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    posted 10-25-08
    Quote Originally Posted by lilyjo99
    My birth story is pretty short and sweet. After my last 24 hour protien test came back high, my doctor called me up and said, "Let's have babies tomorrow!" She said there was really no good reason to wait any more, so we went in and had babies.

    I was 35 weeks 6 days and it was Friday 10/10. We went in at 6am and they got me ready. We had to do a c section because baby A, soon to be Brewer, was breech. My back was so swollen, that the anesthesiologist could not thread the epidural, so they just gave me a big shot of the anesthesia medication into my back w/o putting in the epidural. I was really scared I was going to feel something bc of this, but before I knew it, the nurse beside me assured me they were already working on getting the babies out. I felt much better once I knew things were underway and I wasn't in pain.

    They were really funny in the operating room - everyone was in a great mood. They were so happy with Brewer when they took him out! He looked great. Jon said that when they popped Bonham's water bag it went all over everyone, especially my doctor. It was funny because I heard them ask her if she needed to stop and she was like, "No, it's in my hair, but it's not dripping into my eyes or anything, let's keep going..." SO casually - how funny.

    They took Bonham out and he looked great too...Jon took a couple of quick snaps and then went with the babies to the NICU while I went to recovery. The babies only had to go to the NICU for observation because they were early. They were perfect and breathing on their own so they went to the regular nursery as soon as observation was over. Our pediatrician told us the nursery nurses were refering to them as his little rockstars. I love it! They were able to come home with us - we are so very lucky.

    Anyway, we are over the moon and so glad to have Brewer and Bonham home. Here are a few pics from the kids' birthday. Hopefully the sizes of the pics are ok.



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    Hey everyone, Jackson's here! We're home and doing well. Here's my birth story for now, I''m sure I'll think of more later!

    Wednesday night, I went to bed, thinking I was finishing my week at work. Was on here for a while, went to the bathroom before bed and heard a pop! But, I really couldn't tell if it was my water or not. Walked around, went to the bathroom again and the gush came. It definitely was my water, not me peeing. That was 9:55ish.

    Called Donnie and I wasn't sure if he should come home or not. So, I called L&D, they said to come right in. He got home around 10:30 and contractions had already started coming quick, like 5 minutes apart, they were strong enough where I couldn't walk through them. We left around 11, got to the hospital around 11:30, the car ride they were 3-4 minutes and getting worse.

    Checked-in, contractions were around 2 minutes and I was shaking all over (apartently was anemic but they didn't tell me that until later). Got into my room around 12:30. Decided I definitely wanted an epidural because I couldn't even rest or recover inbetween contractions. They were 2 minutes apart and inbetween the pressure without water in there was awful. So my midwife (named Kristen!) said she would have to check me just to make sure I had enough progress to get the edidural. Donnie was pretty shocked and clueless during contractions too, so he wasn't helping too much, so without the epi, I would've been by myself pretty much. I don't blame him though, he did great otherwise!

    She checked me around 1am and I was at 4cm, so he guy came right in! He was giving it to me and the nurse (who Donnie had worked with before and was sooo nice, coincidence again), was helping me. Well, Donnie said once the guy got everything done, he injected the needle into the IV so fast that I yacked everywhere. I tried to warn them, but not soon enough. So, I'm of course apologising the whole time while the nurse cleaned me.

    Around 2, everything was done and Donnie and I got some rest, she said she'd come check me soon. We both fell asleep, little did I know, every time I had a contraction more fluid was leaking out, when she came to check me the bed was soaked again!

    So, she changed me again and the midwife checked me at 3am, and I was already 10cm. She said good thing I got the epi when I did. She said he was a little high still though, so she would just leave me for another hour without pushing and we could rest.

    She came back around 4:30 and said I was ready to go. I began pushing and pushed for almost 2 hours and out precious little man arrived at 6:31 am! He's just perfect,

    Jackson Thomas
    8lbs. 12oz.
    21 inches
    apgars 8 & 9.

    So, the whole birth was pretty smooth, until afterwards. I had a ton of bleeding, aparently my placenta didn't quite separate from my uterus, which happen to my aunt too. So, I had borderline hemmoraging and a small 2nd degree tear. Everything after that is pretty blurry. They were rushing around, I think I got a huge shot in my leg, but my nurse kept me busy with Jackson on me, so I was pretty clueless. I got sick again, and in between getting sick, I felt better, so I was able to nurse for about an hour. Finished, got sick again.

