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    posted 11-8-08

    Quote Originally Posted by songbird_1981a
    Connor Martin is here! (birth story)

    Good morning, Ladies! I wanted to post this sooner, but obviously things have been pretty chaotic the past few days!

    Connor was born via c-section on Thursday at 1:06 p.m. He was 9 lbs. 5 oz

    We were scheduled to go back at 11:00, but the doctor was running behind by about 30 minutes.

    So we finally get to go back, I get my spinal block, and we are almost ready to begin! Everyone was prepped and they were getting ready to go get my hubby, when an emergency arose and my doctor, along with the scrubbed-out staff had to leave my room to take care of the other lady.

    We waited while I was under the block for about an hour. I really didn't get nervous until the anesthesiologist tells us the if the block wears off, I would have to be put under, that the block was only a one-time shot.

    So I was like, let's get this show going here! I got really nauseated and threw up alot while we were waiting, but it passed.

    The team came back in, got prepped and got started. About 10 min. into the procedure I hear a little scream. The Dr says, "he has green hair, because of merconium", and then holds him up over the drape. He is sooo beautiful !! Even at that moment he was very alert and bright. They did not have to take him to the NICU to check lungs b/c he cleared them out on his own.

    My recovery is going pretty well now that I've got my pain management under control. He is beautiful, healthy and alert and a great breastfeeder!

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    posted 11-8-08

    Quote Originally Posted by foxx5531

    I have a spare second, so I thought I'd pop on & do the story! Around 9-10-ish in the morning on the 5th I felt some minor, non-painful contrax. nothing huge, but it told me that finally I was feeling something! I didnt feel anything else for the morning, so about 1145 I went to the store. When I was there, I was feeling things again, nothing harsh, but enough to tell me that I was probably starting to gear up to have the baby. Around 1 I started writing things down, I figured I had better pay attention. I was pretty sure at that point that maybe by Thursday or Friday I'd have my baby. Nothing was painful, so I didnt put too much stock in what was going on. Things were happening 10-20 minutes apart. I called DH around 2 to make sure he wasnt going to be late, since things were happening. (he's normally home around 5) He said he was coming home right then, I told him it wasnt necessary, but lucky for me he didnt listen! Within about 15 minutes they started coming about 5 minutes apart. He was home about 245, and since they were close he said we were going. (again, lucky for me he was being cautious!) We called his parents to come over & watch Emy, and by the time they got here & we were ready to go, they were 3-5 min apart & getting painful. We got to the hospital about 415, and they were about 3 min apart. I got hooked up, vitals taken. They were busy, so it was taking the doc a while to come check me. We were just waiting for that so I could get my epi. Finally the nurses checked me and about flipped, they said I was a 9, and started getting things out & ready & called the doc to get in right away. They said I didnt have time for drugs, and I lost it. When the doc came in he said I was only a 7 & did have time. It took about an hour for them to come to do the epi, by this time it was about 620. They left at 645 & said I should be good by 7. By 705 we realized it wasnt going to work, the baby was just too low. I thought I was dying! (understand, I NEVER intended to have the baby without my epi!!) I was pretty much freaking. They said I was a 10 & could push whenever I had the urge. Yeah right. The nurse kept asking if I felt like pushing, and I just kept saying I dont know how you're supposed to push during the contrax, they are just so painful! (between saying it just wasnt fair!!) Finally DH told me I should just try, this was about 745. After pushing thru about 3 contrax, my water broke, one more push and they were urgently calling the doc in. The resident was trying to get me to breathe, I was ready to slap her! I think I pushed thru 2 or 3 more contrax and he was born. (8:09) All I can say is you ladies who go natural are amazing. Looking back, I keep telling DH I still wish I'd had my drugs!! However, the end result is wonderful. The good thing is this was so much shorter than with DD, my recovery is WAY easier. I was pushing for a long time with her & needed foreceps, so I was in alot of pain after. This time, even tho I did tear (2nd degree), my hoo-hoo hardly hurts at all! I think DH is sick of hearing me whine about having to feel everything! I can't help it - even tho I know i'm lucky because it was so quick, I hate pain, and frankly, that sucked! The next day before the doc went off shift he visited to see how I was doing. I was joking with him a bit, and told him I still wasnt happy about feeling everything, but I didnt blame him. He said "good, cuz I'm not the one who got you pregnant!" I really liked him! So anyway, that's that! We came home the following night, and he has been doing great. He has been giving us 3 hours between feedings at night, so we are even getting some sleep! The worst thing now is not being able to pick up DD. It is killing me! I can't wait to be back to normal so I can carry around my munchkin!

