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    Default Mackenzie

    June 2, at 6:30pm I went to the restroom to be followed be DH and told tonight was the night and we are going to have a baby soon (like within hours).**TMI** As I was standing up I lost my plug and ALOT of it! It was clear, no blood at all, and no signs of labor. At 6:45pm I started the normal contractions I'd been having since April. I thought DH has been right twice about me going into labor "maybe" he's right about tonight and started timing them. At 7:30pm DH asked if he should go take a shower (for the hospital) or go back to sleep for sleep, I told him to take a shower now just incase because the contractions have increased over the hour and have lasted at least 55 seconds each one. So while he was in the shower I called my MIL to tell her to be ready just in case and jump on the board and posted about the contractions. The post "And we have contractions" "Every 4-6 minutes lasting about 55-67 seconds!!!! I'm going to wait it out some because they don't hurt that bad..Wish me luck!!!!" LOL, BIG MISTAKE!!! Right after that post I went to the restroom because it felt like I had to pee, nope just more plug and the contractions was to the point where I couldn't walk and had to lean onto the wall just to balance. So at 8pm DH was getting dressed and calling into work (where he had to be in 2 hours) and calling MIL to tell her we was heading to the hospital and she should also. Seeing that she lives 97 miles away from us we didn't expect her to make it in time. I think I called the hospital at 8:30 and told them I was coming in and we got there a little before 9 but didn't go in until 9:10 because DH needed a cigarette and we called to see where his mom was.
    We check in and go upstairs and have 3 nurses rushed us I guess my OB had already told them I have fast labors... They check my cervix and I'm still 4.5cm's!!! The same I had been for at least 6 days. Right the and there I knew this wasn't going to be easy, normal, nor fast. So they ask me all the questions blah blah blah, Why do they make you sign papers when you're contracting? A little before midnight my MIL got to the hospital and took the kids down to eat. They checked me again nope still 4.5cm's. MIL and the kids came back up because they had just closed the cafe' and the hospital Cafeteria didn't reopen until 2:30am. At at 1am, I was begging DH and MIL to keep the kids from touching the bed during contractions because the movement made the contractions 10 times worse, and I was trying to not let them see the pain I was in. At 2am MIL asked me about the contractions because it looked like they was back to back. They was back to back and have been since 12:30am which I told her and she decided to take the kids down to eat and out to watch cartoons. I told DH it was okay he could go smoke his cigarette I would be okay and I wanted to try and rest some. It was 2:34am when they checked and I was ALMOST 5cm's!! The pain was AHHH!! Just thinking about it lol. When DH came back up about 2:45am I asked him to make a fist and dig into my lower back with his knuckles, he tried he really did but it just wasn't like I wanted him to do. We tried the birthing ball from about 3am to 3:10am during this time DH was able to talk me into not going all natural. I then agreed to nubain which allowed me to relax enough to fall asleep between contractions about a whole 90 seconds, but by that time any sleep was good by me. The nubain wore off by 3:30am, and I asked for another dose at 5am which I got. Only this time it didn't work at all everything still felt the same and I began to beg them to break my water so I could dilate more. Me knowing my body and last labors knew it was the only way to get to 10cm. The on-call OB was in the room next to mine delivering a baby so he then said no to breaking my water and the nurse checked my again I was almost 6cm.. Okay fine by me at least we are moving up some. Every time I would have a contraction I would lose my hearing, I could hear DH and Nancy (My nurse) talking but I couldn't understand what they was saying and the distorted conversation I could hear was 10 times louder I just couldn't understand it and it was mixed with a ringing in my ears. Around 6:30am I actually yelled at them and told them both to stop talking. I later explained why but I'm sure they both thought I was just being a rude B**** right then. Nancy checked me again and I was 6cm so at 7am they called my OB who was on her way to the hospital to ask if she wanted them to break my water. So after hours of begging at 7:10am they broke my water. at 7:13am I got the extreme urge to push, she checked and I was told I was about 6.5cm's at 7:15am my OB walked in.. The second I seen her I said Oh my god I've never been happier to see you! She goes well you timed it right I got a surgery at 8am. So Nancy checked me again at 7:20am and I was "almost 9cm" still with the urge to push and shaking all to hell... they start running everywhere getting everything ready and get me set up and my OB checks me and I have just a "lip" left and tells me I can push the next time I have a contraction. So I get my 2 WEAK pushes in just me getting ready. 2 all hell pushes and they say push again... Well I can feel where her head is and taste the puke in my throat and nose from pushing so hard and yell at them "I have to breathe first", 1 more push and they yell stop stop STOP so they can suction her and I yell at them to either pull it out or let me push because they was taking their sweet ole time.. Which would have been fine if I had meds or an epi! 2 more pushes and at 7:34am June 3rd, Mackenzie Grace was born. 8lbs 7oz 21in!