    Finally, a couple hours later right when my mom and aunt showed up, I felt a little better and they were able to move me into my own recovery room, thank goodness. I declined some nausea meds because I just kind of wanted everything out of my system. We don't have too many pics from right at the birth because of everything that went on, but we got some good ones later.

    In all, we're doing much better now! We're home and actually got some sleep last night! I will check in with everyone a little later!

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    posted 10-29-08

    Quote Originally Posted by mommyx6
    I wasn't feeling well the 24th of October woke to irregular contractions from about 10:30 am till about 5:30 pm.(now don't judge me for this as everyone is different)I drank some castor oil to help things along faster.Gross stuff I must say.Contractions picked up around 8:30 pm.About 10pm they fizzled out so I went to sleep.Woke up at 12 to a really strong painfull contraction.Went on till about 3 am then I came sat on puter till 4ish and then said heck with it went and layed down fully dressed just in case.I no sooner laid down and felt my underware get soaked,went to bathroom and felt dribbling,so started to walk down the stairs to tell hubby time to go and well my stairs got a huge bath.I called my labor buddy here in town said meet me at the hossy.I called 911 as I don't have a car anymore (another day for car story),Then called my doctor to say see ya there.Got to the hossy at 5:30 and got hooked up only for labor to stall till 10am (yes 10 am)when the doctor finally came in to "check" me.I was 2-3 cm 70%,low and -2.So pit went on and to be upp'd every 15 min.I had to remind the nurses to up it or I would have been sitting doing nothing.At 2pm they checked me and I was 3cm 100% low and -1.then at 5 pm I felt I needed pain meds as I was really getting painful.They checked me and I was 5cm 100% +1 and getting close so they said I could have my epi,well at 5:30 still no epi dude as they have them on call not on hand,and I turned on my side as my back was killing me bad,the nurse started to rub my belly and I had to hollor at her after 3x of her not stopping after I asked .She asked if I needed to push and I said no and then started pushing..lol they made me go on my back(hurt like hell)and 3 more pushes and he was here.Apgars were 8&9 5lbs 6oz 19 in. time 6:44pm.

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    posted 10-30-08

    Quote Originally Posted by Julilal
    My Birth Story

    On Sunday the 12th, we went to the town that has the hospital so we could go get checked my Dr on Monday morning. Because of the car ride (it was 3 hrs) I was having tons of contractions. So we decided to go in to L&D and get checked out. They did all the monitoring and the midwife told me even through I was having contractions, they weren't big ones. She gives our Dr a call at home and they decide that I should wait around town until Tuesday to see him in his office (Monday was all day at the hospital doing surgeries.). DH did not have a lot of time off and had a important meeting to go to Monday morning so I tell him to go back home and come back monday night so he can make his meeting.

    Well I had some more contractions over night and call the midwife in my Dr's practice in the morning. She called the Dr and then called me back to go back to the hospital and tell them he wants to see me inbetween surgeries. Well I am still contracting on the monitor and both boys are looking good still. Well Dr comes in and asks how it is going and says he would like to wait but I tell him I am not a fan of being on meds with the babies and that really, I can not do anything but lay on the couch or my bp goes up anyway. I told him to put me out of my misery. So he says that if I am still contracting when he comes out of his next c-sec, he will come do an internal check and made a decision then. Well he comes back and I am dialated to 4! I am in labor! (Which I kept telling him...anyways). Dr decides that since I have not eaten since 8 that morning, I can do the c-sec in two hours! Dh has a 3 hr drive from work. I call him and he just jumps in the car and goes.

    So they are preping me for surgery and I still have Helen with me. I am worried about what will happen to her during the surgery if my Dh is not there since my family comes in later that week. Well they call a social worker but can't get ahold of one, so the nurses say they are going to take her. So in I am wheeled and the babies came out. Dr said that when he got me open, he saw four feet and a hand. how funny. Anyways, Dh finally tracks down helen (she had been handed off to about 5 nurses since one would get busy and call another to take her) and then found the boys. When I came out of recovery, we were all united and all was well.

