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    I woke up on Tuesday, May 20th not feeling right -- I couldn't explain what it was, but I just felt off all day. In the evening my lower back started to ache, so I took a shower to see if the warm water would help. It helped a little bit, but the relief did not last long and I took 2 or 3 showers before going to bed. I woke up at about 8:30 on Wednesday morning, still not feeling right. I ate breakfast and sat on the couch so that I could do kick counts. I felt him move right away and since my mind was at ease about that I decided to go back to bed. I woke up again around 11 and I told DH that he needed to have a chat with my belly. I told him that the baby would listen to him and that he should tell the baby to come out today. He leaned over and said "Come out whenever you are ready." I looked at him like, you have got to be kidding, tell him to come out today. He leaned over and said "Benjamin, you should come out soon. The next day or two would be just fine." I told DH that I wasn't kidding, and that he needed to tell him to come out today. I told him that I had read someone's birth story and her DH told the baby it was time to come out and her water broke instantly (I wish I could remember whose story it was, but I have no idea). I didn't think it would really work, but I wanted him to say it anyway. He leaned over my belly for the third time and said "Benjamin, this is Daddy. You need to come out and see us today." No instant water breaking, but it made me happy. I got a book for DH to read to my belly and sat back down on the bed, but then I had to pee so I got back up. When I went to the bathroom the pad that I was wearing was pink. I told DH and he said it was probably fine, but maybe I should call the doctor just to be sure. I called the office and told them and they asked if I was having any contractions and if I still felt the baby move. I told them I was not having contractions, but that I had had lower back pain since yesterday and that my baby's movements were less frequent than normal, but still at least 10 every two hours. The nurse told me that I should go to L&D to get checked. I was a little bit surprised and so was DH but we headed off to the hospital anyway, expecting to be sent home.

    We got to the hospital at about 1pm and they hooked me up to the monitors while we were waiting for the doctor (she was doing a c-section when I got there). I was having mild contractions and the baby's heartrate was just fine. The doctor came into the room to check me at about 2pm and she said that I was leaking fluid and 4cm dilated (I was 3, almost 4 at my appointment on Monday). She broke my water and they started me on pitocin. The contractions sped up right away and they actually backed down on the pitocin since I was contracting on my own. The rest of the day seems like it was on fast forward. I don't know where the time went, because before I knew it it was time to push. Forty minutes later, at 9:25 pm on May 21st, Benjamin Patrick was born. DH cut the cord which surprised me because I didn't think he would want to do that. I'm really glad that he got to though. Benjamin was 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 22 inches long (I'm very happy that he decided to come early because he would have been huge if he waited until his due date). He is just the most beautiful person I have ever seen and I love him so much. It is unbelieveable to me that he is finally here.
    ~~~ Nancy ~~~
    Benjamin 5/21/08
    Adeline 3/17/10

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    Default Twins' Birth Story~

    Here's the important bits with pics!!

    You all know about the c-section that wasn't. After that we made an appointment to induce two days later, mainly to get the kids closer to the 38 week mark.

    So Thursday morning I was in to see my OB to go over the details of that night. Everything was looking good. Twin A had dropped a bit on their own and I had dilated to a good 2 / 2+. When I was admitted that night at L&D I was checked again and was just beyond a 3 and much thinner. I was also having mild contractions, not that I could feel them at that point. Induction plan A was put on hold and my doctor was contacted. Looks like I had started early labor all on my own.

    They decided to leave me to my own devices for a while and see what happened. After not progressing, they started me on a pit drip 1am Friday morning to get things going. My first water broke at 1pm, and Twin A was born at 5:32pm. She threatened to come out posterior but the doctors were able to flip her. She came out textbook perfect and I didn't even tear with her!

    Twin B was much more difficult. After A was born my contractions stopped, which is normal. Mine didn't start back up though, which isn't normal. After giving me ~10 minutes and nothing happening, they cranked up my pit drip. They guided Twin B out to keep her head down, which sort of worked. I had one doctor pushing on my belly from the outside, one with his hand guiding from the inside, an ultrasound going, the works. I do remember them breaking the second water when the head was low enough, but most everything is pretty much a blur with bits and pieces that stick out.

    Turns out B presented in a very odd way, head and foot first. Not only that, she was posterior and had her cord wrapped around her neck, an arm and a leg, AND was a full pound larger than Twin A. She was in distress through most of the pushing as her heart rate would drop into the lower 80s. A doctor had his hand up there rubbing her head to keep the rate up as much as possible. After about a half hour of pushing my OB decided to vacuum assist. If that didn't work and she didn't come out within the following ~15 min, they would have done an emergency c-section. As it was the little bit of help was all we needed and she was delivered at 6:15pm almost 45 minutes after A. They bundled her up and showed her to me, then whisked her off to the nursery to check her out. I didn't get to hold her until a few hours later in postpartum. I was able to hold A as soon as I was stitched up.

