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    Arrow ~Everything Cutie Pies / Link To Carly's Caring Bridge~

    Daily Trivia Game

    July Cutie Pies Daily Trivia
    Daily Trivia

    Carly's Caring Bridge

    ~Our July 2006 Cutie Pies~

    62 Girls 70 Boys



    ~Cutie Pies Birthdays~

    April 22nd
    Brady Allen
    lexismom01 / Molly

    April 23rd
    Brayden Pierce
    weste085 / Jamie

    May 7th
    Avery Marie
    zoespeaks / Heather

    May 10th
    Christopher Tyler
    tbmommaof1 / Tanya

    May 19th
    Isabella Patricia
    Jillymarie / Jill

    May 31st
    Maxwell Lee
    drsgdrsg / Deb

    June 6th
    Alexander David
    teacher's pet

    June 7th
    Hailey Bryce
    Emma Jeanne

    klebanik / Kelly
    Mia Nicole

    June 9th
    Aiden Jameson
    Annieq / Annie
    Hayden Elizabeth
    erinpb76 / Erin

    June 13th
    Jude William
    algroom / Allison

    June 14th
    Hardy John Tucker Stafford
    benitha_2000 / Bryana

    June 15th
    Katelyn Luan
    k1Kelley / Kim

    June 16th
    Owen Lee
    hart2hart / Tamara

    June 18th
    Caitlyn Lee
    SoonerFan / Ashley
    Toby Kamran
    lisadvm / Lisa

    June 20th
    Aubrey Claire
    Kayas_mom / Tina

    June 21st
    Kayleen Siena
    Hopealways / Shiela
    Braeden Matthew
    tryn4#1 / Nikki

    June 22nd
    Hailey Grace
    Avery Taylor

    kati_farmer / Kati

    June 24th
    Peyton Wilson
    Coffeegirljones / Marissa

    June 25th
    Jeanette Maya Erika
    sweetalienchick / Loida

    June 26th
    Tristyn Elizabeth
    lorax03 / Erin
    Zane Owen
    ~*~Love*Life~*~ / Yara

    June 27th
    Tanner Charles
    Jen Fulwider / Jen
    mommierach / Rachel

    June 28th
    Kristin Jane
    Lorah / Lorah
    Elton Scott II
    dye3737 / Diana

    June 30th
    Xander Warrick Julius
    Munchkin923 / Andrea

    July 1st
    Carly Anne
    Leslie487461 / Leslie

    July 2nd
    Max Dylan
    sara_nh / Sara
    Stephanie Jillian
    juliedinny / Julie
    John Allen
    michellemarbelle / Michelle
    Easton James

    July 3rd
    crazebab / Ali
    Caleb Charles
    Abby36 / Abby
    Blake Anthony
    Bri77 / Sabrina

    July 4th
    Caitlin Shea
    Jodie0616 / Jodie
    Mason Reid
    katibost / Katie

    July 5th
    Zaden James
    Jamie92 / Jamie
    valsmommy / Vicki
    Parker Edward
    holly22 / Holly
    Jasmine Olivia
    mommyLewis / Arnesha

    July 6th
    Kailani Sophia
    Ron2u / Rhonda
    Nicholas Stephen
    buckeyemommy / Amandra
    Margaret Hope
    MyCatsAreMyFirstKids / Louise

    July 7th
    Jake Simon
    Mindy_D / Mindy
    Jackson Liam
    ShannonH / Shannon
    mjosee / Marie-Josee
    Catherine "Cate" Estelle
    Lesal01 / Lesal
    Jay Chandra Tooker
    JayandMayasmama / Shamila
    indiansummer / Monika

    July 8th
    Libby Claire
    chobeejc / Collette
    Samuel Edward
    bug~n~bean / Jen

    July 9th
    Thomas James
    mommy0306 / Terri
    Alicia Marie

    July 10th
    Gianna Michelle
    dancetree74 / Theresa
    Daniel Joseph
    annie1995 / Annie
    Jayden Paul
    *SnOwDeN* / Sarah
    Lauren Elizabeth
    Kira Naomi
    dee7273 / Dee

    July 11th
    MoMom / Jill
    Brooke Elizabeth
    JenniferMoon / Jennifer
    Eden Rain
    crimsonrose / Monica

    July 12th
    London Gerald
    CrystalJuly2005 / Crystal
    Zoey Elizabeth
    Mrs.Disel / Lee-Anne
    Tyler Ryan
    benjaminsmommy / Diane
    Samantha Catherine Belle
    Neva4getme / Sarah
    Edwin John
    Teig Andrew James
    "Baby Girl"
    Lidia mom of3 / Lidia
    Reshay / Reshay
    JuJuBean / Julie

    July 13th
    Keoni Ryan
    ClearPinapples / Sheryl
    Connor Sean
    Sharalee / Shaer
    Brian Hunter
    Conch06 / Connie