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    Default The birth story I didn't want to tell...

    My birthstory is something I've been avoiding. It was a hard and painful experience and recovery. So it's not well written. But at least it's written down for me to remember later because I know I'll want to remember for the next time.

    A little background now~ My little one was born in the Alask Native Medical Center in Anchorage, AK. For those of you who don't live here, that's essentially a hybrid of socialized medicine for people of Native and American Indian decent. It's a system that doesn't care too much about you beyond when it's convienient to schedule your procedure. If we can give you ibprophen and send you home, we certainly will, even if it's the wrong thing to do. Get 'em in, get 'em out. Bill their insurance if they got it, and a government grant will pay the rest eventually. For those of us who have no money for the privatized system, it's a blessing and a curse. If I have no money at all I still have some form of medical recourse. Even if it's not the best. I was born into this system and the substandard care that it entails.

    When my water broke on June 5th at about 2 am, I was not actually having labor pains. Some of you might remember that I wasn't even sure my water had broken. So we took our time getting to the hospital. Nothing was happening beyond the leaking. When we got there it was confirmed that my water had broken and I was moved into a room. They started some medication that I don't remember the name of. It's a medication that was actually for ulcers that had the side effect of starting labor. It started some contractions. They kept increasing the dosage until I was taking the maximum allowed. But that was still not enough.

    There was 20 hours were the contractions were painful but manageable. At 20 hours I also started to spike a temperature. So the pitocin came out. After the pitocen I lose all sense of time. It seemed like a week. They used a lot. 5 bags from the beginning to the end. The contractions got stronger and stronger.

    At this point I still hadn't had any sleep. And I had nausea to the point where I would no longer eat or drink. I asked for the epidural at that point so I could get some sleep. It took the pain down to the point were I slept for a few hours. But it was hard to sleep with the nurses and doctors coming in and out of the room.
    As my temp rose the pain got worse and worse. The midwifes (there had been 4 by now) and doctors (there had been 3 different ones) kept examining me and telling me that I was not completely dialated. There was still a ridge. They kept trying to manually coax my cervix open and that hurt worse than any of the pushing I did when they were finally successfull.

    It was during that time and about 30 hours into the labor (my DH tells me) when I started asking for a c-section. They didn't want to do it. So I pushed for 5 or 6 hours after asking for the c-section (again, DH tells me.) It didn't feel that long and yet it felt longer than that. They kept seeing the top of the baby's head but then she would get stuck. The pain was staggering even with the epidural and my temperature had been going on for 18 hours be the time I started to get delirious and was screaming with the pain.

    Finally I just started to cry like I haven't cried since I was a child. I told DH that I thought I was going to die, and at that point I really thought that I would. By the time it had gotten bad enough that the doctors would perform a c-section on me I had been running a high temp for almost 20 hours.

    Almost 45 hours after my water broke, Denali was born at 6:44 PM on June 6th (my birthday too) weighing in at 8lbs 3oz. The baby was taken and I was scared because I never heard her cry. She was being whisked away to the NICU immediately for some reason I don't remember and I told DH to go with her. If DH weren't so stubborn I wouldn't have seen her for hours. But he refused to allow them to take her out of the O.R. without me seeing her little swollen face.