    I can not believe how quickly I have recovered from the c-sec. I was up and going to the bathroom at 10 that night (surgery was at 3) and surprisingly the pain was very minimal. I was under a general (the decision made at last minute because of my prior history of Syringomyelia) and was worried that I would not get a good start to bfing but two hours after surgery, I started one on the boob and so far it has been 100% breastfeeding. I can feed them both at the same time and that cuts way down on time spent feeding. I had to stay a full week in the hospital only because that is when I got my staples out and they had to do it in Dubbo and not back home. By day 4, the nurses pretty much left me alone to do my thing since I was up and moving around great and only on regular tylanol (panadol) for pain relief. I knew where the linens cart was to make my bed or get towels and I had to remind them most of the time to get my meds but I did not mind the experience at all.

    Jason David was born at 3.18 kgs (almost 7 lbs), 49 cms (almost 19 in) at 3:40 pm
    Erik Robert was born at 2.80 kgs (6 lb 2 oz) , 49 cms, at 3:43 pm.

    Here are some pics of them.

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    My mom arrived in town around 7:00 Saturday night. DH left for work at 8:00, so we got to just hang out and catch up on everything going on. We finally went to bed at 11:30, and slept fine till DH got home at 3am. I guess around 4am I felt a small gush that woke me up instantly. Of course my first thought was that I peed on myself, so I got up and headed to the bathroom where I saw that I had wet through my underwear and pajama bottoms. Sat on the toilet for a while and kept having small gushes of water, so I realized this was it! Started calling for DH, poor guy had barely gone to sleep but as soon as I yelled - "My water broke!!!" - he launched out of bed LOL!

    So after I posted here (couldn't forget my girls! ), we all finished getting ready and headed for the hospital. Once I got admitted, they checked me and I was still only 2 1/2 cm and not really having any contractions. I was having a few mild contractions, but nothing I could feel and there was no regular pattern. Of course since it was a Sunday, I ended up with the on-call doctor instead of my normal OB. He ended up being nice enough, but since he didn't know me, he didn't know about any of the birth preferences we had discussed with our OB.... After a little bit of arguing with the nurse I got her to agree to delay the IV until after the doctor showed up and we got to talk to him. I wanted to get up and walk around to help get some dilation and contractions going - the first nurse never would let me, but the shift changed at 7:30 and we got a nurse who was more willing to work with us about what we wanted. So we got to get up and walk the halls until around 9:00 - we later found out that the doctor had told them not to let me up, but since he hadn't arrived at the hospital yet, they just let us do it on the "down low"....

    Got back in bed around 9:00 when the doctor finally showed up - I had dilated to 4cm, and the contractions had picked up a little, but still nothing steady. I REALLY didn't want to be put on pitocin which was the doc's game plan, so we got him to agree to give me some more time to get my body moving. My friend Beth (sweetmonkey) came up to visit me, so that helped pass the time! I was still feeling great at that point, a bit tired but still smiling and joking. They finally talked me into an IV since it looked like the pit was going to be inevitable - the contractions just weren't picking up enough. Of course my veins weren't cooperating, so after several sticks, they finally got one started in my left arm and hooked me up to a saline drip. I decided to finally lay down and try to get some rest since it was looking to be a long day.... After I had been resting about an hour, my arm started hurting really bad. I sat up and looked at it, and my whole left arm had ballooned up and gone rock hard - the pain was all my hospital band digging into the skin of my swollen hand! Turns out the IV had blown my vein, and all that saline was just pumping into my arm - yay....

    At that point I had another nurse come in who was SO sweet - she just felt horrible about the IV and was so comforting because I have a terrible needle-phobia and I was getting pretty upset.... I really didn't want the IV in my hand because I have had one there before and it HURT. So she tried a vein in my right arm, and of course that one promptly blew out too - ARGH!!! So I ended up getting stuck with the IV in my hand after all - stuff just wasn't working out for me!

    They checked me again at around 12:00, and I was still at 4cm and not contracting.... So the doctor pretty much put his foot down at that point and said I had to start the pitocin - my water had been broken for about 8 hours by then. The two nurses were really great, they knew I was upset about the pit so they started me at a Level 1 instead of the Level 4 they usually do. After about 30-45 minutes, the contractions finally started picking up some. Eventually, they were to the point where I couldn't walk or talk through them, but I could still pay attention to what was going on around me - DH and my mom would tell jokes during the contractions to see if I was still feeling good enough to laugh, LOL. I don't remember what time they came to check me again - I think around 3:00 or 4:00pm? Anyway, I had finally gotten to 5cm and 100% effaced, but I was still not progressing the way the doctor was hoping. So the pitocin got upped some more and the contractions started getting bad....

