Baby #5 Carolina is here! Birth story and pictures!

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Baby #5 Carolina is here! Birth story and pictures!

The birth of Carolina Elizabeth Willow Anne
We arrived at the hospital at 6:00am on Friday January 13th to prepare our induction. The nurses were all ready for us and took us right to room 12! I wanted room 13 but it was being cleaned! They got started right away. By 6:45 am I had filled out all the paperwork, got my iv and had a nice strip of her heartbeat. The weather was really bad and my ob was running late. So we watched the news till 7:15am when my ob came in and said lets have this baby! She checked me and I was 4.5cm 100% effaced. At 7:25 she broke my water and said no turning back now!

We decided that we were only going to break my water and let things happen on their own. At this time I was not having any contractions at all! Nothing! I could not believe it! So she said she will be in touch with the nurses and she went back to her office, which Is right across the street.

So hubby went to sleep, he works 3rd shift and worked the night before. So he slept and I watched the 60th year episode of the today show and just hung out! There were tiny contractions but nothing major going on. My back was starting to hurt but I could manage. Nurse checked on me a few times but nothing going on.

At 10:30 she was called to help with an emergency situation in the O.R. So she checked me and I was 5cm! WHAT! She said she would have another nurse check in on me. She also said she would have to call my ob to tell her nothing was happening and I would most likely need Pitocin to help me along. Which I didn?t want. So I told miss stubborn diva to get the heck out it was her time!

This is where it gets crazy!
10:45 I get a HUGE contraction in my back and BOOM! They start coming fast and intense! I start throwing up! No one is coming in! I ring the nurse button NOTHING! I start yelling for hubby to wake up! NOTHING! Throw up some more! Huge long painful contractions in my back! Finally I stand up and felt much better rocking back and forth! Nurse comes in at 11:05 says sorry a million times over! Asks if I want the epidural! YES MAM AND NOW!

11:30 they come in to start Epidural. It took them a long time to get it in. He had to poke and insert the catheter 3 times. I told them that I would let them try 1 more time and if it didn?t work I would just have to live. The back labor was so intense and I am sure it was a hard stick because I just could not relax my back. It just hurt so much. The contractions were just too intense. I was crying and just couldn?t control myself this time. Finally around 12:15ish they were able to place it and I was pain free by 12:30. I could not feel any pain but I could feel pressure. Nurse checked me about 12:45 and I was still 5cm. She told me to relax and let baby come down. Ob was there and said the baby was facing the ceiling and that is why I was dilating. She said we were probably in it for the long run.

1:15 after a little nap, I felt a lot of pressure and starting to feel the contractions in my stomach. Told the nurse something was going on. Checked me I was 5.5cm.She said to rest. 1:30 TONS of pressure and pain! Said something is HAPPENING AND NOW! Checks me I was 7 to 8. My ob came in and they set up the room just in case! Well things went NUTS and nurses were running in and what not, I said I?m PUSHING NOW! Carolina made her grand entrance at 1:41pm screaming and peeing! I was so happy and I was crying and just in love with her! It was the best feeling ever! Her apgars were 9 and 9! Perfect little princess! She was 7lbs 10oz and 20inches long. And she was born facing the floor so she turned coming down! But man back labor is bad! I did not have that with any other labor. Her face was swollen and bruised from getting to the world fast but it?s starting to go away and the swelling is gone in her face.

We wanted to breastfeed and she was just having some problems with it. She has a great latch but would scream and cry and turn this dusky blue color. So Saturday I was starting to feel sick and a huge headache and just blah! I caved and told them to give her a bottle. They took her to the nursery so they could work on me. Well I guess when she was feeding her oxygen would go from 99 to 65! So they wanted to run some tests. And she kept doing this. By 5pm the same day I was so sick I couldn?t even get out of bed. My head was throbbing and I couldn?t see and my neck hurt. So they pumped me full of fluids and drugs and I went to sleep. Hubby took care of her for me in the nursery. Sunday the same thing I could not even get out of bed. I missed 2 days of her life and it sucked! I would have some periods where I felt better and thought it would be ok but it all came right back.

Finally Monday morning I got a spinal tap to release any extra spinal fluid and a few hours after that I got a blood patch done to close any holes in the spinal area. I had to lay flat for 2 hours. And when I was finally able to get up I felt much much better! I was released Monday night. Carolina had to stay till Wednesday evening. It was great to bring her home!

Things have been very crazy and busy here. I did have a little breakdown but I feel much better! I have to remember I just had a baby a week ago and we have to get into a routine with the baby. I feel so complete with her in our life!

Now onto pictures Smile

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Congrats on your cute little baby! Sorry you were feeling so awful!

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congrats on the arrival of Carolina! Sorry you got a spinal headache!! How awful! Glad everyone is doing better! COngrats!

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Oh she is GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats Mama!!! That was some intense labor! So the headache and awful feeling afterwards was from all the pokes? Do they know why her oxygen was dropping?

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Thank you ladies! We are just over the moon with her! I told hubby I don't know if I am done Smile My daughter asked if she can have 1more brother!

Asha- I guess I had a spinal leak from having the cath placed more than once. I guess a lot of women get the spinal headaches but they go away, mine were getting worse and worse and were not going away at all.

The breathing issue for Carolina they said she was getting so angry and frustrated with eating that she would forget to breath while sucking and swallowing. So they just wanted to monitor her while she was eating she finally got it down after 3 extra days in the special care nursery. She has not turned blue at all since the first 2 days they noticed it. Our dr feels she is just fine now. I just make sure she isn't upset before I feed her so I keep to the same times everyday and feed her nice and slow.

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Congratulations, mama!!

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Aw she is beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family!!!

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congratulations! I'm sorry it's been so rough, but I'm glad you're feeling better.

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What a story! Thanks for sharing. Carolina is beautiful. Sounds like a few stressful moments, but I'm glad everything is good now.

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I'm sorry you had a rough time throughout but I know she was worth it! Congrats and WTTW baby Carolina! I love her name, BTW!

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I'm jumping in a little late, sorry.

Sorry you had a bit of a rough go but she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats to you and your family !!!!!