Bedroom Tetris

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Bedroom Tetris

Ever feel like you are playing a game of tetris trying to make your family fit in the space you have???

Ugh. I spent a morning trying to rearrange DD and DS3's room to make the space more usable. The attempt failed and I ended up moving it all back to where it was. I guess at least under the crib and dresser were vacuumed--if looking on the bright side to what I felt was a wasted morning.

I just don't know what to do. The room looks like this: 9x9 square room--and going around the room you have one wall with doorway, one with both a weird cupboard/closet thing with a door 4ish feet off the floor, then a regular closet beside it, next wall has a big window in the middle of it, and the last wall has nothing but the door does open against it (so of the 9 feet--about 3 of it has to be clear so the door can open without hitting anything). Right now dd's twin has the head up against the "nothing" wall under the window-taking up most of the window wall. The rest of the wall is taken up by a book/toy cube shelf thing. Then the closet, then the crib is under the weird cabinet thing. There are 2 problems with this--eventually the toddler will figure out there are fun crafty things to pull out of the closet and I can't reach into it to pull out anything because the crib is in the way. The cupboard door is about 18"wide and 3' tall, but the space behind it is a big 3x3' space with 2 shelves--its all my crafty type things. Some I don't use much, others--all the time, like hot glue gun and "odds and ends" box. Last wall has baby's dresser right up to the door. I don't feel like I can put the crib by the window for fear of the blinds and strangulation yeah.

And we are working hard on getting stuff in place to start building our new house on the land we purchased this summer, but it will still be at least a year.

How do you deal with many people in little spaces? Can be so frustrating.

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how about using something like this Room Planner to play around with how things could fit?

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DD's house has folding hinged doors on the closets. That gains a few inches!
I used plastic boxes under beds to store some things.
Most clothes can be folded in drawers, but in a closet you can buy a hanging bar so that small clothes can be hung above and below for different kids.
Using a small bedroom for 2 -4 kids sometimes means the room is used only for sleeping and maybe reading in bed.

Recently I visited a brand new house in Haiti. It had two rooms: the first was a dining room/storage/sitting room. The second was a bedroom with a double bed for parents, a single bunk bed for the 4 children and a dresser for the whole family. It was bright, cheerful and spacious, partly because they have so few possessions! The latrine is a separate outbuilding. This home is a dream come true for this family, even without water or electricity! They were sobbing with joy.

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I know we really are blessed to have the house that we do--and I know we have too much stuff for the space we have. It really does put things in perspective to think of how little others have. My problem of trying to fit my kids in their rooms doesn't seem so bad today--when talking to my sister who is facing eviction next week and trying to meet with people to get help for rent so her family is not on the street. And me feeling unable to help her.

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How old do you feel DS3 needs to be before he is ready for a bottom bunk? Is it possible to put a bunk bed in? What about changing the blinds/curtains so there are no strings that cause strangulation? And what about a child lock on the craft cabinet so they can't get in to your craft supplies?

I know people have ages, but DD was totally ready for a twin at about 22mo, and started in a top bunk when she was 3.5. DS sleeps with her on the top bunk periodically now, and he is just over 3. We fonud a relatively cheap bunk bed on sale at Home Depot several years ago, and it is doing it's job nicely. It is the type that can be taken apart and be two twin beds, or stacked, so if ever we decide to split them up, we don't need to buy new beds. I've seen many offered on Freecycle too.

Just some other ideas.

We have a 7x9 bedroom with a closet that is just too small for anything other than an office. I think a bunk bed is a space-saving solution if you can do that for your family.

And Congrats!!!

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A bunk bed will not fit in her room. After my failed attempt I measured and the only wall a twin does fit is the one under the window. A bunk bed would cover the window completely, blocking light and a fire escape. It would stop the door from opening on the other wall, or access to closets on the other 2 walls. I thought of putting a child lock on the door, but would rather just find another arrangement so I can actually get into the cupboard without pulling the crib out of the way several times a week. The last option is to put stuff I never use in there (which probably means I just get rid of it, huh?) and move my craft stuff somewhere else...but I don't really know where to put it...

We do have a bunk bed i the big boys' room-it is slightly bigger and arranged differently. It is great for saving space. We store stuff under beds too Smile

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Trundle bed for your dd with ds3 sleeping on the pull out? We ended up doing bunks in our 'boys' room which has thankfully helped our space issues but I considered a trundle. We didn't even have a dresser in their room until we got the bunk bed, just tupperware drawers in their closet because with two cribs we could barely open the door let alone fit a dresser. If we had a baby #5 (not going to happen for us though) I wouldn't know where to put another child!