    DH was a huge, HUGE help throughout the rest of the labor. The jokes weren't working anymore - during one contraction, I was like, "I hate to be the cranky pregnant chick, but could yall PLEASE quit talking???" LOL. Anyway, I was starting to have a hard time dealing with the contractions, so DH got on the bed behind me and let me lean against him. He felt that I was tensing up REALLY bad during them, so he started whispering in my ear to just relax, let all my muscles go limp.... Telling me I was doing great, that I could do it.... He made such a difference in me being able to last as long as I did - with him coaching me, I found that I actually was able to relax my body during the contractions and just try to clear my mind, and it helped them to not hurt so bad.... I am SO thankful he was there, he was just great!

    They came and checked me again around 6:00, and I still had not made any progress at all. So the pitocin went even higher.... Thankfully my best friend had shown up by that time, because it was taking her, my mom, and DH all working together to get me through the contractions. They were AWFUL!!! Of course, I hadn't been able to eat a bit all day, so I started dry-heaving through every contraction. I was bawling and really starting to freak out - I had about a five-minute lull where I talked with each of my coaches, and we finally decided to get the epidural. I don't remember a lot from that time, but apparently I kept telling them all that I was sorry for getting it.... They all told me I was doing great and to quit being silly and apologizing, I had made it so far already.... I was just SOOO tense and upset, and I think it was hindering my body from progressing. Thankfully, the anesthesiologists were already on my floor prepping another girl for a c-section, so they showed up within about 15 minutes.

    Getting the epidural wasn't as bad as I thought, but I was a pretty difficult patient - even through the dry-heaves and pain, I still had my needle-phobia in full effect, so I kept jumping every time he tried to put the needle in. It took DH, my BF, and a nurse all holding me to keep me still enough for him to get it in. But he finally managed it, and ahhhh, blessed relief! LOL! He gave me the first dose directly into the catheter, and then tried to hang a pump to keep it going. With my luck for the day, he went through three pumps before he finally found one that was working. It was close to 9:00pm by the time I was completely numb, so then they cranked the pitocin WAY up. I was so exhausted and so was DH, so we both passed out for a little while.

    I woke up around 9:45, and realized I was feeling some STRONG pressure down there, so I hollered for my friend to grab the nurse. The nurse checked me, and I was FINALLY completely dilated, 100% effaced, and baby's head was right there and ready to go! They called the doctor (who had gone back home), and the nurse decided to let me start pushing since it would "probably take me a couple hours to get the baby out". After about 20 minutes of pushing, the nurse looks up at me like this and goes - Quit pushing, quit pushing!!! Which was REALLY hard to do at that point, but thankfully the doctor walked in five minutes later. We had a quick talk with him about not doing an episiotomy - he obviously wasn't too impressed LOL, but he agreed. I got to start pushing again, and on the second contraction, baby girl slid right out! He didn't even have time to tell me she was crowning, she was just there! 10:32pm, 7lbs 1.3 oz, 20 1/2 inches long

    He had to suction her for a bit before she started crying, and then the nurses took her to the warmer to make sure everything was okay. We both had a fever from my water being broken so long, but otherwise she looked fine. I finally got her back, and we got to try breastfeeding - thank Heaven after such a rough day, I was blessed with a baby who knew exactly what she was doing! LOL! She latched right on and has continued doing great with it. Yay!

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    Starting early on Tuesday 10/28/08 at 0515, I was woken by mild menstrual like cramping. Now remembering Zach starting off this way two days in a row with the second day being D Day, I wasn't sure if this was it, but was surely hoping so.

    At this point I text two people to give them a "heads up", my ex husband and Ken. My ex was put in charge of getting me to the hospital and staying with me till Ken got there.

    Around 0600 I get out of bed and start moving around getting a few things done while Zach is still in bed. I finish and hop back into bed before Zach get's up. At 0645 I realize Zach has not gotten up yet....hmmmm I better wake him up so he's not late for school. I wake him up and go down stairs to get the rest of the stuff I need to do before I leave for hospital.

