and could care less what I was wearing at that point! I hopped onto the bed, closed my eyes and yelled out in pain. I opened my eyes briefly and could see some kid with a ice cream cone and his father just standing there. lol I could only imagine what they were thinking when they saw me yelling out in pain "oh shit!" over and over again. The midwives helped me by telling me how to breath, etc. They quickly wheeled me into a room on some other floor and I get off the bed and they tell me to take all my clothes off. No problem. There I was butt naked and they put a hospital gown on me and tell me to get on the bed. It was a regular bed with a huge bean bag and pillows piled up on one end. Not a small birthing bed. I got on all 4's and the midwives ask me if I need to push and I said "yes! I do!" Then they checked me and I was already 10 cm dilated :eek: Holy crap! I wonder how long I had been 10 cm dilated. It took 40 minutes to get to the hospital! We left the house at around 8:20ish or something? and we got to the hospital at 9:15. I started pushing the minute I got onto that bed since I was already 10cm. Then the midwife broke the rest of the water. I pushed and pushed. Midwife said to reach down and touch baby's head and wow! he was peeking out. When I first got there though they gave me laughing gas which did absolutely nothing to me Lol And before that at the house I had a pain killer that I took rectaly. Did NOTHING to me. So...after touching baby's head I did a few more pushes. Then finally I was fed up and asked the midwives "is it possible to push his entire head and body with just ONE single push?" and they said "maybe but probably no." Well I was going to prove them wrong! The next contraction I pushed as hard as I COULD with my arms around DH's neck and he was sorta hugging me. I pushed with all my strength and could feel his head coming out! Then his head was out and I kept on pushing and OUT came his body! All with only one big push on that last contraction and he was out! The midwives were surprised! Biggrin They said I couldn't do it but I DID IT! And ALL WITH NO DRUGS! Completely opposite from my last birthing experience!! I couldn't believe it... I gave birth NATURALLY! The way it was meant to happen. Biggrin I was on a natural high! And there was my slimy little cute boy on my chest! I remember it all! Its not all hazy like with DD. I remember the placenta and I got 3 stitches. Not bad at all! Smile Oh and just 5 minutes after LO was born I put him to my breast and he started sucking away like a pro! He breastfed for a good hour and a half or so. He was so hungry! I hadn't eaten anything all day so I wonder if that is why Smile I noticed he was hungry when he started sucking his thumb. Biggrin Later on they weighed him and measured him then I showered and felt loads better. And we got put into a room and I had my OWN private room! It was like a small hotel room with a regular double sized bed Smile and a diaper changing station and bathroom and shower right outside my door. It was great and I felt totally comfortable there my entire stay! DH went home a couple hours after baby was born to go attend to DD. He was great! Next day he came and he brought me pink roses for doing such a great job. No drugs, all natural! I still can't believe it. Smile It's a great feeling! So, we got to the hospital at 9:15p.m. and I gave birth at 9:58p.m. We weren't there long at all! Everyone was amazed! oh and DH ended up calling the police after it was all over and told them that if any cameras got a picture of him speeding then the reason why was because i was in labor and about to have the baby. They said "no problem" lol

Well we are all adjusting quite well and DD is getting use to little boy. She kisses him all the time which is so cute. It will take some more time to get into a routine, etc though I'm sure. But for now we are all doing great and my milk came in today and wow are my breasts sore and huge! Lol but im loving breastfeeding Smile And I'm doing great! Going to head to the grocery store tomorrow actually Blum 3 we need some things! and so much for cleaning my house. It's a mess now cuz DH and DD were home alone Wink hehe Oh well its ok! i don't care right now Smile

And here are some pics and more details..

Mikael André (pronounced Mee-Kah-El) was born at 9:58p.m. weighing 3710 grams (8pounds 3ounces?) 49cm long. Smile Apgars 9, 10. Breastfeeding going great! Everything is great! Here are a couple pics. Will share more later Smile He doesn't even look like he is mine! He has brown hair with blond tips. Looks like he went to a salon to get highlights Lol He's so stinkin cute! but i have no idea who he is going to look like or who he even looks like now! I'll always remember this birthing experience. I feel like I can do anything now that I pushed this baby out without the help of any sort of drugs! Biggrin woohoo!

Thanks for reading Smile

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The Birth of Nathaniel Zeke

I lost my mucous plug on May 19 and proceeded to have 2 1/2 weeks of prodromal labor. The night of June 2 I had some strong contractions that woke me during the night. I woke up the morning of June 3 to some pretty strong ones and I could feel my cervix doing something after them. I walked around with John at the mall that day and contractions went from every 8-10 minutes to every 20-30 minutes, but they never went away. They were bearable though. That night they got closer together and more intense, but I knew I wasn't yet in active labor. I tried walking around and bouncing on the birth ball but they never got any closer together. I finally laid down to get some rest, but kept waking up with the contractions. They did space out overnight though.

The morning of June 4 (I was 40 weeks +2 days) I awoke to contractions about 15-20 minutes apart. I went to my scheduled doctor's appointment and he informed me I was 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced, so I had made progress since the previous week. He swept my membranes at my request and said I could very well go into active labor that night. I was exhausted but optimistic, since the contractions were still coming steadily and not letting up. Contractions continued that afternoon and got closer together as the night went on. I walked and bounced on the birth ball intermittently that night and they got a bit stronger and more painful. I tried to visualize my cervix opening up and work with the contractions, but I was also completely exhausted and wondering how I was going to get through labor. At this point, I think I realized I was in active labor. John wasn't so convinced and wanted us to stay home longer. I held out for a few more hours and then told him we HAD to leave for the hospital. We left the house at 4:30 a.m. on June 5 (40 weeks +3 days).

I labored in the back seat of the car for the 45-minute drive to the hospital. Contractions spaced out a bit but were still intense when they came. I feared they were going to continue to space out after we arrived, but luckily that didn't happen. We parked in the hospital parking garage and as soon as I stepped out of the car and had a whiff of fresh air, everything changed. I felt enthusiastic and revitalized, and I realized that walking in circles at my house for days had really been a drain on me. We walked around the parking garage, up and down stairs, and on the sidewalks outside the hospital from 5:15 until 7 a.m. The contractions picked up almost instantly and we timed them at 2 1/2 minutes apart, lasting about a minute each for just about the entire time. They got consistently more powerful as we walked too, and especially as I went up and down the stairs.

At 7 a.m. I decided I was ready to call the doctor, and he told us to go right up to labor and delivery. By 7:30 I was in a room and we met our wonderful nurse Linda, who stuck with me throughout the labor and through my c-section. She checked me and I was 5 cm dilated and 90% effaced! I had achieved my goal of dilating past the point I had with my first son Jacob, so I was really pleased. With that labor I had stalled out at around 4-5 cm. Linda looked over our birth plan and said everything on there was pretty much standard hospital procedure. We were so pleased, and already we felt that this birthing experience was going to be much different than the birth of my first son.

Here's a picture of me when we first checked in, having a contraction:

Linda got a heplock in right away and I changed into a gown I had brought with me for the labor. She got me situated with a wireless telemetry monitor and the baby's heart rate was excellent. My contractions were showing up strong as well. At around 8 or 8:30 my doctor showed up and checked me. I was going to question why he was checking me so soon after the nurse had, but I decided to let it go and see what he had to say. I guess I was afraid he would say I hadn't progressed as much as she had said. To my surprise, he said I was now at 7 cm, 100% effaced and baby was at -1 station. I was ready to jump up and down - I was progressing well on my own, and doing it pretty quickly!

Eating an italian ice at 7 cm:

At that point he said he would be back in a couple of hours and Linda said I was free to walk the halls, bounce on the birth ball or do whatever I wanted. So we walked, squatted and tried a variety of labor positions. I was getting pretty strong contractions, but managing them well. And I was so happy to be progressing I welcomed each contraction as getting me closer to my goal. Linda started setting the room up for the baby's arrival at that point, a stage we hadn't gotten to in my first son's birth. I guess since I had progressed to a 7 in such a short time, she felt the baby would be coming soon.

The doctor came back in a couple of hours and everything was exactly the same. He was very encouraging though, and just told me to keep moving and that my contractions were good and strong. This went on for several more hours, and as the afternoon wore on I became really tired and a little discouraged. The baby wasn't descending past -1 and we tried everything we knew of to get him in a better position - squats, hip swaying, bending over, standing up, sitting on the birth ball, and lots of walking.

At around 2 p.m. I finally consented to having my water broken, hoping that it would give us the nudge we needed to get to transition. My contractions immediately got stronger and closer together and I really had to work to stay focused and on top of them. I was hopeful that the change meant something was finally happening and we could proceed to the next stage of labor. Unfortunately I still wasn't progressing and baby was not moving down. Everything was exactly as it had been at my first check by the doctor. At 4 p.m. the doctor finally brought up a repeat c-section. He said my cervix hadn't changed in close to 8 hours and he was worried about uterine rupture. The baby was still tolerating the labor well and heart tones were normal, but I was exhausted and feeling pretty defeated by that point. I asked if there was anything I could do to get things moving but he said we had tried everything. He didn't want to use pitocin because the baby was only at -1 station and he said I was already having "pitocin-level contractions" from what he could see on the monitors. I was wary of using pitocin anyway. I asked about an epidural to allow my body to rest and be more productive but he said he honestly didn't think it would make a difference. He said he would give me another half hour if I wanted to walk some more, and then he was strongly recommending a section.

We walked the halls again and I bounced and squatted through painful contractions, but I was feeling pretty defeated and exhausted at this point. When the 4:30 p.m. check showed no change, I agreed to the c-section. Things went pretty quickly from this point on, although they seemed to take an eternity. I was on the bed now, signing paperwork and getting an IV, and the contractions became excruciating in this position. I was instantly reminded of my labor with my first son, when I was forced to labor in bed on my side for the majority of the time. When I was finally ready they had me walk to the operating room, and they got the spinal inserted and I had some relief from the contractions.

Everything went quickly from this point on and I'm a bit hazy on the details since I was a little dizzy and nauseous from the medications. I had been med-free up to that point so it was kind of an onslaught to my already tired system. Once the spinal was in and they were ready to start, they let John into the OR. He was right up by my head to distract me from what was going on on the other side of the curtain. I quickly realized that this c-section was going to be a lot different than my previous one. I couldn't feel pain, but I could feel the doctors working. I kept mentioning this, and they said they had checked the spinal and everything was working properly. But it felt really rough as they were cutting and I could feel lots of tugging and it was generally unpleasant. I didn't feel anything with my last c-section until they pulled the baby out. My doctor said that I had a lot of scar tissue so it was taking time to get through that. They finally pulled the baby out and I definitely felt that, but they lifted him up over the curtain and through my haze I was ecstatic to finally see my little one. The doctor also said he had been OP and had been presenting with the largest part of his head. He just wasn't going to get through my pelvis that way, and for whatever reason he didn't turn. And I guess he was too high up for the doctor to attempt to turn vaginally. He also added that my fibroid (the reason given to me for my "failure to progress" during my lsat labor) was high up in my uterus and not anywhere near the baby.

The doctor then announced that it was a boy (that was a huge disappointment to me - we didn't know the sex and I wanted to be the one to announce it after the baby was placed on my chest after my VBAC). I got over it though, and John and I were shocked since we were both convinced we were having a girl! They cleaned up the baby a bit and handed him over to John for a few minutes so we could get a look at him. I was definitely more out of it than I was last time so I really only saw him though half open eyes. His apgars were 9 and 9 and he was born pink and yelling loudly - the kid has quite a set of lungs on him for a newborn.