    I can say I'm very glad "easier" labors run in my family as we tend to have fairly large pelvis bones. I'm not sure how many smaller women could have birthed a child presenting like that. As it was they did cut me to help, but B still tore me in two other spots plus my urethra tore as she came out.

    I'm also very glad my doctors stuck with me and encouraged me the whole way. Everything considered I pretty much got the natural labor experience I wanted. Both kids were birthed vaginally and I did it with minimal drugs. Not counting the pitocin, I only had a two doses of Demerol during labor, and then something that started with a T right before they wheeled me to postpartum. I'm really proud of myself for that.

    I'm also really proud that I didn't abuse DH or much else too. I squoze the crap out of his poor hand, but I didn't really yell or argue or go through the "I can't do this" stage. My mom said I handled this delivery much better than she handled her first. (She was DH's back up and stuck around until transition hit.)

    DH deserves MILES of credit though. Once my first water broke he never left my side. He rubbed me through the more difficult transition contractions and let me squish his hand pretty good. He held my one leg for me all through the hours of pushing and refused to leave my side for a second until I was all stitched up. That bothered the fam in the waiting room as my OB had went out to let them know mom and babies were fine, but the father would be out shortly to announce names/weights/genders and so on. My dad actually called the phone in the room and I told him genders while being stitched up, lol.

    Some of the things I didn't expect:

    I was exhausted like I've never been before. My own arms were so heavy I could barely lift them and I couldn't walk to or use the bathroom without lots of help. I'm not sure how typical that is, or if my case was exaggerated due to swelling up like the stay puft marshmallow man. I expected to be tired, but there's really no words for the experience, nor the fact it lasted for a couple days.

    Pooping is still a challenge, but I think that has more to do with all the tearing than anything else, and probably not typical.

    I don't remember a lot of what happened after I hit transition and was given the ok to push. I wonder if it's one of those mother nature things where your brain just says "this hurts too much and we're going to block it so you'll do it again." I remember bits and pieces. Like I remember my OB apologizing to me, but I didn't know why. I asked DH and apparently I hollered at him right after B was born because they didn't let DH cut the cord. It was a bit of an emergency situation so they just pulled her out and checked her out ASAP. Surprisingly she had excellent APGAR scores, but they still sent her for further checking before I got to hold her.

    Ok pics and stats~

    Very last belly pics taken at 37w6d just before we headed to L&D

    I give you the twins at 12 hours old:

    Twin A:
    Elaine Victoria
    Born 5-23-08 at 5:23pm
    5lbs 7oz and 18 ¼ inches long

    And Twin B:
    Amelia Elizabeth
    Born 5-23-08 at 6:15pm
    6lbs 6oz and 19 ¾ inches long

    More Pics:

    Fighting preeclampsia I swelled up with a good 20 pounds of water weight in the last two weeks of the pregnancy, and swelled significantly more right after birth. You can see it in my face really bad with the earliest pics. They say it will take a good two weeks to go away ;_; Between the puffy and the broken blood vessels and all the other wonderful side effects, these are honestly the most unflattering ones of me ever taken.

    I was basically just stitched up here and holding Elaine for the first time when DH let my parents and his mother back to see me. I'm still in the delivery room and this is roughly an hour and a half after Elaine arrived. Think they might need glasses?

    Here's the first pic of Amelia taken roughly an hour after she arrived. She's in the nursery being checked out. I get to hold her for the first time roughly two hours after this pic was taken.

    My mom and brother with Elaine the morning after.

    This was taken noonish the following day. It's the whole fam on my side. My parents and brother with DH and I holding the babies. Not that I felt like it then, but looking at the pics after the fact I can tell my face is already a lot less puffy.

    Here they are at four days old, at home in their preferred sleeping position. It doesn't matter how we lay them down (back/side/apart) they will scootch and roll until they are forehead to forehead to sleep. It's cute as hell. The joke is of course that they are already putting their heads together to cause trouble

    and another like picture @6 days old taken just a little bit ago~

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    Hi everyone,

    James Edward was born May 29th at 2:25am, weighing 6lbs, 6oz and 20inches long. I can't believe he is here, and more importantly, can't believe how fast and furious he came into the world.

    On Wednesday night (May 28th) I just couldn't get settled in bed. I was sweatly and uncomfortable and felt sort of crampy (like I just needed to go to the bathroom a bit). Finally, at 12:20am I got up and got a glass of water thinking that I was perhaps dehydrated. I went downstairs to the computer and signed on to the board to see what was up. I read a few posts, thought about posting about my cramps, but thought it was silly as I was probably just experiencing normal cramping that you get nearer your edd (remember, I only made it 34 weeks with dd).