    Zach finally gets ready and comes find me.... "mommy, why are you up so early?" (Zach has been a big boy getting ready and off to school on his own for about two weeks now, so I can sleep) It happens to be Tuesday which is my day to get payroll completed and out in the mail. So I'm hurrying to get all this done, not really knowing for sure if labor is going to speed up or anything.

    Zach is out the door at 0740. I'm still working on payroll getting all the checks printed and signed. I move to the bigger office in my house and start putting check into envelopes and text my ex to see if he's up and got the first message. I don't hear back and call him at 0800, apparently he'd been up all night not sleeping well. I talk to him for about 5 min and decide these are starting to hurt, I need to call and wake Ken up for sure. Well apparently Ken and the ex both didn't sleep at all the night before......LOL I talk to Ken tell him it's time and that I'll be heading to the hospital as soon as I finish up payroll. I guess me not leaving right away and actually working gave Ken the impression that I wasn't sure about Tori being born that day. I called him back at 0840 to tell him how to use Tues and Weds off from work, but find that I'm waking him up again.... hmmmmm At this point, I'm just a little pissed cause I'm in pain and trying to get work taken care of, I'm in labor and my husband went back to sleep!!! LOL So I hung up on him!

    My ex sends me a text asking how far apart......he's an old pro at being a coach, 3 kids. I tell him I've not timed just yet but getting ready to. He yells at me for acting like it's no biggy. LOL I wonder why Ken didn't think it was really time. So I stop working to time for a bit and they are 5 min apart. Send text to ex, his reply was "what do you think?". I have no idea it's been 11 years since my last baby, but at the same time it is my 3rd. hmmm I'll wait a bit after all they are only 5 min apart. Ok he has some running around will keep phone with him and call him asap if he needs to return. "Is Ken on his way?"... "I don't know, I hung up on him"... LOL

    (Looking back at all this it was just too funny of a morning)

    1000 My niece walks through the door to take over working for me and finish up things and take dispatching over and be here when Zach gets out of school. I get another message from ex, on my way back to that side of town can be there in 30 min, what's the status? I'm good things are still the same, I'll call if things change. Niece runs to bank for some petty cash to finish up payroll. I call ex, hmmmmmm come get me!!! LOL He gets here and niece is pulling in as we leave. We get the hospital at 1100, and they promptly put me in a room and hook me up.

    1230, contractions are steady at 3-4 min apart, I'm at 3cm and they admit me. Ex sends text to Ken, they are admitting Felicia, hope you're on your way!! LOL Mind you my ex and I are good friends and it took every bit of the past 16 years for that to happen, but he DIDN'T WANT TO BE THERE FOR THIS!!!! Meanwhile they get me into a L&D room with birthing bed, couch, mirror, the works. Now the ex starts in on me, teasing me that the contractions aren't big, yada yada yada......

    1500, Contractions are getting nice and difficult to talk through a bit. They come in and say they are going to break my water at 1600. I ask if they can hold off till 1630 so Ken is not too far away when things pick up. Again ex agreeing so he doesn't have to stay..... all the while teasing me about it. He would have stayed if something happened if I needed, he was just busting my chops.

    1530, I decide I want my epi now so I don't have to have it during really bad contractions. They start it at 1600 and it takes two tries because the bed was slightly off kilter and it effing hurt the first time. Got my back straightened out and the second attempt worked perfect! All pain is gone!!! During the epi, Ken called to say he would be there in 15 min. Ex is brought back in room, and I tell him Ken should be here any min!! Ken walks in they meet for the first time and Tony RUNS out the door!!! LMAO

    1600 They come in and give me oxytocin instead of breaking water because things are moving just a little slow and Tori is showing mild signs of stress.

    1700 They break my water and the fun really begins. I start feeling pain in my tailbone like I've never felt in labor before. She dropped just about as far as she can but I'm not completely dilated so we still have a ways to go. I get concerned over the pain because I'm not feeling the contractions in my tummy, because of the epi, but my pelvic is killing me during contractions. I guess it's normal with the oxytocin and the conditions we are looking at.... oh JOY!!

    They give me a little self medicate button which I'm pushing at just about every contractions at this point, however they are not helping because I've maxed out the drug on the setting. The nurse comes in and adjust the drip of pain meds and I start to feel just a little better. I manage to get some rest as I'm not feeling the pain as much.