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    We had a...

    Beautiful baby BOY!

    Miles William
    November 10, 2008
    2:56pm CST
    7 lbs, 2.4 oz.
    20 3/4" long
    Born at 39 weeks 4 days

    I was having a few contractions on Sunday before going to the hospital at 700 to get the Cervidal inserted to start my induction. I didn't think too much of them, they weren't painful and I'd been having a few off and on each day for a few days. We checked in at L&D at 700, I was still CLOSED (ugh, I was so upset to hear that!) and I got the Cervidal inserted at 800pm. It had to stay in for 12 hours. I didn't get much sleep that night, 3 hours at the most. I was having contractions (not painful yet) and there was just so much going on in the hallway it was hard to sleep. Plus I'm sure my excitement/anxiety! Around 630am my contractions really started to pick up fast. I was in pain. I took a shower to try to relieve them. At 800 my doctor came in to remove the Cervidal. I was 5cm dilated already and my contractions were almost unbearable. We moved over to the Delivery Room. I got my epidural around 10 --- ahhhh! Relief! Minus the itchies! The nurse checked me at 11 and I was complete. Baby's head was nice and low, she thought it would take about 3 pushes and baby would be out. We waited for my doctor to get there before pushing. Well, we were waiting but she was taking forever so the nurse called her to see what was up. She said to go ahead and start pushing and page her when there was 50cents worth of hair showing. So I started pushing...and pushing...and pushing. I threw up a few times from pushing so much. I tried lying on both sides to help and nothing was working. Baby's heartbeat started dropping and the nurse called the doctor to come in. She came in (it was about 2 by this time). Heartbeat was still dropping so she got out the vacuum to help. I had to wear an oxygen mask to help get more oxygen to the baby. Finally at 2:56 our baby arrived! It took awhile for the first cry because the cord was wrapped around the neck. But soon after we heard the first cries. Bill and I both started crying! I tore pretty bad so it took awhile to get stitched up.

    My milk is just starting to come in (ouch!!) and he's doing pretty good nursing. Bill has been very helpful with everything (I secretly think he could be a lactation consultant but I won't tell him that!). Miles had to stay under the lights because of jaundice all day Tuesday and into Wednesday. I only got to take him out for feedings for 30 minutes. It was horrible, I've never cried so much in my life. I could hear him screaming in the nursery under the lights when I'd go take sitz baths and I'd start all up again. Thankfully we were able to come home late last night. We have to go back tomorrow to get his levels checked. I hope they're ok otherwise he'll need to stay.

    He's perfect, I could stare at him all day. Ok, I do stare at him all day.

    I can see I missed a lot on here. I can't wait to see who all had their babies!


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    Default Alessandra Nicole's birth story

    I took my last Terbutaline pill on Monday, 11/3/08 at 7pm. I was 37 weeks. On Wednesday, 11/5/08 I woke up with intermittent contractions starting around 2 a.m. By 6:40am they were constant and ranging from 5 to 10 minutes apart. I had a doctor's appointment at 8:15a.m. so I got up and took a shower. While in the shower, they picked up and then eased off a little when I got finished.

    There had been an accident on the interstate so we had to take the alternate route to my doctor's office. Because of all the traffic, a normal 15 minute drive took us an hour and forty-five minutes. I was contracting the whole way and DH was not happy about the traffic. We finally made it to my doctor's office at 9:30a.m. I saw the doctor, told him what had been happening with the contractions and he did an internal. My cervix was softening and I was in labor. Our plans for a c/s on 11/17/08 went out the window and he sent us down the hall to the hospital to check in because we were moving my c/s up to 11/5/08.

