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~ May 2009 Spaces ~

~**May 2009 Duckling Calendar**~

Post your upcoming appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, etc!


Please reserve your spot after you get your BFP!

Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.

* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

* Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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HPT+ on 8/21

First beta 8/26 was 887, prog. 30.5!!!
Second beta 8/29 was 3428!!! YES!


12 wks

17 wks

23 1/2 wks

We welcomed our twins into the world on 3/22/09 at 1:48am and 1:52am!!!

Tira Linnea born at 1:48am
4lbs 1oz

Chase Michael born at 1:52am
4lbs 11oz

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I can't believe I am gonna have a baby!!!

I would like to reserve my spot please. EDD 5/4/2009

11DPO digital

Belly Pics
6 wksPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Baby pics
12 weeks 2 daysbaby19 weeks and 3 days 19wks 3 days19wks 3 days19wks 3 days19wks 3 days

:neonflower: 9/25/2008 to go over all medical history along with what I can expect and the choices I have.
:neonflower: 10/09/2008 my first exam with my OB we have a heartbeat!
:neonflower: 10/21/2008 for a high risk consult b/c of my history of blood clots, was put on a heparin shot a day
:neonflower: 12/21/2008 U/S measured 12wks 6days and had a HB of 168!!
:neonflower: 12/10/2008 19 wk U/S boy? girl? BOY!!!!!!

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Our baby went to Heaven 8w3d

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Our baby went to heaven 8w4d on 9/21/08.

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Due May 4, 2009

HPT+ on 8/23 at 13DPO
Blood test + on 8/24

First appt. 9/23

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Our four furbabies....

My first BFP ever 8/21/08!!! (13dpo + after - at 11dpo)
EDD 5/1/08

Both my DH and I like Erin Elizabeth.....have we reached a verdict????? Yes!!!

Blood test 8/21/08
1st appt. 10/2/08
1st U/S 10/10/08-Awesome active little baby! Pic is a little blurry. MIL joined me, it was great!

12 wk appt 10/27/08-Heard the HB for the first time!
17wk appt 11/25/08-DH finally heard the HB...very strong and found as soon as she put it on my belly! Smile
THE BIG ONE 20wk U/S 12/16/08-IT'S A GIRL!!!
21wk appt 12/23/08-All good and on track.
26wk appt 1/26/09-Good...baby measuring big...but then so am I. Oops!
28wk Glucose appt 2/11/09 & U/S TBD Good BP and I lost a pound! Failed the GD 1hr......:P On to the 3hr
2/16-3hr GD test...as of 2/20 no news...assuming no news is good news?
2/20-U/S appt. All measured right on track at 29w4d, she's about 3lbs1oz. Heard about my 3hr today...I passed!
2/26-Good...all seems well. Measuring 3cm ahead in fundal.
3/12-Good appt. On track with weight and BP. Measuring 6cm ahead in fundal...oh my! So off to the U/S yet again to check that baby is not getting too big.
3/26-U/S-Growing well. She's at 34w5d so not really ahead in size (I'm 34w2d today), even though I'm measuring big. Her estimated weight is 5lb. 6oz. and my fluid level is normal. Yeah! Maybe my doc will finally relax???? Or do they do that? She was so cute...we caught her chewing while taking pics of her face....the tech says "I'm not sure what she's chewing, but it looks like she's enjoying it." Oh and she's head down....yeah!
35wk 4/3/09-Good appt. All on track. Weekly appts from here on out.
Next appts: 37wk 4/14, 38wk 4/22, 39wk 4/28, 40wk 5/4

OCT08-------------------------------------------NOV08 (14w5d)

DEC08 (18w4d)----------------------------------(21wk)

JAN 09 (24wk).....................................................(25w4d)

FEB09 (28w4d)....................................................(30w4d)


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Angel Baby--5w5d

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Moved my space to April since that is when I am offically due even though I'm sure I will deliver in May.


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Reserving a spot for: Baby Arnold!

First positive test at 10DPO


Doctor's appt on 8/25 - confirmed pregnancy!
9/10 Beta: 40,711
9/12 Beta: 57,028
9/15 Heartbeat of 134BPM

EDD: May 1st, 2009

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Reserving our May baby's spot!!