    Fast forward to about 2300 (not much of anything happening in between, other than roll this way roll that way) they check me and I'm about 7-8cm.

    2330, check again and 9cm... woo hoo we're close!!! Just a little lip in the cervix that needs to smooth out.

    Ten minutes later 2340, "KEN!!!! Call them back in here now it's time to push!!!!" Ken, "WHAT?" "We are having her before Midnight!" Ken, "No way, not enough time!" LOL Oh yeah it was time, I was holding back pushing, she was right there, no doubt about it. They had already started getting things ready for the delivery and only needed to remove the foot of the bed. They check and sure enough, the doc was able to smooth out the last bit of the lip and it was time to push.

    Time to Push!! It had been such a long time since my last and a long day it took me a few trial pushes to get that right spot, then it was a matter to two big pushes and she was out! No tearing no cutting!! I got her out BEFORE Midnight, 2352!!!

    Ken did an awesome job holding my leg up for me. He didn't get to do the whole delivery thing with his son because his ex had an emergency c-sec. This was his first and he said he could have done without it....LOL Blue smurf like thing coming out was a shock. He was starring at my IV machine looking as if he was going to Poor thing!! LOL At this point I'm talking to Ken just trying to calm him down a bit because he didn't look all that good. They are working on Tori and monitoring her breathing, which they didn't like the sound of. Ken goes and looks at her and takes some pics, because I've still not seen her after 30 min. I finally get to see her on the camera. After about an hour they bring her to me to hold for a few min then send her off to NICU. That was sooo hard to watch them wheel her away..... But on the bright side I knew they were only doing it to monitor her for about 1-2 hours. She was released to my room soon after.

    That's how our little Tori joined us. Boy I'm so glad that's over!!!

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    Default Brenna's Birth Story!

    Brenna arrived Nov. 6 at 3:30 am, 7 lbs. 6 oz., 22 inches long.

    She came quickly! We went to the hospital around 10:30 pm, but it was packed and I was only at 2 cm, so they wanted to send me home. I send no, so they let us walk around. My contractions kept getting worse, so at 1:30 am they checked me and I was 5 cm, so they admitted me! By 3 am, the contractions were SO strong, way stronger than I ever had with my daughter! At 3:15, I told the nurse the baby was coming out, get the doctor, but she said, oh we'll push for awhile before we get the doctor; the next contraction she was crowning and I was bearing down and she rushed like crazy to call the doctor, who never made it in time, so she was delivered by about 4 nurses! It was SO much more painful this time than with dd1, last time I had an episiotomy and she slid out; this time, no doctor=no episiotomy, so I ended up with 2nd degree tear which the doctor sewed up when he arrived for the afterbirth. Brenna had to be suctioned because she came so quickly, it never squeezed the fluids from her, but she is perfectly healthy and wonderful!
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    Default Riley Breann's Birth Story

    As many of you know, this was my 7th pregnancy, but fouth and last child. As many of you also know, since all my daughters were born by c-section, this one was scheduled for one as well for Oct. 30th; 38 weeks and 4 days.

    We were to arrive at the hospital by 5:30 a.m., so we had plans to be up by 3:45 a.m. to get ready, load the car, and get to the hospital. However, pregnancy insomnia and some anxiety kicked in and I was up at 1:50 a.m.; just 3 hours after going to sleep. I couldn't get back to sleep so at 3:00 a.m. I decided to take a hot tub bath since I knew I wouldn't enjoy one of those for a while. Joe got up with me because he was as excited and as nervous as I was. We were both ready to head out the door at 4:45 a.m.; a half hour before we even had to leave, but we left anyway.

    We arrived at the hospital and they immediately hooked me up to monitors and shaved me in preparation. The nurse then asked me, "Are you feeling any of these contractions you're having?" I was in shock because I wasn't feeling them, but they were actually happening pretty regular. We were then left alone for about 20 minutes which during that time Joe and I tried to watch some tv to relax, but I think we pretty much talked the entire time about the pending surgery and our baby who would arrive soon.