    I felt like I needed to do a bowel movement so I sat on the toilet for a moment (which felt good), but there wasn't anything to do. So I sat back down at the computer and heard a strange pop (I thought it was gas deep down in my belly). For a second I thought - is that my water breaking? - so I went back to the toilet. I did what really did feel like a pee, then when I wiped it was pink. My first thought was s**t - I am not even 36 weeks yet!!! I really wanted to make it to 37 weeks!!! Then I headed upstairs to break the news to dh - it was about 1am at this point.

    Since I wasn't gushing water and dd's labour was about 9 hours I said to dh "lets just lie here a bit" because I didn't want to call my parents and race off in the middle of the night if I had a big labour ahead of me. About 2 minutes later when the first intense contraction started I changed my mind and said call my dad!

    My contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart from the start and about 30-50seconds long (based on the two or three dh actually timed!!) and all I could do was stand there and moan and say "okay, okay, okay" to get through them. I was starting to worry about how I was going to make it through a labour with pains like this - they were so much more painful than with dd. My parents arrived to take care of dd at 1:40ish and I had two contractions in front of them before we left and I had to tell everyone to stop talking during them!

    We got in the car at 1:47am and were at the hospital at 1:54am (we live close, but not that close - dh drove pretty fast! - I had about 3 contractions along the way).

    I couldn't sit in a wheel chair so I said I would walk (totally forgetting the distance between emergency and labour and delivery being so long) and we walked, contracted, walked, contracted for what seemed like an eternity until we got to L&D. I got in a room at about 2:15am ish, sat on the bed, had a horrible contraction, begged for the gas (got it and it didn't help) was checked and was 9cm!!!!!!!!!! EEEKKK! The nurse and midwife left to call my doctor and I felt a strong urge to push so I yelled "HELP, HELP, HELP - I need to push". They came running in and said it was ok to push and after three quick pushes James was born at 2:25am! Talk about a surprise delivery for all involved!!!

    James is doing well. He latched on immediately at birth and he hasn't had any breathing issues. He's in the special care nursury and will be for at least another few days as he was preterm (35weeks, 5 days) and they want to make sure he is a-okay.

    I am doing fine, no tears (score!) and I've been pumping colostrum. I am a bit sad that James is still in the hospital, but he is doing so much better than dd was when she was born so I am kind of glad that I get a few days to get my milk established, get a good rest and get all of the last minute stuff prepped for his coming home. Dd got to meet him yesterday and she loves him and was really gentle, which is great.

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    Hi everyone-

    I went into labor last Saturday, May 25th. It is a pretty short story.

    My water broke at 6:30 pm. It came a little at a time, in about 5 small gushes over 20 minutes. I called my husband and he came home, but I wasn't really having noticeable contractions yet. We phoned the hospital to let them know something was going on, and they said to keep them posted on my progress. Around 10 pm the contractions were getting painful and were 5 minutes apart, so we headed to the hospital, which is about 30 minutes away. When we got there they hooked me up to the machine and saw that my contractions were 3 minutes apart. They still weren't that painful so I thought I had a long way to go. I knew my baby was posterior and thought that meant a long labor.

    They weren't very busy so they took us down to the birthing suite earlier than usual, and as soon as we got there my contractions got really painful. I knelt on the bed over a stack of pillows to deal with it, but I was feeling like I was not going to make it and was going to need something for the pain. After about a half hour, the midwife had me move to kneel on a mat on the floor because she could tell by the sounds that I was making that I was pushing. I was wearing pants still and nobody had checked me, so nobody knew how fast I was progressing. I didn't even know! I got into my nightgown and really started the pushing stage. I had been pushing without realising it before.

    At this point they gave me some nitrous- I didn't know how close to the end I was and I didn't believe the midwife or my husband. I wish I had made it without the nitrous, because it really didn't ease the pain at all and I hadn't wanted any interventions, but at the time I didn't know better. Nobody had checked my progress at all so none of us really knew how far dilated I was. I held my hand where the baby's head was emerging just because it seemed to make me feel a little better. Her head seemed to come out really fast to me but my husband said he could see it 20 minutes before, so I guess it came out slower than I realised. She came out posterior and her shoulder caused a second degree tear, which was no fun at all. The doctor didn't arrive in time, but my doctor was not available so I didn't really care. I didn't like the idea of a strange doctor being with me anyway. Also, the midwife I ended up with was really into natural birth so it was really lucky for me to wind up with her, although I suppose I progressed so quickly that another midwife wouldn't have been able to give me any epidural anyhow.

    It was a really fast birth, something like 6 hours with only 3 hours of real pain, and it is hard to imagine how it could have gone better. If I hadn't torn then it would have been the ideal birth, I think.

