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How are you feeling? I am getting exicited for you, the time is quickly approaching!!!

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Me too!!! i am stalking the Nov. board just waiting!!!!!!! Smile

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another stalker..........hope all is well.....i thought for sure the fieldtrip/hayride was gonna get everything started......hope your feeling ok and getting a boatload of help from the family!!!!!

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AND I saw your new SCARY family photo from Halloween! So funny!
Now baby can come, right?
Hope it all goes well and easily. No in-the-car silliness this time, OK?

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Hey!! Thanks for thinking of me!! I have an appointment tomorrow morning to see if I made any progress. It can't be much longer, right? I am pretty uncomfortable at this point, but I did want to make it past Halloween.
Honestly, my nesting is in overdrive, so the baby should be here soon. That's my logic! Wink
Gardenbug- yes, no van babies nonsense!

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cannot wait to "meet" your new little one!

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Thinking of you! Hope all goes well!

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Anxiously awaiting his arrival!! Smile

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Eep! Come on baby!!!

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I have a date for induction on Sunday. I have to say, it has been really calming to have a date. I doubt anything will happen before Sunday!

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Oh, exciting!! Can't wait to hear the news!