Appointment at the hospital for Leo (X-post)

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Appointment at the hospital for Leo (X-post)


We went to Leo’s appointment fully expecting that we would have to wait a long time. They were running “on time” (only about 15-20 minutes behind) however. Pretty much everything went as expected. Pretty much all the research I did was what the doctor said.

The resident came in and introduced herself, then she tried to feel for Leo’s testicle. No Luck (like everyone else). She said that the Doctor usually could magically find them when no one else can. No luck, though he thought at one point that he could feel a shrivelled up one. He wasn’t sure, though.

Since he didn’t feel it for sure, it’s possible that
1) Leo never developed it for some reason
2) It shrivelled up due to torsion/blood supply
3) It’s hanging out in all the fatty bit inside his leg and no one can feel it.
3) It’s somewhere in his abdomen (they develop next to the kidneys so it could potentially still be up there).

So, the plan is:
Sometime in September/October Leo will have laproscopic surgery to find the testicle. They try to do it before their 1st birthday, but surgery is closed for holidays in August. This is a day surgery where they go in from his belly button.
1) If they find it “lower down”, they will put it where it should be. If it’s higher up, it may require 2 surgeries. One to bring it halfway down, one to bring it the rest of the way down.
2) If they don’t find it then we’re done.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what happened.

DH was a little worried about this whole thing since the whole reason that DSS had huge heart problems is because of a routine procedure that went wrong.

Leo has an appointment at the hospital next Wednesday. He was born with 1 testicle. Usually when that happens, the other descends by the time the child reaches 3 months, and at the latest 6months. Unfortunately, Leo is 9.5mo now, and there is till no sign of it!

From the research that I have done, it’s not that big a deal (fertility-wise). The main issues, as I see it, are:
1) that an undescended testicle usually means that there is an ‘inguinal hernia’. This means that there a hole between the abdominal cavity and the top of the leg, leaving the possibility for intestines, testicles, and other “stuff” to possibly get pinched off in the upper leg where they aren’t supposed to be.
2) If the testicle remains undescended that it has a much higher rate of testicular cancer (because it is at a higher temperature AND because it’s harder to monitor if you don’t know where it is)
3) There may not be a second testicle (which is fine)

Unfortunately, from the research that I’ve read, it seems that x-rays, and even MRIs are very unlikely to pick up a testicle in the wrong place, so the only way to look for it is to do exploratory surgery… Also, they generally want to do surgery before 1 year, since the longer a testicle stays undescended, the higher the rate of improper development and cancer…

So, Leo has an appointment on Wednesday with a young doctor at the children’s hospital, and I’ll find out if my research was any good… Likely it's just an evaluation and then in a couple months he'll have to have surgery.

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Hopefully it is fine. My 6yr old had undescended testicles at his 1yr checkup (which was late, so he was 15mo), and the ped could not "milk" them down (his words lol). Anyhow, we met with a pediatric urologist at Primary Children's Hosp, and were only somewhat worried, but he squeezed them both right down. He called them "retractable", he said sometimes they are hard to get down there, but since he could get them down there (though the ped had tried at most appts in that first yr) the urologist had no troubles (pinched my poor baby in the process). Anyhow, he told us it was fine, and it was, maybe 6mo later they were down all the time.

Hope Leo's appt yields similar results!

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Wow, I'm sorry that this is looming over you right now. I hope that the Dr's can maneuver the testicle by hand like they did for Rachel's son. Good luck on Wednesday!!

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Hope it all turns out ok!

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Good luck. I hope it can be corrected without surgery. My DH had the hernia repair surgery when he was a baby and had not complications. Also, have you ever heard of the Shouldice Institute in Ontario? You might want to check them out. I have a friend who used them for inguinal hernia repair and had an excellent experience.

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I have never heard of Shouldice. If I had I would have told my dad acouple years ago !!!

Thanks for the link. If Leo does have a hernia, I will definitely be doing my research!

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I am sure they can fix the hernia while they are in there fishing for the missing testicle. Hopefully he won't need surgery at all though.

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Good luck!! I hope everything goes smooth and easy.