    So, that's my story. Thora weighed 6 lb 10 oz and was 20 inches long. She was born at 1:31 am. She has blonde hair. She came 1 1/2 weeks early, totally unexpectedly!

    Here are some photos. The first is when she was just born and they gave her to me through my legs.

    One day old

    With her first toy

    After first bath at home

    ~ Brittany

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    Kade’s Birth Story (short version)
    On Saturday morning, May 24th, we headed to the hospital to induce labor due to my low and unstable platelet count. It was a long and exhausting 36 hours, but Kade Parker arrived in 3 short pushes at 7:40pm on May 25th, 2008. He weighed 6 lbs and was 18 ¾ inches long. They kept us for a few more days to make sure all was well and we are now home recovering and adjusting to life as a family of 5. It is so wonderful to finally have this precious baby in my arms!

    Kade’s Birth Story (long version)

    Friday, May 23rd: We went in for our 37 week doctor appointment at 8:50am. We talked with the doctor about my platelets still being low and the possibility of inducing on Monday or Tuesday. The doctor was concerned about Kade’s lungs being ready, so she suggested another amniocentesis. She called the specialist and arranged for us to have the amnio in the afternoon, then she said that if the results were good she wanted to induce as soon as possible.
    We called my mom and she grabbed the next plane out of Portland, OR to come down and watch the kids. Then we hit the grocery store and made sure our bags were packed before heading in to town for the amnio. They promised to call with the results around 8 PM, so we had time to pick up my mom from the airport and head back to the house for a little while. When we hadn’t heard anything by 9pm, we called the doctor and she suggested planning on a 7:30 AM induction assuming the results came back positive. The hospital finally called at 11pm confirming that his lungs were ready and they would be expecting us first thing in the morning.
    Saturday, May 24th: Since inductions seem to take a while for me, I had Thomas drop me off at the hospital so he could go to work for the morning. I got checked in, had labs done and they started Cervadil (sp?) around 9:30am. It was slow going all day and contractions were just starting to pick up by late evening. After 12-14 hours of Cervadil the doctor wanted a 2 hour rest, then 4 hours of antibiotics, before starting Pitocin. I was dilated to 1 and 50% effaced when I got there, and was about a 4 and 60% effaced when they cut the meds. With nothing in my system to encourage labor, my contractions all but stopped and I slept about 5 hours of the night.
    Sunday, May 25th: We started Pitocin first thing (around 5AM) and they upped the dose every half hour. It was another slow day for me and I welcomed a visit from my mom and kids mid-morning. Thomas took the kids to the mall and have lunch while my mom hung out with me, and that is when the doctor decided to break my water. Things continued slowly and contractions didn’t start to get very intense until 4:30pm. I asked for some Staidol (sp?) to help me rest and relax between contractions and that helped a little bit. At 7:15pm the nurses came in to introduce the shift change. I was still breathing through contrax, about 2 ½ minutes apart and they checked to see where I was at. I was so frustrated to hear I was only dilated to 6cm and was 80% effaced.
    After the nurses left I asked Thomas to help me turn on my side to take some pressure off my low back. As soon as I shifted, I felt the urge to push. Knowing it had to be too soon to push, I told him to get the nurses back in the room. They rushed in to check me and I was a full 10cm, 100% effaced, with baby’s head descending. Less than 10 minutes had passed since the last check. They hurried around to call the doctor and ready the room, but told me I would need to wait 15-20 minutes until the doctor arrived. I assured them he might not wait that long, and started giving directions to the nurses, stopping only during contractions to “not push.” I had one nurse take the camera, asked another to lower the end of the bed and get the mirror out, I had a 3rd nurse on one side of me and Thomas on the other side of me to hold my legs and count with me while I pushed. Not a second too soon, the doctor walked in, gloved and said to go for it. Kade arrived in 3 short pushes, no episiotomy or tearing. The doctor didn’t even have time to sit down on her stool or adjust her lighting. He was born at 7:40pm and was 6lbs even and 18 ¾ inches long.
    They gave him to me right away, all waxy and purple and did his Apgars (9,9) on my belly. Thomas cut the cord and after about 30 min they took him to the warmer across the room for weighing and measuring. I delivered the placenta and got cleaned up while they did that, then they brought him back so I could nurse him.
    No one could believe how smoothly things had gone, but they went ahead and got us ready for the transfer to the post-partum unit. That is when things started going wrong. I got up to use the bathroom and started bleeding profusely and passing large clots the size of tennis balls. They couldn’t get the bleeding to stop, so put they me back in the bed and the doctor came in to manually scrape my uterus for anything remaining. I continued passing clots and the pain was intense. They decided to give me some more IVs, including some Demerol for the pain, but I had a reaction and they had to start new IVS on my other arm. They inserted a catheter, and I couldn’t keep track of all the meds they pumped through me in an attempt to stop the bleeding. By midnight I couldn’t lift my arms up off the bed or open my eyes. I was too weak to even hold my baby. They had a transfusion ready, but were holding it as a last resort. Thomas was wonderful through everything. He held the baby and they slept next to me all night. Things were finally under control around 3am (more than 7 hours after the baby was born) and they released me to post partum.
    Monday, May 26th and Tuesday, May 27th:
    I spent the next 2 days in post-partum. I couldn’t get up for more than 5 minutes at a time, but the bleeding was under control and there was no pain. Kade was healthy and doing just fine. He didn’t cry much at all, breastfeeds great and survived his circumcision with no problems. His platelet count shortly after birth was 240 (higher than I have ever been). I am feeling a little better, lots of uterine cramping and I still get dizzy if I am up for more than 5 minutes, but in general I am doing well.
    Kade is an absolutely perfect little boy and I am sooo happy to finally have him in my arms.
    Beth... mom to Andrea 7-26-97, Gavin 10-16-01, Kade 5-25-08 and Bentli Grace 09-09-09.