    When DH and baby were gone they started to work on me again. The doctors thought I had passed out and they said things to eachother about the condition of my uterus (from waiting so long to do the c-section) that I wish I never would have had to hear. It scared me the stuff they said. Once they realized that I had heard everything they said, they kind of laughed and asked me if they could excise an unusual mole on the bikini line. I was so confused and upset at this point I didn't know what to say. So I said, yes. I thought it would be a good thing to get it done at the same time, but it led to an uneven incision that kept pulling open and bleeding even after I went home from the hospital.

    But that wasn't even the worst of the experience. Because of the infection, Denali and I needed to have some serious antibiotics. For me it was easy with the IV I had already. But they had trouble placing an IV for Denali. They tried several times over 2 days. Finally they got and IV in on the 2nd day. Well, since Denali was with the nurses, I didn't worry about it beyond the fact that my baby was covered in pricks from where they had tried to place the IVs previously. DH went home for a bit to do some thing or another. So I was trying to sleep. Imagine my horror when a doctor I didn't recognize walked into my room to inform me that they had accidentally injected Denali with Lidocaine instead of the antibiotics. "But only a little bit." (Like that made it better.) My heart felt like it stopped. She went on and on about the possible damage it could have done to my little baby. But I don't remember a bit of the information she gave me beyond possible damage to the heart, still monitoring her for slowed breathing... They almost killed her... She was in the NICU again. How could this have happened??? Thank goodness Denali was alright. Someone was watching over her, but it certainly wasn't the staff of that hospital!

    My labor was a nightmare. By now I remember it in bits and pieces. My mother came and joined us at the hospital about 10 hours in. So did my dad eventually. I remember them passing in and out of the room. Looking more and more concerned. All of the family that was present thought the baby and I were going to die. So did I. I found out later that my mom had been pleading with the medical staff to perform the c-section for hours. For longer than I pleaded with them.

    I felt a lot of guilt after the baby was born. Guilt for not being strong enough, for wanting to die, for not being able to take the pain. For all the things that I could not control. But most of all, for not taking control of the one thing I could have. I learned a valuable lesson. Next time I'll pay the money to go somewhere else. It wasn't worth the pain and heartache to save some money.
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    Can you add my little one to June 17th???, Brooklynn was born at 7:36am weighing 8lb 12oz 20.5in long, she was 2 weeks early.
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    Default Thought I already did this, but guess I was wrong!

    I went in for a check up on Wed. June 11th. I was dialating and my cervix was "favorable". My SIL had recently found out she had a grapefruit sized tumor on her ovary, and was going in for surgery just a few days before my due date to have it removed, and my MIL was going to be taking care of her and my nieces and nephew...so there was a chance she wasn't going to be able to be at Mickie's birth if we just left it to Mother Nature.

    Since my cervix was favorable, my doc said she would feel comfortable inducing me the next day. So I let HER call my MIL at work-so funny- and say, "this is Dr. Amber Salas with MRMC, I was calling you in regards to your daughter in law (of course my MIL FREAKED thinking something was wrong), I was calling to ask you if you would like to have a granddaughter tomorrow!" So fun...

    So I ran home, packed and went to bed early. I was restless all night b/c I was contracting...nothing big, just enough to piss me off. Got up at 5, showered, fixed my hair and makeup, went to the hospital to check in at 6 as we were TOLD...then they told us they weren't ready for us...we weren't supposed to be there until 7, but they would get me in a bed. They took their good sweet time, but I was fine...still contracting, but not in pain.

    They finally hooked me up to monitors and got my IV started and all that around 8am.

    8:05 asked me if I realized I was already in labor...told them yes, but didn't hurt yet.

    8:30 dr. salas decided to break my water and see if I felt them THEN...I felt them, but they were still just a mild inconvenience.

    10:00 the doctor decided to give me a very small dose of pitocin...that's when the contrax started to bother me.