    I got to the hospital and got checked in at 10:16a.m. We were put into a private birthing room and told that I was scheduled for around 2:30p.m. I continued contracting all day. The nurse was great and tried to make me as comfortable as possible. At 2:15p.m., we found out that there was a baby in distress and I was being bumped until after that c/s. The nurse apologized profously, but we told her that it was okay since our first DD was born via emergency c/s due to fetal distress. We told her that I was fine and not to worry one bit.

    At 3:30 pm we were taken to the OR. DH noticed that it was the same one that we were in with our first DD (the hospital has two on the labor unit) so we took that as a good sign. The doctor came in to do the spinal. I don't know if it was because I had had all day to think about what was going to happen or what was going on, but this spinal did not seem as easy as the one with DD#1. I felt everything he was doing and it felt like he was inserting a thousand needles into my back. One of the OR nurses gave me her hand to hold and I apologized to her for squeezing so much. She said I was fine and to not worry. After the spinal was in, they laid me down on the table to finish prepping me. At that point I got really nauseated from the medicine. They wouldn't let DH in until they had me stabilized, but he was what I really needed. When I get nauseated, I get a feeling of panic and usually he is the only one who can calm me. The assistants gave me three doses of something to ease my nausea and then they lowered my head to below my feet and finally I was okay.

    At that point, DH was allowed in. He sat right at my head, held my hand and told me it was okay.

    The surgery started and I felt tons of pressure. My doctor was making jokes to make me feel better and that helped a lot. At one point right before she was delivered, I took a deep breath (I guess because I had finally calmed down) and he joked to the med student that the deep breaths always make the babies go back high. So more pressure and at 4:09p.m., she was born. She was looking all around and didn't start screaming until they laid her in the warming bed. They all commented that she was the biggest screamer they had had all day.

    Her stats were:

    7lbs 1oz, 20 inches long

    What is really ironic is that she was only 1 oz less than her big sister and they were both 20 inches long at birth. Not bad for a 37 weeker.

    Mom to:
    Dani & Allie

    Never in my dreams did I think I would say that I breastfed for 2 years and 3 months.

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. - Samuel Johnson

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    So I went out and ran errands most of the day on the 14th. Then I took the girls home. I was having irregular contractions but nothing timeable or that was any different then it had been for weeks. At 6pm my DH called to tell me he was on his way home from work and asked how I was feeling. I told him it could be tonight but the contractions were still irregular but I was having more. So he got home around 6:30 and he started making dinner. Then we started timing contractions and they were about seven to eight minutes apart so he decided to get the girls ready and I called the doctor. It was after 8 by then. The doctor told me since it was my third and I was dilated so we left at 8:35. The hospital is 45 minutes away. Well as we were driving the contractions were getting a lot closer 2 to 3 minutes apart. About 15 minutes away from the hospital I was starting to feel the urge to push but I didn’t tell my DH because he was already driving like crazy in the pouring rain and it was very foggy. So we got to the hospital and had to park in the garage because it was after hours. The parking ticket says my DH pulled up at 9:12pm. So we parked and thank goodness my sister was there because we left the girls in the car with them and headed in. I could not walk so the police patrol went and got a wheelchair and Dh rushed me in. We went to registration and they were asking me question and if I could sign paperwork and I couldn’t answer them so they decided to rush me to a room. The nurse gave me a gown and told me to go change into there was no way I couldn’t even move. So they got me undressed the doctor checked me and my water broke and he said I was fully dilated. So he got dressed telling me not to push that was getting impossible at that point. Then he said I could push and Cayden was out in less then ten minutes. I ended up with 2nd degree rips because there was no time for anything. The stitches were the worst part because even with the local shot I could feel everything. That part took almost a hour and then I had to fill out all the paperwork to admit me. Cayden Michael was born 11/14 at 9:40pm he was 8lbs 9.6ozs and 20.5inches long. I was 37 weeks 3 days along.

    Kiira 3/5/06, Alexis 10/24/07, and Cayden 11/14/08

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    Default Aasha Vaishali's birth story

    I had my scheduled induction on 11/15 and Aasha was born at 8:39 PM. She was 6 lb 9 oz and 19 inches.

    We got to the hospital around 7:45 AM on Saturday. The nurses hooked me up to the NST monitor, and then I got hooked up to the IV and got Pitocin started around 9 AM. We were told to expect to have the baby sometime in the evening. The Pitocin regimen was interesting (not knowing anything beforehand about the induction process). I was started on a very low dose, and it was steadily increased every half hour. My contractions started almost immediately and I clearly felt them each time the dose was upped.