While they were sewing me up they announced they would be taking him to the nursery and John said he'd be going too. I asked if they could bring him to me right away after the surgery since I wanted to breastfeed, and they said they usually keep them for a few hours after surgery. But Linda said she'd see about getting him to me sooner. Unfortunately Linda couldn't pull the right strings and I sat alone in my room after the surgery for THREE HOURS waiting to hold my son. John said he was livid, the nurses in the nursery did what they needed to do and just needed to give him a bath, but they took a pizza break in the middle of it and were generally just farting around. He kept reminding them that I was waiting to breastfeed Nate and they just brushed him off. Even Linda came in and tried to push them along and they got territorial with her. This must just be hospital nursery protocol, but luckily this was the only truly negative experience I had with the nurses during my stay.

When John finally brought Nate to me he lunged for my breast and latched on immediately and fed for over an hour. Poor kid was starving! He's been a great nurser ever since so thankfully he wasn't traumatized by the nursery experience. And no one tried to sneak him formula this time thankfully.

The rest of my hospital stay went well, as far as hospital stays go. My recovery has been quicker and easier than with my previous c-section. I was up and walking around the morning after the surgery, and we were discharged 3 days later. My mother has been a huge help with taking care of Jake, and my biggest concern is that I'm not supposed to lift him until 6 weeks post surgery. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that once Mom leaves. John works from home, so that's helpful, but traveling anywhere and getting him in and out of his car seat, shopping carts, etc. is going to be tricky. I'll have to make it work though. Jake has been great with his little brother, but he does want me to pick him up and I don't think he understands why I can't. This was one of the main reasons why I really wanted a VBAC, but I'm just going to do the best I can and be lucky I have such a mellow and happy toddler.

I really think I gave my VBAC my best shot. I wouldn't have done anything differently. I feel I went to the hospital at the right time, I listened to my body throughout my prodromal labor and into active labor, and I really tried to work with my contractions. I'm proud that I made it as far as I did, and without any pain meds to boot! I really don't think there was anything more I could have done to progress further, except to continue to labor until I passed out from exhaustion. I think we made the right call on the c-section when we decided to go ahead with it, and I am not left with any of the doubts and misgivings I had after the birth of my first son. Most importantly, I have a beautiful healthy son as the result of all my hard work.

Hanging out with big brother:

Crashed out on Daddy's lap:

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Monday night, Gwyn decided that she didn't need to sleep in her bed and I was up until around 4:30 putting her back in bed over and over :rolleyes: . I wonder if she knew something was up cause at 7:00, after just a few hours of sleep, I woke up to a contraction! I had been having regular strong but painless contx all day Monday, but this one was different and I knew the moment I felt it that this was the real thing! :grin: I lay in bed for a few moments and within minutes had another, and then another, and then another! I thought "WOW 4 in a row so close!" and then "Boy do I need to PEE!" lol. When I got up, I realized I was laying in a small puddle and hurried to the bathroom. When I sat down, there was a definite gush of fluid and I knew my water had broken. WOOHOO! I was really in labor!!! If you remember, my doc had said I had a better chance of winning the lottery than going into labor. Well I woke up hubby and told him he needed to go buy a lottery ticket! ROFL I was very surprised at how fast everything was happening. I know for many women, and especially a first labor, contx start out slow, but mine were 2-3 minutes apart from the get-go :eek: . Strong enough to need to breath and hold the walls, but not so intense that I felt she was going to come at any moment. We called my mom to come get Gwyn for us. Mom was to stay with us during labor, but I needed her first to take Gwyn to my friend's house who had agreed to watch her for the duration. Well, after 3 hours of contx getting stronger and stronger and all at 2-3 minutes apart for around a minute each, my mom and hubby were both telling me I needed to get myself to the hospital ASAP!! I still didn't feel they were strong enough at that point for me to need to go so soon, but had to agree that as close as they were, it was better safe than delivered on the road on the way there! Lol I couldn't stop laughing all the way to the hospital lol. I can't describe how happy I was to be in labor FINALLY!
So we got to the hospital around 10:00 after hubby ran a few red lights lol. He was so funny. He parked at the loading zone for the maternity ward and ran inside. Apparently he told the first nurse he saw that I was in the car having a baby right NOW!! ROFL After being admitted and changing into the gorgeous gowns they provide :rolleyes: and filling out all the paperwork, they hoked me up to all the monitors. The nurses said that once I was all set up, I could get up and move about my room, sit on my ball, etc, but they first had to make sure they had everything in place so they could see the contx and baby's HB while I labored. I tell you, the HOUR that I was strapped to that bed was the worst hour of labor. I honestly enjoyed every minute of labor before and after, but while on that bed, I was writhing in pain! The doc checked me and I was at 3-4 cm and 80%. So I was pretty happy; 3-4 hours of labor and 3-4 cm dilated, I knew I was on the right track and that everything was going to be fine! I spent the next 5 hours rocking and rolling and bouncing on my ball and just having a good old time. I found it interesting that sometimes it felt better to lean into them and sometimes it was better away. Other times, I would go back and forth and then others, around in circles. I breathed and "oh'd" and "ah'd" and "mmm'd" . Every time I had one that was really strong, I would say that I was having a good one. Mom kept me laughing and the nurses must have thought I was nuts cause we were giggling every time they came in.
When the doc came in to check on me, he asked "How are the contx? Pretty bad?"
"Oh they're pretty good" I said.
"So pretty bad huh?"
"No they're pretty good actually." See, I knew that attitude was so much a part of it and if I thought of them as BAD contx, then they would be, but if they were GOOD contx, then I would be better. He really annoyed me at how negative he was.
So he checked me (ugh, back in the dreaded bed again) and I was still at 3-4 and she was still high. So he said that he needed to do the csec. He said he had let me go for 5 hours of labor and no progress when usually they don't let you go for more than 2 hours without progress and of course I couldn't have pitocin (which I didn't want anyways) but he had let me go for 5 with no progress (as if he had been checking all along) and it was time for him to step in and take her. Now, for one thing, since he hadn't checked me in 5 hours, that pi$$ed me off at him more than I already was. So since I had labored in the same manor, on my ball, for the whole of that 5 hours, I said, well how about I get up and walk around a bit instead and see if that makes any difference. See, in my mind, I was handling the contx just fine and they were getting stronger and stronger and if I hadn't progressed doing one thing, then I should change and do another. After all, when most women are admitted, if they are barely dilated, what else are they told to do to help dilate, but WALK? He started fighting with me, huffing and puffing and scolding me that what good did I think walking was going to do if I wasn't progressing. He was really stressing me out and pi$$ing me off. "I just don't think you're going to deliver this baby!" he says. "It's just not going to happen". So I said "Well this time yesterday you didn't think I was going to go into labor either." Back and forth we went. I just didn't see what harm it would be to let me walk. After all, what was 1 more hour of labor really after I had just had 8? And then if walking didn't do any good, then I might be willing to consider other means. Well, all the stress and fighting with him didn't just affect me, but it also must have affected Abigayle, cause her heart rate dropped. It went into the 60's and stayed there. So then he flipped out. Started talking anesthesia and we need to take this baby NOW. Baby is stressed, mom's not progressing, she needed to be delivered STAT.

Her heart rate scared me. It wasn't going back up and I knew that was bad. I had gotten to labor. I had a healthy baby at the moment and I didn't want to risk her health when something was wrong. I gave in. Ok, I said, just please don't put me under, just use the spinal. I begged and since her heart rate did pick up in the OR, they gave me the spinal. I reminded them that I wanted to bfeed and asked that she be brought to me in the recovery room and no bottles. I don't know if it was just because it was an emergency csec, or if it was because it was my second, or if it was because I had dared to defy the doctor, but this time, it was so very different from my first. No csec is a walk in the park, but in comparison, my first was a breeze. This one felt so different! I kept feeling like I was getting electric shocks or something. It was weird and unpleasant.

At last she was born! Abigayle Janette M came into the world at 3:32 on June 10th weighing in at 9lbs, 9oz and measuring 21 1/2inches long! Her head was 13 1/2 inches and her chest was 15 inches!! I got to touch her and kiss her as they stitched me up. As per my request, she was brought right to me in recovery and she latched on and has been nursing like crazy ever since!! Her mouth is kind of small, and she likes to cluster feed, so I've been having some problems teaching her to latch properly. And with the pain meds, I haven't always noticed if she wasn't, so she gave me a blister the first day, but with lanolin, that went away. We're both learning! (lol yes I know I've been doing this for 2 years and I teach bfing classes, but it's still a matter of learning eachother Wink ) .

So, I'm thrilled that I got to labor, sad that I had to have a csec, but glad that I didn't have to try to deliver such a large baby! Lol As mad as I was at the doc for the way that he handled me, I am glad that I had the csec because I know she would have gotten stuck and I would have ended up with a much more emergency csec than the one I had. She is healthy and perfect and so good and I am in love with my baby girl!

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Colleen Rose's birth story

Okay ladies I am going to apologize in advance because this is a birth/post birth thru surgery story so it is going to be long. So here goes:

Starting the last week of May I started to have fairly consistant contractions that were too far apart to worry about but they continued for weeks. Well on June 2nd, we went down to Cincinnati for a consent meeting and some presurgery testing. After that we went back to my father's house to get the kids and the contractions were every 5 minutes. Well we ended up in the hospital to get checked and since I was not dialated yet they wanted to hold me off until the June 5th c-section so they sent me home with some meds to stop the contractions. And overall it worked.

June 4th, the hubby and I came down to cincy, leaving our kids in Dayton with grandma to get ready for the c-section. June 5th we get to the hospital at 5:45am and they check me in. Then it is IV time which they had a hard time putting in. Then the waiting started. Finally around 7:45am they took me down to the cath lab to have the c-section. They put me on the table and right before they give me the spinal/epidural they gave me something to "relax me". Well that something to "relax me" made it hard for me to stay awake so I was not happy about that. With the spinal/epidural it HURT so very bad. Bad enough that i screamed out 3 different times. If felt like they were trying to go all the way through my bone. But eventually they got it in.

So down I go, the drape is put up and my hubby is brought in to be by my head. It actually was not long before they started cutting and about 10 minutes later my little girl joined this world screaming. At 8:45am. They pulled the drape down so we could see her and then she was taken to the other room to have stuff done.

They closed me up and sent me back to my room where I passed out for a little bit because of the stuff they gave me. Well after several hours, yes i said hours, the one doc came in. And he was very honest with us. This was the first piece of hard news. He told us that once she was taken to the other room, she coded. She stopped breathing and her heart stopped. It took them 5 minutes to get her back. Once she was back they did the septostomy to make the one part of her heart bigger. The way they explained it to us is that at that point in time she really only had 3 chambers in her heart but that would be fixed in the open heart surgery. So they saved out daughter's life for the first time. Once he left we had a big cry and were very scared and nervous about how things were going to work out.

Well they got my daughter settled into her CICU room and my hubby was able to go see her. He came back with pictures. Then later that evening they let me get into a wheelchair so that I could see her with my own eyes. That was great but scary as well. She was very bloated and just looked sick.

