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Thread: ~Getting to Know Our MayFlower Mommies~

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    ok i really thought i posted here, but obviously not,

    Mother: Amy
    Father: Sean
    Daughter: Caitlyn

    i am 19(20 in august) i just recently got a new job as a carer in a hostel(for the aged) and i am still studying, in the long run i plan to become a OT(Occupational Therapist), but i am going to stay as a carer for awhile, i am also a full time housewife(as im sure most of you are =P) um thats about all on me

    Sean is 21(22 in July), he owns his own business in the IT industry, he is very successfull in what he does, he is disabled which stops him from doing curtain things, but other than that he is a great father and fiance(soon to be Husband) and i wouldnt ask for anyone else to be the father of my child...and future children,

    Caitlyn is just your typical 2 1/2 year old, loves to run around, loves to watch Dora the Explorer, Hi-5, bob the builder, garfield(the movie) and Shrek 1 + 2, she also loves to play with her 5 cousins, and basically just run a muck, lol

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    Hi my name is Abigail/25 and Dh is Chuck/28.
    We have 2 little boys, Jesse who arrived May 26/03 and Gavin who arrived April8/05
    We are expecting the third little boy in Sept.
    I live in Brooks Alberta Canada, and I need to talk to other mommies!!

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    Ummmmmm I'm sure I've posted here before, but obviously not!

    Hi I'm Lear I've just turned 35 I work f/t as a class teacher. I'm from Australia and I'm married to a wonderful man Leon (he's 32!!!)

    We have two adorable ch'n, Ryan May 2003 and Ava June 2005.......... I'm thinking I may be able to 'fit' one more babe in before I become too old.

    I'll post a pic of my ch'n when I get a little more organised.................(it will be well worth the wait, I think they're gorgeous )

    BTW ~ I was great reading everyone's updated intros............ very refreshing

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    Hello my name is Penny~29. My dh~Eric(38 yrs old) and I will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary in September.
    We have 3 beautiful children. Alexander who was born on Valentine's Day of 2001. Joseph who was born May 10th of 2003. Elizabeth who was born on December 22nd of 2006.
    We live in Middle Georgia and are going nuts with this hot, humid weather.
    I love photography and love being outdoors. Hoping to get to know alot of you ladies.

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