Positive HPT on Monday, August 25th, 2008 at 7:30 A.M.

Another positive HPT later that morning!

Our due date is May 6th, 2009- which is my 28th birthday!

The big brother, Henry Matthew, born Monday, April 23rd, 2007 at 11:31 P.M.

4 Weeks August 27th, 2008

8 Weeks September 24th, 2008

10 Weeks October 8th, 2008

12 Weeks October 22, 2008

20 Weeks December 17, 2008

Tuesday, 9-9-08 with Rachel: A great first appointment. I'm still in shock that I'm pregnant! Next visit we should get to hear the heartbeat.

Tuesday, 10-7-08 with Rachel: Decided to wait on the heartbeat because Matt couldn't be there.

Thursday, 11-13-08 with Rachel: Heard the heartbeat today!

Monday, 12-15-08: It's a boy!

Tuesday, 12-16-08 with Rose: Henry danced to the baby's heartbeat as it was nice and fast!

Tuesday, 1-20-09 with Rachel:All continues to be well. Decided to wait on the GD test. Will discuss further at next appt.

Thursday, 2-19-09 with Gayle:

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Trey Jackson (TJ) is

EDD May 8, 2009


August 2008


Sept. 25 - Great appt.! Sticking w/ EDD May 8. Little bean's HR was 158bpm!

Oct. 23! - Easy breezy appt! Heard the LO's h/b and got a flu shot!

Next appt. - Nov. 20

Belly Pics

Cole (7/26/06) is so excited to be a "big brudder" !!!

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1st U/S pic on Thurs Sept 18 at 7w3d

Next appointment:Oct 7
Nuchal T screening:Oct 22

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Rachel's Space

EDD May 14th, 2009
1st BFP August 30th 9dpo
2nd BFP August 31st 10dpo

September 2nd 12dpo

Here is the note that Daddy got!

9/22/08 We have a Hearbeat!! 122bpm

First Baby Pic 6wks 4days 9/22/08

Second Baby Pic 10 Weeks, HB 176 bpm 10/14/08

Third Baby Pic at 18wks (a couple days) 12/12/08

26 wks Face shot

26 wks 3D pics

Belly Pics

Big sister Makayla and Big brother Andrew!

Mommy and Daddy Christmas 08, 18wks

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A space for me!

The winning chart!

BFP #1, 11DPO on August 31, 2008
BFP #2, 12 DPO on September 1, 2008 - a little darker this time!
BFP #3 12 DPO that evening - woot!
EDD May 13, 2009
1st Prenatal appointment scheduled for September 29 = first ultrasound!!
New Pregnancy and Nutrition classes set for October 16
2nd Prenatal appointment set for November 14

NO heartbeat, the baby is gone at 14 weeks.

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EDD May 1, 2009 but I will be having a scheduled C section the end of April

9 week u/s:

10 week u/s:

My babies!

First day of school 2008!

Fourth of July 2008 My son & daughter with my 9 year old niece (the tall one!)

Baseball superstar - Special Needs baseball 2008!

Baseball Medal ceremony!

Me & the kids Captiva Island, FL June 2008

Captiva Island

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I guess this one is mine...

First BFP... August 31
2nd BFP... September 1
Digital confirmation September 1
Three tests is better than the 13 I took for my first dd! Blum 3

My daughter is Madison and she is the most awesome kid ever. She is almost 7.

I have been married to Brenden (Bren) since October 14, 2006. He is the greatest DH a girl could ask for. This is his first experience with a baby, so he's kind of like a kid in a candy store.

My dog is Miles the wonder mutt.

1st Appointment and u/s ... Sept 30 @ 8:55am.

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Tara's baby grew wing 12w3d

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Kristen's space! EDD May 12 09

Belly Pics!