Okay the whole day of my c-section they would not let me have anything except ice chips and water. That is important for the next part. The whole day they had me check my sugars several times a day to make sure it was okay. Well at one point it hit the 60s so they gave me some sugar water in my IV and thought I would be fine. Around 1030pm i finally decide to try and sleep for the night and hit my pain button and go to sleep. Now I do not remember much until about 1am. Here is what happened according to my husband:

The nurse came in about 11:45pm or so to check my vitals and looked at me and decided to check my sugar. Well they tried to wake me and I would not respond. They checked my sugar and it was at 27. So they upped what they were giving me in the IV but it was not working quick enough. this whole time they were talking to me trying to get me to answer questions. They got me to drink 2 things of apple juice and I started to answer questions but i still did not know where I was or why I was there. They gave me some milk to drink and then thinks started to get less fuzzy. Finally I was able to tell them where I was and I knew that Colleen had been born. From that point on they let me have some juice to drink and they watched my numbers climb back up to the 70s which was much better. It took them about an hour or so to get me to come around. My poor husband was so scared because when your sugar gets that low, it is very bad. The next day I was able to eat so never had any more issues with my blood sugar.

Okay back to the baby. at this time I start to move around on my own and we go to see the baby as often as we can. Well she looked much better the next several days. She had a few issues with her circulation which was to be expected. as well as she hated having the breathing tube in but she did really well. They were able to take her off a bunch of the medications that they had her on to start with. I will spare you the boring and even longer play by play of those things.

So June 10th comes around and at this point in time we still had yet to hold her. They were going to try to let us hold her before her surgery but it just did not happen. But we got to the hospital about 6:15am to spend some time with her before her open heart surgery. then one of the toughest moments came when they came to get her for her surgery. We were able to walk down with her to the OR but had to say goodbye. Let me tell you that was the hardest thing becuase there was a chance we would not see her alive again. We went to the waiting room where they put us in our own private room.

In this private room we got a phone call when they actually started the surgery and then we had hourly updates from one of the Nurse practioners. They were all very positive. She did really well on the heart/lung by pass machine. Then the first great news was that they had taken her off the by pass machine and she was doing well. Then at the end of the surgery she had a little bleed that the doc had to fix which took a little time but he got it fixed. In all she was in the OR for a total of about 5 1/2 hours. When the doc came in to talk to us he told us that everything went very smoothly and that she was doing great.

Back to waiting. We had to wait until they got her back into CICU room before we could see her again. That took about 2 1/2 hours from the time she was out of surgery to the time we were able to see her again. This time she was back on a huge amount of meds and had more wires and tubes coming out of her. It was sort of scary to see her that way but we knew it had to be done. They told us the next 12 hours were the part we needed to get past. They had saved her life for the second time.

The day after surgery they were already getting her off some of the meds. And the second day after surgery they took out a IV that was in her heart as well as her chest tubes. Then the next thing to come out was her breathing tube. She did so great with breathing on her own. She never once had to be bagged or anything after that tube was out. Then the third day after surgery they were taking her off a bunch more meds. By day 4 after surgery she was doing really good that they took out the pace wires they had put in just in case they needed them as well as the heart IV they had in. She was ready to go to the step down unit. but even before that, we were finally able to hold our baby girl.

Day 5 after surgery she was in the step down unit where she had only monitors on and no more groups of IVs. She was able to be fed by a bottle and held whenever we wanted to hold her.

Once she was in the step down unit all they needed her to do is get the hang of feeding from a bottle and taking at least 45ccs by mouth each feeding before they would let her go. She did this the first day so we were released much earlier than we thought we would.

I do have to say that even the doctors said that she was a miracle baby. And that is just great to hear.

I will post pictures once they are moved to a place where I can access them.

Thanks for reading, sorry so long.

Now for pictures:
Right after birth (she is swollen because of Congestive Heart Failure)

Here she is after having the septostomy

Two days after surgery, after they took her off the ventilator (7 days old)

First time I got to hold her (8 days old)

At home, finally, just about 2 weeks old:

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June 3, 08...

I wake up at 5am...nothing out of the ordinary. Finally the c-section date! Jon and I sit around talking til 7:15 and decide to head toward the hospital. (My reg. ob told us we should get there by . My phone rings while we're on the way to the hospital. Its one of my nurses asking if they're going to see me today. I tell em that we're on our way. I thought it was kind of odd, but we go on our way. Get there and upstairs well before 8. The nurses are running around like crazy women. Apparently we were supposed to be there at 7. oops

So one nurse is doing stuff on my right side, asking me last minute questions and stuff. The nurse on the left is putting in my IV. Now I have horrible veins. I told her which vein to use, but apparently she thought she knew better. She had the turniquet on my arm for almost 20 minutes. I couldnt feel my hand by the time she got the IV in. Luckily I was looking in the other direction, because my BF tells me that there was blood all over the place when she was finally done. They make me drink some citric acid crap...not giving me enough time to tell them that I'm allergic to it. Supposedly it was to help with nausea.

I meet the rest of the team that I hadn't already met with. And a paramedic student asked if he could watch my c-section. He was a really sweet kid. He came into my room, talked with my family for a lil bit and told me how much he appreciated me allowing him to be in the room.

So a lil bit after 9 I'm rolled off to the OR. I'm leaning on Jon (DBF) for them to do my spinal block. Let me tell you, that was interesting. The doc puts it in and I feel electricity down my left leg. I jumped about a foot off the table. Once I settled down, he adjusted it and I layed down. Getting prepped for surgery was the oddest feeling ever. It felt like someone was rubbing lightly on my stomach the whole time.

My DBF was the greatest all through surgery. He was the designated puke bucket guy. Although I didn't need it then. heh. And he talked to me through most of the surgery. Til Max arrived screaming! He asked me if it was okay to go see the baby. I told him that it was but only if he took pictures. As soon as Jon left...I threw up. Luckily a nurse caught it in time so that it didn't land on my hair!

Max Aaron was born at 9:54 am. Weighing in at 7lbs 8oz. He was 20 inches long. He peed on the nurse as soon as she layed him down.

I fell asleep while they were putting me back together! The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Til Jon fell off a curb that night and spent the next day in the ER getting xrays on his hip, knee, and ankle. He hurt his hip pretty badly. But everything else is okay.

Friday before we were released, I was diagnosed with MRSA. So the hospital put me in isolation for the last two hours I was there. My wonderful nurse kept telling me that it was so pointless for her to have to put on a gown and gloves and a mask every time she came in...since she'd been around me for three days already. But she was great about it.

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Planned C-section 6-17-08 8:30am

Arrived at hospital 6:30am, with DH and my mom. Mom had to stay in the waiting room but 'wanted to be there'

Checked in, put on monitor. Nurse said to me: 'do you realize you are in active labor? Contractions about 4 minutes apart?' I nodded through a contraction. (Good thing I was there, otherwise I would have ended up being there later that day I'm sure...) put in IV, paperwork, three anti-nausea medicines. Anesthesiologist came in and explained his part of the process. Doctor called: running late....
GRRR not only am I really anxious to meet her but the contractions sucked...

Now I must stop here to point out I have known since my first Dr. appointment that it would be a c-section. I have known for years that I have an off-centered cervix (part of it is positioned over my pelvis) and my doctor noted I had a REALLY small pelvic bone, (which probably could have been overcome, but not the cervix thing). ANYWAY... I have come to terms with it. I read up on it, I studied it, I asked questions. I was prepared.

So I got rolled into the OR about 9am. DH in his smurf outfit had to wait just outside the door, looking through a window at me. Anesthesiologist told me to swing my legs over table and started spinal. Annoying pin pricks, then shooting pain down my left leg. I cried. He tried again, MASSIVE pain in my back, more pain in my legs. I was yelping. I was sobbing. I looked up at DH through the window in the door and saw his heart breaking, wishing he could hold me. IT SUCKED. Now each of the attempts took three sticks. one to numb the topical area, one a little deeper into my spine and then the the real needle which was suppose to find the right nerve and put my legs to sleep. It was always that third needle that missed where it was going. My BP dropped really low, I got really nasueas, had to get some other kind of drug, it was all really bad. At some point my OB came in the room and asked if everything was alright. Anesthesiologist said he was having trouble spreading my vertebrae. And then he said 'I'll try one more time'
My initial (internal) reaction was: OR WHAT? I'll be pregnant forever? You'll just let her grow in my for 18 years? Then I remembered one of the papers I had to sign, the permission for general if it became necessary. I DID NOT want to be sleeping when my daughter was born, so I sucked it up, arched my back the best that I could grabbed on tight to the nurse and let him at it. IT worked. As he laid me down I asked 'how many did that take' his response: about 7. 7 times 3 sticks each= 21 needles in my spine. Also as he laid me down I caught a glimpse at the clock: 9:30. 30 freakin minutes.
Dr came in, curtain went up, DH came in, they started, or so they told me. Anesthesiologist stood by my head and told me I would feel some pressure, and was explaining to me what was going on. I did not feel a thing. Nothing at all. I told Anesthesiologist EXACTLY how I was feeling the whole time and he would give me something to fix it. Immediate gratification. I have a headache, here... take some of this, headache gone before I could finish my sentence. Same thing with Nausea. ANYWAY then I here:
She's out
Another Gemini
Then I heard her cry.
Then I cried.
They showed her to me, then cleaned her up, showed her to me again, and her and DH left the room.
Then I had an anxiety attack. A bad one. I told the Anesthesiologist 'Something is wrong, something is very very wrong. I can't breath, I can't see, I can't...something is wrong. Its all I could get out. So he said 'I'm going to put you on some oxygen'. The next thing I remember he said 'they are going to start with the staples' and I heard the first staple thought it sounded like a desk mate stapler and then...... I heard they were done. I asked about her apgars 9 & 9, then I asked about her sugar level (Cause of the GD). PERFECT!

I got rolled to recovery where DH came in for about 15 minutes then left to go get baby and bring her to me.
I nursed immediately. She latched right on, perfect latch. I had to get DH to take her from me after a few minutes though cause I was pretty weak. They told me I was going to stay in recovery for another 45 minutes then I would go to my room.
They were right, I was rolled out, baby rolling behind me through the waiting room so my mom, sister and brother could see us both. Once in my real room they asked me to move beds I was like' I CAN'T USE MY LEGS'
Nurse and DH helped but I did most of the moving myself. Which lead to me throwing my shoulder out. AWESOME.
Recovery actually went pretty well. I was eating that night, peeing first thing next morning, nursing every 2 hours, got up and moved around ASAP!
Got to come home 2 days later cause we were both doing so well.

There is my story.... Thanks for reading!

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This needs to be updated big time Smile

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Edward's birth story: The short version (for now)

On June 15th while having a mini birthday celebration at my parents house I had a show, completely out of the blue. I was shocked but not really expecting anything because women have them all the time without actually being in labour. However I did actually start having notable contractions so thought 'what if this is it?'

My SO was away seeing TNA Wresting live so I waited until he was home at about 9pm before going to hospital to check things out with him. Sure enough I was in labour and dilated to 2cm. They managed to take some bloods from me (first EVER bloods, my whole life!) with the help of much calming gas & air, then I was sent home just past midnight.

I slept on and off for about 2 hours before I just couldn't sleep anymore, so around 7am I finally gave in and went to try the good old bath technique, which didn't work for me at all.

