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    Default Reserving our May baby's spot!!

    Positive HPT on Monday, August 25th, 2008 at 7:30 A.M.

    Another positive HPT later that morning!

    Our due date is May 6th, 2009- which is my 28th birthday!

    The big brother, Henry Matthew, born Monday, April 23rd, 2007 at 11:31 P.M.

    4 Weeks August 27th, 2008

    8 Weeks September 24th, 2008

    10 Weeks October 8th, 2008

    12 Weeks October 22, 2008

    20 Weeks December 17, 2008

    Tuesday, 9-9-08 with Rachel: A great first appointment. I'm still in shock that I'm pregnant! Next visit we should get to hear the heartbeat.

    Tuesday, 10-7-08 with Rachel: Decided to wait on the heartbeat because Matt couldn't be there.

    Thursday, 11-13-08 with Rachel: Heard the heartbeat today!

    Monday, 12-15-08: It's a boy!

    Tuesday, 12-16-08 with Rose: Henry danced to the baby's heartbeat as it was nice and fast!

    Tuesday, 1-20-09 with Rachel:All continues to be well. Decided to wait on the GD test. Will discuss further at next appt.

    Thursday, 2-19-09 with Gayle:
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    Trey Jackson (TJ) is

    EDD May 8, 2009


    August 2008


    Sept. 25 - Great appt.! Sticking w/ EDD May 8. Little bean's HR was 158bpm!

    Oct. 23! - Easy breezy appt! Heard the LO's h/b and got a flu shot!

    Next appt. - Nov. 20

    Belly Pics

    Cole (7/26/06) is so excited to be a "big brudder" !!!

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    1st U/S pic on Thurs Sept 18 at 7w3d

    Next appointment:Oct 7
    Nuchal T screening:Oct 22
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    Rachel's Space

    EDD May 14th, 2009
    1st BFP August 30th 9dpo
    2nd BFP August 31st 10dpo

    September 2nd 12dpo

    Here is the note that Daddy got!

    9/22/08 We have a Hearbeat!! 122bpm

    First Baby Pic 6wks 4days 9/22/08

    Second Baby Pic 10 Weeks, HB 176 bpm 10/14/08

    Third Baby Pic at 18wks (a couple days) 12/12/08

    26 wks Face shot

    26 wks 3D pics

    Belly Pics

    Big sister Makayla and Big brother Andrew!

    Mommy and Daddy Christmas 08, 18wks
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    Default A space for me!

    The winning chart!

    BFP #1, 11DPO on August 31, 2008
    BFP #2, 12 DPO on September 1, 2008 - a little darker this time!
    BFP #3 12 DPO that evening - woot!
    EDD May 13, 2009
    1st Prenatal appointment scheduled for September 29 = first ultrasound!!
    New Pregnancy and Nutrition classes set for October 16
    2nd Prenatal appointment set for November 14

    NO heartbeat, the baby is gone at 14 weeks.
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    EDD May 1, 2009 but I will be having a scheduled C section the end of April

    9 week u/s:

    10 week u/s:

    My babies!

    First day of school 2008!

    Fourth of July 2008 My son & daughter with my 9 year old niece (the tall one!)

    Baseball superstar - Special Needs baseball 2008!

    Baseball Medal ceremony!

    Me & the kids Captiva Island, FL June 2008

    Captiva Island

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    I guess this one is mine...

    First BFP... August 31
    2nd BFP... September 1
    Digital confirmation September 1
    Three tests is better than the 13 I took for my first dd!

    My daughter is Madison and she is the most awesome kid ever. She is almost 7.

    I have been married to Brenden (Bren) since October 14, 2006. He is the greatest DH a girl could ask for. This is his first experience with a baby, so he's kind of like a kid in a candy store.

    My dog is Miles the wonder mutt.

    1st Appointment and u/s ... Sept 30 @ 8:55am.
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    Tara's baby grew wing 12w3d
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    Kristen's space! EDD May 12 09

    Belly Pics!

    Doctor Appointments

    9/8 - Initial visit, blood work, pap, paper work
    9/22 - 1st U/S - we have a heartbeat!!
    10/6 - u/s bean looks great and has arms and legs!
    10/20 - 11 week appointment - heard the heartbeat
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    Suprena's space

    BFP 8/28/2008

    EDD 5/8/2009

    10/27/2008 First Doctor visit. We got to hear the heartbeat. It was around 144 bpm. They already said the word big when they were talking about the size of my belly/uterus. All I have to say ekk! My blood pressure was a little low but normal for me. I only lost 1 lb this time. I am not a sick as I was with Nathan but still feeling nauseous. The difference is I am able to take care of myself and do things besides want to lay on the couch and die. We talked about how I was going to have this baby either c-section or naturally. Basically we are going to make a game call when I am farther along. What we will do is when I am 30 we will schedule a c-section. At 37 weeks we will have an ultrasound to see how big the baby has gotten. If he/she is a normal size baby we will just cancel the c-section. If the baby is big c-section here I come. I don't need to traumatize myself! So basically it is wait and see how big of a baby we have. The likelihood of me having a large baby is greater than me having a normal sized baby.

    Yea Nathan is going to be a big Brother!

    Me and DH when Nathan was 1 week old.
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