    By 3 PM, the contractions had gotten very painful for me. I had already known that I would opt for pain control if I felt like it, and by then I was ready for it. However, I didn't want to get my epidural yet, because I knew it was better to be more dialated before getting it. I'd started the day at 1 cm, and was around 4 cm at this point. They offered me Fentanyl to carry me through until I wanted the epidural. It made me woozy, but also helped mitigate the pain. I finally got the epidural around 5:30 PM. Getting it was painless, and I felt relief very soon afterwards.

    My labor progression after the epidural was pretty fast. By 7:30 PM, I was already 9.5 cm, and the nurse encouraged me to start pushing. I was very nervous and a bit scared at this point, but the staff was very reassuring and DH was extremely supportive. In spite of the epidural, my last half hour was difficult for me. I ended up with a small episiotomy at the end, because I just couldn't quite get Aasha out. After the cut, Aasha popped out right away. I was trashed and much of that time is hazy for me. I had my eyes closed the whole time, just part of the intensity of pushing process. My only focus was the pushing and breathing.

    We spent the next 2 nights there, and Aasha and I were discharged on Monday evening, both with a clean bill of health. Coming home on Monday night was so special. I can't explain how amazing it was to bring my baby home. Up until that point, it was surreal, but now I felt the reality. A sweet surprise upon coming home were the decorations that the grandparents had put up.

    A few pics (sorry, they're large, don't know how to shrink them):


    DD Nov 2008
    DS Apr 2012

    2/07, 6/07, 3/11

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    Florian Tristan Birth story
    I had few contractions on Saturday and Sunday but nothing special at all… Sunday afternoon and night NOTHING….
    Then at 2am contractions woke me up…. I started to look up the clock and they were 3 to 4 mn apart and almost a minute long….
    2:30am I long my Mucus plug… then contractions started to be 3n apart a minutes to a minutes and a half …
    I let Jacques sleep and decide to see … well by 6am I couldn’t walk during contraction and decided to wait 7am to call my doula or doctor….
    Jacques got up and realize that this was “may be the day”….
    7am I called my Doula and she said 3mn apart over a Minute long seem like “active labor” she said call you OB and see…. I called my OB and he said just go to the hospital seems you are in active labor!! So we got organized and went…

    Kate (our doula) was there waiting for us…. Contractions of course slowed down when I arrived there but they were 3mn apart in the car….

    We got settle on our room and Kate and I started to work together during contractions: massage, pressure points, vocalizations… Nurse checked me and I was 1cm!!! I said NO WAY!!!!! I felt really DISSAPOINTED... I ma like 1cm! I ma going to be here 3 days …

    Few hours later contractions were like 2mn apart and way over a minute long and I got check I was 4cm…. I cried so hard…. Kate and Jacques and even the nurse were great support….

    I was sitting on the birthing ball, going in the shower… contractions were not my enemies I wanted them to come so I could progress….

    My OB came during his lunch break checked me and I was 5cm!!! He told me “you are taking the slow way but this is OK”….. He broke my water (we agreed on it) hoping it will help….

    End of the afternoon contractions were still 2mn or 3mn apart my OB came back and still 5cm I lost it I was crying every tears of my body asking myself (and them) what was I doing wrong…. Everybody was so nice and supportive….

    My OB said he will come back after diner to see me again…. He came back around 10pm and still 5cm and I was getting tired… he said “you are getting too tired” you need to rest but contractions 2mn apart now and still 5cm was no “relax” time.. I was sleeping between contractions (Kate and Jacques told me)… but still I was in labor since 2am!!!!

    My OB knew I wanted NCB but he told me I should consider EPI so I could rest otherwise he was worried I will be too exhausted to push when times comes…. So I told him I’ll think about it… and let him now
    Jacques, Kate and I talked me was so disappointed by myself and so tired…. I/We decided that now I was for 20 hours in active labor and no food in me…. (I didn’t eat at home thinking I would have time later!!)