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    Gavin Everett T... was born on May 26, 2008 at 1:24pm weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and measuring 19.5 inches long. He was due June 8, but arrived at 38 weeks and a day.

    All day Sunday, I felt like any effort, especially abdominal effort (stairs, sitting up, ...) would start a contraction. I was well into nesting and had several bouts with this as I was doing several things left on my baby list. I thought that since they went away with drinking water and resting that they must be Braxton Hicks. I could also talk through these contractions, so again I thought they weren't real. I also felt like I had a bit of an upset stomach, but nothing came of that.

    At 11:00, we went to bed and I was having trouble getting comfortable (as usual). I told my dh that I'd been rented out for the past nine months and I was tired and Gavin was officially being evicted. Within two minutes (literally), I felt a pop and a leak. I stood up as my water broke, wetting the side of the bed and some clothes I had right beside the bed. It wouldn't stop... every time I thought I was done and would try to get dressed, it would leak again.

    In a comedy of errors, we wound up at the Womens Ward of the hospital, but since it was past 9pm, they asked me through an intercom to go around to the main Guest entrance (about a block away). Here I was wearing plastic shorts, a shirt that didn't cover my stomach and flip flops, standing by a bag under the drop-off entrance waiting for my husband to go to the car and get a towel (since I was going to have to sit in the guest lobby). As I was getting ready to trek around the parking lot to where I could go in, the desk lady came out and announced that I looked like I was going to have a baby. She thought that when I said I was meeting my doctor that I was meeting my daughter and sent me around.

    By midnight we were checking into the hospital. At my first examination, I was two centimeters. By 2AM, both sets of parents had driven an hour to meet us there. At 3AM, I was 5 cm and asked for my first dose of Nubane. It knocked me out until 4:30, but it worked. I woke up then and asked for more, but this dose wasn't as effective. At around 7:30 AM or so, I received my epidural (I think I was 8 cm). Unfortunately, this was also about the time I realized that my back pain wasn't going to be fixed with an epi. Gavin was head down, but facing one leg instead of my back. I was going to have back labor and there was nothing they could do for me. I was not prepared for this and had a hard time until delivery. They eventually decided to help me out with a vacuum, which was my new best friend. Finally, at 1:24 pm on Memorial Day (May 26, 2008 ), Gavin was born weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and measuring 19.5 inches. His apgar scores were 9 & 9.

    My dh deserves a ton of credit. He was convinced that he'd be one of the husbands that passes out and is no help, but he had his head or his hand my world between the rails at all times. He was monitoring the contractions and telling me when the worst was over and reminding me of how nice it was going to be to finally get to hold him. Not only did he not pass out, he cut the cord after watching him crown.

    I was anemic and very weak for several days. The pains that I expected and that scared me the most weren’t an issue. I never had any burning during delivery or postpartum. I had many stiches, but trips to the bathroom haven’t bothered me yet (whew), though I could barely get to the bathroom at the beginning. The back labor was definitely the worst pain and also the scariest feeling afterwards. My backbone felt like jelly and I didn’t trust myself to walk around with him for several days. The most frustrating thing after labor was the time between when Gavin got hungry and the time my milk came in (about 24 hours). I felt so bad that he wanted something I couldn’t give him already. He was two days old and I was already letting him down. Luckily, my milk did come in and we both learned what we were doing and now feeding time is a peaceful time.

    Another thing I didn’t expect was how much work this is! I thought I was doing good to survive the back labor contractions, but they wanted me to push. I’d give it all I had and since the contraction was still there, they’d want me to do it again. This sounds expected, but it was so intense that I was falling asleep between the 2-minute-apart contractions. Two days after delivery, my shoulders, ribcage, arms and neck were almost unusable. I felt like I’d been benchpressing an elephant. The boppy pillow was a life-saver and we were glad to have taken it to the hospital.