    10:30 the nurse came in and told me that the drug man was about to leave the maternity floor to go to surgery, and if I wanted an epidural it would be smart to get it now b/c once he went to surgery it could be hours before he was able to return...no matter WHEN I decided I wanted the epidural. So I went ahead and got it whenever he finished with the other lady (there were 7of us in labor at once that morning). They turned off my pitocin b/c they decided I didn't need it, and there were 6 other women ready to push (I think they didn't want to mess with me just yet b/c they were so swamped)

    11:30 epidural kicked in, family came back into the room, my preacher called to check on me, and the nurse told me I was about 1/2 way there...so it would be several more hours. He said he'd swing by after lunch to rub my belly one last time-HA

    11:40 tried to reach the nurse call button at my feet but couldn't...mom thought I was crazy and asked why-the nurse had just left! I told her I thought I needed to be checked b/c I felt a lot of pressure. Typical mom, she told me I was "supposed to feel pressure-I was having a baby..." I gave her a look and said PUSH THE BUTTON, I NEED TO BE CHECKED.

    The nurse came in and put mom and dad behind the curtain, checked me, called the doc over the PA system, ran mom and dad out telling them to wait by the nursery window we were about to have a baby any minute now.

    11:45 Dr. Salas RAN into the room, told me DON'T PUSH, and the nurses and her went crazy breaking the room down into a more medical looking scene. I told her that I wasn't pushing, but something was happening. She told me to just hang in there, don't push...so again, I let her know that I wasn't pushing, but Mickie was coming.

    11:53 the room is ready and Dr. Salas gives me the OK to push...not telling me that I ONLY push during a contraction...I should have known, but I was a little nervous about delivery, so I wasn't thinking clearly and just pushed until I had to breath again. Dr. Salas was like, honey, you're contraction is over, why are you still pushing? OOPS...So then I pushed the right way, just during contractions. Hubby tells everybody that I was a ham...smiling at the camera between pushes and grinning the whole time.

    11:56 after 6 pushes Mickie arrived! SIXTEEN minutes after I told my skeptical momma that I needed to be checked, ha ha-guess I showed HER.

    Mickie was cleaned up and we were left alone, just the three of us for an hour, while I nursed her and drove my family crazy!

    Mickie is great-she STILL doesn't like to wait for ANYBODY or anything ha ha, but I should have known, the way she came into this world...on her own time table.

    Dr. Salas said I was born to be a mom, that my body handles pregnancy, labor, and delivery like nobody she's ever seen, and told hubby that NEXT time, he'd better camp out in the hospital parking lot b/c #2 would come even quicker.

    May our home know joy, each room hold laughter, every window open to great possibilities.

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    Summer's birth story:

    I went in for my 40-week appointment on Mon, June 23rd, 3 days after my due date. My midwife asked how I was doing and if I was interested in talking about induction. I said no, so she scheduled me to come back to the hospital on Friday for a nonstress test and an ultrasound and we'd take things from there. I told her she could schedule it if she wanted but I was having the baby before then.

    Wednesday night I started having mild contractions in the evening. DH was working the night shift so I was home alone. By midnight my contractions were uncomfortable enough that I couldn't lie in bed anymore. I took a shower and when I got out, DH had come home early, yay! For the next 5 hours I paced through contractions and dozed in between them while DH timed them on Contraction Master and played Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Finally at 5 am we called the hospital and were told to come in. It's a 40 minute drive to the hospital but we made it in 30...despite DH insisting on stopping at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and City Hall to drop off some paperwork.

    At the hospital I was checked--4-5 cm, time to get admitted. We settled into our huge private room. I was GBS+ so I needed an IV and because I was dehydrated no one could find a vein. Awful! I was having contractions while someone was digging around my hands and arms with a huuuuge needle.

    They finally placed the IV and I took my pole across the hall to doze in the spa tub between contractions. Back in my room, I alternated between laboring in the shower (AMAZING, but I kept overheating) and bouncing on a birth ball leaning against the foot of the bed. After a while I was checked again and was 8-9 cm.