    Then Florian decided to TURN and I went into “BACK LABOR” and let me tell you I don’t wish this to my worst enemy…. I cried to pain relief… Lucky me my Doula knew of a natural relief way…. 4 shots of saline water down my back the nurse would have to know about it and the injections have to be made almost at the same time… Kate went and found a Nurse that new about it (two other came to learn about it and see where to so it) the pain of the saline water going where my back was hurting was UNBEARABLE I creamed so hard I think people in NYC may had heard me…. But the pain was gone!!!!! MIRACLE….
    We worked on various positions and massage to turn Florian and h did turn but put his feet in my rib and IT WAS NOT NICE!!!!

    Contractions around Midnight started to slow down and the nurse explained me it was because I was tired and my uterus too…. The MW that work with my OB came by checked me I was 5cm … NO IMPORVEMENT…. We talked and

    I gave in and agreed on the EPI at about 2am (I think)… once the EPI was on I slept!! Jacques and Kate too!!! (We re all tired)…. The nurse told me that when they came to checked on me we were all 3 SNORING very loud!!! After an hour of the EPI in they started VERY LOW (I asked very low) PIT but contractions slow down to 5mn apart….
    Baby HB was great!! All the time NEVER move from the 120 range since we got there

    Then around 6 am I felt like the “pooping” need and Kate told me this is “pushing phase” I was like yes it is happening…. The MW was there and the nurse and I started to push…. IT FELT SO GOOD!!!!
    The MW check me and she couldn’t really tell but she still could feel some piece of the cervix but seems like I was in the pushing “phase too”… she said baby head is right here…. Work with your body and push when you need to….

    Even with the Epidural I could move my leg feet and feel “down there” I just didn’t contractions pain and it was NICE I wanted to FEEL….
    I pushed in every position named on the planet I think… all 4, standing, squatting, and using the bar etc….
    Around Noon I was pushing for about 5hr I was making some progress but nothing significant…. I was SO FRUSTRATED!!!!

    The nurse asked me if a nurse student could come in to see and I said of course we all have to learn… the men was so happy I let him come in… Kate and Jacques gave me the “camera” job since he was just there to watch may as well take photos!! Since we were all thinking baby was coming out soon!!!!!! (I will spare you those photos…)

    The MW, my OB were with me at 1:30pm and got the speech that I could go for an other 12hr since baby HB was still good but they were concern I was tired, Uterus was tired and no real pushing progress (even so I pushed as hard as I could) so my OB told me to think about C-Section even so he knew I didn’t want to hear about it…. The MW also told me to think about it…. Jacques and Kate were so so supportive of me crying my soul out and hating myself for not progressing….

    2pm OB and MW checked me again… and the MW couldn’t really understand “what she was feeling” my OB got in there and he could PUSH THE BABY head back…. Then he told me…. BIG HEAD I don’t think he is coming out this way…..

    I made the decision… to go for the C-Section forgetting my EGO and just wanted Florian HB to remain strong for the surgery…. I knew I just threw out the first skin to skin feeling, delayed clamping etc…. but it had been 36 hours of long had work for him and me…

    The Anesthetist came and uses the same “tube” that was in there for the spinal block… Jacques was of course allowed to come with me and I asked for my Doula to come and the Anesthetist said yes…. Then the nurses asked me if the student was allowed to come and I said YES and then my OB had a student too and he asked me and I said YES !! “We all have to learn”…

    They got me ready I cried even more!!! All the staff was so nice the nurses knew how bad I wanted a NCB… and how hard it was to lay on this table….

    Jacques and Kate came in I couldn’t feel anything and my chest was SO SO HEAVY… the drape was up but Jacques was telling all what was going on…. Kate was looking to but also putting her finger in my hairs talking to me….
    Jacques told me baby is out!! And running … I guess Florian was done been in there and was wiggling like a fish at the end of a hook running with his little legs in the air….
    All I could ask is “is the baby alive”!!! I heard a little scream and then quiet and nobody talked to me and I got mad and asked again “is baby alive” (to be honest it must had been ½ a second but it seems like an eternity to me) and Jacques said YES and it is a BOY !!!

    I was them taking to the table where the pediatrician was doing whatever she was doing to him and I could see his legs and arm but not his face…. He as moving a lot…. Then I heard the noise of “suction” or whatever my OB was doing to me…
    Florian was brought to me and I could wee him and kiss him for the first time!

