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Thread: ~~Harvest Hopefuls~~ New Year challenge Conversation Part 1

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    Crystal, how heartbreaking to sell your dream home. I'm so sorry you had to. Did you build it? (I'm slow and just re-read that)

    Kim, it is SO hard for me to stay on track with exercise. I truly have to have a fight with myself about doing it every. single. night. Especially right now, I feel so worn out. Could be from my wild 2 year old...... or something else? Heehee. I did decide to stop doing my pilates today and just do 'walk the weight off'. It scares me to do something so intense on my abs *if* a babe is in the oven. Not worth it. Yeah for Dave Ramsey. Do you follow any of his budgeting plans?
    I am def stealing your refried beans casserole! OhMyYUM does that sound tasty.

    Cait, changing your habits is really a hard thing to do. Don't get discouraged! If you stopped yourself from eating something bad earlier in the day, that's a start right? Just keep after yourself and soon you'll just be tacking ONE or TWO bites of chips and salsa. I promise. I will say, someone posted a recipe for Peppermint Vanilla Meringue Cookies in the mini challenge thread and they are only 8 calories a piece! Whoever that person is, I love them forever. I need to whip up a batch STAT.

    Tasha, at least if you were off your diet it was for a great reason, right? And you burned lots of calories skiing. Sounds like a win win situation to me.

    Alright, I forced myself to exercise tonight. Phew. Glad that's over with. Bad news is, I made the delicious and healthy breakfast bars today and then I ate a few too many. But since dinner was light (BBQ chicken tacos) I gave myself a 3.
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    Evening girls!!!!!!
    I feel..soooo goooood ... STUCK to my diet today. AND went to the gym for an hour. Then did some late night healthy grocery shopping. Tummy growling a little bit right now but gonna chug some water!!!
    Kim- good idea about the popcorn, we loveeee makin pcorn!! I guess I never really think of it because its so high in carbs and carbs are my downfall..so I binge on chocolate and chips and crackers instead....makes sense right?? gosh I'm not with it sometimes haha!!
    HI TASHA!!!!!!!!! MISSED YA!!!! I see were both still hangin in there! we might as well be skinny right?!?! Thats my new motto. haha... Tomorrow I go back to work, so it's fairly easy to stay on track there because I have to pack my meals. Going to go to the gym before work too! wooohooO!! Once I get going w/ exercise it's so much easier for me to stay on track.
    Kim- Do you have and RL friends or family that you could go to the gym with?? I find I do sooo much better with diet/exercise/motivation if I have a friend whose doing it with me... like "if they can do it I can do it" type thing!!
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    Wow lots to read up over the last little bit! LOL
    Made it up North last night - surprised the heck out of DH!! He was soooo happy
    Did really well with diet until supper last night - didn't eat cause I was on the road...then snacked with DH when I got here BUT stayed within cals so I'm not too upset.
    Only exercise was Hubby Time last night but I think it was a really good workout

    I'm headed to the gym here at the hotel then I'll be back to catch up in a bit!

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    I am so sorry girls.. I have been terrible at this, this week. I don't know what's happened - everything around me just seems to have exploded as crazy hectic! LOL I'll write a massive novel length update tomorrow when there's no work to be done!

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