Doctor Appointments

9/8 - Initial visit, blood work, pap, paper work
9/22 - 1st U/S - we have a heartbeat!!
10/6 - u/s bean looks great and has arms and legs!
10/20 - 11 week appointment - heard the heartbeat

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Suprena's space

BFP 8/28/2008

EDD 5/8/2009

10/27/2008 First Doctor visit. We got to hear the heartbeat. It was around 144 bpm. They already said the word big when they were talking about the size of my belly/uterus. All I have to say ekk! My blood pressure was a little low but normal for me. I only lost 1 lb this time. I am not a sick as I was with Nathan but still feeling nauseous. The difference is I am able to take care of myself and do things besides want to lay on the couch and die. We talked about how I was going to have this baby either c-section or naturally. Basically we are going to make a game call when I am farther along. What we will do is when I am 30 we will schedule a c-section. At 37 weeks we will have an ultrasound to see how big the baby has gotten. If he/she is a normal size baby we will just cancel the c-section. If the baby is big c-section here I come. I don't need to traumatize myself! So basically it is wait and see how big of a baby we have. The likelihood of me having a large baby is greater than me having a normal sized baby.

Yea Nathan is going to be a big Brother!

Me and DH when Nathan was 1 week old.

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Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

Due - May 18, 2009

Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

Glitter Words
[Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Words*]

7 Weeks

18 Weeks

Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

First OB - 9/5/2009
9 Week OB Appt. - 10/16/2008
13 Week OB Appt. - 11/14/2008
1st 17P Shot - 16 weeks - 12/4/2008
2nd 17P Shot - 12/12/08
Big U/S and 18 OBweek Appt - [COLOR=Magenta]IT'S A GIRL
- 12/18/2008
3rd 17P Shot - 12/19/08
4th 17P Shot - 12/26/08
5th 17P Shot - 1/02/09
6th 17P Shot - 1/09/09
7th 17P Shot - 1/16/09
23 Week OB Appt. - 1/21/09 [/COLOR]

Pink Flash Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Image Hosting Photobucket Image Hosting

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Lisa's Space

The Family

Positive Pregnancy Test on September 2, 2008
EDD May 13th

We have a heartbeat! September 29 (7w, 5d)

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BFP - 8/28/08

EDD - 5/1/08

pics to come soon

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Reserving My Space

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I am Barb....mom to Jacob (may 06) and married to Matt. We live on long island in NY.

I tested 10 dpo and had a very very faint line
then again 11 dpo and had a faint line
then again 13 dpo and had a pretty noticable line...

going to call the doc on monday to schedule an appt!

I think my due date will be may 13-may 15

Monday Sept 15th: Saw the nurse practitioner at my OBs office today. She confirmed the pregnancy and did an ultrasound. We saw the sack but it wwas still to early to see/hear the heartbeat...we have another U/S schedule next monday!!!

Monday Sept 23rd: Saw the doc...he did an US....saw the heartbeat... and said mt due date is probably a little later than the 13th....all is well come back in 3 weeks

Monday Oct 13th: Saw the doc again....another US....all is well....EDD moved to May 16th based on size...discussed morning sickness which has been brutal lately...I have been puking a ton.....working on keeping fluids down.....nuchal fold testing on Nov 3

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Moved my space to April #57 (due 4/26)


Hopping between boards!

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Jamie's Space

My name is Jamie. I've been married to Jeff since July 9, 2005. We are both 23. We have one daughter named Mackenzie who was born on May 25, 2007.


We had all intentions of waiting until next year to start trying to have another baby. We weren't doing any kind of preventing either. Well we went to Myrtle Beach the first week of August for our vacation and came back with a surprise Smile I took the pg test on labor day after AF was a week late. Got a BFP right away and dark as can be! We are very excited and very surprised about this new baby!! Our EDD is May 1.

Our daughter Mackenzie-15 months old..gonna be a Big Sister!!!!

September 18-everything went well due date May 1.

October 1- With a rented Doppler!

October 15- heard heartbeat, everything great Smile

November 12- Checked Heartbeat, strong 161 bpm. Everything great! Scheduled Big U/S for Dec 10th!!

November 14- Unexpected appointment. Had some spotting. Did U/S found out we are having a [COLOR=Magenta][SIZE=4]GIRL!!!!!! Everything looks perfect!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

December 10- Everything is perfect..she is 100% a girl, found placenta is very close to uterine wall. Dr is going to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get too close.

January 8- Placenta has moved! Thank goodness, Brynna's left kidney is slightly dilated. Dr is keepin an eye on it.

February 4- Another U/S and 28 week Appt!