By 10am my mum was over my place and we all decided to go back to the hospital so I could get some pain relief, since I have a very low pain tolerance. My mum was planning on just going up there with us incase they sent me home again, since we don't have a car she would need to give me a lift.

I was there for about 10 minutes on a monitor for contractions and LO's heartbeat before the midwife left the room and came back with a doctor. He took one look and left the room for a few moments before coming back with a hole team of people and the words 'Emergency C-section' were thrown out there.

I was shocked and surprised and utterly petrified, my SO looked like he was going to faint and my mum was holding him up but crying. Everything after that is a blur because my brain has blocked it out (mostly) and the next thing I remember is waking up shivering but feeling too hot, though they insisted I was too cold and needed more covering.

My baby had been taken to ICU because he had swallowed his first poo and I had no idea of this until a little while later when my SO actually told me what was wrong. Nice of the doctors NOT to tell me.

I'm going to skip over all the trauma of the first couple of days of recovery, but it wasn't until 4 days after my baby was born that I actually got to be with him. I bonded instantly and I'm so glad of that, but I still feel like something was taken away from me by the whole experience, like I'm missing something quite important, but I try not to dwell on it since all that matters is that my LO is here now and he is well. (And such a very very well behaved little boy)

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Hey Ladies!

well I'm very happy to introduce you all to our new daughter!

Mackenzie Grace L.
7lbs 15oz
21 in
June 25 2008 7:57pm

we went into the hospital at 1pm and doc broke my water and contrax picked up around 1:30....
family showed up around 2pm and I was still in good spirits talking and laughing but starting to have to breath thru contrax but they were still not terrible. I got hungry and had DH go to the vending machine and get me a candy bar ( Smile )

3pm contrax started getting pretty bad and I was moaning/breathing thru them. My friend Rhonda who is training to be a doula was there massaging my feet and rubbing my back thru contrax and I was trying to catch little bits of a nap between contrax
4:30 family left to go get some food and DH took Maddie out for a walk so it was just me Rhonda and my friend Megan hanging out watching "fools gold" and timing contrax (about 5 mins apart)

this is where things get fuzzy for me so I may be leaving some stuff out....

roughly 45 mins after family left to eat the contrax suddenly started coming hard and fast and I was having a hard time holding it together. My nurse decided to check me. I hadn't been checked since 1pm and now I think it was about 5:45 give or take. She checks and looks up at me. I fully expected her to say "your about a 6" but instead she smiled and says "well sweetie your 9"
I remember thinking " no freakin way" and I know I asked her "so then an epidural is out of the question then?" she laughed and said yes
mentally I started freaking out a little then thinking that the pain was getting to be to much and that I couldn't do this. My nurse Jan offered me some pain meds thru my iv ( i think it was phenegren?) it took the edge off and I was able to relax and labor for about half an hour. The meds started to wear off and so jan gave me another dose. She came up to the edge of the bed to let me know that her shift was ending and she would be going home. then she looked me in the eye and said "you can do this! you were made to do this. Your transitioning and its going to get really hard but dont give up because I know you can do this!"
As soon as she walked out the door my new nurse comes running in flips me onto my left side and slaps an oxygen mask on me. "baby isnt dealing well with contrax"
meds started wearing off and I was having a really hard time I started begging my nurse for meds. She said she needed to check me then she would give me meds.
she checked me and I was complete and baby was right there!
At this point I began to flip out...looking back on it I'm a little embarrassed I was begging like a child for meds and crying. meanwhile my body went on autopilot and began pushing

lights turned on and docs come running in and my nurse is telling me to breath. All the sudden I realized Im having this baby right now and I'm going to feel it all so I better get with it and pay attention!
She started to crown and "the ring of fire" really caught me by surprise! I screamed and tried to continue pushing. I hear my nurse say "doctor colberg we are down to 50" and I realize they are talking about baby's heart rate and I look up at the doctor. "cord wrapped once around the neck" he says and they tell me to stop pushing. She was sunny side up and doc got the cord off her neck and turned her.
"one good push! baby has to come out now!" The sense of relief after she came out was immediate! DH cut the cord they announced she was a girl and whisked her away. I caught a glimpse of her she was blue and not crying. I waited and finally she let out the biggest cry and they brought her to me! I was in love! She even had a full head of dark beautiful brown hair!

I never thought I would have a baby without an epidural but having done it I can say I feel great and will never forget how wonderful it was even thru the pain!

okay okay pictures!

Maddie meeting Mackenzie for the first time

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On the 19th I went into the hospital for induction at 6:00pm at about 7pm my midwife came in and inserted the cervadil behind my cervix. I woke up at 3:45am with werid feelings, I wasnt quite sure what was going on but by 4 i realized i was having contractions. So, I go onto contractionmaster.com and starting timing them. At 5 am they came into take out the cervadil and i told them i was having contrax 5-8 min apart. the doctors and nurses were pretty impressed with the website and i was able to get them exact times.

At 7am breakfast came and s.o. by now. We were sharing the large breakfast they brought in of french toast and pancakes. I was having to stop between bites because the contrax were getting much stronger and closer together about 2-4 min apart. And then at 7:30 the doctor came in and announced he was going to start pitocin and break my water. I was completely overwhelmed all of a sudden. I mean I had knew they were going to do this but it came so quick. I was so scared it actually scared the s**t out of me, i went to the bathroom and came out crying. I didnt even get to finish eating. So they broke my water at this point I was still at 2cm but it was the doctors birthday and he was leaving town so I just decided to get my epidural right there. Well, that was a weird feeling.

But I was feeling great, but about an hour later I was feeling super nauseous and I actually puked a few times. So i was actually pretty miserable. I was also at 3cm by 9am. Well I just laid there half-watching tv and reading magazines while my s.o. snoozed most of the time. Everytime I dialated more he would call and update our moms.

At about 2pm I was up to a 5. Then they checked me again at 3:45 and I was a 7! Well I finally took a 30 min nap. And when I woke up at about 4:30pm I was 10 and fully effaced. My s.o. and I cried everytime I made progress. So, s.o. called his mom and mine and they hurried down there. I told them that they shouldnt have hurried it would probably be awhile. But anyhow they have decided to let me labor down until i felt a need to push. My epidural had gotten alot better by this point since i wasnt so nauseous and I was able to feel the contrax a little which i wanted so i knew when to push.

Well at 5:15 I started pushing...i kept thinking i cant do this he'll never be able to fit his head through there. and then my s.o. was getting squemish and the mw and nurses kept asking if he was okay and he says out loud i just cant handle the cutting. Then i shot him a death glare, since i didnt want to know when they were cutting me but then i found out they had already done it. Then i thought oh, i can do this now. And in the next bout of pushes he was out. At 6:23pm, after 68 min. of pushing. His apgar scores was 9,9. S.O. cried and i held him for about 5 min. before he took him since i was still feeling alot pressure from placenta. Well, I really didnt think the labor was that bad.

But the next part was the worst. She was telling me to push lightly and I was trying to but something was wrong and no one would tell me for a couple minutes. But the placenta finally came out and I was still feeling pressure. Well, I was bleeding alot. And there was still a large chunk of placenta stuck up there. My midwife had quite the concerned look of her face as she would stitch me up a little then dig around trying to find it and clean me out. As she was cleaning me out she would push hard on my stomach this is the point where i was writhing in pain and about ripping the bed rails off the bed. At one point they asked if I wanted to hold Caiden and I said no because i was afraid i would squeeze him in pain instead of the bed.

I was begging for water or ice chips. Then i asked them to knock me out even though i really wanted to be able to spend time with caiden but i was in so much pain, that i couldnt take it anymore. Well, finally they had called a doctor in and she decided that i needed to go to the o.r.
They then offered me 15cc of demeroll (sp?) well i accepted then asked if it was going to make me sick. They claimed no but 10 sec after they injected it. I puked.

They then started my epidural again for surgery and took me away. I was kinda of out of it and didnt open my eyes during the surgery. They strapped me down to the bed during surgery and then wheeled me to the recovery room where i was still begging for water. Then once i got water i was begging to see my baby. I had spent the first 2 hours away from him.
Crucial bonding time!

Well, i finally got to see him and he was beautiful. Later that night at about 11pm I asked to take a shower and they said if i could stand long enough with help to bathroom then i could well most of the shower went good until the end where i stood up holding on to bars for s.o. to rinse me and i knew i had stood too long so i sat down on the chair in shower but it was too late everything was going blotchy and black. I slumped over and s.o. was left holding me and calling for help. I woke up to 4 staff members surrounding me and smelling salts. They helped me come to and put me in wheelchair, and put me back in my bed.

I slept pretty good that night and then had to get blood transfusions the next day. I stayed 3 days days in total because of complications. But my sweet lil boy was perfect with no problems until the day after we were released where he ended up quite jaundiced he level was at 17. So we were readmitted for another day and night. And have been home ever since.

Sorry i havent had any time to post but im sure the ladies are all understanding as im sure they are just as busy.

Caiden John
6lb. 12 1/2 oz
20 1/4 in. long
6/20 at 6:23pm

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It's starting to come back to me now. I went into the hospital at 6:00 am on Tuesday June 24th for a scheduled induction. By 6:15 am DH & I couldn't believe that we were in the birthing suite already and they started my IV and Pitocin. Still 2 cm and 90% effaced Dr. I came in and broken my water around 7:50 am. I started having mild contractions about 5 minutes apart around 8:10 am. I was 3 cm at 9:30. I was 5-6 cm around 11:30 and I tried changing positions and moved from the bed to a rocker and this helped a lot for the next 30 minutes to an hour.

As the contractions became more intense I asked for something for pain and the nurse asked if I wanted to try a IV drug first. I agreed because I knew once I got the epi I wouldn't be able to get out of bed. It felt good to stand and rock around this time with the contractions about 2 minutes apart. Well I should have known better because I don't tolerate pain meds well. I am very sensitive and I swear I need like 1/4 of what most people get. She pushed the drug in the IV saying I would be feeling drowsy very quickly. Oh man I was sick from it. The room was spinning and I was rambling on & on and she seemed shocked because it was such a small dose. She quickly flushed it out for me and after it wore off the contractions were the strongest ever and on top of each other.

I asked for the epi and I got it by 1:30 pm and it went very well and didn't feel sick at all. The anesthesiologist was wonderful moving very slow explaining everything to me as he was doing it and what I would feel. The worse part of the epi is the local that burns to numb you IMO. I was able to get some sleep off and on as the nurse remembered me to try and save my energy for the pushing. Around 5:30 pm I was 9 cm and by 6:00 pm I was 10. Yah! Dr. I was called in and I started pushing around 6:30.

I was so excited at this point and completely out of pain since the epi had been wonderful from start to finish. With DH on one side and the nurse on the other holding my legs Grace's head began to crown and my DH and mom were thrilled. I decided before I went into the hospital that I didn't want a mirror or to look because I thought it would freak me out. DH said to me "You wanna see this. It's amazing!" So I looked and it wasn't that bad. My mom also was in the room and started to cry as she was telling me she could see her hair. The pushing got easier as it went on. I felt like I knew how to push more after each one. Still very numb the Dr said to try pushing my fingers out or picturing that and it worked great. With 8- 10 pushes she was out and I was grateful to see my beautiful little girl! I balled like baby with her first cry and was so happy to see my DH & Mom both crying. It was truly amazing! Grace was born on Tuesday June 24th at 7:02 pm 8 lbs 3 oz. an 20 1/2 inches long with an Apgar score of 9.