    I have a prescription for Percoset, but have been sticking to the 800mg Motrin and the pain is not really an issue now…until about time to take another one. We all came home on Wednesday and everybody is doing fine. The first picture attached is Gavin waving hello to the world.

    The next picture is of Gavin and his mama in the hospital on Wednesday before being discharged.

    The last picture is what Gavin thinks about getting his first few days and nights mixed up. He enjoyed playing his trick on Mama and Daddy. Luckily, the last couple of nights were much better.

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    I was induced last Tuesday night 5/27 with cervidel.. Wednesday morning they were really backed up and took forever to finally get me to a room.. finally started pitocin at 3pm...At that point I was about 1-1.5 dilated and 30% effaced... you guys saw my mini-updates all day Wednesday... really long day. My cervix stayed high and posterior and they could barely feel Karly's head every check. They could only feel her head by pushing on the top of my tummy which would push her head down... but when they let up her head would bounce back up. This worried us all day. Since she wasn't dropping...dilation and effacement took forever! They let me stay on pitocin for almost 12 hours total.... Contractions were steady and consistent, I handled them well with no pain meds. I was shocked at this. I always heard how painful pitocin contractions are and while it was uncomfortable it wasn't bad enough to ask for meds... Towards the end of the long exhausting day about 2:30am Thursday morning- I was dilated to just a four and about 60% effaced... even with contractions being a minute apart. Karly's head was not engaging low enough to do anything. My Dr. said the only thing that was going to get her to drop would be to break my water which she was ok with doing if her head would engage a little. Since she was just floating around, it would have been dangerous to break my water. The cord, or a body part could rush forward with the water (before the head) which would cause an emergency section. So we did one last check at 2:30 am, and she said her head had not dropped and actually she was all over the place. For being so far along in labor she was moving way too much.. not even thinking about locking in and a couple times the Dr would feel her head and then the next minute she would "swim" off and another body part would be present!!
    We finally had to give up. It wouldn't have been safe to stay on pitocin longer than 12 hours... it was starting to stress Karly out... she had some heart rate increases up to 170-175 bpm on some of the harder contractions.

    They got me set up for a c-section.. I was so upset, had so many mixed emotions. I knew they let me try for as long as they could safely...I knew there was nothing else we could do but I was so sad I wasn't going to get the personal birth experience like I had with Rylee. The nurse told me I would have to have my arms tied down... they would give me a quick look at her over the curtain and then take her to be examined and cleaned up. That Brian could go over and watch and take pictures and then he would be able to bring her to me and I would be able to tuch her with my hand but would not be able to hold her near my shoulders since my arms may be weak and shaky. They said she would be able to stay with us at my head until I was done being stitched up...then they would wheel us down the hall to a recovery room where I would be able to hold her for the first time. I was very upset with this whole plan. It was so different and so not the intimate birth I had with Rylee and I felt like Karly was going to be cheated on her entrance in the world. But my husband, mom, and sister just kept reminding me that I wouldn't care about these details in a week from now.. all that was going to matter was having her here safe and sound. Which I knew they were right but it was still really hard to swallow that disapointment.

    So they gave me the epidural which was uncomfortable but not awful... they let my family back in the room afterwards (they didn't let Brian even stay for that part) and the epi guy started giving me the different meds through the epidural. I didn't handle that well. I started to feel very strange.. and I told him Im getting dizzy and lighted headed... and I was having a hard time breathing.. it felt like my chest was really heavy. Well they were taking my blood pressure right as I was saying all that to them and it dropped to 81/40!! And my pulse rocketed to about 160! It scared my family but he was very calm and said no problem.. we will take care of that.. and gave me some other meds that stabilzed things and then I was normal again!