    I was so RELIEF and then I fell a sleep… I told Jacques “UNDER NO CIRCUNSTANCE YOU LEAVE HIM” and that’s all I remember….. Kate was still near me when I remember...

    The injected me MORFINE and did what ever they had to do…. I was transfer to recovery room where I guess Jacques brought Florian to me but I don’t remember, Kate was here too but she told me I only spoke French but I don’t recall this part at all…

    The recovery is thought and painful…. But FLORIAN is healthy and this is all that matters…. Kate told me I am one of the toughest people she worked with and my OB said very STUBURN too!! He told me when you decide something it is hard to get it out of your head... he said he was proud of me and he mention that he wish some of his patients should have some of my strengths!!!! (For whatever it worst I still ended up with a C-Section)

    I am at peace now with the C-Section…. (I think)….

    But contractions (except the back labor ones) don’t hurt and Pushing is a RELIEF so who ever out there still to give birth just think of a contractions as a progress and just breathe…

    Take a DOULA she is worst a million dollar to me….





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    Kel M


    Cody Jackson M was born on Friday~November 21st by C-Section at 1:11 pm. He weighed 5 lbs 10 oz & was 18 1/4 inches long. Surgery and recovery have been great! (Much easier this time around than what I remember with the first one). BF is going great too, although I have to admit at first it was a bit rough, but so excited to be on the right track now. I feel so blessed that I get to be his mommy!
    DH & I about to start surgery:

    First photo of mommy, daddy & son:

    First family photo:

    Little man playing Peek-a-Boo:

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    I began having light cramps Friday night into Saturday morning. I got up Saturday morning and was fine until about 10:30 when I started to have cramps again and they started to get stronger. I then figured they must be contractions but figured they were just false labor pains or BH b/c they weren't very painful. They began to pick up in both intensity and frequency but were irregular and short, lasting only 30 seconds or less. They would become closer together and then start to become further apart. By the time DH got home around 12:30 we decided to call the drs office because they were fairly frequent even though they were short. She told us to go take a walk around the block and that would either make them stronger or make them go away. They definately got stronger. By the time we got back from our walk I had one that was strong enough to make me double over so we decided to call the dr back. She said to go to the hospital to get checked out to see if I was making progress. This was around 5pm.

    We went to the hospital and my contrax were pretty strong. They were around 5 min apart but only lasting around 30 seconds. They were also getting stronger with each one. I was brought into a room and was checked. I was already 3 cm dilated! So I was admitted. I got into my room and my contrax began to pick up some more. Not long after I was checked by the dr. I was 5 cm dilated! This was around 7pm. We decided that it was definately time for my epidural as I was in some serious pain. I felt a whole lot better once it kicked in. I spent the next few hours much more comfortable, not feeling a thing. I was dilating pretty quickly, by 11pm I was 9 cm. Around midnight I was complete and feeling a little pressure. The nurse had me attempt a couple of pushes but they didn't move him down so she thought I should wait until I was feeling constant pressure. I felt more when I was laying on my side and around 1 am I started to push. Joshua was born less than an hour later.

    He has been a very sleepy baby so far. We have to wake him to feed him every 2-3 hours. He also has a wonderful disposition and is a very content baby. We figure with all he went through in his first days of life he needs the sleep and we are still getting a good amount of sleep ourselves so we aren't complaining. It has been such a whirlwind since he was born and I spent my days in the hospital in a daze a lot of the time. He has barely been home for 24 hours and it has only been the 3 of us since this afternoon. DH is such a great daddy! I have still been very sore and have gigantic swollen ankles so I am very uncomfortable. He has been doing so much that I don't know what I'd do without him! He loves doing it too, we both enjoy taking care of him but the way DH is with him is just beautiful.

    He loves to be swaddled and thanks to the nurses at the hospital calling him a borrito it's now what we call him when he's all wrapped up.
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    Elizabeth & Jamie - 7/17/2004
    Joshua - 11/23/2008, breastfed for 17 months!

