7 is a lucky number right?

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7 is a lucky number right?

We are unexpectedly expecting number 7! #6 is only 10 mos old Ive never had them this close before. I am super excited as is dh, we havent told the kids yet but they have been dropping wanting a new baby sib hints for months now lol. I was a little worried dh would be upset he wasnt sure he wanted to go for a number 7. He wanted to do something permanent after our last baby and I said he could I would be fine with that even though I would like another baby but he didnt want to be the one to do anything. I absolutely put my foot down and said I would not be having any surgery that I had givem birth 6 times and had 2 m/c and it was his turn. So I was taking the mini pill and now we are pg with #7! Like I said we are both excited and dh took the news really well, he was shocked, but happy. My MW said she knew we have another I just love her death she was super happy for us! I am nervous b/c of my two losses we had an u/s already and saw a hb which is good news and I am really nauseous so thats good too. I am hoping and praying that the Lord just meant for this baby to be in our lives and that is why he blessed us with this little one. I am dreading letting the news out. We got so much flak for #6 I can only imagine the comments we will get with #7. I really dont know why people care so much we pride ourselves on how well we take care of our children (well we give it the old college try anyway we arent perfect) and quite truthfully we dont feel that 6 is a big number and we feel completely able to handle #7. Someone at dh's work was gossiping about us saying we were taking advantage of the government by having so many kids so we could get a lot of tax money back. I think that woman has no idea how much it costs to feed and clothe 6 kids, we dont have kids to get more money it works the opposite! Plus that tax money is money dh earned. We do get some good comments too tho but they arent as common as the "youre crazy"'s or the "dont you know how that happens".

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Aw congrats! 7 most certainly is a lucky number!

And ignore the nay sayers - they aren't the ones living your life and so they have no idea what they're talking about!

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Hey Tiffany! I'm so excited to be sharing a birth board with you. I have only told a couple of people so far, and they were excited for us. I'm sure when it becomes more obvious people will think we're crazy to have another baby with everything going on with Isaiah right now. (I think so too, actually. lol) We're pretty blessed to have a lot of really good friends who either have large families or are accepting of large families. My DH came from a family of 6, and I came from a family of 5, and my parents were from families of 9 and 13, so we don't get much flak from our families either, which is so nice!

I know you had a lot of flak with #6, but maybe people will get tired of it and just leave you alone. As for negative comments from people out in public, just ignore them. Or you can come back with some witty comment. I've decided that my answer to the "don't you know how that happens?" question will be, "Why? Do you need some pointers?"

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Welcome Tiffany!!! Big huge congratulations on your sweet baby!!! You have heard the heart beat- that's awesome!!! And 7 is definitely lucky!!
I could really write your post down to priding ourselves with how we raise our kids and the "you must do it for the taxes" comment! It's funny b/c no matter where you live, you hear similar comments.
My advice to you is to wait until you are obviously showing and then "they" can figure it out by themselves. Then when they ask you in the shocked tone, you can respond with some equally insulting come back.
Them: " OMG, you are PREGNANT again???!!!"
You: " No, I just swallowed a watermelon" or ( in equally fake excited voice) " OMG you didn't know??!!!"

Honestly, don't worry about those nay sayers. You have your beautiful family and that's all that matters. Those who act like they have a right to comment, are just feeling a little inadequate as parents b/c they probably have a hard time with their 2 kids.
Anyway, welcome aboard!!!

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Congrats!!!! 7 is a lucky number!!! Smile HH9M!!!

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Congrats again! I'm so glad you had a good u/s with a hb!

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Aw thanks for the congrats guys! Its nice to talk to others who have a large family. Even though we are Catholic and large families tended to be common in Catholiscism we dont know too many others w/ families like ours. Maybe 4 that I can think of and we arent close to them really. The older generation seemed to have bigger families though and we get more acceptance from them. MIL is actually from a yours, mine and ours family of 11! So she doesnt comment negatively and though my parents were from sort of smaller families 4&5, they are very supportive. Its other relatives who seem to think we have taken leave of our senses. I think they are somewhat worried we cant handle the kids (like I said we are doing rather well or so I think, we could use more money lol) or that we just cant help but get pg (tho some were unexpected blessings 4,5&6 were well planned). One aunt who means well said "oh my well it will be all right dont you worry" when I got on purposely pg with number 5 like I needed to be comforted I was happy for pete's sake. Then when I was showing u/s pics of #6 she said "its nice you are still excited about your sixth baby". Ummm WTF why wouldnt I be? Is the miracle of life any less miraculous when it happens for the sixth time? Then there are the complete stangers. I told dh I was going to answer the "dont you know how this happens?" comment with "no we cant quite figure it out can you explain it to me please?". I doubt I would ever have the courage to say it though.

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Congrats!! Such a good sign you've heard the heartbeat, and lucky number seven Smile The taxes/money comments really get to me, we paid in more than we got back this year even claiming four kids so it's not like we're making money off it, lol

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Congratulations! I grew up in a family of 7 children--its so great!

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Congrats Tiffany! I think I remember you when I was on the Dec 08 board for a bit. Smile You make beautiful babies, so why not a number 7! Smile

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Yes Rachel I remember you too! Luke was born December 08.

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What fabulous news... congratulations!! I too was terrified to spread the news of our last baby (4th for me, 5th for DH, and 6th for us total... if that makes sense lol) because of the snide comments that I received from the first few people that I told. It really hurt my feelings. I have never once received ANY money from the government for anything, and to think that people actually think those vile things about large families really ticks me off. Oh well... I love every one of my babies and would have two or three more if I had my way (although DH would kill me if that happened!)!! Anyway, congrats again to you and your family!

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Congratulations! This coming from a catholic expting #5 (and would be honored to be blessed with more). I would ignore any comments. You have an amazing family and are doing God's work. It is sad that today's world has turned what God meant to be the greatest gift to husband and wife into a burden and something to be prevented. Good for you and your big family!

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Congratulations Biggrin I think # 7 is a lucky number
we currently have #6 and we are planning on ttc #7
I too am already dreading the comments we will get but we intend to just ignore any comments from now on
we believe children are are gift Smile
hope your pregnancy goes well

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