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    North of Atlanta, GA


    Our first baby! Annie Mae...Birthday July 23, 2002. Can't wait for her new baby bro or sis!
    Me and Matt on our wedding day!
    Me and my sisters! They are twins.

    First Ultrasound! 6 weeks 4 days!!
    Baby 10 weeks, 5 days


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    Jessi and Matt 4.21.07
    Sam 4.21.09
    Judd 9.13.11

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    May 2008



    BFP: 9/3/08
    EDD: 5/9/09

    More to come....
    Susan=28 DH=30
    DDs Melanie and Naomi=Born 4/16/09

    Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers

    Our baby grew wings on 5/27/08 @ 6w 3d
    Chemical Pregnancy on 8/2/08

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    the sunshine state

    Default reserving my space....

    I would like to reserve my space.i'm new to this and still trying to figure out how to post pics..but i will once i start taking them....

    my first appointment Oct. 8th..

    pics coming soon

    angel baby as of October 2nd 2008 at 6 weeks and 5 days
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    Toddlerville - the land of exhaustion


    Our Wedding Day (July 19, 2003)..........................Celebrating our birthdays August 2006

    After 9 months of TTC #2, I got this on Thursday, September 25 (15DPO). Sept 25: Beta 104, Progesterone 28.6. I opted to NOT do anymore blood work.

    Bravado Bras at Nurtured Family
    Make a pregnancy ticker

    My son, my everything. He was born on June 29, 2007. He is ornery as can be, but he is my entire life.
    As a newborn........................................... ......At one year old.

    How we told Daddy & Grandma........................My silly boy at 18 months.

    4 weeks - beautiful service stripes from my son! 8 weeks - yes maternity pants already!

    12 weeks............................................. .................16 weeks

    18 weeks 1 day............................................... ..........20 weeks - HALFWAY!!!

    22 weeks............................................. .....................24 weeks

    26 weeks............................................. ...................27 weeks

    28 weeks

    October 9: First appt with nurse practitioner - DONE. I am supposed to schedule an appt w/the cardiologist & see if they feel it necessary to follow me through the pregnancy.
    October 25: Cardiologist appt - DONE. No need to follow up again unless problems arise.
    November 20: OB appt - DONE. Baby's heartbeat was 155.
    December 22: OB Appt - DONE. Baby's heartbeat was 158. The tech guessed that the baby is a girl.
    January 12: OB appt to check for protein in urine & recheck BP. - DONE. Everything is A-OK. Baby's heartbeat was 155.
    January 22: OB Appt & the big u/s. - DONE. I have to cut out all caffeine & keep an eye on my heart rate. If it continues to jump up, I will be sent back to the cardiologist & forced to cut back my work hours.
    Ultrasound went great!!! Baby is measuring perfectly & we are officially on team PINK!
    February 23: OB Appt - DONE. Baby's heartrate was 156. Fundal height was 26 (1 week ahead). I'm officially off my caffeine free diet! yay!!!
    March 17: OB Appt, Glucose/anemia test, & 3D u/s. - Done. Baby's heartrate was 144 via doppler, 154 via u/s. Fundal height was 27 (1 week behind). NO weight gain!!! Baby was ornery during the u/s & did NOT want her picture taken. She is currently head down, facing my back. She is measuring about a week ahead, at 3 lbs already!
    - No Gestational diabetes & no anemia!
    April 10: OB Appt

    The "big u/s" at 20 weeks 4 days - Baby was very ornery & didn't want to show her beautiful little face!

    3D ultrasound at 28 weeks 2 days.

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    Default BABY!

    Angel baby in early Oct 2008.
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    Proud Mom to my boys
    Soren 08/31/09
    Orion 08/09/11

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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    Just reserving my space here
    Anne, mommy to five:
    Lillian, born 12-24-10
    Will, born 10-19-07
    New little one, due 9-19-2012
    Lucas Robert, born to Jesus @ 18 weeks on 12-26-08 (due 5-28-09)
    Ectopic Angel 10-24-06

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    Default My First Pregnancy

    Hi there I'm Charity and I live in Ottawa, Canada. Married to GJ November 2007. Been TTC since May 2006. Went through 6 IUI cycles from April 2007 to November 2007. Decided to go through IVF in July 2008 and we got pregnant.

    Aug 24 - egg retrieval, conception date
    Aug 27 - implantation
    Sept 4 - spotting and cramps (called Dr and was assured all is well)
    Sept 8 - Positive home pregnancy test, well two actually, we were both so thrilled.
    Sept 10 - positive blood test

    Oct 2 - first u/s - we will be finding out if there is one or two then. I am hoping for two!!!!

    May 16th 2009 EDD

    Will post pictures soon.
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    Reserving a space for the future mississippi state bulldog
    :Vanessa & James::Soulmates married 7/13/02:
    :Our First "furbaby" Belle 9 yrs old:
    : 10/24/2008 Angel Baby @ 8 weeks:
    : 06/12/2010 Sean Thomas @ 22 weeks:

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    SA, Australia

    Default Our first baby :)

    Passed my glucose thingy! YAY!! At 26 weeks, measured 28cm fundal height and bubs is in head down position! Woot!

    Too much effort to go into photobucket and set up photos, so I'll just post the link of our 20 week ultrasound here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?ai...774632&l=6ac1e

    And all my bump progression (from 13 weeks until now), here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?ai...774632&l=0c7ed

    We are both doing well, have just had my glucose challenge thingamee - haven't found out the results yet, but I'm not really that worried. I feel GOOD! Bubs is getting nice and big - oh, and it's a BOY too!! He likes to wriggle his feet/toes just under my boobies... I'm not looking forward to the day he decides to kick my ribs!

    Yay for pregnancy!! Woo!! *huggin' myself*

    ************************************************** ********

    Had my 12 week ultrasound on Wednesday the 13th of November - have had NT tests done, but haven't got the results as of yet. Not too worried, the sonographer said everything looks great and we got to see the baby wiggling about like there's no tomorrow - VERY exciting! Heart was beating lovely and strong again, so we're very happy with ourselves. Oo, and the morning sickness seems to have gone! YAY!! Roll on 2nd Trimester!!

    Have just had my first ultrasound at what I thought was 8 weeks 3 days - have been told I am actually 9 weeks and 1 day along!! Definitely growing a baby - HUGE relief for me since my blighted ovum back in April. Everything is looking perfect - heart beat seen AND heard, nicely pumping away at 173 bpm!! VERY happy right now, both Adrian and I are VERY pleased with ourselves!

    I'll do a belly shot when there's more baby rather than just fat gut and bloat

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    Adrian and me... Kai makes 3!
    Blighted ovum in April '08

    Lilypie - Personal pictureLilypie

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    Dan and I are so excited to be pregnant again! Ruby Nicole will be a big sister May 29th, 2009!

    1st Ultrasound: 10/25/08
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    DH Daniel 8/06
    DD Ruby 6/07
    DD Violet 4/09
    DS Frederick 2/11

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