Baby kitties!!

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Baby kitties!!

I think I mentioned before our mama cat had babies Smile My MIL recommended she have one litter before being fixed--her experience with pet cats (and she had a lot growing up on a farm) was that the females were better pets if they had one litter. And it was a great experience for our kids Smile So she has been banished to the house until her spay appointment next week.

On May 4th she had 5 babies--so cute! We've been looking for homes for them and still have 2 left-so I'm putting it up everywhere I can before I have to resort to Craigslist. They are 7 weeks now, and ready to go to new homes next friday the 28th. They are FREE, but I want them to go to someone who really wants one. If you or anyone you know are in Seattle area and wants a kitty, please let me know. We are also going on vacation in the beginning of July and travelling from Seattle to Salt Lake city area--so if you anyone is along that route and wants one, we can deliver Smile

Here is a picture. The 2 black ones on the end are available-both girls-couldn't get a good shot of faces (kittens do not pose lol). The long haired gray/white (also girl) might be available, still waiting to hear if one of dh's friends really wants her or not- he was deciding. They are healthy, active, and cuddly--especially the long haired black. Weaned and eating dry food.

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Thank goodness we aren't in your area or I'd find it hard to refuse! We have 3 cats already and babysit another frequently. Then we have a large dog as well.

But they are super adorable! What a lovely mix of coat colors.

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Oh my gosh they are pure cuteness!!! We are in MI , is it on your way to SLC?? ( LOL!)
We have an awesome cat , who now is busy catching mice outside and I have a feeling he should get a buddy.

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Too cute! If you were coming through WI I'd have a hard time saying no to the grey and white kitty Smile

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Thank goodness I am nowhere near your route. I am such a sucker for kittens. They are absolutely adorable!

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"mandi04" wrote:

Too cute! If you were coming through WI I'd have a hard time saying no to the grey and white kitty Smile

That's too bad! She is the one I don't have a home for yet. She is the sweetest of all of them too--I want to keep her, but she has such a long fluffy coat, I'm afraid she'll just get all dirty and matted as an indoor/outdoor kitty Sad But my dd will cry her eyes out when she is adopted-its her fav too!

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OMG They are all so so cute! I'm actually quite sad you don't live in the UK otherwise I'd have been biting your arm off for one. Not sure what my other 4 kitties would think of that but hey, they're all sociable! Blum 3

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Very cute!

We almost aquired a cat this past weekend, but didn't... it's so much easier to pick up and go away for the weekend with the dog just coming with us, and no litter to clean!

Asha - if you have 10 acres, you'll end up with another couple kitties soon enough... somehow people think it's a good place to drop them off!