I've had 2 different "meltdowns" so far. First one in the hospital on the second night she had a very fussy few hours and we couldn't help her. The nurses offered to take her so we could sleep and I refused then and gave in about 30 minutes after that. I started to cry with that stupid guilt thinking "Why can't I fix it?" The nurses were great and explained the first 48 hours can be this way as their digestive tract is working for the first time and its quite common. I slept for 2 hours then around 6 am walked down to the nursery and they had about 4 babies there all with same issues. Grace was sleeping soundly and they told me the hold them only til 7 am so I went back to bed. My second meltdown has been trying to fall asleep for the first 4 nights and day I would jerk myself awake. I finally crashed and got over it by Friday night 6/27 and was just exhausted. It was like I had to teach myself how to relax and fall asleep again at all different hours of the day and night. DH & my mom again got me through it just like they do for everything.

Well ladies thanks for reading. I've enjoyed all the birth stories and I look forward to sharing all our new happy and exciting experiences with our beautiful babies! This is a great support system. Thanks for being there! :grouphug:

Me with the epi!

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Thomas Caleb's birth stories

My due date was Sunday, June 22nd. That day came and went without any sign of labor. On Tuesday, I had my 40 week appointment. The doctor examined me, and I was still 0 cm dilated. He scheduled my induction starting Thursday evening with Cervadil. We told him that we’d been telling the baby it was time to come out. He said maybe we weren’t telling the baby forcefully enough. Ha ha.

That afternoon, I went to lunch with some girlfriends. I was really tired at the end of lunch. Around 10 that night, I had two contractions, about 10 minutes apart. I was so excited! I started timing them, and they were pretty inconsistent, but kept coming. I fell asleep around 1 am, and woke up at 2 when my water broke. I couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I got up and watched tv on my ball. That helped a lot. I was breathing through them and rolling on the ball. It was a long night, but finally at 9:00 I called the doctor’s office. They told me to go to the hospital for a labor check.

At the hospital, they strapped me to the monitors. They did some kind of litmus test for amniotic fluid, and it was negative. The nurse said it was just a “very bloody show.” I was there for an hour or so, watching the contractions. They stopped showing on the monitor, but I could feel them. I could also still feel the liquid coming out with the contractions. The nurse came back and was going to send me home, and we were going to come back the next day for the induction. I told her that I was still feeling a lot of liquid, and she tested it again. This time it was positive for amniotic fluid. I was glad I spoke up, because once your water breaks, they need you to deliver within a certain time frame.

So, I was admitted and brought to my room. By this time, it was around noon. They hooked up the iv for the pitocin, because my contractions had stopped. We hung out in the room for a few hours, waiting for the pitocin to kick in. They also gave me something for nausea, but of course I started vomiting anyway. The contractions began around 3. The nausea medicine also made me very sleepy. So I would sleep, then wake up to throw up. The contractions were unbearable. I was attached to the monitors, so I couldn’t move around freely. I tried the rocking chair, but it didn’t help. Around 5:30 I decided it was time for the epidural. There was no way I could keep going like that. The doctor didn’t arrive until 7:00, and the nurse kept apologizing. My poor husband could only give me ice chips, and the bucket for throwing up. Once I got the epidural, I felt one contraction but it didn’t hurt. After that, I was numb and it was wonderful! My husband came back in, and I was smiling!

I was still on the monitors, and my husband was watching these huge contractions, but I couldn’t feel them. I continued to doze on and off, with the nurse checking every so often. At 10:15 she called my doctor. I knew it was close! She was an awesome nurse. There were so many during our stay, and most of them would have made me crazy. This nurse kept me calm, and gave me clear instructions. I felt very comfortable with her. She did most of the work, until the doctor came for the last few minutes. I was pushing for about 45 minutes. It never hurt. The epidural was starting to wear off at the end, which was good because I could feel where to push. I could also feel his head come out. I did tear, and had about 5 stitches.

There were a few concerns. He did pass his meconium stool in the womb. They had to suction his mouth before he came all the way out to make sure he didn’t breathe it in. Also, the cord was wrapped around his neck two times. They cut his cord right away, and whisked him over to the scale/warmer to make sure he was OK. His APGARs were 8 and 9. He weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces, and was 22 inches long. I thought he would be chubbier, but he’s kind of skinny since he’s so long. He was just fine, and they brought him to me so I could hold him and nurse him. He latched right away, and he’s been feeding well ever since.

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Jackson’s Birth Story

My birth story is that I had a scheduled C-section on 6/19 because my baby was breech. I was delivered at 39 0/7 weeks. I decided not to try for a version because I am on Lovenox and would have had to stop it in order to do a version. Also, I had a C-section with my angel baby, Jasmine, so I was only going to do a VBAC if everything went smoothly for a vaginal delivery.

I went into the hospital the morning of 6/19 for my C-section and my son, Jackson, was born at 9:47 am. It was a difficult C-section because my spinal anesthesia was not very good so I had a lot of pain during the procedure. The physicians also had a hard time getting Jackson out because he was on the large size- he weighted 8 lbs 4.3 oz (3750 grams). The ended up making a T-shaped incision on my uterus so I will never be allowed to labor due to an increased risk of uterine rupture. I also have to wait 18 months before getting pregnant again and my C-section with my next baby will likely be scheduled at 36-37 weeks.

I was very excited to hear Jackson’s first cry. I feel like I have been waiting for this for almost two years because my angel baby, Jasmine, was born with a blood clot in her lungs. She was born at 37 weeks by emergency C-section and then lived for 14 days in the NICU before she passed away. I now feel like I don’t have empty arms any more. I am very grateful to God for giving me Jackson. Here are some pictures.

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I'm writing this with the help of my husband.

I know I'm missing things, like phone calls and most likely other things as well. So bare with me Smile

I went to the hospital at 7:45am on Saturday July 5th to get induced. When we got there my doctor was still not there so they hooked me up to the monitors to check my baby's heartbeat and my blood pressure. Everything was good, and I was having regular contractions as well. All was going good.

Finally my doctor showed up at about 10:15am and told me if I was at least 4cm dilated she would just brake my water instead of using any gels. So they moved me from triage to an actual delivery room. Sure enough, I was 4cm dilated so at exactly 10:30am she broke my water.

My doctor then told the nurse I had quick labor and to be on guard- she was going to go do her rounds in the mean time and to page her when I was ready to push.

I'll be honest- I was scared half to death. Knowing I was going to have her was a little frighting. I knew the contractions were going to be powerful, but I did the best I could to brace myself.

By about 11-11:30am the contractions were in full swing. I told my husband I wanted an epidural and some morphine. Well the anesthesiologist was busy with another woman and then had to go for a surgery- I would have to wait an hour if I still wanted the epidural- well I knew that was not an option anymore, I wouldn't last an hour. So until then the nurse came and gave me some morphine- bad idea!

It made me super sleepy, but I decided to try the shower anyway. So I turned the water as hot as I could handle and began rocking back and forth on the birthing ball. I remember my doula taught me some exercises to help distract from pain and stay calm.So while I had hot water on my stomach I...began counting sheep!! LOL. It honestly worked to. I felt so silly that it kept me distracted for the most part. And I picked a soap bottle as my focal point, and it helped alot too lol...until my husbands head got in the way LOL.

Then by about 12:30pm I had one major painful contraction and I knew it was time to push. I stood up and told the nurse I had to push NOW! She said to wait she had to get my doctor. I yelled to her that I literally could not wait. So they laid me down on the bed and DH said that he could already see her hair!

Well they paged my doctor, but I couldn't stop pushing- my daughter was literally delivered in under 10 quick pushes- and the nurse delivered her! They put her on my chest and I cuddled her for a few minutes. Then they took her to check her weight and such.

My doctor showed up after the nurse had cleaned up my baby and clamped the placenta. Then I started to have a funny feeling, and this is where everything went wrong...

"According to my husband and some of my memory"

I felt a rush like feeling down below and asked the nurse if I was bleeding. She said yes- and badly. They were trying to get my placenta out but it was stuck solid. They hooked up a second I.V (First was just a seline block, because I had a hemorrhaging with my son after the placenta came out) with oxytoxin to try to help it out. My doctor came back 15 minutes later and still could not get it out and I was bleeding very heavily.

The last thing I remember was feeling like I had given birth again, and asked if they got it out- no- it was a giant clot (I saw it after I came back to, it was almost bigger than my daughter).

This is where my husband fills in the details for me. At this point I was blacking out and don't remember much of anything.

My husband said they called in the surgeon. It had been an hour of bleeding very badly and they needed to prep me for emergency surgery to get it out.

The surgeon came up and my husband said that he told him if they could not get the bleeding under control I could bleed to death. But the surgeon wanted to give it one last try to see if he could get the placenta out. According to my husband they told me to push and finally after almost an hour and a half after I had given birth to my daughter they got the placenta out. They still had to get the bleeding under control so they continued with the oxytoxin drip, because if my uterus softened I would just continue to fill with blood.

I remember coming back around about 5-10 min after they got the placenta out. I was still in an excruciating amount of pain due to the contractions from the oxytoxin and the pressure they had to apply to my stomach to make sure I didn't start to bleed again. But at that time they asked me if I wanted a D & C to make sure it was all out. I said no, because the surgeon was very confident he got it all out. I remember just thinking, I just want to hold my daughter.

I finally got to hold my daughter- I don't remember much of it, but my husband showed me pictures of me holding her. She was born at 12:42pm, 9lbs 3oz and 21.25.

They also wanted me to shower before I left the delivery room. Very bad idea- I made it to the shower, but I started blacking out and they had to come get me.

Shortly after that they wheeled me to my private room where I got to snuggle my little girl and feed her. Poor thing was very hungry too.

I have to take two iron pills twice a day for the next 6 weeks until my blood gets back to normal. But other than that it will just take time to heal.

We got discharged today at 9:45am, and are very happy to be home. My husband stayed home with me today, because I still can't walk well without getting dizzy.

But regardless of how things went, we are incredibly happy with our sweet little girl. And I'm just grateful that she is okay and healthy.

Thanks for reading everyone Smile

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Ethan Kennedy Born June 4th 2008 at 5.32 pm 7 pounds 4.5 ounces 20 and 1/4 inches long

I went into labor on June third after being on bed rest and procardia for two weeks, with two weeks before that on another medication. (I was off all the medication for five days) I was already dilated to three and 85% effaced.
I started timing my contractions at about three thirty in the afternoon. They weren't real super consistent or strong, so we stayed home, ate dinner and then went for a walk. Then at about 10 30 pm we decided it was time to go to the hospital and DH took me in to be admitted at 11 pm. After being monitored all night I was told that they wanted to augment my labor, because I was dilating VERY slowly despite all the walking. (8 hours and only a 1 cm change.) At 9 am they broke my water, TWICE, 10 30 they started me on pitocin. Since the external monitor wasn't picking up my contx very well, they threaded an internal monitor UP AND AROUND MY BABY inside my uterus. I SO could have done without it. It made the contx so much worse than they had beec.
At 11 am I got a dose of phenergan and stadol and nodded off for a few hours. At 330 the nurse came in and woke me up to check me again... only 5 cms, one more than at 8. My midwife came in shortly after that and told me that if I didn't dilate to at least 6 by 6pm they were going to have to start thinking about a c-section. By the time we were done talking the stadol wasn't working anymore and I requested an epidural. My epidural was placed at 5 pm. At 5.10 they checked me again and I had gone from 5 right before my epidural to ten!! Ethan was born 22 minutes later. Everything went well, on the exception of a funky bleed after the placenta delivered. The midwife almost had a transfusion ordered. Ethan weighed in at 7 lbs and 4 1/2 oz and 20 1/4 " long. He's absolutely beautiful and we are *finally* getting ourselves back together. (We shut off our phone THE DAY before the baby was born!!)