    At 7:15 a.m. I was taken to the operating room and continued to be prepped. My doctor had not arrived yet, but that was not unusual since he does not come in until the patient is completely ready. At 7:35 a.m. my doctor arrived and therefore the anesthesiologist began to prepare my spinal block which should have taken effect immediately. However,they had difficulty placing it in and instead of making me go numb, it caused me great pain because they had it in the left side of my spine. They finally decided to take it out and start all over again and immediately, my feet went numb! Success!! The spinal block was working and prep work was taking place fast. My doctor was brought in, the curtain went up, and Joe was brought in to be by my side.

    From the incision to delivery is supposed to be within 3-5 minutes; however, this one took longer because when my doctor cut me open, he found so much scar tissue from my previous c-sections, that Riley was "stuck" inside me. He had to scrape away all the scar tissue that was in the way to pry her out. At first, he got her head out, but still couldn't pull her out due to scar tissue. By this time, suspense was rising because we were all trying to guess if the ultrasound was right and that we were indeed going to have a girl. My doctor had to pull her out through the scar tissue, which bruised her sides a little, but at 8:03a.m., our very healthy, beautiful baby girl was born. She cried immediately and it was such sweet sound to my ears. I layed there crying such happy tears while she was being cleaned and when they brought her to me and Joe to see, I couldn't believe how pretty she was and she immediately stopped crying and looked at me and Joe, almost as if to say "hello mommy & daddy". It was such a beautiful moment.

    The recovery from the c-section went by text-book and we were released to go home on Sunday, November 2nd. I went to the doctor today and got my staples removed. Riley's first dr appt is Nov 13th, as well as my 2 week checkup.

    Oh and the wonderful news: Riley took to BF immediately and nurses like a champ!! I haven't had a baby nurse as good as her since my first daughter was born over 15 years ago. So, Joe and I are going to try to work it out to where I can nurse her for her first year if possible.

    Shelly (16), Katie (12), Bethany (6), and Riley born October 30, 2008; 7lbs 8 oz; 20 1/2 inches long!

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    Talking Alicia C./alicia715's Birth Story

    This birth story will probably take longer to read than my labor was…

    Sunday morning, I woke up pi$$ed at the world. I felt like I had PMS – big time. I warned DH to stay away from me or I'd bite his head off for no reason, so he hung out with his DS outside most of the day. All the contrax I had been having for a couple of days before were gone; I had maybe 3 BH all day. That evening DH took his DS home (1hr away, each way) and got home around 9pm. He was planning on taking him home much later, but for some reason decided against it. My nipples started to itch really badly after DH got home and it took everything I had not to mess with them. I wonder if this was a sign of impending labor…

    Around 10pm, I had my first contraction. By 10:10, I decided to time them online for fun. They were 2 minutes apart. I really was sure that it was false labor and they’d go away, so I really didn’t mention them to DH. When he saw the contrax thing on the computer, he freaked out and started running around the house tying to get ready, but not really knowing what he was supposed to be doing. I finally talked him into going to take a shower so he’d leave me alone.

    By the time he was done, I had my bag packed the rest of the way, DS was out of bed and packed, I had our neighbors ready to take us to the hospital (we don’t have a car), and had coffee brewing to take with us for after LO got here. I was still convinced that the contrax would stop, though! We were on the road by 11pm for the 5 min. hospital ride. I had 2 contrax in the car and decided I would not have one more contrax while sitting – ever!

    Got to the ER and told the lady at the desk why I was there – DUH! I had a contrax in the lobby and they tried to get me into a wheelchair. NO WAY! So instead, the desk lady got pissed and told me I either had to walk into the back – right now – or sit in the chair. So, mid-contrax, I laughed at her. Shoulda seen the look on her face! The ER nurse was another “fun” one. She was calling up to L&D to let them know we were there when another contrax hit. I was instantly down on hands and knees, getting through it and I heard her telling the L&D nurse that I “was in a lot of distress from the pain” and to “have some pain meds ready.”

    Once again, they tried to get me into a wheelchair, telling me that it was policy. I refused and started walking. Thankfully, they gave me a great orderly to take me up. He was more excited than my DH! Every contrax on the way up had me on hands and knees – you should have seen the faces on some of the people we passed in the halls! By the time we got on the right floor, I was feeling pushy and decided that the chair would slow me down enough to get into a room.

