Armada or 12 Passenger Van?

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Armada or 12 Passenger Van?

We have been looking at different vehicles. Our Sedona is only a 7 seater. Obviously, we need bigger before February. There is an Armada (8 Passenger) for sale at our local car dealer. While it is pretty, we are already riding at max and I really don't want to be riding at max again. We also found a 12 passenger van. It isn't nearly as loaded as the Armada, but it is like $15k cheaper and we would have more space. I am also thinking long-term. One day, our kids will want friends to join us places.

I know we discuss vehicles all the time, but I didn't find the thread. Maybe we should make it a sticky??

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I think the 12 seater would probably be better for you. We have a Honda Pilot, which is an 8 seater, and while it has 8 seatbelts I can't even imagine fitting 6 car seats in it. Plus like you said, once the kids are a bit older it'd be nice to be able to have friends with. I run into that already and am glad we have the extra room (sometimes I trade with DD's friends' moms picking them up/dropping them off at swim lessons/dance/summer school/ect). You can't beat saving a ton of money either and if you want the extras you could look into adding them with the money you'd be saving.

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We looked at 12 seaters when we were pregnant with our 6th, but we decided to buy a 15 passenger van and it was well worth it! We took out the last bench ( a 4 seater) and we had so much cargo room! We now have 9 seats in the back.
I really really recommend the E-350. And yes, we often take friends with us, these days we have to add the last bench to accommodate everyone.

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We are looking at a 12 seater right now! I just think it would be a pain in the patoot to have to fold one of the middle seats down and ahve whoeever is sitting in the back climb in and out every time. Maybe it's not that bad, but it sounds like a nightmare to me! We found a 2010 12 seater and it is looking pretty good right about now! Good luck deciding Smile

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i definately say bigger is better........i am driving a suburban that is an 8 seater and have 5 kids.....we are running into the "friend" situation pretty much daily!!!!!! so i vote bigger is definately better!!!!!!

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I agree, go bigger!

We rented an Armada on vacation one year and with 3 teenagers, there didn't seem to be a lot of room left over. And we did just have the 3 teenagers at the time.