Sorry it took me so long to get back, I missed you all!!

My Birthday 8/7
Ethan's Birthday 6/4

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Birth story for Matthew Alexander:

Weight: 7lbs 9 oz
Length: 20 inches
Born: 6/06/08 at 11:36pm

I started having contractions on my last night of work around 1:00am June 5th. They were coming about every 10-15 mins and they were not really painful. By the time my shift was over and I got home they were about every 5 mins apart a bit painful but still bareable. I sat down and started timing my contractions while I sat and lurked preg.org. They were very consistant and coming every 5-7 mins. DBF had work that morning but we decided that we should go to L&D and be checked out just incase it was the real thing. Arrived at the hospital around 10:00am. They checked me and I was only dialated at a 2 and 80% effaced. They stuck me on the moniters and the nurse said I was contracting every 5 mins. She had me walk around for an hour to see if I would make some progress. An hour passed by and I was rechecked no change!! UGhh So I was sent home.

Went home and I was still contracting and the pain was getting worse. Soo 8 hours later (8:00pm) back to L&D I went. I was checked this time I was dialated at a 3 90% effaced and the baby was really low. The nurse had me again walk around for an hour to see if my cervix was going to change. This time walking was really hard for me. I had to stop and hold onto DBF and squeeze his hand through my contractions. My contractions were now coming every 5 mins. While I was walking around I started to get light headed and so sick to my stomach that I ended up vomiting in the bathroom. 1 hour goes by and I am checked again STILL NO CHANGE!! I was so frustrated at that point. The nurse felt so bad for me and saw how much in pain I was so she asked my doctor if he could just come in and break my water so they can admit me. My doctor agrees so he comes in to examine me and proceeds to try to reach my bag of waters. Aparently he was unable to get to it so he couldn't break my water. I was in tears at that point. I was in so much pain and so tired (mind you I stil have yet to sleep since I got off my last night shift of work and have been up for over 24 hours at this point) So once again they discharge me (at 11:00pm) and send me home.

I get home and my contractions start coming about every 3-4 mins apart. I laid in bed trying to get some sleep since I have been up for over 24 hours and I was going to have a long road ahead of me since I knew I would be having my baby soon. No such luck. The sleeping pill did crap and my contractions were coming so close together that I was unable to sleep through my contractions. They started getting so painful that I was yelling in pain. DBF just laid in bed with me rubbing my head and letting me squeeze his hand. I think I about squeezed his hand off a few times. So that pretty much goes on the whole night. Morning rolls around and my contractions are still the same but now I am feeing intense pressure like I have to have a bowel movement. I go into the bathroom and notice I started bleeding. I really wanted to go back to L&D but when I was discharged last time the nurse told me not to come back until my contractions were 2 mins apart. I called my OB doctor and he suggested that I did some walking. I was in so much pain I could barely move and he wanted me to walk!!?? LOL DBF literally had to dress me to go outside because I was in so much pain I couldn't even lift my legs to put my pants on. So slowly but surley we start walking around the block. The pain is getting unberable at this point and I am stopping every 2 mins having to hold on to DBF and breath through my contractions. I think we made it around the block once and I couldn't do it anymore. My contractions were coming so fast that I was barely getting a break inbetween to catch my breath.

Back to L&D we go (1:00pm June 6th) Let me tell you the car ride was horrible! Every bump we went over caused me to scream in pain. I had a mouth of a sailor cussing up a storm! I seriously couldn't help it. Its crazy how pain makes people act. I pretty much didn't want to be touched or looked at. DBF and my mother were both laughing at me every time I would cuss which just made me more mad. Now thinking back about the situation it was funny! So we arrive to L&D and this time instead of taking me to Triage they take me right back to a labor room. I think the nurses could tell this was finally it by the way I was acting. During each contraction I now had to breath and pant through them. I get into my L&D room and they check me I am dialated to a 5 and 100% effaced they decided to admit me!! OMG it was such a relief. The nurse asked me what I wanted to do about my pain and I said EPIDURAL!!! The nurse put the order in for it and within about 20 mins I recieved my epidural. Let me tell you ladies it was amazing!!!!!! Anyone that goes through labor all natural I have soo much respect for. I don't know how you do it. Instantly the pain was gone and I was able to relax.

I pretty much just watched tv and visited with my family through the rest of my labor. They checked me a few times checking my progress and finally at 10:30pm I started to feel like I had to take the biggest bowel movement of my life. My body started to push on its own. I told the nurse what I was feeling so she checked me and I was dialated to a 10 and 100% and ready to push! I don't remember much of what went on while I was pushing. I was pretty much in a trance and tried to stay focused. All I remember is that my mom and DBF heald each of my legs while I pushed. I pushed for about an hour and (with no tears) out popped Matthew Alexander at 11:36pm. He immediately started to cry and they put him on my chest. It was the most amazing experience of my life. Once I looked at my sweet baby I totally forgot about the pain and everything I went through. I am in love!

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Birth story of Ryan Alexander

June 12- 40 week appt., not dialated at all! cervix not even soft.

June 15- i was to be induced the next day, so they sent me on the 15th to get the cervidel started.

on the 16th( 41 weeks exactly) at about 530-6 they came in to take out the cervidel..which did NOTHING for me. they started the pitocen. at around 8-830..i feel a nice gush of fluid. i thought i peed on myself!! i called the nurse and told her that i just peed in the bed..and she came in and checked and it was my water! she just smiled soo big and was like nope ur water just broke! i was so happy thinking maybe it wont be allll day. so they keep comin in every so often checking me..not dialating. the nurse was awesome and funny and kept telling me that i was all fluid and that i was going to have a 5 lb baby.(if she only knew hehe) i had about 3 good hard pitocin contractions and the nurse called for the epidural. around 1030 i got it. i was DEATHLY afraid of the epi. they told everyone to get out of the room and i just started screaming for my husband to stay. so they let him stay! Smile the doc who put it on was AWESOME!!! he knew i was afraid so he numbed it up really good and i didnt feel a thing! he also failed to tell me that he had to go further up on my back than he likes to do it cuz of my tattoo on my lower back. he said it was much more dangerous but he could do it. he told my husband that and then the DH told me later. thank goodness he didnt tell me as he was doing it cuz i would have FREAKED! so a whole lot of sitting and waiting...my body would just not dialate. they kept stretching it as much as possible. my belly was soooo round, literally a basketball shape, they couldnt keep the baby heartbeat monitor on it. it kept sliding down, so they stuck his lil head with the lil wires Sad so at around 6:30 pm, i was not even 4 cm dialated, my nurse came in to tell me that my doc wouldnt wait any longer since my water broke so early that ill be having a c sec in an hour. i just started bawling. i was so upset that it came down to that after waiting sooo long. so 730 came around and i was wheeled off to the operating room. my nurse got off at 7 but she said she would stay until i was taken to the op room(so sweet). i remember shaking like crazy on that table, and i dont know if it was nerves and being cold or just nerves. anways, since my epi was in a diff spot, it didnt really numb my right side. so they gave me the stronger dose of med that the give before c secs. they start cutting away and i didnt feel that but i could feel them pulling my skin open. and i just start screamin "it hurts!!" and my DH said that i kept puttin my right leg up and they kept pushing it down..the epi doc (cant spell the longg A word haha) kept asking is it pain pain or pressure?? and i said painnn i can feel it! and so he put something in my epi that made me soooooo looopy. i honestly thought i died. i was awake and could hear talking but didnt know what was going on. the docs kept yelling hes huge hes huge!! and then my mind totally went. and all i could think was that i died and i never got to see my sons face. how was my dh going to take care of him alone?? so my DH said he would tell me to squeeze his hand i would do it. i remember he kept showing my the baby saying "look at our son look!!" but i honestly just couldnt focus. i kept screamin how many fingers and toes?? and so they finally started wheeling me into my room. and people started to come in my room and see the baby. i didnt get to hold him until bout 11 that night Sad

7:55 PM my beautiful baby boy ryan alexander came into this world screaming his head off and weighing in at 9 lb 10.5 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. the next day when the nurse came in they all told her how big my baby was and she came running in my room saying i have to see this i dont believe it! she was shocked!!!!

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My birth story:

Around 4:30am on June 30th 2008 I woke up with some pains. I was not sure what it was until I realized the pains were coming every 10 minutes or so. That's when I figured they were contractions, they felt like semi-strong menstrual cramps. I laid in bed timing them for a good 2 hours or more trying to see if they were going to go away which they weren't. A couple of times I went to the bathroom and noticed a little blood when I wiped, this is when it hit me that I may be having a baby soon. It was my Due Date so I didn't expect to go into labor since the odds of having a baby on your due date is so low, around 5% or something. Once I knew things were starting I began to worry because Tommy had to take a exam that day, I had tried to get him to take it the weekend before but he said he didn't have time and was not ready, besides I was not going into labor exactly on my Due Date according to him. Once he woke up around 6:30am I simply asked him when the College testing center opened. He asked why and I told him I was having contractions and wanted him to take it ASAP. He also had to work that day so we decided he would take the test and call me afterward to see how I was doing. I took a shower and I tried to go to sleep because I was exhausted but every time a contraction came I was to uncomfortable to sleep. I remember feeling like if I didn't hold myself I was going to pee myself, I went to the bathroom at least every 15 minutes. Looking back I think my water broke by 7:30am and was very slowly trickling out. Tommy called me around 10:30am and asked me how I was doing, the contractions were still not too bad and were still 10 minutes apart so I told him to go ahead to work. All I could do was hang out and count the contractions as they came, some were starting to get stronger and a little shorter, about 7-10 minutes apart. Around 1:00pm I decided to call the doctor because they were getting stronger and closer together, still not 6 minutes apart like they tell you to call for but I didn't care at that point. They paged the doctor for me and I called Tommy to tell him I called. I told him I would let him know what was going on when they called me back. A hour later I still had not heard form the doctor and my contractions had gone from 7-10minutes apart to 4-6 minutes apart. I told Tommy to come home because we had to go to the Hospital! I felt like it took him twice as long to get home. Once I had decided I wanted to head to the hospital I wanted to be there right then. By the time Tommy got home I had everything next to the door and I was pacing back and forth from the living room to the dining room. The hospital was only about 15 minutes away so it could have been worst but I was so happy to arrive. I remember telling Tommy, I will die if they send me home, I don't know why I would think they were going to send me home but I have heard of it happening. Later I found out my phone was messed up and my doctor had in fact called me back I just didn't get the message. I checked in at 3:45pm and they hooked me up to the monitors and every thing looked good, I was defiently having contractions and the baby sounded good. Next the nurse checked me and told me I was 6cm dilated and the head was low, I was 2cm the week before at the doctors. They took me right into the labor and delivery room and got me set up with my IV and monitors. By the time I had arrived at the hospital I was ready to get an epi, I didn't realize you have to get a blood test before they give you it. That felt like was the longest time of my life! The contractions were coming so quick and strong and I felt a lot of pressure when they came, I guess it was that urge to push but I was not about to push before I got my epi. FINALLY the anesthesiologist got there and gave me the epi, he did a good job and it wasn't that painful...or at least not as painful as the contractions were. A couple minutes later when it was in effect the nurse checked me again. I was 10cm and 100% effaced, ready to go. I could not believe I made it to 10cm without any pain medication! Since I had just gotten the epi they decided to give me a little while and let the baby come down some more on his own. At some point in all this Tommy called my family, while he was doing this he ran into my cousin and found out they were 2 rooms down having there baby. They had come in around 5:30am got sent home and returned again at 9:30am. We were hoping the babies would be born on the same day. I don't remember exactly what time I got my epi but I started to push around 7:30pm. Because of the epi my contractions slowed down and I pushed probably every 5 minutes give or take. This was good since it allowed my body to naturally stretch but annoying because we would push then just hang out till the next contraction. Around 9:30pm they got out all the delivery equipment and at 9:50pm I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy! I know I could have had him sooner if I didn't get the epi but I don't regret getting it. I won't lie and said I wish I didn't get it because I don't, I enjoyed the experience much more once I was relaxed and not worried about how much pain I was in. It was strange the first time I held Carter, I guess it was just surreal to me. I didn't go into the experience with much in mind, I figured there was nothing that could fully prepare me for it so I just decided I would go with the flow (which is my personality anyways) and it turned out great. Carter's new cousin was born at 11 something the same night. The recovery was much easier than I had anticipated, my arms and back were sore from pushing and I tore just a little and had a few stitches but overall I didn't feel too bad. I tired very easily when I would get up and walk around or go to the bathroom but I just took it easy and relaxed in bed most of the time. Carter was defiently worth it all!