    So off I went to surgery. I felt very out of it and sleepy and like I could pass out at anytime.. I kept telling myself to stay alert and stay awake. I did not want to miss a thing! They prepped me, brought Brian in at the last minute just as they were making the incision. I smelled the skin burning and felt a lot of pressure on my chest... after a few minutes at 3:20am, she was born! She came out screaming and healthy. As it turns out she was slightly sideways inside.. head near my hip so that explains why she wasn't dropping down like she should have! I heard the screaming and I was bawling like a baby.. kept looking up waiting for them to show her to me.. and when they didn't I told Brian to go see her and start taking pictures. He was gone forever! I was laying their sobbing listening to her somewhere in the room and wishing and praying they would let me have a quick glimpse of her. I was just crying and crying and saying over and over can I see her? I want to see my baby! Can I see her? I think there was so much comotion in the room no one heard me. Finally Brian came back over with tears in his eyes and kissed me and said she is perfect.. just perfect! I asked what she looked like and he didn't even have words. He just kept saying she is beautiful and perfect! He showed me a couple of pics on our digital camera of her since it was taking so long...I asked when they would let me see her and of course he didn't know. I told him to go back and be with her and take pictures.. I just laid there and cried. I know I am making this sound like a really pathetic experience.. it is just SO THE OPPOSITE of what I wanted. Maybe if I had prepared myself for the possibility of a c-section I would have handled it better. But with having a vaginal birth with Rylee I really didn't think I would have a problem with this one. Finally... 20 minutes after Karly was born Brian carried her over to me and I saw my baby for the first time. I touched her with my fingertips the best I could.. stupid hands were still tied down and we all three sat together as they finished closing me up. Karly was 8 lbs, 0 ounces, 20" long. They took us back to recovery where my mom and sister were waiting.. I got to hold her in there for the first time. I was so emotional and still crying like crazy. She was just perfect and beautiful and with my family around we all just cried and enjoyed meeting her for the first time. I offered my breast and she immediatly turned her head and latched on in about 5 seconds. I was amazed at how she knew exactly what to do so quick without any help.

    I was in the hospital a total of 5 nights! Didn't get to check out until Sunday afternoon. I was so tired. I didn't sleep for like 36 hours straight with all the inducing, the surgery, plus all the nurses checking in on you, the procedures, and of course caring for Karly. I missed Rylee like crazy. Someone in my family brought her up every day for visits but she never stayed long. She didn't like the hospital and was a little stir-crazy.

    I am recovering ok... c-sections really suck in my opinion. I would never choose to have one if I had an option. I just hated the whole experience compared to the vaginal birth I had with Rylee. I am of course very very sore. It is really hard to hold Rylee and have her all over me when I have a very tender tummy to watch out for! The first few days in the hospital, Rylee was very stand-offish. She didn't really want much to do with me or Karly. She just wanted to go home she would say... but then she would finally warm up and want to be with us. I think it just took her some time to realize what was going on... and I can tell it is still going to be a big adjustment. Even now that I have been home a couple days she isn't super crazy about Karly. She likes her ok... and she has never acted mean, or jealous or anything but she tends to ignore her more than I thought she would. I am trying really hard to keep her involved, I am so scared she is going to feel left out and that makes me feel really guilty. My emotions are crazy right now.. up and down.. down and up. More on all that later.

    Karly is just adorable and resembles Rylee so much but at the same time I can see her own traits too. Of course the hair is the same (I think Rylee had a little more) and her eyes are blue/grey which is how Rylee's started out too so I wonder if they will stay blue? Everyone is commenting on what a easy/relaxed baby Karly is. Once again.. comparing to Rylee. Maybe she will be my calm one. She hardly ever cries.. sleeps a ton... and is very content just laying there- looking around even when awake. Rylee was never that way. She always needed constant attention and tending to in order to stay happy. Karly has taken to nursing like a professional so we have had no trouble with feedings! My biggest problem the last day or two is I am getting super engorged. There is no way Karly can drink what I am producing and I am having to pump and store. Which I don't have bottle feeding anywhere in my plans so I guess we will just save the milk for "if" we ever need it? I was never engorged with Rylee either. Always made just the right amount so this feeling is new to me... and not fun but I am dealing!

    When we checked out of the hospital she was 7 lbs, 6 ounces. She is just so tiny and delicate. I don't remember Rylee being so little.. yes she was a pound bigger and 1-1/2" longer but you wouldn't think that would make such a big difference!

    Looking back on the whole experience I wish my Dr would have trusted the sonograms I had leading up to her birth rather than her gut instinct. My last sono at 38 weeks said she was 7 lbs, 8 ounces which was actually really accurate. A week later at her birth she was 8 lbs even.. and if they would have let me go to 40 weeks I think she wouldn't have been 9 lbs yet which was the number my Dr has always been afraid of as far as not letting me go past... and I think if I would have been given 1 more week, Karly may have been more "ready" and maybe would have dropped down more and would have taken the induction better. But I know there is nothing I can do about all that now. The most important thing is that I have a beautiful, healthy, perfect little girl snuggled up on my chest right now as I type this and in the end- that is all that matters!!!!





