Belly pic and New Family Member

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Belly pic and New Family Member

16 weeks:

Really cannot believe how quickly this is going!

Also, meet Scout, our newest family member Smile She's an 8-week old chocolate lab, and we're all mad about her!

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A.) Cute belly! #7? I'm having envy right now let me tell you.

B.) If he's as soft as he looks, he's the perfect puppy. And probably a much much better fit, going by my experience with labs. They are kid dogs for sure.

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Both pics made me go "Awwwe!" I hope to have a dog like yours one day!

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you look great!! We had an absolutely amazing Chocolate lab who lived with us for 15 long years before she passed away!! They are the sweetest, most loving, loyal breed!! Ours was named Chelsea choco bear...and we just called her Chelsea. She was not actually the smartest dog we have ever had....but sweet...and with the kids....oh it would melt your heart!!! You made an amazing selection of breed for families!! Your puppy has such a sweet face...she is beautiful! Congrats!!!

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You look fabulous! I have always wanted to be a cute pregnant lady like that. And Scout is adorable! How fun!

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You look awesome, Lisa!!! I love it.

And that pup is adorable. We had a lab, too, that passed away right after Lexi was born.....adorable and loving.

pico83 (not verified)

Awww! Lovely belly. Perfect for 16 weeks! And the puppy is adorable. My DH is dead set against dogs. Luckily my parents have a retriever the kids and I can enjoy when we visit.

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What a cute belly! It is going fast!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE labs!! We probably won't have a dog for a long time, and if we do, my dh does not want a lab Sad But I think yours is precious! Sweet baby puppy face!

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You look great! and what a cute little pup!

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What great pics!!