Ultrasound Pics

Introducing Miss Brynna Paige!

Belly Pics

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Baby Kneipp May 09'!!

This is our first!!!! :jumpingbeans::jumpingbeans:

BFP 8-30-08
EDD 5-10-08

First OB 10-6-08
Went great! We saw everything!
Nov. 5th- hb 160 everything wonderful-gained 1lb.
Nov. 19th-emergency visit from cramping, hb 160, baby growing great-braxton hicks-gained 2 lbs.
Next Appt: Dec. 3rd with midwife- went great, got to see the LO again, but it wouldn't open its legs! Gained 2 lbs.
BIG Ultrasound with specialist Dec. 16th-found out its a GIRL!!! and I have placenta previa Sad Going back Jan. 19th to recheck.
Jan. 2nd Appt. with Midwife....
Jan. 19th Appt. with specialist to check on placenta previa...

A little about us.....

Chris and I met while I was in school at UD. When I finished my undergrad I moved in with him. 3 months later we moved in with his mother to care for her because she could no longer do it herself. I ended up quitting my job to stay home all day with her, and take her to her appts. every week (she had terminal brain cancer). Unfortunately, after a long, hard battle, she passed away last July 22, 07. After surviving that stress for 2 years and the heartbreak of her passing, we decided we were definitely in it for the long haul. After 4 1/2 years together, we got engaged last year 9-15-07. Just 3 weeks before our wedding, we found out I was preggo! Both of us are so excited to be expanding our family, and feel very fortunate to have had it happen so easy Smile We were married the 20th in the best wedding we could have asked for.

Ultrasound Pics

Belly Pics
16w 18w

Gracie, we can't wait to meet you!!

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I can't believe after 10 months of trying, and one round of fertility drugs, and endless fertility testing, I get to reserve my own space!!!

BFP on digital on 12DPO 9/7/08

I'm a sucker for pregnancy tickers:

Fuzzi Bunz at Nurtured Family
Beta #1-HCG 60 Yahoo
Beta #2-HCG 167!!! Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo

First ultrasound-7 weeks-September 30th

Second US-measuring 8W1D, HB 167 BPM!


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[highlight]JENN'S SPACE[/highlight]

I'm Jenn, proud mommy to Ayden, and wife to Ali. We've been TTC #2 for 5 cycles, and after 2 losses, we're proud to say - we're expecting again! I am VBAC hopeful! With my son, I didn't witness his birth because my epidural failed during a c-section. I am hoping this time around to not only be awake, but to have a much better experience all around.

I charted for all 5 cycles and found it annoying but helpful. I kept ovulating late - so at least this way, I knew!



BFP: September 7, 2008 for an EDD of May 20, 2009. I kept testing and testing though LOL


Just finding out - almost 4 weeks! A long way to go!

9 weeks - a little bloated bump

14 weeks (wow! It's really showing earlier!)

16 weeks (holy COW!)

18 weeks - popping out!

20 weeks!

21 weeks!

22 weeks!

23 weeks - bare belly!

25 weeks - whoa, baby!

26 weeks!

28 weeks...hello 3rd trimester!

30 weeks!

32 weeks!

33 weeks! I thought she was smaller but now she looks BIGGER than Ayden. ACK!

34 Weeks - I think she's starting to make me feel like I'm tipping over lol.

36 weeks:

37 weeks (0 station and engaged in pelvis):