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    Rylee Anne~ 04/21/06 my vb baby!
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    On Monday, I started the day as usual, getting the boys ready to go so I could get Ethan to school. I got comments from the crossing guard, my next door neighbor, and one of Ethan's teachers wondering when the baby was coming. I joked about doing jumping jacks til she came out. Went home and just lazed around. Had a hard contraction around noonish and soon after that my SIL called to see how things were and if I needed anything. Talked about when I thought baby was coming and I said "I think today!" I called my mom after I had another contrax about 20 mins after the first and told her I may be having a baby later that night or sometime early morning so she had a heads up. Next contrax I had was 7 mins after the previous. Had several of them and then called Will to tell him he had to come home as they were getting to be about 5 mins apart. this was just before 1:30. I went and got a shower and they got to be about 2 mins apart. I called Will again to see how far from home he was and he was just around the corner so I told him we had to go as soon as he got to the house. He came in and got Benny ready since I could not move the contrax wre so bad. I was in tears they hurt so bad. On the way to my moms to drop Ben off, she called to see if we were on our way and asked if I was going to make it to the hospital or if she was going to have to deliver the baby. We get to the hospital and go to where the ER used to be. They moved it to the other side of the hospital. Great! Finally find the ER and walked halfway to the door from the parking spot and had to stop for another contrax. Someone went in and got someone with a wheelchair, thank god! Got checked in and into L&D and the contrax were right on top of one another. They finally got ahold of the doctor and when she checked me I was already at 9 cm. This was a little after 3 pm. Everyone was rushing around because Hannah was coming any minute. I yelled "I have to push!!" and I don't know when doc broke my water but she said go ahead and push and less than a minute later she was out. She had meconium in the water and everything happened so fast there was no pediatric team there so they were paging "Peds Stat!" She didnt get any in her airways and was fine. Hannah Katherine was born on Monday June 2nd at 3:27 pm. She weighed 7 lb 4 oz and was 19 inches long. Had and 8 and 9 on her apgars. She is a good baby too...doesnt cry too much and is starting to get better at nursing. Her big brothers love her and she is Daddy's little peanut. My family is now complete!

    This is posted on my myypace. Here are some things I left out.

    I did have some bleeding problems and since I hemmoraged with my first they were a bit concerned. I didn't have any external tearing and they called the on call doctor to come check me to see if I had any internal tears. So after being beaten up on the inside and outside to find out why I was bleeding, it turned out all of the placenta hadn't come out. So the doctor got my uterus all cleaned out and I have alot less bleeding than I did with my boys. The cramps are horrible though but I have a healthy little girl to show for all my pain!

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    I probably went into labor on Tuesday, June 3, 2008. I was having contractions so I decided to lie down on my left side and drink some water. I thought they went away, but I might have been wrong.

    When I woke up the next morning, it seemed like they were gone completely. I told DH that my plans for the day were to go to Barnes and Nobel to get a baby book (where you record their vital records, etc) and then to Target to get a few last things for the house and the hospital bag. Then I was going to finish cleaning up part of our room so we could fit in the Pack-n-Play (to use the bassinet function) so she could be by our bedside. Little did I know my morning was going to be vastly different.

    As I was walking to the baby book section (which, btw, is by the sci fi.. who knew!), I felt a rush. I thought that my water must have broken, because I knew I hadn't just gone #1. I knew right away it wasn't urine because it was tinted with a bit of blood. I thought that this might be the real deal.

    I finished shopping for our baby book and went out to the car. First I called DH and told him that I thought my water had broken. Then I called the doctor's office and asked what to do. They said I should come in to the hospital. I called DH back and told him to come home. I then went across the street to Target and got the other things I needed.

    I pulled into our driveway and DH was a few seconds behind me. We did a last few things around the house, got the bags into the car and went to the hospital. When we got there, I got a simple PH test to see if my water had broken. It was inconclusive, so they gave me a second test which told us, undeniably, that it had. I was moved into a labor and delivery room, assigned a nurse, and began the whole process of having a child.

    First my blood was drawn. Then they put me on all kinds of monitors to watch my contractions and the baby's heart rate. After a short time of watching the contractions, the doctor put me on a low dose of pitocin to get my contractions stronger (they were plenty close together). The stuff kicked in immediately and soon I was wondering how people have babies without drugs.

    Around 3 I asked for an epidural. By 4 I had one and was much more comfortable. We realized, as it got a little later, that it wasn't quite strong enough and the doctor gave me a slightly higher dose. I could move my toes, knees and legs the entire time, but I went from some pain to none.

    Then the pushing contractions started. The urge to push was very strong, and I was 10cm dilated. However, my doctor wasn't in the room yet, so I had to hold off for 30 or 45 mins. It was really difficult not to push and to breathe through the contractions, but I somehow did it. I began pushing at 6:20pm and our baby girl was born at 6:54pm. The doctor said I was good at pushing, and that's why she came so quickly (for a first time mom).

    I had a minor repair done and easily birthed the placenta. She was perfect from the start, and the doctor laid her straight on my chest after DH cut her umbilical cord.

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    Amy329 had her little boy...
    Matthew was born June 6th at 11:36 pm weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz

    Nekoliah Patrick born 5/28/08 6 lbs 13.6 oz

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