    They tried to put me into one of those rooms where they check to see if you’re really in labor, but I warned them that LO was coming in the next 5 minutes. So they took me to a LDR instead. I got there, pulled off my shirt because I was so hot, got my pants down so they could check me and laid on the bed long enough for the RN to say I was only at 6cm. Right then I had a real pushing contrax. I didn’t let myself push, but felt that ring of fire. I told the RN to check me again and I was 9cm.

    Next contrax I let loose with a primal scream that made my DH look like he had just seen/heard the most unbelievable thing in the world and I felt LOs head come out. I told them, but was told it was my bag of waters putting pressure on me. RN was trying to get the EFM on me and wanted me to lay down on my back. Another lady was attempting to get at one of my arms for an IV. DH was running around the room waving my birth plan around, telling them to leave me alone with the monitoring, etc. And I'm on hands and knees, half on the bed saying, “I know that was his head.” Pretty funny now that I look back at it – not funny at all at the time! DH finally heard me and was now just staring at Los head saying, “Uh, guys…” So, the on-call doc walks in, sees LOs head and 1 shoulder (still in waters) hanging out of me and no one doing anything about it. She decides that she had better do something and starts to pull LO out the rest of the way. I start screaming at her to leave me the hell alone and just catch the baby, DH jumps into action to get her to stop, but it was too late and he was born.

    I turned over and saw my son quietly laying on the bed, looking around. The staff was still in shock, so no one had tried to make him cry yet. DH really stepped in then. He made sure to get the baby on my chest, didn’t let the dr clamp the cord right away, kept all hands off LO unless absolutely necessary, etc. I had until the placenta came out before giving the baby over to DH for evaluation, etc. (15 min?) When I birthed the placenta, there were big pieces left inside. Just then, one of my regular OBs got there (the one I like!) He gave me the option of getting an IV and having some Nubian administered so he could try to get the extra pieces out right there, or wait and see if they’d come out on their own; and if not, go to surgery and have a D&C – possibly under general anesthesia if it became an emergency. Of course, I opted for plan “A.” Not fun! I couldn’t keep still, even though it didn’t hurt – just lots of pressure. He got it all out!! I don’t think the other OB would have even tried…

    Oh, no tears or anything!!! I have absolutely no pain.

    We named him “Gordon D. C_____” after his dad and grandpa. The “D” should be Durwood, but I couldn’t do it to the poor little guy. Now we have to find a name that starts with D to call him! He’s a BFing champ – latched on without any help. I’ve only heard him cry twice, both times when I was asleep and he got hungry. He’s got super blonde hair, which completely surprised me. I was positive that he’d have dark hair like DH. Turns out he was a blonde until he got older. Who’d have thought?!

    5lbs. 5oz.
    19 1/4"
    Apgars - 9,9
    Gordon D. C______ (I think the "D" is going to be for David since I keep calling him "Davey"

    pictures http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/n...shaw/Baby%201/

    OK, guess I ought to take a breath now! Thanks for reading!!!
    Last edited by alicia715; 11-12-2008 at 03:56 PM.
    Alicia C.
    DH - Gordon (aka Woody) 2/29/08
    DS1 - Justin 3/11/98
    DS2 - Gordy 11/2/08

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    posted 11-6-08

    Quote Originally Posted by Mommylady
    DH and I checked in at 7:30, and were taken straight to our room. We got settled in, and the nurse gave me 1/4 a tablet of Cytotec. I was expecting the worse, but other then not being able to move for an hour it was not that bad. At 12:00 They checked me, and I was fully effaced, and 3 cm. My Dr came over on his lunch to break my water at about 12:30. We waited a bit and watched “27 dresses” and I got my epi. I don’t think he knew what he was doing. I could feel things on the right side, and my left was only somewhat numb. I waited a bit to see if it would kick in but nothing happened. I had to have another anesthesiologist come in and fix the epi. The nurse wanted to wait for me to be completely numb before giving me a catheter, so we just kinda sat around and waited. When she came back a little after 4:15 to give me a hit of Pitocin and insert the catheter, she went to check my cervix, and go figure there was his head. We were at 10 cm 100 and station + 3, all within an hour of getting the epi. She called in a team, and 3 pushes later Jacoby Matthew was here. I am anemic and thought I was going to pass out, but all was well. I had great nurses, and an amazing hospital. I have been reading, but my cell would not let me post. Happy Day. We came home yesterday. He does not sleep for squat, but I he is cute, so we will let it slide.

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