    July 14th
    William Brewster Jr.
    Elshells / Laura
    Campbell Philip James
    lonimarie / Loni Marie
    Adam John
    ~Christa~ / Christa
    Taylor Chere'
    delightdee / Dee

    July 15th
    Tyler Ian
    ~KiwiMama~ / Amber
    Luka Brian
    britishkate / Becki
    Isabella Grace
    6lb 2oz., 18 3/4in
    JulyBellyButton / Dani

    July 16th
    Astrid Elizabeth
    kt1243 / Katy
    Gracie Ann
    genny76 / Genny

    July 17th
    hannah3378 / Kim

    July 18th
    Emma Josephine
    Snactuary / Sarah
    Holden Rhys Davis
    Julian Porter

    July 19th
    Shane Anthony
    Ceferrara / Casey
    Grant Michael
    Trukgirl / JoAnn
    Matthew Dominick
    Allie1116 / Allie
    Everett Scott

    July 20th
    Sofia Kei
    kate86 / Katie
    Alyssa Rowan

    July 21st
    Juliana Elizabeth
    my3peas / Christie

    July 22nd
    Dean William
    JUlymommieX2 / Chelsie
    Maaike Abigail
    kris_w / Kris

    July 23rd
    Jackson Noah
    caddylala / Candace
    Karl Joseph
    BabyKK / Amy
    Phoebe Helaine
    indycindy / Cindy

    July 24th
    Francis Douglas
    ashbury / Ashleigh
    Anastazja Rose
    rabdella / Robin
    Julian James
    AmyFlemming / Amy

    July 25th
    Finn Parker C.
    tarbella / Amber
    Angelina Rose
    jen_in_wa / Jen

    July 26th
    Colt Conrad
    delona / Delona
    Desmond Alexander
    misstippy / Tiffanie
    Cole Nash
    ColesMom1 / Kelly
    Dawson RyLee
    newmommyof2 / Jolene
    Wyatt David
    *Emerald~Momma* / Dena

    July 27th
    Ryan Anderson
    Kailey'sMom / Karen
    Emma Lynn
    nosyjean / Noel
    Anthony "Tony" Lee
    DavesWife0430 / Jill
    ValerieNJ / Valerie

    July 28th
    Elizabeth Grace
    KarenEMT1 / Karen
    Ashlie Jane
    MelissaJane / Melissa
    Sophia Veronica
    mommie of 3 girlzs / Veronica
    Brooklynn Alysabeth

    July 29th
    Kathryn Jenna
    kellibug / Kelli
    "Baby Girl"

    July 30th
    Madrea Dawn
    kirstenj / Kirsten

    August 1st
    Samantha Katie
    nayaundo / Audra

    August 4th
    Ashlyn Rose
    katiebost / Katie

    August 9th
    Ruby Bella Marie
    Calgary_Mama / Vera

    scshopgirl / Jaimee Kirsten @ 19wks. 8ozs.(1/2lb.), 19cm.

    MySweetAGL / Shannon
    molette / Jackie
    Chichi7374 / Sharon
    mjcatt / Jen
    joysglory / Angel
    Silverwind / Melissa
    kjr0723 / Kristy

    Here is our interactive Calander. You can add whatever, birthdays, anniversaries ect... I have put in the appts. that were on the thread. Please check them to make sure they are right.


    Also here is a link to a map where you can enter your information. This way we can see where we all are from!

    Our Blinkies!!

    If you have any info you would like to add, please PM it to your host: ~KiwiMama~ (Amber)
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    **Please understand those choosing to ignore these guidelines will risk the loss of theses privilege(s) and a possible disablement of account for repeated offenses.**


    Why are these limitations necessary?

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    A signature? How and where do I get one?

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    The signature size 450 width x 450 height includes tickers, blinkies, siggy cards or any other images, this excludes text since there is already a limited amount of text you can put into your siggy area.

    **Some tickers exceed the width there is only so much that can be done about it since that is the size the owner of the ticker made it, only these tickers have an exception but I must recommend using a ticker that is closest in width (of 450) as possible. Your ticker should NOT be any wider than your picture or siggy card if you can help it (meaning NO wider than 450).**

    If you need help resizing your siggy to meet the guidelines I am willing to help just send me a PM, I will gladly fix your siggy for you.

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    Avatar Instructions if your avatar doesn't stick!

    For uploading the avatar -- Make sure that you are logged in. Go to profile with the url beginning at http://www.pregnancy.org/ upload the image for the avatar then in the address bar, replace the www with Bart so it reads http://bart.pregnancy.org -- go through the steps in profile again then last time replace Bart with Maggie -- so it reads http://maggie.pregnancy.org/ and upload once more. Finally go back to www.pregnancy.org go into your profile and ONLY hit submit once (no need to upload the image again) more and then go check to see if it worked may take a minute or two to mirror between servers but if you have problems just to send the url or image to Nytewind via pm or email ( Nytewind@pregnancy.org ) along with username and she will be glad to assist you.

    (This Announcement HAS been approved by Missy)
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