~Cleo's World Trip: Travelled so far 6011.21 miles or 9674.47 kms!!
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Thread: ~Cleo's World Trip: Travelled so far 6011.21 miles or 9674.47 kms!!

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    Arrow ~Cleo's World Trip: Travelled so far 77840.59 miles or 12,618.20 km!!

    ~ Cleo's World Trip ~

    Please post photo's here of your time with Cleo!! We love to see what she is getting up to and where she goes!!

    Please PM me when Cleo arrives at your house so that we know she has made it safely. Cleo will stay with you for 1 week and near the end of that week I will PM you with the address of the next little Cutie Pie. If for any reason you can't send Cleo out at the end of the week please let me know.

    Let's try and make this a no comments post so we don't end up with pages of comments in between each vist. Please post your photo's on the board as well so we can comment! Thanks everyone

    Map of Cleo's World Trip!! (click to see)

    So far Cleo has travelled 7840.59 miles or 12,618.20 km (give or take a few )

    If you would like to have Cleo come stay please PM with your name and address.
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    Quote Originally Posted by benjaminsmommy View Post
    Tyler and I packed Cleo and her passport and sent her off to her first destination: Aubrey's house!

    First Tyler thought he'd feed her to the dog...

    Then we took Cleo outside to check out the pumpkins and scarecrows in our yard

    But Tyler thought she shouldn't climb up so high, so he threw her in the driveway!

    Then he must have felt bad, so he picked her a flower

    Say "Cheese" Cleo!!

    "OK Cleo, you have a safe trip"

    And we dropped her off here

    Bye Cleo!!!
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    Looks like she had a blast!!

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    Look who showed up for Halloween!

    I will get pictures of her out Trick or Treating with Aubrey tonight.

    Cleo and Aubrey enjoying some down time on the rocker.

    Cleo going for a ride in the car.

    Cleo all boxed up and ready to go on her way... humm wonder where she is going Aubrey?

    Here is a shot of the beautiful fall foliage that she got to see while here.

    And here is the post office. Bye Cleo enjoy your trip to Texas to visit Emma!!

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    Great pics ladies!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait for Lauren to meet Cleo...hmmm...wonder when that will be!??!?!?!?
    Is it a surprise until she shows?

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    Cleo arrives in Texas!

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    Well - I'm afraid Cleo didn't have a very exciting visit with us - I think things were too hectic - I kept forgetting to let her tag along with us... Hopefully she'll have more fun at her next stop - with Kathryn in NC! Yay! She's on her way!

    At the airport waiting for our flight to Chicago:

    On the plane waiting for everyone else to board:

    Snoozing in the car after a ride:

    Waiting in the car for Urgent Care to open:

    Cleo trying on Emma's hat:

    Packing - Cleo rode in the checked luggage on the way back:

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    We had a great time with Cleo. Here are just a few of the pics.

    Watching The Wiggles before dinner.

    At work.

    At Gymboree.

    Nap time.
    Kathryn Jenna - 7/29/06
    5 m/c

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    Thanks girls!! Cleo made it to Kansas, safe and sound!! Man, it sure is cold here...we are going to have to get Cleo some mittens!!!

    I think Gracie likes the passport the best!

    ACCKKK! Leave that on there!!

    What kind of animal is this...how are we supposed to find mittens to fit??

    here we are..a little silly!!

    And then again...

    Here is Gracie, being "Nonny" (that is how she says naughty) standing on a chair!

    Here they are playing Tupperware!

    And here is Cleo's last nap with Gracie!

    Poor Cleo is tired of Kansas. First an ice storm...then Gracie kept throwing her...now she is ready to go visit DANIEL AND HIS MOMMY (annie1995)!!!!!!!! I will try to get her sent out today...maybe he will be there in time for Christmas!
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    Quote Originally Posted by annie1995 View Post
    We really didn't do anything exciting over the holidays. We almost went to Canada, but I misplaced my drivers license for a few days and you can't cross the border without it, so we didn't go. Anyhow on to the pictures

    Oooh, a box for me?

    Silly Cleo climbed in our tree(thought I had a better picture of it)

    Off to the store

    Shopping in the mall

    Daniel put cleo on his head like this LOL

    Now at the grocery store

    Sledding fun

    Tired after a busy day entertaining

    Daniel is trying to hide

    Kisses goodbye

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