*** Can I please be added to the birthday list :
Carter - June 30th
Me (Karen(KKDarr)) August 15th

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Better late than never! Sorry I have been MIA. My 20 month old toddler regressed a bit since we brought her brother home so I have had my hands full and don't get alot of sleep.

REader's digest version: I was 5 days late and panicing because I had my heart set on a B
VBAC. July 2nd I woke up and felt mild cramping.... an our later I was 5 minutes apart and doubled over on the way to the hospital ( what happenned to the 20 minute apart contractions thing I heard everyone talking about?). Anyway, I stuck it out without drugs until I was 8 1/2 cm (I believe that all the interventions with my daughter helped lead to the csection), then I got an epi, things progressed well and just as I was ready to push - the dreaded heart decels started.... the midwife pushed the baby back up the birth canal thinking if it were a pinched cord that would fix it - it did but then when baby came donw again the decels happened again. I was crushed as they wheeled me into the surgery - the OB on call said they would give me one last chance to deliver vaginally in the OR before they cut.... I delivered by vacuum assist (and major episiotomy(sp)) - but it beats a csection any day of the week!!
turns out the problem had nothing to do with me.... the cord had a perfect knott in it and when the baby dropped the knott tightened cutting the oxygen to baby (we took a picture because the OB said it was very unusualy to have a "perfect knot" and not have the child growth restricted or anything.

Nicholas Luc was born 2 July at 3:14pm 8lbs 9oz. (no growth restriction there!)
as of last wednesday he wieghed 14 1/2 lbs! - my 20 month old only wieghs 22 lbs....

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June 2, at 6:30pm I went to the restroom to be followed be DH and told tonight was the night and we are going to have a baby soon (like within hours).**TMI** As I was standing up I lost my plug and ALOT of it! It was clear, no blood at all, and no signs of labor. At 6:45pm I started the normal contractions I'd been having since April. I thought DH has been right twice about me going into labor "maybe" he's right about tonight and started timing them. At 7:30pm DH asked if he should go take a shower (for the hospital) or go back to sleep for sleep, I told him to take a shower now just incase because the contractions have increased over the hour and have lasted at least 55 seconds each one. So while he was in the shower I called my MIL to tell her to be ready just in case and jump on the board and posted about the contractions. The post "And we have contractions" "Every 4-6 minutes lasting about 55-67 seconds!!!! I'm going to wait it out some because they don't hurt that bad..Wish me luck!!!!" LOL, BIG MISTAKE!!! Right after that post I went to the restroom because it felt like I had to pee, nope just more plug and the contractions was to the point where I couldn't walk and had to lean onto the wall just to balance. So at 8pm DH was getting dressed and calling into work (where he had to be in 2 hours) and calling MIL to tell her we was heading to the hospital and she should also. Seeing that she lives 97 miles away from us we didn't expect her to make it in time. I think I called the hospital at 8:30 and told them I was coming in and we got there a little before 9 but didn't go in until 9:10 because DH needed a cigarette and we called to see where his mom was.
We check in and go upstairs and have 3 nurses rushed us I guess my OB had already told them I have fast labors... They check my cervix and I'm still 4.5cm's!!! The same I had been for at least 6 days. Right the and there I knew this wasn't going to be easy, normal, nor fast. So they ask me all the questions blah blah blah, Why do they make you sign papers when you're contracting? A little before midnight my MIL got to the hospital and took the kids down to eat. They checked me again nope still 4.5cm's. MIL and the kids came back up because they had just closed the cafe' and the hospital Cafeteria didn't reopen until 2:30am. At at 1am, I was begging DH and MIL to keep the kids from touching the bed during contractions because the movement made the contractions 10 times worse, and I was trying to not let them see the pain I was in. At 2am MIL asked me about the contractions because it looked like they was back to back. They was back to back and have been since 12:30am which I told her and she decided to take the kids down to eat and out to watch cartoons. I told DH it was okay he could go smoke his cigarette I would be okay and I wanted to try and rest some. It was 2:34am when they checked and I was ALMOST 5cm's!! The pain was AHHH!! Just thinking about it lol. When DH came back up about 2:45am I asked him to make a fist and dig into my lower back with his knuckles, he tried he really did but it just wasn't like I wanted him to do. We tried the birthing ball from about 3am to 3:10am during this time DH was able to talk me into not going all natural. I then agreed to nubain which allowed me to relax enough to fall asleep between contractions about a whole 90 seconds, but by that time any sleep was good by me. The nubain wore off by 3:30am, and I asked for another dose at 5am which I got. Only this time it didn't work at all everything still felt the same and I began to beg them to break my water so I could dilate more. Me knowing my body and last labors knew it was the only way to get to 10cm. The on-call OB was in the room next to mine delivering a baby so he then said no to breaking my water and the nurse checked my again I was almost 6cm.. Okay fine by me at least we are moving up some. Every time I would have a contraction I would lose my hearing, I could hear DH and Nancy (My nurse) talking but I couldn't understand what they was saying and the distorted conversation I could hear was 10 times louder I just couldn't understand it and it was mixed with a ringing in my ears. Around 6:30am I actually yelled at them and told them both to stop talking. I later explained why but I'm sure they both thought I was just being a rude B**** right then. Nancy checked me again and I was 6cm so at 7am they called my OB who was on her way to the hospital to ask if she wanted them to break my water. So after hours of begging at 7:10am they broke my water. at 7:13am I got the extreme urge to push, she checked and I was told I was about 6.5cm's at 7:15am my OB walked in.. The second I seen her I said Oh my god I've never been happier to see you! She goes well you timed it right I got a surgery at 8am. So Nancy checked me again at 7:20am and I was "almost 9cm" still with the urge to push and shaking all to hell... they start running everywhere getting everything ready and get me set up and my OB checks me and I have just a "lip" left and tells me I can push the next time I have a contraction. So I get my 2 WEAK pushes in just me getting ready. 2 all hell pushes and they say push again... Well I can feel where her head is and taste the puke in my throat and nose from pushing so hard and yell at them "I have to breathe first", 1 more push and they yell stop stop STOP so they can suction her and I yell at them to either pull it out or let me push because they was taking their sweet ole time.. Which would have been fine if I had meds or an epi! 2 more pushes and at 7:34am June 3rd, Mackenzie Grace was born. 8lbs 7oz 21in!

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The birth story I didn't want to tell...

My birthstory is something I've been avoiding. It was a hard and painful experience and recovery. So it's not well written. But at least it's written down for me to remember later because I know I'll want to remember for the next time.

A little background now~ My little one was born in the Alask Native Medical Center in Anchorage, AK. For those of you who don't live here, that's essentially a hybrid of socialized medicine for people of Native and American Indian decent. It's a system that doesn't care too much about you beyond when it's convienient to schedule your procedure. If we can give you ibprophen and send you home, we certainly will, even if it's the wrong thing to do. Get 'em in, get 'em out. Bill their insurance if they got it, and a government grant will pay the rest eventually. For those of us who have no money for the privatized system, it's a blessing and a curse. If I have no money at all I still have some form of medical recourse. Even if it's not the best. I was born into this system and the substandard care that it entails.

When my water broke on June 5th at about 2 am, I was not actually having labor pains. Some of you might remember that I wasn't even sure my water had broken. So we took our time getting to the hospital. Nothing was happening beyond the leaking. When we got there it was confirmed that my water had broken and I was moved into a room. They started some medication that I don't remember the name of. It's a medication that was actually for ulcers that had the side effect of starting labor. It started some contractions. They kept increasing the dosage until I was taking the maximum allowed. But that was still not enough.

There was 20 hours were the contractions were painful but manageable. At 20 hours I also started to spike a temperature. So the pitocin came out. After the pitocen I lose all sense of time. It seemed like a week. They used a lot. 5 bags from the beginning to the end. The contractions got stronger and stronger.

At this point I still hadn't had any sleep. And I had nausea to the point where I would no longer eat or drink. I asked for the epidural at that point so I could get some sleep. It took the pain down to the point were I slept for a few hours. But it was hard to sleep with the nurses and doctors coming in and out of the room.
As my temp rose the pain got worse and worse. The midwifes (there had been 4 by now) and doctors (there had been 3 different ones) kept examining me and telling me that I was not completely dialated. There was still a ridge. They kept trying to manually coax my cervix open and that hurt worse than any of the pushing I did when they were finally successfull.

It was during that time and about 30 hours into the labor (my DH tells me) when I started asking for a c-section. They didn't want to do it. So I pushed for 5 or 6 hours after asking for the c-section (again, DH tells me.) It didn't feel that long and yet it felt longer than that. They kept seeing the top of the baby's head but then she would get stuck. The pain was staggering even with the epidural and my temperature had been going on for 18 hours be the time I started to get delirious and was screaming with the pain.

Finally I just started to cry like I haven't cried since I was a child. I told DH that I thought I was going to die, and at that point I really thought that I would. By the time it had gotten bad enough that the doctors would perform a c-section on me I had been running a high temp for almost 20 hours.

Almost 45 hours after my water broke, Denali was born at 6:44 PM on June 6th (my birthday too) weighing in at 8lbs 3oz. The baby was taken and I was scared because I never heard her cry. She was being whisked away to the NICU immediately for some reason I don't remember and I told DH to go with her. If DH weren't so stubborn I wouldn't have seen her for hours. But he refused to allow them to take her out of the O.R. without me seeing her little swollen face.

