bedtime chaos - help!

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bedtime chaos - help!

Hi everyone, we've always had bed time chao at our house, and I really would like any input as to how you manage bedtime with so many children. The baby (age 1) sleeps in her crib in my room and she's an angel of a sleeper. The problem is with the other three (boys) who are 6, 4, and 2. Our bedroom is downstairs and theirs is upstairs. They sleep on a king mattress and have a lamp in their room along with their clothes and that's it. Toys are in the toy room. Basically no one really has their own toys. So they get really upset if I try to separate them into different rooms and they run back and forth. They cry because they want to sleep together. But when they are together they are jumping on the bed, play fighting, wrestling, and all sorts of things. They are noisy and won't go to bed. We go up and make them quiet and while going back down the stairs they're at it again.

So, can you all please tell me how you manage to make your kids be quiet and sleep? What REALLY works and now just fanatasy solutions lol like I've been reading and seeing accompanied by pictures of the kids smiling off to sleep lol.


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I have 2 little girls that are a challenge to get to sleep. None of the other ones give me any problems to go to bed. I've been really trying to give one warning very clearly as to what I expect and what the consequence will be. Which in this case seems like seperation would be the consequence. I'm not a real big stickler that they need to go straight to sleep, I dont mind them talking, but it has to be softly, no playing or jumping. HTH!

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I have 4 boys, ages 7(twins), 5, and 2. The twins share a room with bunk beds and the younger two also share a room with bunk beds. They have all their toys in their rooms. If they shared a bed, it would be crazy, I think. But in separate beds they do all right. Usually I don't have a problem with them playing and jumping and such, unless they are not tired when I put them to bed. My littlest guy used to stay up until 10-11 o'clock at night until I took his nap time away. We have a bedtime routine of bath, book, bed. The twins do tend to talk for a little while, but they do go to sleep.
The only suggestion I have is to separate them. I understand that they may be upset by this, but they would eventually get used to sleeping apart. Are bunk beds an option? Maybe put the 2 older ones in a bunk bed and the little guy in his own twin bed. Then at least they can stay in the same room. Or some kind of consequence in the morning for not laying down at bedtime.
Sorry I am not more helpful! I have just been super lucky with my kiddos and I have never really had a hard time with them going to bed.
Good luck!

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Our three boys (4.5, 3, 15mo) share a room. The baby usually falls asleep fine, but the others can be tough. I've found what works best is making sure they're really tired when they go to bed. Sometimes that means we keep them up half an hour later or let the 3 year old skip his nap. More often, if one is clearly tired and the other isn't, we stagger bedtime and let the more awake kid stay up and get some time with Mommy and Daddy. We usually spend the time playing a board game or playing with their favorite toys. They tend to realize when they're tired, so they've never fought it much.
But... we have night when i could have written your post. Then we try to separate them and sometimes it works.

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My middle two boys share a room (they are both 3) and they used to be really challenging to get to sleep.. they would jump around and play.. and we also only have beds and clothes in their rooms except maybe a hot wheels car or two that they have in their hands when they go to bed. What I did is let them have the lights on for a few minutes after I put them to bed, but they know that they have to be in their beds and talking quietly or playing with their car quietly, or they lose the chance to have the light on the next night. They love the time with the light on enough that they don't want to lose it for the next day. Once they have been in their beds for about 5 minutes and I turn off the lights, they are already calm and cozy and fall asleep quickly and easily almost all the time. Don't know if that would work in your situation, but it has worked wonderfully to make bedtime easy here!


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My oldest 3 boys (13, 11, 9) share a room in the basement and although we stagger bedtimes by 1/2 hour they still play and talk. It does bother me, but I am trying to do better about not letting it bother me as much. The youngest 3 boys (5, 3, 1) share a room and their bedtimes are also staggered by 1/2 hour at most. Usually the first one is asleep before the next one goes into bed so bedtime with them is easy. There are a few times where they play and then we will put one on our bed and then transfer them to their bed when we go to sleep. There are days when our boys would like a nap, but if I let them nap they would be up all night playing. Without naps they are ready to sleep at bedtime.