September 7, 2008: BFP!
September 10, 2008: Beta #1 (at 14 DPO): HCG=80, Progesterone=20.5!
September 12, 2008: Beta #2 (at 16 DPO): HCG=186 (it doubled!)
September 18, 2008: U/S showed a sac! (at 22 DPO) HCG=4,211, Progesterone=13.7
September 25, 2008: Beta #4 (at 29 DPO) HCG= 24, 411 (way more than doubled!)
October 6, 2008: 2nd u/s - a little heartbeat, fetus, yolk sac, and fetal pole!
November, 4, 2008: Heard the little heartbeat trotting away!
November 11, 2008: First trimester u/s, 8:30 AM EST - everything looks fabulous! All genetic testing came back wonderful!
December 2, 2008: 1st appointment with new OB, saw the little one, everything is great!
[highlight]December 12, 2008: FINALLY! Real consistent movement! How exciting![/highlight]
December 16, 2008: Heartbeat sounds great, got some blood testing done!
December 19, 2008: 10:00 AM EST, The big U/S! SHE looks great! IT'S A GIRL!
January 12, 2009: 10:00 AM EST, another u/s to check growth, she looks great!
January 14, 2009: 8:20 AM EST, routine prenatal appointment, all is well after the flu!
February 9, 2009: 9:20 AM EST, routine prenatal appointment and glucose testing (PASSED!)
February 23, 2009: 9:20 AM EST, routine prenatal appointment, all is well, have Bronchitis!
March 2, 2009: 9:30 AM, EST, 3/D-4D u/s - yay!
March 9, 2009: routine prenatal appointment, all is well, not liking my weight.
March 24, 2009: visit to the ER, couldn't breathe, severe Bronchitis.
March 25, 2009: went to see OB, Mina sounds great, bed rest for 3 days, 8:10 AM EDT.
March 30, 2009: routine prenatal appointment and follow-up from bed rest, 8:20 AM EDT, all is good!
April 22, 2009: routine prenatal appointment, all is well, fingertip dilated still and 50% effaced, 0 station and engaged.
May 6, 2009: 8:00 AM EDT, routine prenatal appointment and exam, 1 CM and 60% effaced.
May 13, 2009: 8:00 AM EDT, routine prenatal appointment, had sizing u/s, baby measuring 8lb 12 oz.
May 15, 2009: went in for membrane strip - water had broken! Mina was born via c-section at 11:21 PM!

[highlight]GOAL WEIGHT: 165 at birth, if not lighter![/highlight]
Week 4 (just finding out): beginning weight 148 lbs.
Week 8: 144
Week: 12: 140
Week 16: 140
Week 18: 140
Week 20: 143
Week 22: 143
Week 24: 146
Week 26: 150
Week 28: 151
Week 30: 154
Week 32: 154
Week 34: 155
Week 37: 158
Week 39: 159


3 days PP: 155
12 days PP: 138
21 days PP: 135

5 weeks, 1 day (sac, not yet a heartbeat, but in the right place, and it's just one!)

8 weeks (little baby blob with heartbeat, bad pic tho!

13 weeks (first trimester u/s, everything looks great!)

[highlight]The BIG u/s - 18W 2D - IT'S A GIRL![/highlight]

The bedding we have chosen - we are doing a lady bug theme for everything! Her walls are red, more pics to come!

Born: May 15, 2009
Time: 11:21 PM
Weight: 8lb 9oz
Length: 21 inches
Head: 14.5 inches


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:angel10: Found out Oct 22, 2008

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BFP Sept 8th YAY!!!

My Name is Bonnie, I am 26, Married and have a sonn to be 2yr old on
Dec 27th. Got my BFP today 10DPO, Showed up right away, I did have a early MC a couple months ago, But have good feelings on this one sticking, Will update pictures Later!!


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Reserving my space!!!!!

Expecting our first!
Me - Tara/28
DH - Bob/30

EDD 5/9/09
1st doc appt 9/15/08
1st u/s 9/23/08
2nd u/s 10/6/08
2nd doc appt 10/6/08
3rd u/s 10/24/08
3rd doc appt 10/24/08

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Laurie's space

DH: Jerry/34

TTC since November 2007. This was a truly special month...O'd on my birthday!! BFP 13 dpo.

EDD: May 15

First OB appt. with Nurse Practitioner on Tuesday, October 7. Smile

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MrsDisel's "May" Space



Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

:angel7:Read Isaac's Story:angel7:


Just Once....

Just once I wish I could have spent a late hour rocking you in my arms,
Just once I wish I could have gently lain you in your crib.
I wish I could have changed a diaper,
Chosen an outfit for the day,
Given you a bath,
and soothed your skin with lotion.
Just once I wish I could have heard you cry out in loneliness for me,
or spent time alone with you, just the two of us.
Strolled you proudly through the shopping mall,
Just once I wish I could have heard the words
"What a beautiful, healthy baby boy!"

Just once....