    I labored another hour and was STILL 8-9 cm and getting exhausted and frustrated so the midwife broke my bag of water. Boy was that a weird feeling. Kept laboring on the ball, leaking everywhere, starting to feel the urge to push but being told not to.

    That was the worst--being told not to push while my body was desperate to. I was totally losing it, so finally the midwife held the last lip of my cervix out of the way and let me push. 21 agonizing minutes later, Summer was born. She cried instantly and the nurse put her right on my chest and draped a towel over us both.

    DH had told me he didn't want to cut the cord but the midwife handed him the scissors and ordered "cut here" so he sucked it up and cut.

    Summer weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces, born 2:26 pm on June 26th! Labor may not have been fun but I wouldn't change a thing!
    Star, mama to Summer, June '08 and Griffin, April '10

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    Default Tristan's Birth Story

    Tristan was due on 6/28/2008. I went in for a weekly checkup on 6/4, and my doctor told me that I was 90% effaced and dilated 2 cm. He also told me that my bag of waters was bulging out and that I could go into labor at any time. I was still working at the time - my company has a policy where they allow you to take off the 2 weeks before your due date paid, but I wasn't within that two week range yet so I went back to work. The next day at work I lost my MP, so I worked it out with my boss that I could start working from home until I either went into labor or reached that 2 week point.

    That Sunday, I went through what had to have been nesting. Only, typical me, I didn't want to clean. I was obsessed with food! I woke up on Sunday with this horrible dread that I was going to have the baby and we weren't going to have any food at home to eat and no time to get any. So I called up my MIL, and made her come over and go shopping with me. I got enough frozen pizzas, frozen burritos, sandwich stuff, and canned soup to feed a small army. But I wasn't done there! I wanted casseroles! So we set up a production assembly, and we made 7 large casseroles plus 6 stuffed red peppers, and then we froze it all. I had casseroles coming out of my ears!

    Once that was done, I sat down and wrote in a diary that I had been keeping my entire pregnancy. I wrote "I've done everything I can think of to get ready for you - you can come now. I'm ready when you are."

    At around midnight that night, I woke up from a dead sleep because my water had broken. I woke up DH to let him know, and then I went downstairs to call the doctor. Our birthing class had mentioned that you didn't have to go to the hospital as soon as you started having contractions, and I hadn't had any contractions yet that I could feel, so I didn't know what to expect. But the doctor told me to go ahead and get to the hospital, so off we went.

    I started having contractions on the way to the hospital, but they weren't even really uncomfortable yet, so all I could think was "Is this it?" LOL Little did I know.

    We got to the hospital and got all checked in around 2 am. I was considering trying to have a natural birth, so I didn't ask for any pain meds right away. Plus, I still wasn't in any real pain. DH and I decided to start walking the hospital, and it was during those walks that the real pain set in. By about 4 am I was in back labor and feeling really exhausted and scared, so I agreed to the epidural. I had the epidural, and went to sleep until about 9 am.

    Around 9 am, my epidural stopped working. Nothing they tried could get it to work again, so DH and I just breathed through it. During my childbirth class, DH had made me laugh by drawing a little koala bear on my notebook and writing "In koala bear....Out koala bear..." in reference to the breathing techniques they taught us. When I was in so much pain, DH just kept reminding me to breathe and focus by saying "In koala bear...out koala bear.....in armadillo....out armadillo.....in steak and eggs....out steak and eggs...." I think he named every single thing he could think of, and it sounds dumb ("Lamaze for Idiots" we called it later) but it actually helped.

    FINALLY at about 10:45 am the nurses announced that I was dilated to ten, and that since I was in pain, instead of waiting for the baby to passively come down the birth canal, I could push and that should help relieve the pain. And actually it did! At 11:12 am 6/9/2008, Tristan Wyatt was born. He weighed 7 lbs 6 oz (big baby for 3 weeks early, but I had gestational diabetes) and he was 21.5 inches long. He was, and is, the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen.
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    -Alissa, mom to Tristan (5) and Reid (the baby!)

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