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    Abreham Hendrik
    Born Nov 17, 2008 2:22 pm
    8lbs, 15oz, 19.5in long, 14.5in head!
    41weeks exactly

    We arrived at the hospital at 4am for our scheduled induction due to post dates and no progress recently. I was 3-4cm (-2 station) at my last appt a week earlier. 41weeks gestation exactly. I was very nervous about inducing because my first induction had been so very difficult. We were hooked up to a monitor for a while, and pitocin was started, increasing the rate every 20 minutes or so. I had a sporatic contraction pattern that gradually became every 3 min with the pitocin and with increasing intensity. By 7am I had a nice, consistent, though not really painful pattern going. Around 7:45 baby had a decel (heart rate drop) and we cut back on the pitocin, but baby was nice and active, so no one was terribly concerned. My OB came in at 8:45 and ruptured my membranes; nice clear fluid and TONS of it. I was sitting in a pool of it! It continued to leak throughout labor. Contractions became gradually worse after that.

    I spend lots of time swaying while standing, or on the birth ball, and sometimes squatting to open my hips with contractions. I was managing well though with relaxation techniques and breathing. At 1100 I was 4-5cm, 90% effaced, -1 to 0 station. I was disappointed with the progression, and decided to delay an epidural longer so I could work with gravity and movement to get this baby down. Baby was starting to have more decels with contractions, but recovered nicely in between. At noon I decied to have my epidural which was WONDERFUL! My RN checked me, no change.

    After my epidural baby started having lots of decels, with every contraction, and I ended up spending lots of time on my side since that is the only way baby’s heartrate stayed up nicely. We had an internal contraction monitor and fetal heartrate monitor applied. At 1:30pm I was 7-8cm, and then at 1400 I was 9 cm and she could push the remaining cervix away.

    So my OB came over and we prepared to push. Baby’s heartrate started dropping even more, instead of dropping to 70-80 with contractions it dropped to 50-60, and initially was recovering. This was also when we found out baby was OP (face up). I think I pushed about 10 times total. Baby was not moving at all, seemed to be stuck behind my pubic bone. After a couple of pushes the heart rate dropped to 60 and stayed there, I was already on oxygen, and as good as they were at hiding it, my RN and OB were getting a little worried. I am in this type of delivery regularly for work, and I was worried too. I thought we would head for a c—section any moment. My OB put a vacuum on baby’s head and 2 contractions later baby flew out! Once he was past my pubic bone he came out nicely. He had a nuchal cord x2. They put him on my belly. I was rather stunned to see boy parts! He was breathing nicely and turning nice and pink. He opened his eyes and watched everything going on. He stayed on my belly for a full hour, including for breastfeeding at 20 minutes with the exception of checking his weight, We were all dying to know! He weighed 8lbs, 15oz! and has a 14.5inch head! They measured his length as 19.5inches, but we are sure he is longer than that.

    So total I was in labor about 6 hrs from when I had nice, consistent contractions. And 20 minutes pushing. Not bad for a big, face-up baby!
    Apgars were 9 and 9.

    We enjoyed our two nights in the hospital (I told everyone I was on “vacation”). And the girls visited every day. Ella is like a little mother and madly in love with Abreham. Arwen was very skeptical of the whole situation at first, but the moment he was home, she is sharing toys and raisens, and checks on him every time he cries. Our first night home was great, he woke up to sleep and fell promptly back to sleep. The second night he only slept 3 hrs.

    My milk came in before we even left the hospital, which was great but painful. Thankfully, only sore and painful, but no skin breakdown on my nipples. I have been pumping to relieve pressure too. I've been taking my motrin religiously, and doing the occasional sitz bath to help me heal, ouch!

    Overall, I was so disappointed to be induced, but honestly it went so well, and with his position and size, I’m not sure he ever would have come out vaginally if I had waited another week. I had an amazing nurse who supported and encouraged me the whole time, and was so happy with how my OB handled the delivery. And of course I am so madly in love, I would do it again in a heartbeat!

    Anyway, here are the pics!
    last belly pic

    HE is here! I was just stunned!

    about an hour old, getting footprints done

    Ella falling in love

    after the bath

    Arwen getting her first look. She was not impressed

    Arwen getting a cuddle

    My beautiful babies
    Alisha, mama to Ella (6), Arwen (1) and Abreham, Nov 17, 2008

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