~Author Unknown~


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reserving now-will do more later!
Hi Guys! My name is Elisabeth but most people call me Lizzy. I live in Pacific Beach, California (part of San Diego) with my boyfriend of 3 years Bart (Bartholomew-i know!). This is our first baby and quite a surprise but we are thrilled! I had a feeling for a long time I would get pregnant soon but we were avoiding pregnancy...well our tactics were no match for our baby because here he is!! I'm pretty sure it is a boy...I would LOVE a girl-next time!
We have always planned on getting married but we were/are in no rush...it looks like our little one will be at our wedding Biggrin :lovebed:

My bf hates allllll the names I like and he is set on one name!

Ok so we thought of it speaking about the greatest guitar player of all time before we even knew we were pregnant. Bart said it would be the perfect name for a baby boy...Little did we know there was already a baby in me! I like it...Its edgy and different which I like but I'm not totally sold...

4/5/09: 34 weeks along and everything is great. We have a name Miles John, we decided his middle name would be after SO's father-whom I love very much.

Finding Out:

Get out of town!!! In disbelief...

Can't really tell...Why am I pinching my butt?

6 weeks-so bloated!! I'm smaller now..

10 weeks

Df practicing with cousin Wade:

AND I WAS RIGHT, IT IS A BOY! His name is Miles. Everything looks good so far. I've gained 7 pounds and am feeling ok minus bad back pain but I had back surgery a year ago so thats expected. It feels like forever and too soon that I will meet Miles...I can't believe I'm having a baby.

I haven't updated in forever...So here are a couple pics

24 weeks

26 weeks (25 and some change) - I think i'm finally popping!

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Reserving my space-- will be back with more Smile

EDD May 15 baby #4

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Ok I am going to try to be positive about this pregnancy and I will go ahead and reserve my space. I was going to wait til 6 weeks, but I don't want every thought about this pregnancy to be negative.

Ok it's going to take me a while to figure out how to do this all fancy like some of you have, but I am going to try.

Test Picture

09/08/08 - 4weeks - HCG 52 - Prog 30
Next b/w 09/15/08 - 5 weeks

First Doctor Appointment: October 9 at 9:45 AM

EDD - May 18, 2008

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Angel's Space

I am reserving my space!! I will update with pics soon

DH Mike
DS Carter
EDD of baby #2 is May 14th

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reserving my space - more to come!

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Laurie's Space

I'm bad at this space thing, but I'll try to keep it updated
5 weeks



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Reserving a space...not exactly sure what that means, but I'm doing it.

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Cara's Space!

BFP on September 12, 2008:

EDD: May 23, 2009

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Hi, I'm Laura! My DH and I and our almost-two-year-old son, Finn, live in Shanghai, China.

After trying for 8 months, we had just this past month decided to adopt from Taiwan and stopped TTC. I stopped taking my temps and just focused on our adoption application and home study. Yesterday I went in for a routine check-up and got the news. I'm still in shock...We still want to adopt someday but I'm so elated to be pg.

I'm so thrilled, and also scared of a m/c, but feeling so great! EDD May 24.

Pic coming soon.

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Misty's May Space

Misty's "May" Space

Hi, I am Misty. I live and work in El Salvador with my Salvy Husband and our 18 month old son Daniel Alejandro. We are a bilingual family and I am personally hoping for another boy so that Alejandro can have a brother to ruff and tumble with. I gave birth the first time here and they cut me open just because the umbilical cord was around his neck at 37 weeks. (It was my North American insurance that they really wanted) Now I am praying and hoping to have this baby through VBAC. I am super excited to be pregnant the second time around! Yahoo

Positive Test Result September 11th
Due Date May 20th.

[COLOR=Magenta]Girl Name
Iris Julianna [/COLOR]

Boy Name
Cristofer Diego

Hoping to have a VBAC!

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Septempber 26: Nurse Interview appt. EDD May 7, 2009

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Reserving my space I guess Smile lol. I got a BFP on September 6th and am expecting May 8th, 2009 Smile

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Our first baby! Annie Mae...Birthday July 23, 2002. Can't wait for her new baby bro or sis!
Me and Matt on our wedding day!
Me and my sisters! They are twins.

First Ultrasound! 6 weeks 4 days!!
Baby 10 weeks, 5 days