Babies on my mind

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Babies on my mind

This is the first upcoming spring without a due date or a child turning one since 2001 and it feels so strange. Baby #6 will be 2 at the end of May and we don't have a new baby coming. I need to sort out my feelings. I want more babies! But I kind of dread the morning sickness, no not kind fact, that may be the only thing keeping us from TTC right now. I don't know how i would manage life/how the rest of the family would manage life with me and my awful morning sickness. I feel very sad imagining that nobody else is coming to join our family. But I also sometimes imagine that we have another baby or even twins. I am being brutally honest here. I hope this isn;t taken the wrong way. Anybody else out there felt this conflict or feeling it now? I don't feel like anyone IRL would understand.
Just editing to say that I just read the what's your plan posts. Many of you answered kind of what I wanted to know. I wish I had a friend IRL with a large family. You all inspire me. Sometimes it feels like people expect us to function like a family with half of the kids we have. I just can't do that. And when I try, I burn out. It just doen't work the same for us.

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Hugs, mama Smile

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I know how you feel. DH doesn't want anymore but I don't want to be done having babies. I just had one not three months ago and the thought of him being my last makes me very sad. It's so much work having six (counting my two step-sons) but I don't mind. The only thing stopping me from having any more is the fact that I can't afford to be a SAHM, and having any more just wouldn't be fair to them all. I feel terrible enough having to work a full time job instead of giving them full time attention (again, not that I have a choice if I want to keep a roof over their heards). Hugs to you momma!

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Hugs! I'm fortunate to know a couple of other large families IRL. It is nice to have someone who can relate to your issues and not look at you like you're crazy. There are other large families out there, but I'm not really sure how to find them. The full size van is usually a give away. A lot of large families home school. Maybe there's a local home school group that you could contact? Just know that you're not alone, and most of us feel that way at one time or another.