When DH and baby were gone they started to work on me again. The doctors thought I had passed out and they said things to eachother about the condition of my uterus (from waiting so long to do the c-section) that I wish I never would have had to hear. It scared me the stuff they said. Once they realized that I had heard everything they said, they kind of laughed and asked me if they could excise an unusual mole on the bikini line. I was so confused and upset at this point I didn't know what to say. So I said, yes. I thought it would be a good thing to get it done at the same time, but it led to an uneven incision that kept pulling open and bleeding even after I went home from the hospital.

But that wasn't even the worst of the experience. Because of the infection, Denali and I needed to have some serious antibiotics. For me it was easy with the IV I had already. But they had trouble placing an IV for Denali. They tried several times over 2 days. Finally they got and IV in on the 2nd day. Well, since Denali was with the nurses, I didn't worry about it beyond the fact that my baby was covered in pricks from where they had tried to place the IVs previously. DH went home for a bit to do some thing or another. So I was trying to sleep. Imagine my horror when a doctor I didn't recognize walked into my room to inform me that they had accidentally injected Denali with Lidocaine instead of the antibiotics. "But only a little bit." (Like that made it better.) My heart felt like it stopped. She went on and on about the possible damage it could have done to my little baby. But I don't remember a bit of the information she gave me beyond possible damage to the heart, still monitoring her for slowed breathing... They almost killed her... She was in the NICU again. How could this have happened??? Thank goodness Denali was alright. Someone was watching over her, but it certainly wasn't the staff of that hospital!

My labor was a nightmare. By now I remember it in bits and pieces. My mother came and joined us at the hospital about 10 hours in. So did my dad eventually. I remember them passing in and out of the room. Looking more and more concerned. All of the family that was present thought the baby and I were going to die. So did I. I found out later that my mom had been pleading with the medical staff to perform the c-section for hours. For longer than I pleaded with them.

I felt a lot of guilt after the baby was born. Guilt for not being strong enough, for wanting to die, for not being able to take the pain. For all the things that I could not control. But most of all, for not taking control of the one thing I could have. I learned a valuable lesson. Next time I'll pay the money to go somewhere else. It wasn't worth the pain and heartache to save some money.

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Can you add my little one to June 17th???, Brooklynn was born at 7:36am weighing 8lb 12oz 20.5in long, she was 2 weeks early.

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Thought I already did this, but guess I was wrong!

I went in for a check up on Wed. June 11th. I was dialating and my cervix was "favorable". My SIL had recently found out she had a grapefruit sized tumor on her ovary, and was going in for surgery just a few days before my due date to have it removed, and my MIL was going to be taking care of her and my nieces and nephew...so there was a chance she wasn't going to be able to be at Mickie's birth if we just left it to Mother Nature.

Since my cervix was favorable, my doc said she would feel comfortable inducing me the next day. So I let HER call my MIL at work-so funny- and say, "this is Dr. Amber Salas with MRMC, I was calling you in regards to your daughter in law (of course my MIL FREAKED thinking something was wrong), I was calling to ask you if you would like to have a granddaughter tomorrow!" So fun...

So I ran home, packed and went to bed early. I was restless all night b/c I was contracting...nothing big, just enough to piss me off. Got up at 5, showered, fixed my hair and makeup, went to the hospital to check in at 6 as we were TOLD...then they told us they weren't ready for us...we weren't supposed to be there until 7, but they would get me in a bed. They took their good sweet time, but I was fine...still contracting, but not in pain.

They finally hooked me up to monitors and got my IV started and all that around 8am.

8:05 asked me if I realized I was already in labor...told them yes, but didn't hurt yet.

8:30 dr. salas decided to break my water and see if I felt them THEN...I felt them, but they were still just a mild inconvenience.

10:00 the doctor decided to give me a very small dose of pitocin...that's when the contrax started to bother me.

10:30 the nurse came in and told me that the drug man was about to leave the maternity floor to go to surgery, and if I wanted an epidural it would be smart to get it now b/c once he went to surgery it could be hours before he was able to return...no matter WHEN I decided I wanted the epidural. So I went ahead and got it whenever he finished with the other lady (there were 7of us in labor at once that morning). They turned off my pitocin b/c they decided I didn't need it, and there were 6 other women ready to push (I think they didn't want to mess with me just yet b/c they were so swamped)

11:30 epidural kicked in, family came back into the room, my preacher called to check on me, and the nurse told me I was about 1/2 way there...so it would be several more hours. He said he'd swing by after lunch to rub my belly one last time-HA

11:40 tried to reach the nurse call button at my feet but couldn't...mom thought I was crazy and asked why-the nurse had just left! I told her I thought I needed to be checked b/c I felt a lot of pressure. Typical mom, she told me I was "supposed to feel pressure-I was having a baby..." I gave her a look and said PUSH THE BUTTON, I NEED TO BE CHECKED.

The nurse came in and put mom and dad behind the curtain, checked me, called the doc over the PA system, ran mom and dad out telling them to wait by the nursery window we were about to have a baby any minute now.

11:45 Dr. Salas RAN into the room, told me DON'T PUSH, and the nurses and her went crazy breaking the room down into a more medical looking scene. I told her that I wasn't pushing, but something was happening. She told me to just hang in there, don't push...so again, I let her know that I wasn't pushing, but Mickie was coming.

11:53 the room is ready and Dr. Salas gives me the OK to push...not telling me that I ONLY push during a contraction...I should have known, but I was a little nervous about delivery, so I wasn't thinking clearly and just pushed until I had to breath again. Dr. Salas was like, honey, you're contraction is over, why are you still pushing? OOPS...So then I pushed the right way, just during contractions. Hubby tells everybody that I was a ham...smiling at the camera between pushes and grinning the whole time.

11:56 after 6 pushes Mickie arrived! SIXTEEN minutes after I told my skeptical momma that I needed to be checked, ha ha-guess I showed HER.

Mickie was cleaned up and we were left alone, just the three of us for an hour, while I nursed her and drove my family crazy!

Mickie is great-she STILL doesn't like to wait for ANYBODY or anything ha ha, but I should have known, the way she came into this world...on her own time table.

Dr. Salas said I was born to be a mom, that my body handles pregnancy, labor, and delivery like nobody she's ever seen, and told hubby that NEXT time, he'd better camp out in the hospital parking lot b/c #2 would come even quicker.

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Summer's birth story:

I went in for my 40-week appointment on Mon, June 23rd, 3 days after my due date. My midwife asked how I was doing and if I was interested in talking about induction. I said no, so she scheduled me to come back to the hospital on Friday for a nonstress test and an ultrasound and we'd take things from there. I told her she could schedule it if she wanted but I was having the baby before then.

Wednesday night I started having mild contractions in the evening. DH was working the night shift so I was home alone. By midnight my contractions were uncomfortable enough that I couldn't lie in bed anymore. I took a shower and when I got out, DH had come home early, yay! For the next 5 hours I paced through contractions and dozed in between them while DH timed them on Contraction Master and played Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Finally at 5 am we called the hospital and were told to come in. It's a 40 minute drive to the hospital but we made it in 30...despite DH insisting on stopping at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and City Hall to drop off some paperwork. :rolleyes:

At the hospital I was checked--4-5 cm, time to get admitted. We settled into our huge private room. I was GBS+ so I needed an IV and because I was dehydrated no one could find a vein. Awful! I was having contractions while someone was digging around my hands and arms with a huuuuge needle.

They finally placed the IV and I took my pole across the hall to doze in the spa tub between contractions. Back in my room, I alternated between laboring in the shower (AMAZING, but I kept overheating) and bouncing on a birth ball leaning against the foot of the bed. After a while I was checked again and was 8-9 cm.

I labored another hour and was STILL 8-9 cm and getting exhausted and frustrated so the midwife broke my bag of water. Boy was that a weird feeling. Kept laboring on the ball, leaking everywhere, starting to feel the urge to push but being told not to.

That was the worst--being told not to push while my body was desperate to. I was totally losing it, so finally the midwife held the last lip of my cervix out of the way and let me push. 21 agonizing minutes later, Summer was born. She cried instantly and the nurse put her right on my chest and draped a towel over us both.

DH had told me he didn't want to cut the cord but the midwife handed him the scissors and ordered "cut here" so he sucked it up and cut. Biggrin

Summer weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces, born 2:26 pm on June 26th! Labor may not have been fun but I wouldn't change a thing!

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Tristan's Birth Story

Tristan was due on 6/28/2008. I went in for a weekly checkup on 6/4, and my doctor told me that I was 90% effaced and dilated 2 cm. He also told me that my bag of waters was bulging out and that I could go into labor at any time. I was still working at the time - my company has a policy where they allow you to take off the 2 weeks before your due date paid, but I wasn't within that two week range yet so I went back to work. The next day at work I lost my MP, so I worked it out with my boss that I could start working from home until I either went into labor or reached that 2 week point.

That Sunday, I went through what had to have been nesting. Only, typical me, I didn't want to clean. I was obsessed with food! I woke up on Sunday with this horrible dread that I was going to have the baby and we weren't going to have any food at home to eat and no time to get any. So I called up my MIL, and made her come over and go shopping with me. I got enough frozen pizzas, frozen burritos, sandwich stuff, and canned soup to feed a small army. But I wasn't done there! I wanted casseroles! So we set up a production assembly, and we made 7 large casseroles plus 6 stuffed red peppers, and then we froze it all. I had casseroles coming out of my ears!

Once that was done, I sat down and wrote in a diary that I had been keeping my entire pregnancy. I wrote "I've done everything I can think of to get ready for you - you can come now. I'm ready when you are."

At around midnight that night, I woke up from a dead sleep because my water had broken. I woke up DH to let him know, and then I went downstairs to call the doctor. Our birthing class had mentioned that you didn't have to go to the hospital as soon as you started having contractions, and I hadn't had any contractions yet that I could feel, so I didn't know what to expect. But the doctor told me to go ahead and get to the hospital, so off we went.

I started having contractions on the way to the hospital, but they weren't even really uncomfortable yet, so all I could think was "Is this it?" LOL Little did I know.

We got to the hospital and got all checked in around 2 am. I was considering trying to have a natural birth, so I didn't ask for any pain meds right away. Plus, I still wasn't in any real pain. DH and I decided to start walking the hospital, and it was during those walks that the real pain set in. By about 4 am I was in back labor and feeling really exhausted and scared, so I agreed to the epidural. I had the epidural, and went to sleep until about 9 am.

Around 9 am, my epidural stopped working. Nothing they tried could get it to work again, so DH and I just breathed through it. During my childbirth class, DH had made me laugh by drawing a little koala bear on my notebook and writing "In koala bear....Out koala bear..." in reference to the breathing techniques they taught us. When I was in so much pain, DH just kept reminding me to breathe and focus by saying "In koala bear...out koala bear.....in armadillo....out armadillo.....in steak and eggs....out steak and eggs...." I think he named every single thing he could think of, and it sounds dumb ("Lamaze for Idiots" we called it later) but it actually helped.

FINALLY at about 10:45 am the nurses announced that I was dilated to ten, and that since I was in pain, instead of waiting for the baby to passively come down the birth canal, I could push and that should help relieve the pain. And actually it did! At 11:12 am 6/9/2008, Tristan Wyatt was born. He weighed 7 lbs 6 oz (big baby for 3 weeks early, but I had gestational diabetes) and he was 21.5 inches long. He was, and is, the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen.